Yasir Qadhi – Understanding Calamities And Tragedies

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the loss of life of three Muslims after the USbye and the negative impact of actions that cause cowards to feel embarrassed and fearful. The speakers emphasize the importance of having a positive attitude and having a positive attitude when faced with problems. The negative consequences of actions like alcohol use and drugs use are discussed, including evil behavior and the use of drugs and weapons to cover up crimes. The importance of faith and vaccination in protecting oneself from infection and patient behavior is emphasized.
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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah.

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So today we're actually going to pause in our to have sudo su tilaka have and go over a very related tangent before we move on to the story of the coordinate, we only have the story of the coordinate left. So we have inshallah plenty of time to finish, and the tangent that I wanted to go into something that is directly related to the story of Musa and Hadith. And that is the fact that each of these three people, each of these three incidents, they suffered a calamity. They suffered a mercy but they suffered something that was painful to them. And one of the facts of life is that every human being encounters, difficulties, distress, anxiety, physical pain, mental anguish, and it

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is important that we as Muslims understand the wisdom. Why does Allah subhanho wa Taala test us in this manner? What are some of the reasons why people are tested? Why does evil exist in our lives in the lives of every single person in this world? And so this is a related tangent, we're going to pause here to talk a little bit about the Islamic concept of Muslims of calamities, because each of these three incidents is rooted gaff, they had a calamity, and we saw there was wisdom in the end, but there are more wisdoms as well. And so the purpose of today's smallholder to talk about the wisdom of calamities, and most zebras in our lives, of the wisdoms of the primary wisdoms is the

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recognition, the full yaqeen and certainty that we need to have that Allah subhana wa tada is the rub. And we are the abbot and Mr. boob, that we are not the ones in control of our own destiny. When things happen that go against our own will. We are put in our proper place that we are not God, we are not all powerful. There is a being who is all powerful and that is Allah subhana wa Tada. And we as Muslims believe that nothing happens without Allah in and without Allah, Allah and without Allah mushiya that Allah subhana wa tada knew what's going to happen. And Allah subhana wa Taala willed it to happen. La hawla wala quwata illa Billah also of the wisdoms of mercy, Buzz and calamities, is to

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understand that our knowledge is limited. Like in all of these three stories, when the calamity happens, we understood those people would have been sad, but then the end result was what they turned out to be happy. And so we are put in our place physically and intellectually, you don't know and alone knows best. And this is exactly what Allah says in the Quran. Well La Jolla and mo one to mulata Moon, Allah knows and you do not know. And Allah subhana wa Taala tells us in the Quran, la use Allah home use alone, no one has the right to challenge Allah. Why is this happening? Why is this happening? And Allah is the one who will ask them. Allah is not asked about why la use and Maya

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file. No one has the right to ask Allah, but we are the ones who will be asked. So when a calamity happens, we should never say why is this happening and I don't deserve this. This type of refutation. This type of complaint does not come from the heart of the Muslim. The Muslim does not say I don't deserve this. Why? Because when you say this, you are challenging Allah, Allah and Allah is hikma and Allah has power. Who are you to ask Allah? Why is this happening? Rather you your your role is to make dua to Allah to lift it away. That's your job. Your job is not to challenge a law. Your job is to reconnect with a loss of Hannah who with either of the wisdoms that most zebras and

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calamities happen is that for the believers for the moment, it truly challenges his tawakkol in Allah subhana wa tada we all say we believe in Allah, we all say we have to walk around in a law when a calamity happens. That saying is tested. Do you really believe in Allah subhana wa tada the way he deserves. What are your thoughts when a calamity happens? What is the first thing that goes through your mind? Who's going to take care of me? How will I find help? If this is your first thoughts? Well then where is your man? Your man should say Allah subhana wa tada has will this and he will take care of me in the law he went in a day he arrived your own tawakkol to other law, your

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immediate your Eman should be affirmed. And this is the whole point when Allah mentions calamities in the Quran, usually a law surgeon also mentions that what could why the law he fell into what kilometer walk even when the calamity happens. Let your trust in a law rise up when Allah mentions the Bible.

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Have Allah subhana wa tada says, the Mona Lisa on their hearts began palpitating their hearts reach their throats well Bella to

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the hearts reach the throat. And what did the believers say? The believers said that has spoon Allahu wa nierman Joaquin. So then when I feel alone or thinking bad thoughts, the moon after corner thinking house we're dead, we're surrounded. And the believer said a law will take care of us. So what does a calamity do? a calamity separates real faith from verbal faith calamity separate real amount that is in the heart versus an amount that is a cultural one. Yes, I'm a Muslim Yes, it's good to be a Muslim. It's easy to be a Muslim when the world around us is easy. It to show really your Eman you need calamity. And Allah subhana wa tada mentions one of the wisdoms of calamities in

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the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada says that the reason we send down trials is to see those who are saying the truth from those who are telling lies right to separate the truth for from the lying, meaning in their claim of believers. Allah says in the Quran that

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I'm hesitant about a lot is it?

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a husky banaswadi neutre konnyaku Amanda hola afternoon. Has he been asked to unmute Roku? Did mankind think they will be left alone? And your call to Amanda simply by saying we believe we're home law afternoon without having fitness and tests know Allah subhanho wa Taala says Well, yeah, the man Allah, Allah will test and Allah will send down fitness to separate those who are saying the truth from those who are merely lying. Brothers and sisters when life is good. It's easy to pray five times a day. When life is good. It's easy to give us a car. When life is good. It's easy to tell the people I'm a good Muslim. But when life gets tough, when finances go down, can you still be

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generous? When will Seba start piling up is your still optimistic attitude the same towards Allah subhana wa tada that is the real test. And so these fitness they separate false man from true a man of the wisdoms of revealing fitness and sending down trials and sending down problems is that Allah subhana wa tada has told us in the Quran, and our Prophet system has alluded to this fact that when evils come, these evils they bring out the good as well. And it is possible to design a philosophical manner. You can't have evil without good, you can't have dark without night lightness, you need to contrast the two things. So when some we'll see what happens when a calamity happens

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when a problem exists. People have to give solutions and those solutions bring out the good, let me put it in a simpler manner. We are told to be generous. Okay? Suppose there were no poor people? How could you be generous? We are told to be kind to orphans. Well, suppose there are no orphans, how are you going to be kind to orphans? So every time there's a masiva, that masivo will bring out good in some people. And it is that good that Allah wants to see a lot is not love evil, but Allah subhana wa Taala wants to bring the good out, and how will the good not? How will the good come out when there is no evil when there's no calamity when there's no orphans, when there's no refugees,

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when there's no charities to give to how then will that good be demonstrated, and therefore the existence of evil and the existence of suffering in the existence of art, it brings out in the good people, the existence of good and the existence of generosity and the existence of mercy. How can we show mercy when there's nobody to show mercy to so there's wisdom for the globe. Now for the orphan or for the poor person, there's reward as we're going to come to but for the world, there must be evil in order for good also to be manifested. Also, this leads us to my related point and that is in our religion. We don't believe that Allah subhana wa tada has created anything that is purely

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negative, purely evil, there is no such thing. Every creation of Allah subhana wa Taala. It is either purely good, like the Profit System is good, or there's some good and some bad. There's no creation of a law that's pure evil. Allah says with regards to alcohol in the Quran, alcohol. Our Profit System said muhabba is the source of all evil, or is the filth the source of all filth? He called it is alcohol. The source of all filth is alcohol. Although Kava is yet what does the law say in the Quran? Right about alcohol. But if even if men Kabira woman foolin, us, there's a lot of evil, but there's also some good in it. That's why the people drink alcohol. There's that little

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good in it, right. There is some good in alcohol, but the evil outweighs the good.

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So Allah has forbidden it. What does this show us? There's no such thing as pure evil, no matter what happens, there's always some good in it. And even if no am Rahim Allah to Allah, the famous scholar, he says, This rule even applies to the creation of beliefs. And he has a section in one of his books are so after Moore's Law, where he goes into a discussion, and it's literally the chapter is called the wisdoms of the creation of beliefs. And he mentions over 20 wisdoms that there's wisdom in even a beliefs existing and he mentioned some of them that when we have an actual enemy, our guards are raised up, we know there's an enemy and he goes on and on. The point is, even in the

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creation of a police, there is wisdom for mankind. There is something we can benefit from when we have an enemy that we have to seek refuge in Allah subhana wa tada against him. If this is the existence of a police, how about my calamities and your calamities, there's no such thing as pure evil, it doesn't exist. Allah does not create pure evil, anything that happens might have some evil, but will also have good and it is for that good that that evil is happening to you, of the wisdoms of having evil and fitness and anxieties is that Allah subhana wa tada wants us to taste the consequences of our own sins in this world. Allah says in the Quran, verhaal facade, you feel very

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well by her. Rahal facade, you feel very well by how evil has spread in the lands and in the seas. Do you the home Baba the Amira, so that he can cause mankind to taste some of what they do, some of the evil that they do, they will taste it themselves. Evil has spread in the land and in the oceans so that Allah can cause mankind to taste some of their own harms that they're causing, and will like when we look at the environment, and we look at these weapons of mass destruction that have been thrown on other people, we see what harms have been caused, this is our own evil. This is what we are doing. So Allah azza wa jal is causing us to taste some of our own evil in this world. And in

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this as well for the believers, there's a co founder of their sins. For the believers when they taste their own sins, their sins are forgiven. And that's the beauty and blessing. Allah says an operon na sobre como si button Illa de maka submit a decomp no calamity happens to you, except because what your hands have done your own sins coming back to you. And then what does Allah say? Well, yeah, for an Cathy's, and because of these calamities, Allah forgives much of your sins. So the believer when the calamity comes, he recognizes this is he blames it on himself. Remember, we mentioned this and the story of credit as well. All evil you blame on yourself? And then you say,

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okay, Allah subhanho wa Taala is using this to forgive my sins. And that's why the Prophet system said, Do not curse the fever. When you're in a fever. Don't curse the fever, for it is a cofounder for the noob. It cleanses you of your sins. And a fever is something every one of us gets. It's a common melody. It's a common ailment. We all get fevers. Our Prophet system said, not even a thorn pricks the believer, except that Allah forgives us and because of that Thorn, you see a loss of Hannah who attalla is so loving and generous, that no matter what pain we suffer, the prophet system said masaba abdon hamin wela hasn't no anxiety, no grief does a person feel and anxiety and grief or

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mental stresses mental, not even just physical, no mental grief does a person feel accepted Allah subhana wa tada causes him for his sins to be forgiven and his ranks to be raised up. No grief, no calamity, no ailment, no disease, no pain, no suffering, except if you truly believe in a law that will be used to raise your ranks up and this is of the greatest wisdom of the existence of evil of the of the wisdoms of the existence of evil and pain and suffering is that this pain and suffering, it is a trial that brings us closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. And the fact of the matter is that most of mankind, when they are living comfortable lives, their religion suffers as a result of

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comfortable life. Most of mankind, this is the fact of the matter. Most of mankind, when their bodies are taken care of their souls grow lethargic. It is only when the body is pinched, that the soul becomes alert. It is only when the body suffers that spirituality is kindled up. And I don't need to go any examples every one of us in our lives. If we have a man and he shall all of us do. What happens when a calamity befalls us immediately.

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Immediately are we're a little bit more conscious, we got to pray better. We got to have more do better. It's human nature, that we realize how fallible, how human how dependent we are on Allah subhana wa tada when we realize our humanity, that we are humans and Allah is the divine when we realize that

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That our Eman increases our tawakkol our do our our sub our sadaqa our spirituality and therefore a calamity for the believer is a blessing in disguise. Why? Because the calamity reconnects him with Allah subhanho wa Taala a calamity causes and will lay how many of us after a calamity we start praying regularly after almost see but we start reading the Koran, right? after something happens we we get a little bit more religious. When a parent dies. When something happens, we realize oh my god, you know, it's I need to do something that calamity sparks us to be better people. And this is wisdom in this calamity. There's hikma there's blessings. And so for the believer, that calamity is

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not evil. The calamity is like the medicine that the doctor gives you. It tastes bitter, but there is benefit you need to taste that bitter medicine in order to be healed. And Allah says in the Quran, regarding a punishment in a nation that was punished for Lola in combat sunako baru Well, I can kosaku bomb, why not? When our punishment came to them? Why didn't they beg and turn to us for forgiveness? Why didn't they believe? So Allah azza wa jal is linking punishment with begging Allah and bleeding a lot and making dua to Allah. So anytime a calamity happens, Allah wants to see faith. And that faith is what Allah provokes through that calamity. So the calamity is like the

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vaccination. You know, like the babies the vaccinated, the parent knows that child has to suffer a prick. No parent likes to see the baby cry, but for the greater good of the baby, the greater good that you need this child to be vaccinated inoculated, so he needs to suffer the pain free so that he doesn't get measles he doesn't get this and that and along with that he methadone Allah, Allah knows us better than we know ourselves. These male zebras are like our vaccination shots. These mostly buzz they make us more strong. If we have belief in Allah subhana wa Tada. Now obviously the corollary the flip side, if we don't have belief, these mosquitoes make us weaker and weaker. These

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will seabass maker weaker and weaker and that's the corollary. That's the opposite side. Those who don't have faith in Allah subhana wa Tada. Well, then they don't have anything to live for. They don't have any hope. The moment is always an optimist. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I love to be optimistic when you are jubilant. In fact, optimism is a part of a man in fact loominatee man being optimistic is a sign of a man you always think the best thoughts inshallah tomorrow I'll feel better inshallah. Tomorrow this calamity will go away. inshallah I lost a job today and Charlotte Lowell, give me something better. This optimism. It is a sign of a man. The

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moment is not a pessimist. The moment is not despondent. The moment is not always dreary and gloomy. The moment is a person whom he feels his trust in Allah azza wa jal is so much Allah will give him better than what he has taken away of the wisdoms of calamities. One or two more left of the wisdoms of calamities, is that Allah subhana wa Taala has praised patience in the Koran like he has hardly praised anything else. There are very few things that Allah has said, I will reward them without counting busy lady.

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The Lady hisab means infinitely. You see, a large surgeon has told us in the Quran in the sun that we know that every good deed is rewarded from between 10 to 700 times every good deed. Very few good deeds go beyond the 700 mark behind a sub one of them is fasting hamdulillah one of them is fasting. Delayed is another thing that the Quran mentions saw the rune in your facade Iran

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those who are patient, they will get their reward believe it and there is no way you can be patient. Unless you are suffering a calamity. There must be a calamity for that patience to come out. Well, long will you hit both? sabihin Allah loves Serbian Why is a you pray so much in the Quran? Why is it you pray so much to take into a role model? Why? Because he was a a patient servant of ours. In The Now who saw the rock near Mill Avenue in a web we found him to be patient with a noble servant of ours. He was always turning to us. So how will patients be found except when you have calamities and the final wisdom will mention of course there are much more but time limits us the final wisdom,

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the final wisdom for our hospital there are others as well. The final wisdom is one of the greatest wisdoms of affliction, of suffering of pain is to remind us, this world is not our ultimate destination of pleasure. This world is not where we seek our full pleasure. This world is not the place where we expect to have Jannat we have another world ahead of us and we're all

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always reminded of that, through our pain and through our suffering azeema mo lo data he was asked about how long are you going to be acting so piously and so and so, religiously and always worshiping Allah? Why don't you take a break? When will you take that break, he said that break will be in genda that break or raw, how the break and the rest that's going to be agenda not is going to be in this world. And that's the whole point these calamities, they continue to remind us of our own mortality of our own finite time on this earth. This is not gender. This is not the era This is a temporary resting stop. We always need to be prodded and reminded that you have time repent become

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better turn to Allah subhana wa Tada. And there is an app here where you will get that ultimate enjoyment that you want. All of these three stories and certificate have the the moral of it as we said for suta teleca have was that they all ended up to be positive to something better happen. And for us in this hospital. The moral of it is there is no calamity that happens to a believer, except that the positive that comes out of that calamity is infinitely more than the negative. There's no such thing as a masiva for a believer, except that the masiva is a nail in disguise as long as we turn to Allah and have faith in him and inshallah who daddy we will continue to take care of

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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi divulges details on the reason behind calamities and tragedies in our lives and what is Allah showing us through them?

Wisdom of calamities and musibah in our lives:

  • The Rabb is All Powerful and we are his abd.
  • To understand that our knowledge is limited.
  • No one has the right to challenge Allah on the happening of a calamity. Whenever we question Allah’s Hikmah, we do not portray belief.
  • When we are faced by a calamity,we can distinguish real faith from virtual faith of the creation.
  • When evils come, they bring out the good in people.
  • Allah wants us to taste the consequence of some of our misdeeds in this world.
  • It is a trial that brings us closer to Allah SWT.
  • Allah has praised patience in the Qur’an like nothing else. Patience can only come in the face of a calamity.
  • Calamities and afflictions remind us this world is not our ultimate destination.
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