Survivor Recounts Brutality And Murder

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19,000 Palestinians lived in lidder but its population had been swollen by refugees from Jaffa and outlying villages. Orders for the expulsions to take place came from the first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion and leader of the terrorist group Haganah you check Rabin.

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The population of lidder did not leave willingly.

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What followed would become known as the leader deathmatch. The men of the town fought for a few hours armed with old rifles, then took shelter at the dynamische mosque. They surrendered, but were massacred by the Jewish forces. 176 bodies were found in the mosque.

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Those fleeing the massacre had their belongings looted by Jewish soldiers. Some who were slow to hand over their valuables were also killed by the end of machina beyond his belt

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MC it also did see how well you can. Marshall kilometre. Murphy bed Isabel. A full hour I live in Nashville, Emily lived in the Fremont retiree, Country A nurse a job of machine killer Dale he or she had been to Japan in

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the summer of 1948 was treacherously hot. Refugees from ramela and lidder were marched out of town towards the hills in the direction of Ramallah more than 20 miles away.

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Three days later, the men women and children on the death march reached safety. More than 350 had died of thirst or exhaustion.

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Beach camp lies beside the sea in the northern part of Gaza City. The refugees pouring in from litter and beyond first lived there in tents. Today, more than 90,000 refugees are still surviving in the refugee camp in cement block buildings. In 1971, Israeli authorities demolished over 2000 shelters, making 8000 inhabitants refugees for a second time

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