Broken Roads

Yusha Evans


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The speaker discusses the importance of trusting Prophet's reasons for the road to achieve success and happiness. The coronavirus pandemic has led people to a point of uncertainty and making difficult road trips. The importance of building a strong foundation and staying the course is emphasized. People may not be able to achieve their dreams and the need to trust Prophet's reasons for the road is emphasized. The deacon oripped Madison or better is also mentioned as a potential option.

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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, who my brothers and sisters, we're going to try to do a little bit more of these short format videos to talk about some, you know, some subjects that just come to my mind or they come up in, in counseling sessions that I do. Are there things that I have personally dealt with in my, in my own life in my own past and the lessons that I have learned from them. I'm going to try to share with all of you in Shama hooter, Anna,

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this one I titled, broken roads for a reason, because a lot of us will find ourselves or you might find yourself right now, and I have I've been on it. I've been on a broken Road. A broken road is a road that is full of potholes. It's full of speed bumps, it's full of cracks. It's full of obstacles. It's full of branches laying across the road, it's full of tight twists and turns that you have to navigate very carefully. It's not comfortable. It's a bumpy road. It's hurting your back, it's hurting your neck, it's hurting, your mind is hurting, your soul is hurting everything. And you're asking Allah subhanho wa taala, my Lord, why am I on this broken road? Why am I traveling

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down this path? Why am I'm trying to do the right things? I pray five times a day, I get up in the middle of night to pray, I give charity I fast in the month of Ramadan. I try to be good to other people. I tried to do all the right things. So my Lord, why are you putting me? Why are you putting me into this difficulties? Why are you putting me on this broken road? When I'm trying to do so much good for you? This is the question that you might ask because I've asked it so many times, I asked it so many times that I almost thought I would never find an answer. Until I realized that that broken road, that broken road was the road that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted me to be on

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that broken road full of those potholes full of those difficulties through those speed bumps, full of those twists and turns and in broken branches and tree stumps and sometimes I have to get on the road to move out of the way just so I can keep moving forward was the exact road that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted me to be on, because that broken road led me to where I am today. And I'm not at some glorious destination. But I'm telling you right now that that broken road has led me to a place to where I'm able to help other people that broken road has led me to a place where I'm able to connect to an audience like you guys, that broken road is the reason that you're listening to me

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today. If it weren't for that broken road, there may never have been a USIA. Evans, there may have never been a day there may have never been a public speaker, there may or may have been a person who decided to address mental health in the way that I have. There may have never been a person who decided to open up coaching counseling sessions to people whom we've seen so many of them that have come in and said it's been helpful without that broken road.

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That wouldn't be possible. So that broken road that Allah subhanho wa Taala decided to put me on led me to exactly where he wanted me to be. Because if I had a smooth road, if I had a, you know, beautifully paved highway, then I might not understand trials, I might not understand tests, I might not understand difficulties, I might not understand trauma, I might not understand being abused, I might not understand being turned on by people who you thought were your friends, I might not understand being done wrong by people, I won't, I might not understand any of those things without this broken road. And therefore I wouldn't be able to relate to you on the way that I've relayed to

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you. So I'm telling you that to tell you brothers and sisters, if you're finding yourself right now, on that broken road, on that road of struggle on that road of difficulty, then know that number one, Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen that road for you for a reason.

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And it is only known to him that reason. But your job is to trust his reason, trust his reason, trust him, talk to Allah, Allah have trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala if you do indeed believe this is what He tells us to do. So I said, My Lord, if you want to put me on a broken road, and that road is going to lead me to a beautiful destination, then I trust you. And I'm going to traverse it. And it's going to be hard and it's going to be bumpy. And it's going to be it's going to be uncomfortable, but I trust you. And number two, that broken road is probably leading you exactly where you want to go. Those two hours that you're making, to get out of difficulty those two hours

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you're making for Paradise, those two hours you're making for that new job that you are that you're making for right your spouse that don't know you're making for something amazing.

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This broken road is the path that my grandfather taught me when I was a kid and I've always remembered this and as I've gone through more difficulties as an adult, it's been it's been a source of solace for me, besides the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he told me anything that is worth having, you will not obtain it easily. Anything that's worth having, you will not obtain it easily. And if it's obtained too easily, it's probably not worth having. So if you want something amazing brothers and sisters, and we all do, we all want amazing things for our lives. We all want grand things to happen to us. And we all want paradise. We all want to be people of Jannah people of Jannah are going to get there with difficulty. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Gibreel

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La CERAM saw Janna when it was created and said if you tell people about this place, no one will ever go, no one will no one will miss it, everybody will go, everybody will go.

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And when he saw Jahannam he said, No one's ever going to this place if you tell people that you created this, no one's going then Allah subhana with Allah surrounded Jana with hardships, difficulties, trials, tribulations broken roads on the way there, and he surrounded Jahannam with ease, he surrounded Jahannam with temptations desires, a superhighway smoothly paved easy to get there, if you want to go Gibreel la Sam looked at Paradise and he said, No one's going to make it. It's too difficult the road there's too difficult, and you look to hellfire. And he said it's too easy, everybody's gonna go there. So if you want to make it to the grandest place that Allah has

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ever created, if you want to make it the most beautiful thing that Allah has ever created on this planet, not on this planet, but in this world, in the universe, wherever paradise resides, then know

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that you're gonna have to travel a broken road to get there. If you want the easy road. Think about that fact that the easy road is the road to hell. So brothers and sisters, fellow Muslims, fellow human beings on the Broken road, I see you, I see you. Sometimes I might even be honest with you and pass you by and and smile. And I'm going to smile because it's the road that we're meant to be on and that broken road is leading us to beautiful destinations. So stay the course brothers and sisters because you can get there you can get there with faith you can get there with trust and Allah and you can get in there with Esther calm and just remain steadfast just keep traveling. Just

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keep traveling. Keep moving.

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I'll see you on the next one. I sent him what a deacon or Rahmatullahi or better cattle