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Understanding the high station of the heart as a separate entity.
Qalb – comes from Taqallub – flipping and fluctuation. Always changing from one state to another. Happy or sad, hopeful or desperate. Reality of the heart.
“The heart is between two of the fingers of Allah (swt) and Allah flips the heart as he wishes.”
The heart is being designed by Allah with a need of the heart to know Allah and this knowledge brings about security and contentment and tranquility.
The heart is always changing – moving from one state to another. The heart has its own life and characteristics with a special kind of life.
What does it mean to have a live heart or a dead heart? The heart has life – this is the real life – that’s why people who don’t have knowledge of Allah don’t really live. Always focusing on the life of the body but neglecting the life of the heart. Who chase carnal desires never experiencing real happiness.
Real happiness is for those whose hearts have knowledge of Allah. As the heart has life it may also suffer from illness and disease. And if it suffers from illness the heart may also suffer from death.

3 types of hearts
Qalb Saleem (Healthy heart) – peace and happiness in this heart. “Nothing is of benefit except a sound heart” Free your heart from 2 diseases. Ash Shahawaat – lusts, desires and Ash Shubuhaat – doubts and misconceptions. If we understand and know how to fight these diseases we can work towards cultivationg a healthy heart.
Qalb (Ill Heart – weakened by the two diseases)
Qalb (Dead Heart – Overtaken by diseases)

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Our hearts cry out for our love for you

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is so strong

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we know that from you we have come unto you

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how fortunate we are to be bestowed the ability of loving you

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This is the only love that lasts for

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the love the remains true.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We send peace and blessings on our beloved Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Welcome to a new episode of the new show the secrets of the heart,

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as we are trying our best in sha Allah to understand the reality of the hearts, to understand the highest station that the heart occupies in this world, and how important it is to make it to paradise.

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Today insha Allah, we will move on to talk about some of the aspects of some of the characteristics of the heart, we will try to understand the heart more we will try to approach the heart as we approach a real being.

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As we approach a human being a separate entity, we will see what you know, are the different aspects of the reality of the heart.

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First of all, we will start by trying to understand word the word calm, which is hard in the Arabic language and where that what does this word come from. The word calm comes from the loop which is flipping, flipping and fluctuation, the heart has been called a loop because it keeps flipping it changes from one state to the other. You know, a person, a human being goes through different ups and downs, sometimes a person feels happy.

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Just a few, a few seconds later, the same person feels sad. Sometimes you have hope. Sometimes you're desperate. Sometimes, you know, you are willing to do something a few seconds later. You don't want to do it. This is the reality of human beings. And this is the reality of the heart keeps fluctuating keeps flicking or it keeps flipping from one side to the other from one opinion to another. from, you know, one conviction to another conviction. This is the heart and the prophets are louder. Selim pointed to this reality or to this fact when he said in the lubaina, is by Nima sabella, that the heart is between two of the fingers of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He flips them as he wishes. So the heart is between two of the fingers of Allah. And Allah flips the hearts as he wishes, obviously, according to his knowledge, according to his wisdom, and according to His justice.

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We This is the general context of this hadith. So the hearts keep flick flipping, and as to this Hadith, that the heart of each heart is between two of the fingers of Allah subhanaw taala. We believe in this hadith as a real description of a las panatela that Allah has fingers. Because the prophets lie Selim told us so we don't deny we don't question the reality of the meaning of this hadith. We don't question that. And we see a las panatela has fingers as as proven in this hadith and also other candidates in a way that befits the majesty of a lot. We don't twist the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We hold on to that, and we will. And this actually has to do

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with a very important point that is strongly related to the heart. The heart has been designed by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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in order and Allah put a need in the heart to know a last panel to add to know the descriptions of Allah to know the attributes of Allah. One of these attributes is that Allah has fingers and that the hearts of human beings are between two of the fingers of Allah subhanaw taala at the heart needs that knowledge and that knowledge gives the heart tranquility, a feeling of security, and contentment and happiness. Everything Allah told us about himself in the Koran, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us about Allah in the in the authentic Sona is something that the heart needs in order to find real tranquility, real happiness and real

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Access, and this is something that we will try to explore in detail inshallah, in future episodes, so the heart has been cold

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because it keeps flipping and fluctuating. So this is something we have to understand when we deal with the heart, the heart is not so stable, the heart keeps changing, it keeps moving from one state to the other, we have to understand this fact very important fact about the heart. And inshallah, we will learn how to make our hearts stable by putting our trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now something else we have to point out that as human beings have life, the heart also has its own life, with its own characteristics with its own traits. The heart has a special kinds of life. So we will try to understand what this life really means. What's the life of the heart?

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What does it mean to have life in the heart? What does it mean to have alive hearts, and what's the meaning to have a dead heart. And what's the importance of having

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heart that is really alive, heart that is prosper, that is prosperous, that has this prosperity.

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We will try to understand this, because this is one of the most important things that would help us make it and share a lot of paradise.

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These scholars have pointed out from their own understanding that they have derived from the origin and authentics and that as human beings have life, the heart has life. And the real life in this world, is the life of the heart. This is why the people who have no knowledge about Allah, the people who have no faith in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as he told us about himself in the Quran, and the authentic Sunnah. These people have no real life, because there is the life of the heart. And there is the life of the body. These are two types of life that we have, the majority of human beings have entertained, and they focus their attention on the life of the body, while neglecting

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the life of the heart. And this is why they leave the hearts suffer, until they die, while focusing and paying great attention to the life of the body. And the reality is, there is a higher form of life and a lower or a lesser form of life, the lower one is the life of the body. Why because the animals have this, the animals have this life of the body, and they live throughout their lives only with this lesser or this lower quality of life. But but there is the spiritual type of life, there is the higher

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life which is the life of the heart, which animals have no clue about. And unfortunately, I can say that a great deal among human beings have no clue about the life of the heart. And real happiness is not in the lower level of life, but it's in the higher level of life. That is the life of the heart. This is why real happiness is only

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given to the people of a man, the people of true faith. Know what real happiness means. Here's the people who are chasing the, the the pleasures and the desires of this world, the carnal desires. These people have moments of joy, but it's not real happiness. real happiness is contentment, a deep and a profound sense of content of contentment, of

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you know, being satisfied with what a las panatela has given you. The surreal and profound sense of contentment is real happiness and it can be only given to the people of a man, the people of faith, the hearts that are full, with knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the hearts that are content with what Allah has given them. But the people who are after their desires, they have moments of joy, but it's not real happiness. real happiness is only in the life of the heart. And as the heart has life, every living thing,

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as long as it is described as having life, it must suffer from something called diseases and illnesses. Human beings

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suffer from diseases why because they are alive. animals suffer from diseases. Why? Because they are alive. Plants suffer from diseases Why? Because they are a living creature.

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But other objects so other creatures that have no life. We don't

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describe them when they have a deficiency. We don't say that they have an illness or a disease, we say they have a deficiency they have a problem that we need to fix. So, every living creature,

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as long as it has life, it has to suffer from something called diseases or illnesses or ailments. These are different words. For the same thing. The heart as long as we described them, they have something called life they have the quality of life, they also have the quality of being prone to diseases, to illnesses. And this is something very important because many people's hearts are so diseased have been suffering from illnesses until they reached the point where they are dead. The life has been taken away from the this have been taken away from them. This is why the scholars have classified the hearts into three types or three categories. They are all mentioned in the Quran. The

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first type of hearts is Alba Saleem, the sound and intact heart, this heart lives a life of tranquility, a life of peace and happiness. It's in it has the highest forms, or the highest level of real life

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with all what it contains.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, this is the verse that we quoted quite often in this show, what Allah subhanaw taala says that on the Day of Judgment, nothing will be of benefit except for a sound heart, yo Malayan for Ramadan, whenever noon in lemon, Allah hydrocarbon, Selim The only ones or the only thing that will benefit human beings is a sound heart. So those who come to our last panel on the Day of Judgment with a cultivated heart with a with a

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taken good care of heart, then those people

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will benefit from the from the hearts those people will be admitted to paradise. So this is the first type of heart. It's called an elbow surgery in a heart that is free from all defects. What are the defects that can affect a heart, there are two types or two illnesses, two diseases that affect the heart in order to have a healthy heart called Boone, saline, saline, healthy heart, you need to make your heart and you need to look after your heart. So it's free from two diseases. These are the only types of diseases that affect the heart. The first one is a shoe what the desires, the lusts, the desire, that's the first type of disease. The second type is a shoe bohat the doubts or the

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misconceptions. These are the two types of ailments that affect the heart. If we understand these and know how to fight these diseases, we will be able to take good care of our hearts. So this is this will be our approach to cultivate cultivating a healthy and sound heart, the other types of hearts according to the to this classification, we said we have the healthy heart of Albert Saleem, second one is

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an ill heart a heart that suffers from diseases. This is a heart that has been weakened by one of these two illnesses one of these two diseases, either the doubts and the misconceptions, or the desires. And the third category inshallah we'll talk about these in detail. The third type of the heart, or the third type of heart is the dead Heart, heart that is dead, has suffered from so many diseases has been neglected for quite a long time. Until until it lost all life so it has no trace of life whatsoever. inshallah in future episodes, we'll talk about each one of these hearts and their characteristics and how we should deal with them. And what are the outcomes of having any of

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these hearts until then, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Our hearts cry out for our love for you.

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is so strong.

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We know that from you. We have come around to you. We've been

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To be best

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