What Did You Mean When You Said the Narrative Has Holes in It? – Shaykh Bakeer Asks

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For the accused CFAs that you are sheffey acid doubting the preservation of the Quran. And you said clearly that the narrative has holes narrative has holes. Yeah, that's what I said. Number one, did you say that? The I said the narrative has holes but about what about what exactly about the preservation of the Quran, arugula, arugula. My interview was very clear. And also I said that, you know, sometimes it didn't review don't use the best words. And I said that no doubt just for Allah. The words weren't the best. But I was not speaking about the preservation of the Quran. Arugula, it's very clear. It was about one of the most technical issues which is Battlefront karate, and the

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reality about open karate, as you have your masters and PhD is an aroma Quran out of all of the subjects of aroma Quran you know, as well as I do that I have is the one that I need to hear a little cool that Runa Ma was so super.

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Oh, cool. I am one of the most confusing issues of normal Quran is how clickatell and all of the Masonic supplement fees.

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I know this is the problem yeah, demons but so there are a hadith mutawatir from the prophets of salaam that the Quran has been revealed in multiple The Hierophant seven IRA, right? And we also know that there are multiple recitations of the Quran that are you know, codify the 10, the seven the 14 that are codified. So what is the proof? And what is the relationship of the Quran with the earth? Okay, this is the means that I've done or the way yeah, like Huff's. Awesome. Sure.

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Yes. Okay. Now, this is one of the most complicated and dense questions that I have written about a su at least 40 opinions in our lexicon, right. A show Connie. Also this them, our the teacher of our teachers, Chef Shanthi, the one who wrote Oh, by Yan, right, he was asked, What is your opinion about the I heard of? And he said, my opinion about the roof is that I don't have an opinion. This is a completely who's so confused. I don't have an opinion about this. Right. So I said this, by the way, and the level of the knowledge of shipment, some would say even higher, some was even higher. Now. My point is that certain issues arose about my position about a human Quran that other people

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who perhaps haven't studied as deeply, they found very problematic. And they accused me of becoming more steadier or bald or even cafard because they didn't, you know, so, these issues had to be clarified. So I said, you know, the majority opinion of a hierophant karate, I don't agree with it, and the narrative has holes in it. I agree. I shouldn't have used those wordings as stuck for a lot of them. It's very painful wording, the kuffaar and even some of my critics, they began saying, Oh, he is saying the Quran I have to clarify.

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A check for the Quran co creation with the biller, a shortfill. Quran co Ferraro, the biller in 100 as a DECANOATE loader, have you learned how can anybody accused another muslimin issue? I don't like say this I'm a half of the Quran. Everyday we read the Quran I have Jazza and multiple Karateka for somebody to come and say I'm doubting I will do bla bla bla it's painful. Aisha I agree it wasn't the best wording but look at the interview Allah He it is crystal clear. I'm talking about how to declutter out of the reality of a heart of the reality of his relationship with the Quran. I have an opinion I have a position. And I don't mind teaching it to anybody who has studied and we can we but

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you cannot explain it in two minutes online and share it. Again. I don't like saying these things but you know, one of the critics of mine. And again, may Allah God bless and forgive them. They haven't studied these issues. They haven't. And when they hear an opinion that they've never studied, they think you are the cover of all Moodle. So he said to me, your position is Cofer, and I'm going to get a fatwa from the Kibera ulama. I'm going to get a fatwa that you are Kaffir because of this opinion, I said before the Bismillah but just one

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addition, make sure they also make the feel of a to Howie and I will form the Razzie and a Shafi and I mentioned five or six people he goes, What do you mean? I said, my opinion is exactly the opinion of falafel Anna mentioned the whole list. He goes no way they said this, and I quoted him look up right now pick up. Hello. Second. He didn't know what to say. And most killer they don't even know. They don't even know other opinions. At this point you Exactly. We're imitating a bunch of our lemma, starting from 100%. My opinion is nothing new. Nothing new. I agree. It's a minority opinion. No word is what you used. There was actually no other word I used was wrong. But I'm following in my

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opinion about avocado. I'm following many aroma. Now no problem. You disagree to Fanon, or no problem. But please understand, I'm not bringing anything new. It's not something that like I have an opinion that is a minority opinion and I can back it up and I have no problem as discussing with people at random in this regard.

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So this was the whole colossal

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shake wasn't took in any way about the preservation of Quran Kareem he wasn't talking about the Quran will kill him. He wasn't talking about a lot of Saba and this big issue between the glamour and the chef just was imitating a bunch of Allamah starting from Chef and remember how your MO Lada is that right exactly

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