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Two or a few every single atom of the universe meaning what

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gives you the ability to control every single atom in the universe?

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Is that possible?

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The ability to do that it's like saying Allah delegates so this class quite similar to the Trinitarian argument

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is the same as actually it's the same as the Trinitarian argument

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What do you mean how's that exactly what this means? That's exactly what the Christians say they say that does Allah not have the ability to make Jesus have the same knowledge as him has the same power as him and have the MC another god basically like like him?

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Do you believe that they have the hype and hype?

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Okay, so what about the verse in the Quran it says, Hola, Emily, cool enough's enough. Enough.

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says that. Hello,

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Welcome to Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah. Allah

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says in the Quran, por la Emily Coleen FC nephron valadon. The I don't control any naffaa there's no benefit that comes to me. And there's no done which means evil that comes to me. Yeah.

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What I'll come to Alan, right. If I knew the hype, the profit here is going to be speaking here. We'll come to Ireland will wipe less tech South terminal hiree. Yeah.

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All right. Let's start with whoever said yes to, if I knew the hype, two things would happen. I would have gotten all the good things and no bad thing would have touched me in an inland azido machine only.

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I'm only a warner and the glass, giving someone who gives bad tidings to people who believe.

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So if you're saying that they have the ability to know the hype, doesn't this run counter to this verse?

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I said no, no, no, I'm just asking you a question like, because we have to understand here if you're a Muslim, you will live in the Quran. Alright, so this is a verse in the Quran. So you have two choices you have a choice.

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Okay accepted. But I'm just saying to you if the if you have had these here, like you do in in Khattab cafe, which says that the IMA have the ability to control the creation and they know the future, the ability they know what's gonna happen in the future. There's a web that I mentioned.

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doesn't say that.

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This doesn't say that the chapter heading Yeah, does the cafe chapter heading does not have that.

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Pipe even if they have it by the will of Allah you have to understand something. Even if someone says okay, by the will of Allah allow me another god? Would you accept this?

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Well, what makes a good what makes a good a god is someone who is all knowing, all powerful, or strong, the beginning the old

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God? So if I were to put to you, that if by the will of Allah can there be another god?

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That no one can lift it? It's not the same. I'm just saying that here. Can God make another god? Yes.

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It's not the same. I'm not saying minus something. Plus, I'm just saying is one plus what can Allah make another god yes or no?

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Allah make another good.

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Did you know why the answer is no. The answer is that our Christian

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priests have listened to me. Yeah.

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Listen to the carefully

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it's not sure. It's logic. We use it with Christians and I hope you listen to it. What I'm saying to you is this. If I'm saying to you can God make another god? Okay, forget about

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you know me, man.

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Listen, it's not nature. It's Look, I'm not here to debate. Yeah. Well, I I don't feel this as a debating experience.

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He's just here. I listened to him. I'm just saying to you look, generally speaking, if you want to be shy, you have to justify your belief. Just like you would be a question. You have to justify that. Yeah. If you if you believe that there's a you're shy as well.

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Okay, sorry, I'm being a bit confrontational. I don't mean to be confrontational, but make something exist and not exist at the same time. It's not listening. I'm not going to that are usually okay.

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You know the reason why Allah Subhan Allah is Allah Krishna Katia however the things which listen to listen to this carefully the things which run counter to his fundamental attributes Allah would not do for example to answer the question of would Allah make another god the reason why is because in his nature he wouldn't contributions attribute of being a

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pipe it which means one on one

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and Allah says in the Quran pipe perfect now the same logic can be applied to this very arguments if as you look at a lot hautala create a human being with all knowledge. Yes. Can Can Yes Can a lot can Allah create a human being can allow make a human being with all knowledge.

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So okay with that not contradict the fact that he is the only type. But he's meant to be the only one who knows this stuff.

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He asked one of the gyms I can't remember that. That's what it says. Walk on under the window, a luminol kita.

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And it can

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it can be hublin Yes.

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Okay, fine, fine, fine. This guy was a human being he had the ability to bring the whole thrown off. Everybody didn't know all the knowledge these.

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Okay, let me ask you. So do you believe Okay, I get I get that point. Yes. Very nice. So does he

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have the knowledge of everything we also know?

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Knowledge not be honest.

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Does he have knowledge or knowledge or no?

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knowledge? all knowledge.

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All knowledge means is omniscient.

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We all have inherited some of the Great. Well, you're saying fits all of our categories. I inherited some of the hype from the prophets. Me. You. Okay, so what makes us different? So right now, you've just made this all the same way and the MMR is the same now? Because actually, he's inherited the height from the province. I have inherited that from the province. Does he have the hype? Yes, the proper hype that like the own hype and hype, not hype hype. When I'm talking about

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McAfee, the man knows what he's gonna die. It says that in the chapter heading

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off the

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pipe, it says is

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this big book. Okay, fine. I'm just saying to you that one of the main differences, the market points of demarcation between Sunni and Shia eyes. Is this. Okay, so you've just said that it's not logically problematic for us to believe that he knows the hype. Yeah, it's not. Yeah.

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Okay, fine.

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No problem and Oh.

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Okay, so So do you maintain that belief, just to be honest here. Do you maintain the belief you don't have to let the IMO say that you're lying or just be straightforward? Do you believe that? Mmm. Hossain has Elif lamb hype. Elif lamb you know, Speaker Yeah, yeah, where you from? behind so you're an Arab. Okay, so I know I'm not speaking to someone who's not Elif lamb. lol I'm talking about all of it. The hype does he have it? Or does he not have it? Yes or no.

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We believe he's infallible.

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Why do you believe he's infallible? Why did you

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give me any evidence? I do. You know what let me make a challenge today. Well, I

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I'm feeling it today, too. That you said he's infallible. Yeah.

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You believe is infallible.

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Okay, is infallible.

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So he can't do sin.

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Okay, give me one. Give me one verse in the Quran which says that oh one Hadith from your books. One Hadith from your books, not my books, your books.

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Let's go to the

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Now we have different we have different

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you have different

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So what does that mean? Can you translate the verse and tell me what means?

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No, no, you tell me you say

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You said that that verse in the what you've just said that

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the concept of infallibility I get what you said I get

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no problem no one here is a scholar my friend I'm not a scholar either but I can tell you something

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let's go through the Quran now the rich his impurity

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register in Arabic language means impurity

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register does not register does not mean sin

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speaker I'm going to do something with you right now. If you give me three

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if you allow me I'm going to do something with you right now. Everyone's gonna watch this. Yeah. everyone hears No Don't go Don't go No, no, listen, give me three minutes. This is important that I want you to think of the camera.

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Even if I am doing it for the sake of the company there's no haven that I believe here because people need to be educated Listen to me carefully.

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Listen to me carefully. ridges is mentioned with a sin nine times in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says in chapter five verse first 90 Yeah, you're less enamel. enamel hammer will Mesa roll on sobre Islam realism grammar shaytaan crystal ball Allah

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and intoxicants and gambling all these things is Regis Okay, Allah mentions in chapter six verse 125. So I'm

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familiar familiar with the no idea who Yeshua says Rahul Islam or your why you read a

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man can me aside so that can

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later be doing a lot of analysis in chapter six verse 145, he says will lead you to female higher Elijah Muhammad Allah time in your time. Oh, whoa.

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You time Whoa. La Hakuna Matata. Oh, Devon Moscow, Moscow. heinola. Mackenzie River, no rich office Coronavirus.

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Allah mentions in chapter number seven verse number 71. A lot of

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he says don't don't go now because it's gonna look bad. Okay, so

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Allah community sama Ravi Kumar has

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to judge the newly fierce man night in San may to one of our commanders in the lobby on the suit on

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Phantom zero in the Mako, Minamoto z. So here we've got four out of nine, a lot of fatalities in chapter five. In chapter number nine, verse number 91, and other verses Toba, he says

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he just registered

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is either

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he gave them he gives them punishment on top of their punishment register and all of these what I'm saying to you right now, if you look at the word register every motor of the Quran it can either mean I hope for hope so means intuity and that can be man which means figurative or it could mean hesi which means physical register Enola in the Quran or registered with Jose by the way

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he he said religious and religious are the same. Yes. And he also by the way, when it comes to the sentence like it says religious over the scene and reaches with us with a say and if you want me to do it,

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I can do that. Right. Anyways, everyone has mentioned or ridges is mentioned the either means impurity, or

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it can also mean in the case of ridges or rouges rogersville

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it could mean like Shrek like what Roger de facto well.

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And that is, by the way, that area and chapter number 74 verse five of the Quran so to modesta it can be read two ways according to the ridges and ridges, because the majority of karate that ridges anyways.

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If you if you think that this verse is deleted, Chapter 33, verse 33. I said,

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No, I'm saying to you, if you look at the whole Quran,

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no problem. I'm giving you all the verses now as you don't have to go home. Look, I don't want to go home. I want to stay here and listen, Kevin, don't go anywhere.

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Don't go.

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For the sake of the shy you have to say no. You have to

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know you're shy. But you you're an awkward listener. You're an archetypal shy

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I'm not being funny. I'm not being funny.

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Okay, please, please.

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I'm not trying to refute. You're an Arab guy. Last week there was about 30 of the other No, looking for the come down. So you've come this week? No, no problem. I'm just saying that. If you have a belief, it should be

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have to justify if you're Christian or Muslim or Jew, you have to be able to justify that belief. You got I'm saying?

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Let me show you the Hadith. Let's go to the Hadith now. I'll tell you the Hadith no problem. Let's go to your Hadith because of course, you have the Quran you have to consider the whole

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so let me tell you what jafra sadhak said about it's

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time I'm going to tell you that imagine to see and then who he authenticated that is

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you can take my word for it now and if I'm wrong, you can listen, please stop playing around like

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Okay, listen to me.

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If you want this is fine. Let it be an educational experience. I'm not saying I'm debating, but not everything you can run away and listen carefully. Okay, this is your books, not my books. Yeah. And your books.

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What did what the duffer sadhak say that risman jofra sodic said that retracement isn't carefully. He said that it really just meant a shock for in the hoosac. He said for in the hoosac certainly a shock shock means doubt. Now allows me by the way interesting, he says that it could also mean that so here you have three possible meanings of the word religious.

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It could mean impurity, it could mean doubt. And it could mean we said before was everything we said as a punishment. If you look at the Quran, those three usages of the word are there. However, you will not be able to find in the Quran, or your son not not my son not in fact, any book of yours any book of Hadith that you have, you will not be able to find that the word religious means sin. Therefore, you quote chapter 33 verse 33, which says wahana BeautyCon

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aka no Serato

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you can't say that that verse means what? It means that Allah wanted to get away the sin from that and wait, why? Because actually according to the Arabic language, according to the Quran, according to my Hadith, according to your Hadith, according to anyone who knows anything about Arabic, that what sin is not in diverse, therefore, my question is this you're saying that they are in the 12 Emma masamune they have asthma. My question is, where did you get this belief from? From your texts? Like when I ask a Christian you believe in the Trinity yet in the Old Testament there was no Trinity Why don't you believe in something that you've been told by the church for by the church leaders?

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That is not in your book? So I'm asking you now what is the evidence that the annual baits are not they don't have any sin at all? No minor sins? No. Haha No.

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Can you give me one verse? I tell you there is no verse

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First of all, Mr. Lee Give me the verse

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there is no first of all Mr.

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had misguided Arabic language

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for every people there is a guide

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so here's a guide for every person has is the naked naked eye not been modified

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Okay, that's very ridiculous to me. Because Nicola Coleman has literally means for every people, there is a someone who leads them. That's what it means that Arabic language has been guide. Now the word had comes in that kind of home had been had been means actually snuck in

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time shocks.

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It's not an Arabic language, it's got to 10 wins on it. Nikita is when you have 10 winner on the on the isn't

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because it

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is, of course it's Nikita. It's Arabic It is

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the elephant lamb.

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Or you can have you know, I'm saying hopefully that or something which makes it more difficult, but you haven't got anything or the means that you're putting into it to make it manifest.

00:19:23--> 00:19:32

By its natural language, in Arabic language whenever you have a baby. Whenever you have a tech, you have 210 wins on something which is an SM. It's decorah.

00:19:33--> 00:19:35

Understand this Arabic principle.

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Don't go into it. Let me tell you what

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I'm saying. What I'm saying is, I hate the evidences you brought

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We can review them if I

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just give you a minute just give me Tell me one verse in the Quran where by okay whereby where you can stand with that basically this extrapolate that Emma Daniel bait her cannot do sin Oh give me one Hadees from your books one please just one, I will give you time if you need to go your phone, I'll let you do that

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why don't you believe in something you don't have evidence for?

00:20:33--> 00:20:34

I've read it before

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which which claims?

00:20:41--> 00:20:43

Well, I can't I don't have

00:20:44--> 00:20:45

I don't have

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time. So, you know reject the Hadith or reject the belief that the Imams are awesome

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Why do you believe in it and

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so do you believe that oh, god Habibi. How can you believe in something which you have no evidence for?

00:21:11--> 00:21:12

Whatever the case is?

00:21:16--> 00:21:17

Where is it? Like Where can we find it?

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Okay, no problem. Thank you for the reference.

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Can you come in for a second I suppose. Like I apologize from Comic Con strong. But the thing is, you have to understand the context behind this last week there was some people that were looking for us in 30 people or something came down and it's as if when the show I'm not pointing the finger at you, but it's as if now

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we come by the way when we come to speaker's corner, frankly we don't even look for sure we don't even look for them whenever the car comes speakers corner, I'm not saying all of them right but just recently it seems as though they're coming to look specifically for us to get to and want to make us in this yard has got a problem with that. But I'm saying that if you want to put yourself in the lion's den you know if you knew who I was because you watch my videos online Yeah. So you know that this is the lion's den, you know that this is a place where there's gonna be a debate. So if you want to come to the

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palace of I'm being funny, but like, we were having a debate with someone about a very strong one. Okay, you Well, he was a debate

00:22:28--> 00:22:51

and when when when the evidence has started being put forward now I don't know when this and that I'm not qualified and whether you're an Arab speaker, you know, the verses you've memorized some of them is simply the case that it's not just because you are what you are. There is no evidence it's simply that there is no evidence I'm telling you, no, no, I'm not subjective as I've given you it's the clock time of the word rich. If you want me to do the same thing with religious I can do it starting with chapter two verses design of the Quran.

00:22:54--> 00:22:55

I can do that. I don't wanna waste your time.

00:23:02--> 00:23:11

I'm just I'm just saying Do you believe if you believe the Quran is the word of Allah Okay, I'm sorry if I came across strongly but if you believe the Quran is the word of Allah.

00:23:12--> 00:23:24

No, no, if you believe it, okay, then we have to be confined to what he's telling us to do. Like it's telling us we've got to believe that Allah is the only one who has all knowledge that human beings are Lost Planet Allah says about Muhammad

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00:23:28--> 00:23:28

Allah will be

00:23:30--> 00:23:38

in chapter 47 verse eight or something.

00:23:41--> 00:23:42


00:23:43--> 00:23:46

LA, yeah, I only follow what is revealed to me.

00:23:47--> 00:24:00

If a Shia or Sunni or anybody comes to me and says, Listen, I know someone who knows all knowledge or he knows what's gonna happen when they die and this things which is mentioned in your books, and the Quran in this verse, and the other was already mentioned to you. It says,

00:24:04--> 00:24:04


00:24:06--> 00:24:08

Illa, Illa, Masha Allah will come to Alamo.

00:24:10--> 00:24:24

In Allah in Atlanta's innovation, noon, I don't know the hype. The prophets will say either and if I knew the hype, think about this. Okay. If I knew the future, I knew the hype, then I would have given all the good things and nothing bad would have touched me.

00:24:26--> 00:24:40

Okay, alpha saying this alpha saying if he knew what was going to happen to him, why would he commit suicide? That is ridiculous. If you knew that he was going to go somewhere he's gonna get killed. Look what it says in the Quran. It says, Welcome to animal hide, let's take a hike.

00:24:41--> 00:24:59

If I knew the hype, I will have gone all the good things I know God would have touched me. So Prophet Mohammed has been said that if I knew the hype, my strategy would have been that I don't have any bad touch me. Nobody will touch me because I don't want anybody because the process will not to be a tequilla taluka. Don't do anything that causes harm to your own self. If I

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

The Prophet Mohammed told me

00:25:02--> 00:25:38

that if I knew the hype, I would not have done anything that would have caused harm to me. And now we're told to believe that there's an amount of cultural Husayn that comes in, he knows the hype, and now he's going into harm's way, intentionally. So he's going against the Quran. And he's going on two levels, because he's not mentioned as a life. And he's not meant to harm himself if he knew the hype. So, okay, this is so clearly against the Quran, like what you have to do right now. And we have to get you to do this, is you have to reject this principle. Because it is a principle that you've been socialized into, that if you believe in the Quran, you must reject. So I'm saying, you

00:25:38--> 00:25:43

know, can we get from you use a rejection of the fact that they

00:25:44--> 00:25:47

have all knowledge of the future and all knowledge like that? Can you reject that?

00:25:52--> 00:25:54

Why do you not reject it is going against

00:25:59--> 00:26:05

what it says in the Quran opposite it says, what you believe the Quran believes. The Quran is saying something opposite to what you believe.

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So what you once you accept you believe what you believe because because Romania Sistani and whoever told you to believe it, or your parents told you to believe it, or are you going to believe what Allah says it's as simple as that.