Udhiya-Qurbani or Give Money in Charity

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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking.

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Smooth lack of learning Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germaine while coolamon TBR Hoon BSN, Dean,

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respected brothers and sisters As Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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praise Allah subhanho data that we are hamdulillah approaching the great month of bullhead Jaya, the month of the ledger is a very pertinent and relevant and important month for the believers. There are certain months that are very very important for the Muslims like the month of Ramadan. So alongside the month of Ramadan, the ledger is also a very important month for the Muslims. In Ramadan Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed certain acts of worship like fasting has been made fun of obligatory we performed on our we etc, etc. Likewise in lewd hedger, there are certain acts of worship of a Buddha, which have been prescribed and they are specific to this particular month. Like

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for example, the great Ubud of Hajj, Hajj is a murder which is prescribed in the month of June Elijah. If somebody wants to go in Ramadan to perform hajj, Hajj will not be accepted, may even be sinful if that person thinks that it's an Iboga and becomes a beggar. So, Hajj is a great form of Agata which has been prescribed in this month of dual Hijjah. Likewise, we have other acts of iboga. Like for example, that could be routed tertiary,

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it is obligatory to recite the shake up in certain days off the edge. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar will in hand after for prayers, etc. So these are acts of worship,

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that have been prescribed for this month of the hijab, one of the great acts of worship in this month is the great a birder an act off, or the here or what we say, or Bernie, that the correct Arabic term for it is over here, in Persian, and in order to do we call it or Bernie, the sacrifice of an animal sacrifice of the animal for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Now with regards to this, and in the next few minutes, I just want to talk about this particular ibadah, which is specific to the month of the ledger, which is

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restricted to this particular month of the ledger.

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What I want to discuss with this greater battlefield here is that we find that there are two types of we can say maybe misunderstandings, or two extremes when it comes to this great act of what Al or Bernie, there's some people on the right some people on the left two misunderstandings, or two kind of extremes, in not understanding the philosophy. The mock said the objective, the aim purpose goal of this iPad, Why did Allah subhanaw taala prescribe this particular iPad?

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I really want to discuss the MCSA done objective

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behind it, behind this great act of Bulgaria.

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On one hand, we have some people who think that this

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wood here or sacrificing an animal or slaughtering an animal is actually a charitable act. This is one sort of understanding that people have that it's an act of charity.

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So like we pay the college on a yearly basis, we pay also sadhaka to federal the charity on Adel, feta,

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and also voluntary acts of charity throughout our life and throughout the year we give in charity. Some people think that adhere qurbani is also an act of charity. It's a charitable act. So it's to feed the poor. And this is why this understanding then stems from that and misunderstanding that since all the here slash Bernie is an act of charity, therefore, maybe the poor are not in need of cows, and goats and sheep. They are not in need of meat, maybe we are in right now in a time where they need masks more than, you know, meat, they need some medicines.

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They need some other types of charitable help and assistance. So this this is the understanding that some people have that. Well. Why do we have to slaughter hundreds and 1000s of

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Cows and sheeps and goats and animals,

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that money could be used for something else.

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The poor I need of something else, maybe that that money that could be used to build orphanages for the orphans, etc, etc.

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This is because they've misunderstood what Corbin is, or Bernie slash owed here is not an act of charity. It is not an act of charity. The objective is not a it's not an act of charity. It's different to sadaqa it's not a sadaqa

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it hasn't financial element to it. But it's not a financial sadaqa or charity. Like for example, if I give you an example, there are different types of worship. There are certain a Baghdad and worships which are purely physical, like salah, Salah is a purely physical act of worship. Fasting song is a purely physical bodily act of worship. Hajj is also a physical act of worship, but also has a element of money in it. So it's also it also has a financial element to it. This is what we when we say adhere to the law, he was sort of talking about all our physical worship about that is for Allah subhanaw taala we say adhere to the law Salah to tell you about all our financial Ibaadat

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meaning all our Ibadah that has an element of finance in it like circuit. So the current is a purely financial Ibadah and your brother with a purely financial aspect to it, Salah and song is a purely physical act of worship and hedge is in the middle. It also has the physical aspects because you have to go around the Kaaba and you have to make sorry, you have to travel you have to go to alpha, then you have to post the Jamara. So there's a lot of physical activities involved in hutch, but also has requires a lot of money. In order to travel you have to spend money. So all the here is a bit like Hutch.

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It is a bit like hedge that it has

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a financial element to it. But it's an act of a burden that you have to sacrifice an animal. It is not like the cut. It's not a replacement for the cut or like the cut. It's not a charitable act. It is a act of worship. So just like in hutch, if someone was to say that rather than hedge Why spend money like I'm spending 5000 pounds $8,000

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and travel, booked my tickets go all the way to Makkah travel all the way to Makkah spend so much money and for what reason why am I am I going to perform Hajj? Why am I spending so much money to stay in hotel and travel costs and you know traveling to Arafa and to Mina and all all this hassle loves and spending money to do what? To go round around the cabin? Do I need exercise I could do run around my house

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and going up and down the salary. Safa and Marwah doing Saturday going, you know, making seven rounds.

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I could do that in my local park. I pick up you know, pebbles and I throw on the wall jump rod that's not shaytaan by the way, that's Jamara.

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Now, I could pick up pebbles in my garden and just throw it on the wall in my garden.

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Out of a day, we go to our farm, what do we do there, we just have to go there and just stand or just sit there. There's nothing nothing required.

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All of these things could be done in your own city in your own country, why spend so much money and there are some people who actually say we shouldn't perform Hajj rather spend that money and build an orphanage or build a hospital because this is this is the understanding that they have misunderstood the objective. The objective of Hajj is the same objective behind qurbani and adhere the philosophy is the same, which is that it is an expression of submission which I will just talk about but to put to complete this point. That order here is an act of a burden that has a financial element to it. It's not sadaqa it's not to feed the poor. If you want to feed the poor great

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hamdulillah that's why we have to understand that you know what exactly it was called here that a burger or Bernie and wood here is was when you take the knife and when you slaughter the animal. That is the robot. That is the actual robot that Ava is not what you do with the meat afterwards. The actual eyeball that is when you take that knife or someone on your behalf, takes that knife and slit the throat of the animal and cuts the veins the weather Jane the jugular veins and the food pipe on the windpipe.

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And as soon as you cut the veins when you cut the veins and the blood gushes out, that is what we call order here that's it. Everything before that and after that is not the actual I got to actually bother is taking the knife and cutting the throat when you cut the throat and the veins are cut and the blood come out comes out that is owed here. Once someone does that,

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they rebirth of qurbani they rebuy the of old here is complete. After that, if you just leave the animal there and go for a holiday somewhere you're about to is done. If you want to give the whole animal to someone, you take it no problem that a glider is complete. Yes, it's recommended that after that, you know you give 1/3 to the poor 1/3 to family, friends 1/3 for yourself, but if somebody says you know what I don't want to give anyone. The times are very difficult. We're living in the COVID-19 era. So you know what, I'm just taking all the meat, I'm not even giving it to my own husband or wife or daughter or son, this whole massive goat is for me. I'm just taking the goat

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I'm going to eat every single bit of it, not give it to anybody. I buy they still don't there's nothing wrong with that. Yes, the Mr. Harvey did not act upon what was recommended. But the Iboga is done. If somebody said I'm just going to throw it away, you slaughter the animal and you go and throw it away in the desperate the whole animal just throw it again there and that is because the objective was not to feed people. That's not the objective.

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So just like to say that, you know, in solids rather than me have a fungible harass and motivation every day, I will just give money to the poor people. Do the poor people need money? Yes, they do. So let me let me just give in charity rather than than pray. That's absurd. Someone says rather than fasting in Ramadan, I'll just give money to the poor or just build a hospital. That's absurd. Yes, Vidya etc is different when someone can't fast and they, you know, it's a terminal illness. So then we give Vidya compensation for not being able to fast but it's for a healthy person, like every year in Ramadan. Rather than fasting, I'll just give some money to the poor or feed the poor, or build a

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hospital or build an orphanage, etc, etc. Donate for a masjid for a charitable cause. Just as that is absurd that we can't give money for praying. Our five time prayers, we can't give money many cannot charity cannot replace our fasting in Ramadan. And just like charity cannot replace our obligation of performing hajj in a similar manner, giving money in charity, or feeding the poor or doing some other charitable cause. giving money to any other charitable cause will never and cannot replace the a bad of Ghorbani and all here. So it's not sadaqa It is an act of a bad

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sadaqa can be carried out anytime. Look, if you want to give in charity, there's no specific time.

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There's no specific time fixed forward here. But sorry, there's no specific time fixed for charity normal charity in January you want to give some money to the poor in February in what haram and Ramadan whenever you want to give.

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But adhere can only be carried out in those three or four days of the hedger. If today, I say that you know what, I will slaughter the animal today. There's no word here that Iboga will not be fulfilled. Rather, if I think that I am performing well here, look, I can slaughter any other animal to eat. That's not a problem. Or even just like nothing like I'm just slaughtering an animal, you know, for whatever reason, but the actual

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sacrifice can only be carried out in those three or four days of the hedger. The reason being is that it is an act of a burden. And it is an act of worship.

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this is a misunderstanding that some some people have that they think that Altria is a charity is a charitable act, or Bernie is a charitable act. And because it's a charitable act, remember charities that are charitable needs, they change from time to time, and from location to location. Of course, today the requirements may be to build an hospital. Tomorrow, there'll be a requirement for something else charitable requirements. Charitable needs change from time to time, from era to era from place to place. And we totally understand that. And this is why when people misunderstand what adhere Urbani is when they think it's a charitable act. They think okay, right now, are people more

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in need of goes goats and cows and sheeps? Or are they in need of something else? And of course, they probably might be in need of something else. But just like saying that instead of praying Fudger are people more in need of treasure or in need of, you know, money, or what other poor people

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Need more in need of.

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So in a similar way, just like you can't replace your fajr prayer and you can't replace your fast and you can't replace your hedge with giving money to the poor and to the needy or to build an orphanage or to build a hospital, likewise, or your stash, qurbani cannot be replaced with

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giving your charity.

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So that's one misunderstanding that certain people have within the Muslim community because of not understanding the philosophy and the Moxon and the objective behind what they do. On the other hand, the second misunderstanding of certain other people

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who actually do perform with here, so we'll have hundreds and 1000s of Muslims across the globe.

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Getting ready for

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that hedger and for Adel Aloha. And when they get ready for April, and

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they will all be thinking about when and how they will perform the Ghorbani the order here, some will be giving money to certain charitable organizations to perform differently on their behalf. Some will be sending money to some other countries to the subcontinent to North Africa to other parts of Africa to poor countries, because they think they want to perform what here there but again, they've misunderstood.

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They've misunderstood the concept that why why are they doing good here? They also the people who perform what they also need to realize that yes, there's an element of,

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you know, monetary burden in it. But why, why are we carrying out this part of the here? What is the philosophy behind it? I said, it's not charity. So what is the philosophy? What is the exact philosophy?

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For Bernie an oath here, the philosophy behind it is that it is a expression of submission. You're a Muslim, we are Muslims. Alhamdulillah. Islam means submission. So, qurbani is a demonstration of total and absolute submission to Allah subhanaw taala, and a expression of complete obedience to Him.

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Many of you, and many of us do know that word here is a symbol or It's to commemorate the sacrifice of Sedona Ibrahim and his son, Ismail Ali Salatu was Salam. It's based on that. When Allah subhanaw taala commanded the Son of the Father Ibrahim peace be upon him to slaughter his own son.

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Okay. Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam never questioned Allah subhanaw taala. Why? Oh, Allah, He doesn't make sense. You're telling me you're commanding me to kill my own son, sacrifice and slaughter my own son. That doesn't make sense from a religious perspective from you know, psychological perspective from a logical perspective from any angle perspective, just doesn't make sense. But he brought him at his center, when he was commanded by Allah subhanaw taala to slaughter is on so he never asked he never questioned and the sun is mareel as well when Ibrahim peace be upon him. The father mentioned this to his son, he smiled and he said no, is married at his salatu wa salam. He

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said, Oh my father, this is not something that you need to hesitate about. Strategy Dooney insha Allah whom you know, Savarin you will find that I am of those who have patience, if Allah has commanded you didn't go ahead.

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When Allah Subhana Allah mentioned this incident in the Quran, and talked about the Father and the Son, that how they both submitted Allah said farlam Islam, that these two people, they both submitted to Allah subhanaw taala for Allah muslim. So there is

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the objective behind it is, is that it is an expression of submission.

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And also the really important part of it is that it is an expression of sacrifice.

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So expression of submission that we do it, whether we understand the wisdom behind it or not, at all, and it's reminding us of the Sunnah of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam who was told to sacrifice his son. Remember Ibrahim peace be upon him was commanded to sacrifice his son, not an animal. But we have been now commanded to sacrifice an animal, not our own sense.

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But the point behind this is that you know when Ibrahim peace be upon him, was commanded by Allah to sacrifice his son, how difficult was that for him? Imagine how difficult was that for him?

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Was it something that he really wanted to do himself? Of course not. He loves his son. No human being would want to kill his own side.

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But the Command of Allah came to

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him, and he sacrificed his own desire. He's basically rather than, you know, slaughtering his son, he's actually slaughtering his his putting a knife on his own heart first, before putting the knife on his own son, he is actually putting the knife on his own heart.

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So he's sacrificing what he wants what you know, like what his desire was. So the lesson being given every year we perform or Bernie and Oda here is that this is a sacrifice of an animal. And the lesson that's being taught is that we have to learn how to sacrifice all our desires, breaking the heart, breaking the knifes So, this is why it is a sunnah recommended that when we slaughter the animal food here we recite in Psalm 31 usuki Umaria automatically layerable Alameen indeed, my prayer is for Allah, my sacrifices for Allah and Wilma Yeah, Yama Murthy in my whole entire life, my entire life is for Allah and my, my death is for Allah. Everything is for Allah. What does this

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mean? Mama? Yah, yah, my entire life is for Allah this means that this not just the sacrifices for Allah, but every aspect of my life, this is teaching me

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this is teaching me how to sacrifice all my desires of life which go against the Command of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Which go against the Command of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. So, sacrificing an animal is an expression of giving sacrifice throughout one's life and avoiding sins. So like, for example, this is objective behind qurbani. So for example, if someone wants to, like, carry out a sin, like, like commit a sin, you're sitting with a few friends, and the backbiting talking about someone, and you're, you know, knifes tells you to get involved in his back, right? And you really want to add your two pants, you're you really want to also say something bad about that person. You really have this urge to backbite but you think, no, this is a desire that I have that I want to backbite but for the sake of

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Allah, just like yesterday, I took a knife and slaughtered an animal for the sake of Allah. Today, I'm slaughtering my desire to backbite that's the reason why we perform carbury If someone just performs urbania, and then for the rest of the idea doesn't sacrifice any other desire than the objective is lost. The objective is to learn from sacrificing an animal to sacrifice other desires that go against the Command of Allah, you are outside or you are on your phone or whatever, and some obscene images appear on the phone. There's nudity, there's porn. Now somebody really wants to see that obscene images on his phone or on his laptop, or outside the heart. There's a yearning, there's

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a desire, there's a lust in the heart like I really want to enjoy that obscene nude scene image. Like just for a bit let me just enjoy it. But the real is Muslim and Muslim who is sacrificing himself or herself for the sake of Allah will basically take a knife and cut that desire into to go against it, kill it. So this is what the objective is. It's not just like every yes handler brother and sisters who's probably wants to perform would hear qurbani and like okay, this charity give this money. Okay, where are you doing your order here? Where are you doing your urbania I'm doing it in Pakistan. I'm doing it in India, Bangladesh or North Africa or wherever we just that's not the

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objective. The objective is to learn how to sacrifice our desires. You might say how does that teach you how to sacrifice your desires? It's because you spent money and you've bought an animal and this is why it's actually recommended that you know the real or the here is actually to become it's not just like you never see that animal I know it's difficult in this day and age sometimes because we don't live in those times but you know the real way of life here is actually you go and buy the animal yourself. You know like how you take a pet a cat how you become so close to the cat. You know I have so many people I've had some people email me crying because the cat is ill and sick. No My My

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cat is really sick. You know because you've built that bond with your cat you love your cat. You know there are people literally they cry when the pet dies. So with with wood here is also this is this is the objective behind it that you go by the animal yourself. You build an connection, it

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On a attachment, you keep it for like, two, three weeks. Now that animal is close to you, you are close to that animal.

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You know that, like how people, some people have pets, like I said, they have dogs, some other people, non Muslims, and they becomes very close to the animals. So Allah is not telling us to slow down our children, because they are human beings. But the next closest thing, like people have pets of the children. So the next closest thing is that you really become close to an animal. And now you are sacrificing killing this animal that you really love and you want to keep but for the sake of Allah, so that teaches that once you go against your desire, then in sha Allah that will help you go against the desire to commit fornication, the desire to steal, the desire to commit Zina the desire

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to back by the desire to miss salah, all the other sins, that we have a desire to commit, we sacrifice them for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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Because you know when so basically, this is the whole concept of sacrificing one's desires, once once, and you know, lusts that we have.

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And this is the reason why human beings because you see sometimes very, very difficult to go against one's desire, especially when a habit is formed of a sin then to go against it is very, very difficult. But that's the test. And that's the submission. And this is why human beings have been given preference over angels, and Allah say to the angels in the harlot will matter to anyone. You don't know what I know, angels, they don't have a desire to commit sins. So if they don't commit sins, it's no big deal. But the human beings have desires, they want to commit sins. The Quran also mentioned about use of varicella and Welaka the hammer to be he will hammer Biha he also desired but

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killed that desire in first instance, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So, having a desire to commit a sin, that's normal. You know, that's, that's not wrong, but every desire, we sacrifice it because we love our Lord, we love our God, and we submit to the commander of Allah's power. So this is the objective of one here and that's why those people who do perform adhere and qurbani don't make it like a just a habit, habitual thing that every year, okay, you know, I'm doing my qurbani and, you know, here and there, and that's it. Think about the bigger picture, think about the purpose, the Moxa objective, the philosophy behind the Quran, he

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tried to do it in the proper way, where if you can purchase the animal yourself, and you can see that animal, maybe go to the slaughterhouse, maybe you can't bring the animal home, but if you can, great Hamdulillah, keep it like purchase it three, four weeks in advance. If you can't do that, then at least go and see the animal, you know, be witness to it, watch the animal being this is your animal that's being slaughtered. And then think of the objective that now from here, what I'm learning, when I'm sacrificing the animal, I am learning how to sacrifice all my desires, and break my knifes in my future life. So that's the objective to be understood by those people who perform

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over here every year. And on the other hand, the other people who think you don't need to perform with here just giving charity because they think it's charity, they need to understand that it's an act of a bad. So these are two extremes to think that it's a charitable act. So therefore you can just give charity, money to the poor and needy, that's also wrong. And to just do it here without understanding the objective behind it. That's also a misunderstanding. So this is the correct understanding and the balanced understanding in regards to this great act of a burdah worship called on Urbani. Or what here and this month of what hedger May Allah subhanaw taala accept our worship

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offered here and all other worships and may Allah bless us all. Baraka, la vie community circle, nota, Hiren, Sudan welcome rahmatullahi wa barakato