Yasir Qadhi – Can We Pray Salah in Our Native Language – Ask Shaykh YQ #144

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The conversation is about the practice of praying in Arabic and whether or not it can be done outside of the region. There is confusion over whether the practice can be done in any language, and the speakers stress that it is booked in the dramas and that it is enforceable to avoid controversy.
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First question we have is brother Tenzin brother Tenzin from Bangladesh he emails and he asks that can he praise sila in his own language? One

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out of seven,

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poverty in Riga, no, he lay him first.

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And the response to this is that if by Salah you mean our daily sort of what our five prayers do her father, mother liberation and then in those in those other words must be performed the can the YG but the vicar do as well to do as we're going to come to them as a controversy over the doors, but the Quranic recitation and the deck builder to the heroine and the Superman Robben Island so how to rebuild Alvin and the hayyat and the saliva himedia these must be done in Arabic. And if somebody does not speak Arabic, they are required to learn those phrases. And that is why across the globe, every single practicing Muslim memorizes the Quran enough for them to read in the prayers and every

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single Muslim memorizes these basic the Gar Subhanallah bill Allah subhanaw taala below them you know semi Allah Hanuman hamidah adhere to the law and all of these gods that are part and parcel of our solar watt, so they must be done in Arabic If they are done in other than Arabic, the Sunnah is belted it is not to be accepted now the only area where there's a bit of a gray area and a bit of leniency is with regards to do our to Allah dua to Allah. Can it be done in another language now if the DA is outside of sila so if you're asking us outside of sada then by unanimous consensus, all such as can be done in any language, you may raise your hands up to a lot outside of sada and make

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dua pray to Allah azza wa jal, for your needs of this world and your needs of the next world in any language that you speak. It is all permissible, no problem. The only area that there's a controversy is making do is inside of Salah. As we said outside of solid, there's no controversy inside of Sadat, once you finish the car. So for example, in the sujood, you've set to Hyderabad either now you're in such the Can you then say, Allah grant me the good of this world, Oh Allah, allow me to aced my exam or Allah grant me a righteous spouse, Oh Allah give me that job that I want Can you make that do are in other than Arabic and this is where there you have two opinions. And the opinion

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that I strongly endorse is that it is of course allowed to make in any language, what is required in Arabic is the cars that are linked to the solar, the word you bought, and your candles are linked to the solar. Those cannot be done in any other language. Therefore, it is permissible to pray to Allah in any language at any time. You don't have to restrict it to Arabic even within the Salah because there's no evidence to do so and a lot of Hannah Tyler knows best

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