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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The importance of volunteering in faith-based organizations is discussed, including the success of volunteering in the past and the importance of helping faith-based organizations create events and social services. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to have specific talents and be creative in their work, as it is important for everyone to act on wisdom and share experiences to achieve efficiency and efficiency. The speaker also discusses the benefits of volunteer activities, setting up groups, and addressing problems, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and sharing experiences to become more effective in community activities.
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while we'll look into it in color of blue origin for now, I've got restricted brothers and sisters.

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We are going for the holiday season. And

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in most cases, the children of our community are usually in school at this time

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since they are here today, and most of the adults are off and most a lot of people are off from work because you know, there was Christmas few days ago, and suddenly we'll make it off. I want to talk about something in particular that is relevant to all ages. Sometimes advice are given the topics are relevant only to adults, sometimes atomic are only relevant to the youth. But today's topic is something that's relevant to all demographics and the community and all ages of the community.

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It is volunteering the bond the importance of volunteering in our own massages.

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It is great, it's well known that for anything to go well and for anything to progress and for anything to be beneficial, it has to be done properly. For example, if you want to bake a cake, you need a proper ingredients in order to make a cake instead of putting sugar or it says that if you put you need to put only this much oil, if you were to put more oil than is recommended then the taste of the cake will not come out the way it needs to be in any organization. Even in a business or in a job. We have a job description if we are employee we have a job description. For those who own businesses, there are certain guidelines in certain principles that they have to follow not once

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but on a consistent basis. If follow that business will prosper it will benefit the person and it will pay off dividends in the same exact way for any organization and when I talk about a masjid and volunteering inside of masjid, it is not only regarding the masjid, but if you study books and you read books regarding any faith based organizations or faith based organizations are are dependent and they progress. They benefit others in the community. They are efficient only when there are volunteers involved. This is not only with the masjid, this is with all faith based organizations. Why? Because volunteering is the lifeblood of any community. It is because of the volunteers in the

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community that they are able to help the masjid or help their own organization to create events, conferences, social services, in which we have talked about in the past that during the title of Lhasa longlining was seldom the masjid was not only the place where they would come and they would worship Allah subhanho wa Taala it played an important role when it came to social services. When it came to helping others the masjid played a key role. So people in the community who volunteer and they help out in social services that is also from the volunteers also when it comes to Dawa when it comes to Dawa efforts, the important the the volunteers play a important role when it comes to

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giving Dawa. And why I talked about volunteering is because people who are paid in any organization, they only make up only a part of that organization. You have you go to a church and you find out there are several people who are in

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point, the minister or the pastor, he'll be employed. There may be an office assistant, she he or she may be employed, you have one or two other people who are employed. But besides that an entire church also runs on volunteers. So a lot of people are under the impression that in a church, why in a budget is hard to find volunteers is because everyone in a church is everyone is paid. That's a misconception. That is a misconception. I've been to many churches, I've sat down with rabbis, I've sat down with pastors. And this is a question I've always asked, and they will say that we have a huge support groups because of which our churches are existing. Because if it wasn't for them, it

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will not exist. Well, I don't need them to come and tell me this it just for me, for my for for confirmation purposes. The example we find them this isn't the last little floss Oh, it was there probably saw a lot of it was set it down. He was sent as the final prophet. He was given a responsibility. He had a goal. He had a vision and he was put on a mission. And in order to fulfill that mission, he needed a support group. He needed a support group. The first three years of the Bible was fossa, Allahu Allah, he was sent him after being given Naboo and prophethood. The Prophet Assam did not go out right away. And he will say everyone has sent SMS, believe in Allah and seven

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Islam, no pasa the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the first three years, the first three years, all he did was secret invitation. That's all he did. He secretly invited everyone after a while when he didn't have a support group, when he didn't have a support group, and Allah subhanaw taala knows that now this is the time where if the pumps are selling, he wants to go out. Now he has support group, he has people in the community who are volunteering their time, they're promised some has support. Now you go and you give Dawa die is why when Allah behind him with the eyeline, he told them I was a lot of it was sent down there one more.

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He must have been early when he told him how to sell well, it was Sunday. Now you go and you inform your family members. You go and you warn others also now, and even though there was opposition, but slowly and gradually, we see that Islam spread.

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Islam gained its roots. And it gained strength over time, because of all the people who contributed to the effort of Islam. So a lot of it was it was the Sahaba of your llama, I'm home. And you just to clarify, well, a lot of times when we use a hammer or the alarm line, we are under the assumption that the Sahaba were great, very old. They were in their 40s they were probably in their 50s was Soheila. If you studied the leaders of the believers, the leaders of the believers people who became governors, that means the Hobbit or the Aloha island home, who surrounded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam day in and day out. They were young people. These were Sahaba of the Allah Alonso,

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who accepted Islam when they were 16 years old. 17 years old, 1819 20 years old. They were the young ones of the community who did who were developed by the saucer Lombardi was set up who contributed to Islam. And we know from where from who the powers are, Saddam was the prophet seven was their leader. He was their teacher he developed that they became leaders and Islam continue to grow on Islam continue to go on. So the main point I'm trying to make is even though the Russell love it was that a was the leader without the support and the volunteering of the sahaba. The Alana MyPhone, Islam would have not reached the point where it is today. Islam would have never reached that point.

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It was because of the habit of the alignment.

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We see that as I said earlier that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not only not only did he focus on an invalid, not only did he focus on email, Ei, but he focused upon helping others giving support in your budget and taking an active role. So that's why it is so important that in our massages in our massage, and each one of us, we have particular talents, and this is Subhanallah This is a cool resource Allamani was telling was, he was able to identify the talents and every single person that this person he has talents in this in this area, and in this area, he is weak. The problem is that a lot of what he was selling was not there to point out at the weaknesses of

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everyone. He was there to point out at the strengths, he will take everyone in the community and he will use them to their talents. So we see the amount of the alumni and who he was before he started and who he was after the sum the promise all of a sudden we use his talents in particular ways whenever you

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he would he would use a weapon with your loved one he will utilize his talents. Whenever there was any sister in that community, the person will utilize their talents, their profits, I'll set up this is what he did. So that's why what I want the reason I'm mentioning this is because when the subject of volunteering comes around in our in our community, everyone wants to back out. Why No, I'm not. I'm not fit for this. I'm not fit for this. Remember that the hadith of a sorcerer? Allah, Allah you were sending them that month or whatever I didn't know about Allah, whoever is humble ALLAH SubhanA will elevate them that if a person uses this hadith, in this situation, that I don't want to

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volunteer why because I want to be humble. You have not understood the hadith of Rasul Allah Almighty in the center, there is a time and a place to use that hadith. There's a time and place that you use a hadith. What has it did it ever happen? Do the title of first Allahu alayhi wa sallam where he did reach out for the health of the Sahaba of the Allahu Allah? And they came to promise us that and they said, No, we can do this. Yes, the Sahaba a lot of times questions were put to the Sahaba or your loved one home, they knew the answer, but our sin, our respect for the Prophet peace be upon him. They will say Allah Morris who Allah in many cases, they did that. But they knew the

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answer, but just because I respect her as well, so long it will, somebody will not do that. Each one of us we have talents. We have talents in our communities. Adults have talents, our youngsters in our community, they have so much to offer. They have so much to offer in our community also. But what happens is that when the subject of volunteering comes around, everyone wants to back out why? Because I'm not fit for this respective Brothers Sisters think about it, and every person backs out who's going to run the community. I mean, eventually Allah subhanaw taala will run the masjid while I'm in Messiah did that this the house of Allah, this the house of Allah, Allah will run it. But

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Allah subhanho wa Taala as we see the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the first you tie your camel, and then you do the work for them and then you do them you rely on Allah subhanho wa taala. We need people in the community to contribute then to help Allah subhanaw taala will come, then you have a lot will come. Allah could have just mentioned couldn't find your phone and your son would have spread throughout the four corners of this world. But it was not like that. The Sahaba of Milan my home they contributed they volunteer, they gave their support to the salsa a lot of it was sent them and then Allah He helped out. So if we want our Masjid to go forward, if we want our

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Masjid to progress, then we have to volunteer and the Westway, the best way to understand this also is that look at your own house. Each one of us we have a place to live. We have our homes, our apartments wherever we're living. But because we we you know, the way we look at it is it's our house, it's my house.

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It's my place where I live, it's my job, it's my business. So when it comes to anything that is my or ours, we take it very seriously. But when it comes to the budget, we don't we don't associate we don't put that word as my to my Muslim, we need to say that this is my Muslim, the amount of serious seriousness I have when it comes to take care of my own and pushing my foot forward and pushing my company forward. The same it shows by when it comes to the budget also. So therefore there's one there's some there's two things I've collected. First of all, I want to share with you that when a person does volunteer in the masjid, what do they gain? The very first thing is that it causes it

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helps you any person who volunteer their budget, it helps them to be organized in their life. One thing that we learned from espresso law while he was set up, it is unfortunate. It is very unfortunate that most of our Muslim countries, Muslim businesses, Muslim organization and Islamic organizations, when it comes to this, we that and that is being organized. The Prophet sallahu wa alayhi wa sallam has taught us how to be organized in life. You read a lot of books that stress upon the importance of being organized. When you look at big, big businesses. For example, when you look at Apple or any other business on the face of the earth, what is one thing they're very particular

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about and which has pushed your business to the next level, it is being organized is organization. And so one thing that will help if any person or any person volunteers, they it helps them to be organized. A lot of people are not organizing their life. And I always mentioned this I teach at a school I always tell the students, I always tell the youngsters keep a track of your time be organized.

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We are live. Because if you are organized, you know, and you will know when your time is being spent. And most certainly you will be efficient in your life, it helps you be organized. Number two is that encouraged encourages self assessment. By volunteering, we see that the Prophet saw a lot of it was under many volunteers with nonprofit salsa.

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If he saw any one of them doing something in the way it was not ordered, or they were not following instructions, the Prophet SAW loved writing he was send them He will provide me one thing. And that was constructive criticism, not criticism, because a lot of times what happens in any organization, we are very, we are very open to criticize others. You're not doing this, you're not doing this, you're not doing this, you're not doing this proposal center he would provide. But he would provide only constructive criticism with wisdom. And with the opposite with the absolute amount of respect. The practice of law, it was said we will never find in the seat on the opposite side, where he would

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provide constructive criticism and he was rude with someone. He was never who anyone, forget about family members, forget about volunteers, he will never even treat a slave like that. Also, you want to even treat a slave. So it is important that when we are when we are volunteering we provide we can provide constructive criticism by I mean, we can provide constructive criticism only. But we should not be the first ones of criticizing others, we have to see the how can we make others around us better, that should be the focal point. And not only that, the reason I also mentioned this is because when people provide constructive criticism, then this should help us to become a better

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person. See what happens with most of us. And I'm going to be upfront about this. When anyone comes to us and tells us that you are doing something wrong. You are doing something which is not the right way. The very first thing that we do is that we become defensive. We become defensive. No, you are wrong. You are wrong. No, I'm right. You are wrong. We get into fights. No person wants to hear and why have we become like this? If someone comes to us, and says that you should have done this in this way, and shall not do it better the next time someone is providing constructive criticism. They're being polite about it, why can we not accept this, the Sahaba of your loved one, they were

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provided constructive criticism, they accepted it, people will come to the saucer long warning for salon. And they will say things will probably sell Baldwin English salon, which were which are sometimes disrespectful, the probably some he would keep his cool, you'll be you'll be calm about it. But at the same time, how many times is sobre el la one day came, they provided their own opinion. And also I've never said anything. This is what the problems are was he never He would never disrespect anyone. And even and even he would he'll provide criticism, constructive criticism as to how they would accept it, we really need to change ourself. The problem is not someone else

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the problem is us. It's me, myself and I, if someone comes to me and says that you did not do this properly. And if they have a point, and they are absolutely true about it, then I need to look at myself and say, You know what, I went wrong, I need to fix this. So if we cannot become defensive, if every person becomes defensive, then there's going to be five in the community, there's going to be a malice in the community, we have to understand when someone comes to us and says that we have proof and this is this and this is this. If there are conflicts in the community is very it can happen. If you study the psychology behind group networking, it's gonna it's bound to happen

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conference are going to happen. Each one of us we come from different backgrounds, we have a different way of looking at things that others comments may happen. But let's just say if there is a conflict, and someone says that you don't want to apprehend all the evidence, I think there's something wrong and you need to you know, if you can do this in this way, this will be better. The very first person becomes you become defensive. We need to really stop that. The next thing is that a promotes good and it promotes it promotes competition with every with every person, Allah subhanho wa Taala we've seen in the Quran that what drives us to be competitive with each other is dunya. We

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have a goal we have monies or a goal and we push each other for that this is what promotes us. This is what pushed us to be competitive with each other by volunteering in any organization especially in the masjid. This will motivate us and this will will allow this will create a sense of camaraderie.

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addition, it provides a vision. And not only that, but it helps for any community to become efficient. I'm going to give this one example, please come forward, please come forward.

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When any in any community, what happens is that people, they get disrespected people, they are very sensitive, you'll find a lot of in the community, we're being sensitive, people will volunteer in the budget, they are very sensitive. Also, we have to be careful about that first. One second, as I said earlier, when it comes to any organization, we have to have mutual respect, respect for every single person's brother or sister young ones. A lot of times we feel like old, very young, we can just come down whatever we want. No, everyone needs to be respectful towards others. But what happens is that in a lot of organizations, you have a core group of brothers and sisters, and those

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poor Boomer brothers and sisters, they work diligently, they work very, very hard to make as much a better place for everyone else. But what happens is that we we forget that those same people who are helping out in the masjid, who are volunteering this budget, they have jobs, they have businesses, they have families also. So what happens is that they are then not able to give time to their family, they're not able to really focus on their life also. And what happens in that, then there's something called the burnout effect. Over time, they get so burnt out, that even they have served in a position at the masjid after their role is finished. After their time period is over. They are so

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burnt out that they say that you know what I want nothing to do with the Masjid. I want nothing to do with the budget, why? But there's a burnout effect. When everyone volunteers and everyone helps out with one another, then this community, then any community does become efficient. Everyone helps out, I want to give you one example, I'm just gonna give you one example. And for those of you who come on Sunday mornings, for salted Fajr, you know exactly what I'm talking about here. Every Sunday, we have Sunday School for the most part, every Sunday, you will notice that it takes time before there was only one or two rows of the community, or three, four, who would every Sunday

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morning, they will take the chairs for one role. And they will set out all the chairs for this Sunday school for all the kids who come that day. And how long it will take them, it will take them around half an hour, sometimes half an hour to 45 minutes. So what I did was that and because of their request, we make announcements that everyone should help out. Everyone should help out. Everyone should come participate in volunteering, helping us setting up Sunday school. Now when everyone helps out, it gets done in no more than five to seven to seven minutes. Everyone is working together, hearts are coming together, it gets done quicker. And there we are more efficient. The

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people, those two three brothers who are working very, very hard every single morning putting out those chairs. Now they're able to sort of save up some energy, give some time, more time at home. Everyone's working together. And I can see you can ask those who help out on Sunday morning, they will tell you the benefit of it. So when we all volunteer together, then there are many, many benefits as I've shared with you. But it is important that each one of us, we come to a masjid, we sign out we volunteer in the masjid. And there are so many different areas. There's so many different areas in which they can get help on this social services. There is it there is education,

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there are sisters, there is youth, there is facilities, there are so many other committees that we can help out there. Dawa, and outreach committee these these help, but if we weren't if we sit there, and we simply just complain that you know what, this is a problem. And honestly, I tell you, when people come to me and they say that, Oh, you know, this should be done, this should be done, this should be done. I always tell him that you know what? We need you if you have all these ideas, come and join the committee provide your ideas, and you shall we all work together. It does not help anyone. If someone comes to the office and say these other problems and you don't provide a

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solution, it does not help anyone else. It does not help anyone. So instead of bringing instead instead of being the one bringing up the problem, bring them bring up the challenge, bring it up, but then be the one who will be the front runner and trying to solve the problem. And it's all when we do this, our hearts will be united our Masjid. I can guarantee you our mission will move and it will be moving forward. We will be progressing together as a community member give us the ability to act upon wisdom Senator Barack Obama now we're going to put it all the way to find out what you guys want to do Hakeem stuff a lot of ways that you see the first off people

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was getting

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100 and 100 I don't know what assignment what and stuff even with all the relationships I mean yeah do you love them or when you

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were selling them home with an uncle rasuluh Abba Father forgot about a lot about the electrical and machine was provided to me that are only languish in our genes from day one and more he no longer overnight even though he said no, not me. Yeah even started while he was in the cinema. Oh my god.

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As you have heard, we had talked about the importance of voluntary and I stress upon all so that the best way to push ourselves forward and to motivate ourselves is that always remember that this is the hospital loss of 100 will always remember this in the house, the house of Ohio went to Ireland. When people volunteer, you have no one has the right. No one has the right to boss anyone around. No one has the right to push anyone else's buttons to get under someone's skin. You no one should be doing that. When we see that I saw a lot of it was seven when he brought the Sahaba together, there was mutual love between them. There was mutual love. And always remember that while the Sahaba were

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working together and collectively, there were some other outside sources who always try to to always try to break up the Sahaba of yoga and you had them on African in Medina, who would always try to break up the Brotherhood within the Sahaba the alarm. We have the between the Mahajan and the Assad. So when when a person volunteers in any in any masjid, and especially I once again, stress that you volunteer, and you help out and you become one of the supporters. And that way, always remember that you will be part of any kind of criticism, as I said earlier, that first of all, we should not be criticizing, but let's just face it, that Allah and I don't want to be negative here. But it's the

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reality that a lot of people, they love the people there are some people who just love to criticize, then people there are people who just love to criticize, and they will criticize in different different ways. Whether it's through cyber networks, whether it's being upfront they will criticize. The most important thing is that as the hombre de Allah on home, they were also being distracted by others with the Sahaba of Milan they stuck together and we see that how Islam progressed in the same exact way when you volunteer in any community. People should first of all elimination of judgmental towards others trade that love and in any person if any person feels like they you know what I've

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not wanted? It's such a it's such a while. How would I be How would I be treated if I did come back to your budget. Always remember, the budget is a place where each one of us we need to open it we need to welcome each other and open, keep our doors open for each other. And when people come try to encourage them to try to encourage others. That's the only way we will move forward as a community. And as I said earlier, that always remember this is the house of Allah subhanaw taala and I want you to all of you to ask yourself this one question. I know that when you volunteer in a budget sometimes you know family time is taken away your individual time is taken away I fully understand

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that and no one has taken away from that. But always remember that if you give time for the sake of Allah at the house of Allah for the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala Don't you think Allah Subhana Allah will take care of your affairs? Ask yourself this question. Because it is impossible for anyone to think that you find your time to budget this will be a loss for me this is never allows for anyone, anyone who does anything for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala for the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala for the deen of Allah subhana Medina, Allah will always be paying them back. May Allah give us the ability to act upon was the Senate hurt Inshallah, after Salter Gemma, there'll be

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a table outside and shall I request and encourage all of you to try to go and sign out. Try to put down your names and

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