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The speakers discuss the importance of writing properly and avoiding tension in writing, as well as the process of creating shapes and bobs during video recordings. They recommend using a pen and a knife to write on wood craft projects, and suggest using a shredder and welder to avoid cutting mistakes. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a calligraphy event.

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Was that a knock on our doors? No, that was the icemaker. Okay. Yeah, I should put a Do Not Disturb sign. Yeah.

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For people who don't know how to write yet, okay, what do you advise them to do in terms of like?

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So this is a thought that I had. And maybe I'm speaking out of turn, because I had the benefit of my mom teaching me how to write when I was a kid. But even then, what I learned as a kid in elementary school, I didn't revisit it again until college, you know, then in college, he took like, basic Arabic, but we didn't do writing. But when it came to applying what you've done here last time I did it, it kind of came back to me, but it was still brute force. Yeah, you know, I'm saying, by brute force, I'm saying like, I'm literally drawing the shapes that I'm seeing in the most half, right? And book. So for somebody who doesn't know how to write, they know at least how to copy shapes.

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Exactly. And and we've developed a writing system based on seven shapes. Okay, if you can make an It sounds easy, but ask any writing teacher or drawing teacher. Straight line. Yeah, straight line. And okay, so that's a straight line. Yeah. The letter C, forwards and backwards. A boat? Yeah. Mary Had a Little Lamb. So that's her cane. Yeah. And be able to put your pen here. It sounds simple lock in the shoulder, please. I literally say this like a grandmother 50 times, but it's not the place. Pen in the middle. rotate, rotate, rotate, rotate the barrel. Yeah, if you can make that you got nine letters, right? Because you've got. So here we go. We've got the straight line, this what is it?

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What is the spiral represent? So this spiral, here's my first one with spiral one, five, okay, off spiral two, wow, spiral three. I'm, oh, even for my hat. Take out my hot noise. Here's my hot, I'm starting the middle of page Loop The Loop dish, whoop. And if I practice that, and it kind of get to a point where I don't touch the line, right? I mean, is it appropriate to do a spiral as opposed to just maybe?

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Because in the while you're still connecting? Yes. This is not going to make a letter. But if you can do that, it's less daunting than having to say, oh, copy the shape, okay. And, and the idea is that you're not going to just learn these seven shapes, but throughout your pad paper and your notes at home, just doodle these shapes. Then when I say this case, they're all nines and sixes. They're here. Yeah, right. Yeah. If you think about your straight line, boat, boat boat, this is a letter C straight line in the sea, straight line and a C, this is the greater than sign. Okay? And then oh, I forgot semicolon and a comma there to make a comma. Yeah, semicolon. They are Oh, and up. So let's

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get all seven shapes. The Jesus fish, and I know that's kind of uncomfortable for you. But if you can make the fish on the back of people's car, you've got to see the fish ball was been a lifesaver, because the thought in the law has always been a difficult letter to do. And he's like, yeah, just draw fishermen. Some calligraphers though is like who took seven years to get Yes, it takes eight years or seven years to get any data in Quranic calligraphy. Yeah, he is dying right now because we're we're definitely doing this he's like, why go to school? Why why did I do this? But knowing it by writing it comes up with is that calligraphy this is just straight up writing. Absolutely. This

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is a no way calligraphy event. Friends, it's just trying to get a calligraphy pen. These are pens, but my friends. This is not calligraphy. Gotcha. So just because you got the brush doesn't mean you got the skill. So mean, you got the touch? Yeah. So So there's your fish, your circle 123456 and seven where your commas. Now if someone like here's the thing, honestly. You've just broken it down here. Yeah, but there's simple. Like everybody knows how to do that. Yeah, they know how to make these shapes. But are they comfortable? Don't try it at home right now. Stop and do this. How many times have you touch? You did this, didn't you? You touched? I know you did. But the person on the

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other side, I want them to doodle so that the Arabic gets like a biller when you write is there a tension or is there now the tai chi flow? I mean, I just kind of just did it while I was yeah, so that's awesome. Like that comfort? Like yeah, because seven James and I did this as a rush just so I can do it while you while you're while we're recording and producing.

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But like the skeleton, but it's more flowy than it is. It's flowy though guys who are catching this at home if he couldn't make the commas and the loot. Here's your loop. Here's your coma calm

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mile loop. Yeah, he has a little bit more advanced. I'm sure someone hates you at home, stop hating. The his highs and ions are going to be a little bit more advanced shout out to his mom. But it's still just the flow. That's a very precise ha. Dear Jim haha. But if you want to even if you can't feel like you're getting this far guys, you can get to copying the shapes of the letters loosen up your shoulder with the flow mill only thing we you know, we did right to retain 200 students who had never written Quran in their life. Okay, we started making shapes and bubbles and Alhamdulillah. Within a year they all wrote a jewels. Okay, so in who said is going to be fast? In the beginning

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when you color or you're doing like, the Zen coloring? Yeah, you don't do it fast. So it's this. I don't understand it. So I better read it fast. I better write it fast. You know, just take your time with it. Yeah. And the process gets great. So anyone out there, please don't be like I can't write. Of course you can write. That's the whole point. I think part of it is just like, we're here to help you. Not? I think it's just like, look, there's not gonna be the last time you write it. Right? Because I just I was just like, Look, I've already like written in this book before, right? And I stopped writing in this book, because I read it to use it in another book. But I was like, well, I

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might as well just use the other side of the page, and just start writing until I run out. And then when I do it again, I'm just gonna do it a different book. I think seeing the words do it again, is what unlimited takes the limitations off. Everyone who's sitting saying, but I can't write then gets past the first hurdle and goes, You mean you want me to do that again? I mean, look, I started here. I'm like, hey, you know what, I'll start this way. Show you some other and then I flipped the page. I'm like, Oh, wait, you know what, I have more space. Let me just go this way. Yeah. And it was just I was just like, whatever. Brennan, just so you know, I'll read it to you. Yeah, you're gonna write

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again, in color pencil. And then you're gonna write again. And yeah, we'll use it. There's no crayons. Now. I've tried in crayon. It's little, the tips are not there isn't really nice color pencils. But your kid might come and write on your writing. So then you write it all over again. So have I written entire pages?

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Entire pages of Quran and then one mistake and started again? Yep. All the time.

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Yeah, no, this is that would come in your Popeye right Quran too. And so you start again. So please don't take this as I did it once. The process is so much fun. The journey is is a whole thing. It's it's the Buddha Board Advisory Board. Except there's no here's Oh, yeah. You guys know this written off from the shout out to Arthur Richard demissie. Nasser of the messier, sorry, and the plate here. This is what people from Egypt students are on Morocco as well. Right? Their lesson on this? And then they'll just scratch it out the next day. Go to the wood. Yeah. And this. It's the type of wood which Yeah, you can just rub it up. Oh, interesting. I figured like what did they send it off? Or

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some? I don't know why, but if I just was so cool to send it every day, right, right. Yeah, I forgot. Something's gonna say I forgot to do my homework. Someone's gonna say I forgot to send my board. It was like a surfer. Yeah, right. I'm about to hit those grind waves out there, bro. gnarly. But yes, this is we keep this as inspiration. No, we haven't written any grime on this yet. But it's our inspiration. But yeah, you just rub it hard enough. It's gone. But that whole thing below it's like the person who says I can't do a pull up. Yeah, you can't hang but you know, you can scale it. Yeah, you can hang you even if you can't read like if you can't do a full pull up fine. Just you

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know, or you can do for push up. Yeah, do a wall push up. Thank you. Wouldn't the wall push up be a photocopy of the page and you've run your pencil over it? Or even might I say trace? Yeah, trace Yeah, put take a photocopy of it and trace it or put paper over and trace it that might make them want to get like all calligraphy but like all artsy fartsy

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I wouldn't, I would just make it simple guys copy and paste run your thing over like the largest said trace it. But please get past that hurdle. Because it's the thing that stops you from getting into the gym. Oh, I can't do this. Hence. I can't hang out with these amazing people. Thank you. But she can but let's show them right now. Let's write but what do we have buffer of beginning right? Yeah, the first five or so guys? We already got a skeleton ready. So because it's a little bit of a process. We need this skeleton. And is it perfect? It's gonna look super amazing with the dots. I mean, you were finding mistakes. Even in fatty houses we saw we're talking about guys full term

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guys. I wrote 100 pages already in US Ratan was talking peen there's a noon underneath this meme. And while we were I was like, just the cameras rolling and I was like, Yeah, don't worry. And I erased it. Sirata Lavina. And I'm Tara Lee, Himalayan miles Dube, Mark Dube. It went meme bah bah bah. I had no

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Lying here. Yeah. So you you didn't know but do my job man that really would make you know those who angered Yeah, those who went astray that really, that's when you're really angry you're Dube. So let's get started with Elif Lommy we're always going to make mistakes guys it's okay so the first step advisable try it Do it in pencil yeah of course yeah always do in pencil Yeah, I have the hardcore people come out No, I like using pen I mean, because this gives me an extra writing right I'll do it in pencil ones and then I'll go over in pen with the nice calligraphy pen and Bill I will use the thicker tipped ones yeah and then he'll go over this I don't do this step so I actually

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believe I'm going to add it into my now Yeah, it's a whole it adds that another layer skeleton. Then frame I just do skeleton and dots. He does skeleton frame and then dots are an influencer gunshot that squiggly line. So are you are you What do you say frame? Are we saying the pen? The pen going? Okay, so I want to just do Yeah, go ahead. When you again. I'm actually here. Let me do it. Yeah, I'll do it.

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Alright, Mila, so I just you know, trying to get the slant. Yep. So

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people want to see this. I'm gonna stand up.

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YouTubers and bloggers. I am standing up

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okay, now let me get you guys can see it. Do you notice? So he's filling in what he wrote

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with the larger pen, although I think for this is this isn't again a little thinner, a little thinner. But I think here because I have more space. I would probably do it just the same size. So

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see the flow comfort is not stiff.

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And there you go. I recommend you guys see the letter C the letter as you're chasing it might put you in there just

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now. Is it perfect? I want to go but it's not perfect. But that's the

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that's the idea isn't perfect. It's not calligraphy. That's the idea. And if I were to maybe not the abysmal, this is a one point this is a two point right? So if we say Alif Lam Meem just for these first three. So Alif

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the leaker. He's saying it the Lika al Kitab

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la Oribe

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loughrea Buffy

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and see how you get that is repeating it is anticipating the next word who die and then you know that oh there's a yeah there would that didn't want the pain.

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But before I did this, I did it just regular pen. So I mean, if you don't have a calligraphy pen, don't stop yourself from if you're not cool, don't worry.

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Right. So a quick question. Now that I've written my own thing on paper here, does this now take the same precedence of importance and etiquette that this would have?

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Yes. Okay, I treat these these books that don't have Quran in them. Yeah, you might have your own viewers might have their own preferences. I try not to put it on the floor, I won't put things on top of it. I do think the Sahaba in some way or another had their own sack or bag with pieces of Quran in it

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and your level of veneration it then it's up to you. But when God's name or words are put on a page, I think it transforms it. And the other thing is, this is just cool and bound shiny. What's the difference between this and this? Just the so in this in the case, but you've got to learn to do this when you're done access access papers, burn them just just get used to it. I mean, you could burn them you could probably shred super thin shredder. You talked about that. Not from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but

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shredder like I'm not super thin.

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Sorry, guys. Yeah. Alright, let's get back to production.