Two Scenarios When Facing Death

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scenario where a woman named Carla is killed by a god, and she is supposed to die. The woman is supposed to be killed by a god, and she is supposed to be killed by a god. The woman is supposed to be killed by a god, and she is supposed to be killed by a god. The woman is supposed to be killed by a god, and she is supposed to be killed by a god.
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there's only two scenarios when the angel of death comes. And by the way, every one of us we have an angel of death that has been assigned our soul or yet our fire Come mother called motility whoo killer become the angel of death that has been assigned to you will take your soul there is an angel that is assigned to us and Allah azza wa jal has tasked him with the responsibility for taking our soul there is only two scenarios the first scenario we seek Allah's refuge from going down this path. As soon as the person sees the angel of death. He says, Allah build your own. Give me one more chance Yara lonley Admiral soya and FEMA tact I promise, I promise I will be a good person. Just

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give me one more chance and I promise you you're not gonna see the same me Carla. It's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen in the hacker Lima two who are called elucha Allah's decree has come down woman whare Himba Rosa Han, Isla yo Musa iPhone, and now the bowser who will begin until the day of judgment, because even the Barossa is not eternal. Then there is the Day of Judgment after that. That is the first scenario. And the second scenario is what in the lead in a call Rob guna Allahu Tomas Docomo tetanus? Are they him on Mala Iike? Allah to Hafele. What? Wherever she will Bilgin Atilla T quantum to I don't know Alia Oh, confit higher to dunya. Well,

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you know, when we see the angel of death, all of us will be terrified the movement and the kaffir. But you see the movement, that terror will be a millisecond just for a fleeting millisecond. Why? Because as soon as he sees the angel, and he realizes what's going to happen, because all of us should be aware, there is that one millisecond between this life and the next one, we're alive, but we know we're going to die. There's going to be that timeframe, we might think of it as an eternity. But for outsiders, it's a millisecond. When we see the angel, our Prophet system told us this. By the way, he said to us that the reason why the eyes of the majors of the dead are always looking up

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is because they see the room as it comes out. You are literally is going to watch your own room. And that's why it's going to be pointing upwards. Now in that millisecond, you cannot communicate with anybody else in that millisecond millisecond, by the way for our timeframe. We don't know for the person dying might look like hours or what No, we don't know. But for us is that millisecond. In that millisecond you see the Angel of Death, and you might be immediately scared. But then those angels are prophecies that have said they're going to be angels of Sakina of peace. their mere presence brings you calmness and comfort. You will see them majestic, tall, beautiful, you will see

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them smiling, you will see them and they will have perfume, and shrouds and what are they going to say? Yes, you're going to be scared of course you're going to be scared. It is a different world animal life. You're entering the next stage. As soon as you see them. What are they going to say? That's awful. Toby scared. What are you going to do when you see these beautiful majestic creatures smiling perfume and you can see how beautiful they are. And they're telling you don't worry. Don't worry not to half of what our ties are. No, don't be scared now. We're gonna take care of you. We took care of you before we'll take care of you now

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