3 Things That Are Destroying The Muslim Community

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Beware of hasard jealousy,

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envy and jealousy, that you are jealous of another Muslim making a little bit of progress. You are jealous of a sister who just had a baby. And that hasard destroys the person with 100 more than the other person. And the Prophet SAW salem said er Kemal has said for in another Hasakah yet called Hassan natty comma taco Nadal hottub beware of jealousy, it will eat up your good deeds, like a fire eats up firewood. Number two,

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anger hurt up uncontrolled emotions, getting too angry.

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A difference of opinion anything you're angry and you don't want to see that other Muslim.

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The Masjid starts with one then it goes into two. And the leaders get angry with each other and suddenly leaders for and suddenly this eight because of not controlling their anger. And when a man came to the Prophet SAW Salem and said give me what Seiya advice and he said that talk it up. Don't get angry. Number three, greed and ambition.

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Greed, Tama that you're greedy for things greedy for power greedy for money, greedy for position. Take it out of your hearts. We want longevity. We need to take greed out of our lives.