The Connection Between Tawbah And Istighfaar

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A standard of course,

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as Sarah Marie Kanata Lavaca

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Alhamdulillah Malala means that Allah Subhan Allah kind of you know, Muhammad Anwar it was it was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira to mama but remember never Emma Hello darlin. Hadith number 18 Edit 72 Paula. Omar Radi Allahu Allah and Muhammad Hakuna now do they are Sunni Allah has sallallahu alayhi wa sallam filled Mr Silva had me at Amara Robinson Lee was a year in Nikka entered the web Rahim Raha widowed

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and loving Omer. He says in this hadith, he says, We counted Allah's messenger saying 100 times during one single sitting, is to say, Rob Bill Thirdly is Oh Allah, forgive me, but to Allah, Allah accept my Toba in nature, and that the Weber Rahim, Allah because you are the one who's asked, forgiving, and most merciful, most compassionate, as the Prophet says, The minister said these words are willfully whatever Allah in the verbal Rahim rubble filling, or to Allah in the verbal Rahim. So how about the law of karma? He says, we used to count in one setting, the prophet Salah Salem would mentioned this about 100 times. We mentioned earlier that once a Sahaba used to say 100 times 70

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times they don't necessarily mean 101 00 Or seven, zero, they mean a lot. Right? Unless there is specific about the number that will make it clear that he says we used to count 100 times he said, subhanAllah and Hamdulillah. What I'm saying and this Hadith from the affiliate, or tovala, inaccurate data Well, Ryan, what does that mean, among many things, of these things, what I've personally observed from some of our Messiah, Lukashenka members, for him, Allah, Allah, who was one of those people,

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every time he is here, he never sits quiet. Basically, every time there is a session when he's being addressed with questions to answer, while while the person is asking the question, you see the chef's lips are moving.

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And then when the question is over, he starts answering.

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And then when he's done answering, he goes back again to his liquor. And the person asked another question, and you just look at him just keep moving his lips, even when he's done from the session as he is being escorted out, because, you know, he was actually visually impaired, he was blind, he couldn't see. So he will they will take him to a stent. And as he walks, he would be repeating this, this is dhikr. We will walk with him asking him questions. And between the question and the answer, he will be just doing this.

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And I was wondering if the prophets of Allah said and that's how he used to used to do, like what is sitting with the Sahaba Delano? Maybe they will be talking and chit chatting and, and he was sitting there smiling and listen to them at the same time. He's doing his little trouble fully.

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What about the unica dorama over Rahim over Rahim keeps hearing that over and over again over and over again. So they will hear the prophets also make indica that is also the prophets of Assam he himself is making that data and he is setting an example for the Sahaba or the ultra model. Like when Allah Subhana Allah has commanded us to do the day and night. Whether you're actually during the day during the night during the evenings, on your side on your bed, making it all the time. That is the manifestation of it. The professors and everyone who's with us The Hobbit agilon is still making the Salawat Allah He was the Ramadi and the Sahara salon home. They picked it up. A Google

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won't notice him it will notice what they were sitting with us. He will still be making the cut. And what is his da he will say Rob Bill Finley whatever Allah in the world, right? But wait a minute, I mean, who's saying that as Imam

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Hussain Hussein's Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he's asking forgiveness and pardon. Right? And he's already been what? Forgiven?

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If he's the one who's been forgiven, still ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for forgiveness and ask Allah to pardon him and and an acceptor Stober. What do we need to do? Is your mouth

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nonstop, constantly seeking so far and asking and doing Tober So here on the provinces are miserable Philly, we're to Vana. Yeah, we spoke about that briefly earlier. Last time actually, what's the difference between a mellifera and October?

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We said a month Farah is from conceding the sins right? But you're asked Allah subhana wa Taala to conceal your sins. Consider your sins from the people to see them in this dunya and also from being charged word in the mirror. So the meaning of forgiveness, not to be liable for them on the Day of Judgment or even the dunya like you ask Allah Subhana Allah will overlook this for me and don't hold me accountable for it. That's the meaning of forgiveness and if

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Have ALLAH forgive you, he's not gonna pursue punishment for it for it. So that's the meaning of forgiveness. But that doesn't mean you're not gonna, you know, face something else afterwards still. So that's why we asked for pardon. Whatever Allah because if Allah Subhana Allah accept your Tober, which means repentance, basically how last 100 Were done. And by the way, the word for for Toba in English that we usually use is the word repentance. But if you look into the definition of repentance from the Judeo Christian tradition, specifically Christianity, and mystical Christianity, if you look at the meaning of repentance, it doesn't really match the meaning in Arabic. Because

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repentance in English, or at least in Christianity, it means it comes from a puritanical perspective, which means once you repent,

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you can't do this again. And you don't do this again.

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But we all know, if you make Toba. What happens next?

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Your human being you might get weaker and do something else probably do the same thing again. Does that mean you ruin now what do you need to do after that?

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Another Tober for the same thing, yeah, for the same thing, shift over again. Okay, I will do it over again. But then a few weeks later, a few months later, what happens? relapse and maybe go again into it? So what happens? What do I need to do? Toba again, again and again and again. So that's why Allah Subhanallah Donna in one of his names is what the German

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at the word, which is why the prophets Allah so I'm using this hadith is this name is Rob Bill Finley Watauga. Allah Yeah. In Nikka. And Weber Rahim.

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What's the meaning of the word here at the web? It's a sacred MOBA in the Arabic language, it's an expression of exaggeration. What does that mean? It's an expression of an

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expression of magnitude. Which means it's not one Tober is not just accepted to toe to toe Vertreter he's the WA

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and being too one of the one who asked for given those one off, you know, accepting the Toba means what? There's so many mistakes happening

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and so many Tober from us, that Allah subhana accept.

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Which is why in surah Allah sinuses call

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we're in need of a foreign lemon tava where am Anna why Minnesota huntin matter when Neela far he said as far as well not the he didn't say of offer. Far like the web. Just like the word meaning frequent acceptance of tilba frequently pardon and people are far also frequently forgiven people.

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Why because our mistakes are frequent.

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They happen a lot. So requires what a lot of multiple from ALLAH SubhanA wa, wa Nila far on him and taba, Amana why Mila CIDA has to matter. He says I will frequently forgive for those who repent

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turba Well, I'm gonna have faith. Why Mila sila Han. They proved with the good deeds, some data, and they remain steadfast says for us on this path. Now finally, what's the correlation between mellifera and Toba? So some of the Allameh that's a mouthful and Tober two different things are the same. It's the same thing. So how can they be the same thing if they were measured separately like that? So some they say a month euro is by Tong what Toba through actions. Some days Mark Farah is the beginning of your Tober because of the month when he wants to do turbo you start with stuff that will last for last I Allah forgive me, and then you do turbo right. And they say the same thing. The

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beginning of month Farah is supposed to end well what? What Toba so they always come together. Toba and multiple always come together, whether they're at one event or separate times, but you are required to always seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada. And the least you do that is by saying Allah homophily from the filly Rob will fairly frequently you keep saying that lack of purpose or submission this hadith or Bill fill and seek in Toba. ask Allah to accept your Toba but requires an action from you. Permission the three conditions for Toba is first of all, to quit the sin. Number two, to regret it. And number three to determine you'll never go back again to it.

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If there was a sin committed between you and a human being like you or someone somebody, part of the Toba is that you reconcile with them. But the idea is that you have to take action to seek Toba and then you ask Allah Allah to Allah, accept Matoba

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so remember this dua and keep seeing it saying that frequently insha Allah Allah Hadith interview Salah Salem used to say, Rob, Bill Finley or to Bala, yeah

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In the wobble Rahim must repeat that three times in shallow Tara. Rob Bill fairly

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Kotova Allah Yeah.

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In that wobble Rahim

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Rob balefully.

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whatsover Allah. Yeah.

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In the web Rahim.

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Rob Bell fairly whatsover Allah here

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in the web Rahim.

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May Allah forgive us our sins era Brahmin and guide our hearts to do sincerely Tabata nearby me Walla and a question Gemma

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so Hanukkah llama Bahama. Assura learned a star Furukawa tuber