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The hosts of a video discuss the importance of the Zika day and the use of the "monster" to express pride. They emphasize the need for people to trust the Prophet's teachings and the importance of praying for Islam to increase productivity and sleep. The return of the holy spirit is expected to be a sign of afitful year for everyone, and individuals should use their money for themselves and their family.

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salam ala

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ship Yasuda is here so

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all the youth brothers sisters I think we're going to start in less than five minutes. So request you all to please come closer if you can always come closer. So the lecture is going to start in less than five minutes inshallah Tada so if there are brothers standing outside please come inside Zack parcela Malik

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to say I love your lectures

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from Chicago from

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So Microsoft Allah insha Allah before Shaykh Yasir begins I'm going to request the brothers on this side to please move to your right my left sisters if y'all can just give us a couple of minutes we're going to put the divider up and then y'all can come in st John

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so don't want to come while we're waiting module begin with q&a inshallah so any questions you want to begin with inshallah pertinent to Ramadan if we're able to so we get the spirit of Ramadan, we're waiting for the sisters to come in. So we take advantage of the time rather than just sitting and staring at each other and hamdulillah

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Yes, you have a question Bismillah.

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Jade Excellent question. The question is, the brother has purchased land and he's asking is there's a cut on the land if the NEA was investment. So, when it comes to long term land real estate when it comes to investing in either land or in houses, we look at a number of things first and foremost, if you own houses that you are renting out, okay? Those houses are considered to be a type of merchandise and the Zakat on them will not be on the cost of the land it will be on the income generated from the land from the from the rent itself, okay. So the the cost will therefore not be on the property value, it will be on the amount that is generated from this Okay, so you don't have

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to pay zakat on the actual value of the house. Suppose there's no house you're not renting it out, but you have a land over there. So the question is that is there is there's a cat do on it or not? The response is, if you are intending to sell the land, and you are actively advertising and looking for a buyer, in this case, you will pay zakat if the land so pause here let's take a step back. All of us should have one day of the year that is our zakat to date. Like Uncle Sam has IRS date. What is the tax date of Uncle Sam mashallah, everybody knows have ratified What is your exact date it is between you and Allah. Okay. And the best time is Ramadan. It doesn't have to be Ramadan. There are

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some people that

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was first and well how to run for example fine, but obviously common sense would dictate that if you do it in Ramadan you get more agility, right? So it makes sense that we choose Xikar to date that is in Ramadan so I mean personally my god that is 20th of Ramadan that's my personal why because it takes a while and I wanted to still give it before the end of the Ramadan you know I'm saying so many give it us as my personal the 20th of Ramadan is my Zika day but you choose your second day no problem that Zika to date is crucial in calculating many types of Zika most importantly business merchandise because business merchandise business commodities, the Xikar that is due on them is not

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how much I own for the year, because that's personal. There's a cost that is due on commodities is calculated the day that Zakat is due which is 20th Ramadan. So if your land is being advertised for sale or you are even if it's not public, but you are actively pursuing buyers, you're calling up people, you're saying hey, I have a land I want somebody to buy the land, then it is an active merchandise that is being sold on the market, in which case if it is not sold by the 20th of Ramadan, then you will calculate 2.5% of the value of the land. Now suppose you purchased it now and you're not actively looking for a buyer. You're like Inshallah, in a decade, I will sell it whenever

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the prices are higher, okay. So this is long term investment, in which case you will not pay the cut until you begin to advertise. So there is a difference between the land that is dormant versus the land that is active, you understand the different dormant land you do not pay zakat on is there. When the time comes, you will sell it. Okay. Now what if somebody says Oh, but I don't intend to sell it. But suppose somebody were to come and make me an offer I cannot refuse.

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Right? So suppose the land is worth 250 And you would be happy at 275 then a buyer comes and says, I need this land, I'm willing to pay you 300 for it.

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We say to this that look, the theoretical probability of selling a land does not make it zip cuttable by the way, this is a new English Arabic words that cuttable Okay, so I copyrighted it. I invented it a few years ago, and I use it all the time. So the cuttable is now something I use, and inshallah I've heard other people use it as well as on hamdulillah is good. We want to keep on using it until Oxford Dictionary adds it on it's an English word now is the cuttable. So there is hardly anything that you own. Except that if you were offered a nice sum, you would be willing to sell it correct. The fact that you're offering a nice sum doesn't make the merchandise the cuttable it is

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only as a collectible when you intend to sell it. You understand the difference right? So it doesn't matter if somebody says Oh, but you might want to sell the land if somebody gives you a good price fine, but Are you actively on the market? Because that's what makes it as a constable not if somebody right now right here and now most of us might be happy in the house that we live in? I'm not interested in selling it sure you're not if somebody gives you double the price you're gonna sell it or not? Most likely you will, you know, so it's not a matter of if somebody makes me an offer I cannot review as a matter of am I actively looking for a buyer or not? That is there So does

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that answer your question, inshallah Okay, the sisters are here if we open this door the whole night will be the cat does that mean no problem. This is real. Let us begin in sha Allah Allah our lecture Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While the early he was beheaded woman while I'm about in our brief lecture today, because I can look at in our brief lecture today, Inshallah, I wanted to do a very, very cursory commentary Tafseer of Surah, Al Qadr, of laying that we'll cover, because this really demonstrates for us the blessedness of this night, and it is something that we should really and truly appreciate. When we look at our books of Tafseer we find

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that a number of narrations are found there might be some weakness in them, but put together to show that the concept is authentic, that it is narrated that that some of the Sahaba questioned the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that ya rasool Allah, the people before us would live for many, many hundreds of years. And we only live for a few decades. How can we compete with them in our good deeds?

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In response to this question, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed Laila terracotta

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Surah At Laila toccata, the lady in Arizona Villa clutter Allah azza wa jal revealed it and this is a very interesting suburban Missoula is a very inch

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trusting cause for revelation that demonstrates for us that Laila to other is a unique gift given to our Ummah that was not given to any OMA before us. It is a unique gift to the ummah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed an entire Surah dedicated to telling us how blessed Laila to cuddle is in Enza now who feel a little other. Allah azza wa jal establishes His Majesty and the majesty of the Quran by linking it to Laylatul Qadr Laila to the other is linked to Allah and to the revelation of the Quran, we have chosen to reveal it, and Allah doesn't mention what it is because it's understood by the context and the now who we revealed it. What is the it we

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know what it is, it is known by the context, and of course, the common the concept of the plurality is well known in NA. And of course, we know we've heard this that the plurality of the Quran is the plurality of Majesty and this is a valid point that Allah azza wa jal references himself in the plural, but also the plurality as Ibn Taymiyyah mentions the plurality of Allah in the Quran. When Allah says We, whenever Allah says We, Ibn Taymiyyah says it is an actual plurality, because it refers to Allah and His angels that he has chosen. We created it, we created the heaven and earth, we send the rains down, we send the Quran because Allah sent it via the medium of the angels. Allah

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created the creation via the media of the angels, Allah sends the rain via every single drop has an angel assigned where it is going, so we send the rain down. Nothing wrong with that it is an actual plural. And that's why Allah never says in the Quran, worship us. He never says that. He always says it or boo me worship me. And so even Tamia actually argues the plurality is a real plurality that Allah is talking about himself and the angels he has chosen. So we have sent it down on Leila to the other and the term Leila two other is mentioned three times in the Surah in Santa Fe Laylatul Qadr. One mother aka Leila two other Laila to cut the requirement official within the span of two and a

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half versus three times Allah mentions Leila to other why, so that you hear it so often, you understand it is important you understand the significance that repetition indicates to you how important it is. And also a bit Abbas explains this and he says, Allah revealed the entire Quran down on Laila to other not just a Quran, the entire Quran came down to the lower heavens on the little cover. Then from the lower heavens, it was revealed over 23 years to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Also, the first revelation of if Quran began the day of Laila to cover whatever was the night of lira to other it was the next day that the Prophet sallallahu I sent him began in

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Quran. So two revelations the first the entire Quran came down on the night of Leila to other and it came down to the lower heavens as even Abasa to a place called the beta which is up or the house of honor. From there for the next 23 years. The Quran was revealed beginning with the day of Laila to other so the famous incident of Quran mana audit Quran mana because it it took place in Ramadan, on the exact same number of day if later the other was 27. Night, the 27th day the next day was when this incident began, was if Quran took place. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala began the revelation of the Quran on later to other and this is enough of an indication if this was the only blessing of

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later it would be sufficient. But of course there are more that are going to come. So Allah chose a particular day to begin his final communication with mankind. And that is Laila to other it is enough of an indication of the blessedness of this month to tell us that Allah azza wa jal chose this there wasn't random. We chose to reveal the Quran on Laylatul Qadr. Imam Malik in his Mata narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shown the ages of mankind and he realized that his own man would not reach those ages. And so he said to Allah, this is in the motiva Malik and a

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Hema Malik's Mater is famous for having what is called moto Salah ie narrations that are slightly weak. Imam Malik didn't have a problem quoting but if Hadees so this hadith is slightly weak, but it is still in wartime. ematic which is the most famous book of Hadith written before Imam Al Bukhari wrote his Sahale in his motto he mentions that the Prophet system basically said to Allah there's not a fair chance that

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My nation will not have the time to do the good deeds like the previous nations. So Allah subhanho wa Taala gifted Laila to the other to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Once again, this demonstrates Laylatul other is something that we the own. Mattia Mohamed, the owner of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is blessed with the other nations did not get it, the long lives that the people were given before us, how can we compete, the only competition advantage we have Laila to other where every night of Laila to color is equal to a full lifetime of worship. So if we have 3040 50, little others in our life 6070 We then have as if at 90 lifetimes we have that they had. So

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this is the blessing that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has given us notice as well that Allah calls Leila to other Laila to Qatar, not Laila to order in no Leila to El cada. It's not a Night of Qadr it is the Night of Qadr there is only one Leila to Elkader and that is Leila that we are now going to come in the next 10 Nights insha Allah Who to Allah, what is other mean? Leila we know it means night and of course the night begins from the sunset until the sunrise. So Leila is from Multilib post Maghrib to prefetcher. That's Leila. So we have this Leila. We know what Leila is. What does other mean? There are four meanings of powder. All of them are valid when it comes to Layla to al Qaeda, all of

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them are valid first and foremost.

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Qaddafi in Arabic means greatness it means alim. So you say this person, the other he is a person of great status. Okay. This person the other in his person of status, so Leila to each other is a layer of greatness. It is a Laila of granddaughter. It is a Leila a night of majesty. Why? Because Allah chose to reveal the Quran on this night. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions later to Qatar in another surah in the Quran, Surah Doohan in Anza. Now houfy Laila tin mobile raka Allah calls data to other Laila mobile Raka. So Allah calls this night, the Mobarak night. What does Mubarak mean? Mubarak means in Arabic Xia, that will hire an increase in benefit. So when money has Baraka, it

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will last you longer. When time has Baraka, you do more in that time than you would in any other time. When a life has Baraka. It is as if this person did the good deeds of many people. You want to see what Baraka is, look at our greater Allah MA We still quote them to this day, Imam Al Bukhari had one life you cannot give an Islamic lecture without quoting Imam Al Bukhari Imam and know we live for barely 40 years. Every book that he wrote is the most famous book of his field ever written. This is what you call Baraka one life, but it is magnified in blessing. So Allah calls Laila to other Laila to and Mobarak it is a blessing at night, you do a little you will be rewarded

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a lot. So this is the first meaning of other and that is status, greatness, magnificent. The second meaning of other in Arabic is

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tightness restriction. As Allah says, In the Quran, from an era I lay here is coho, whoever is it is is tight, he doesn't have risk. So other also means to be tight. Why is Layla to other call the night of tightness, because the angels are so packed in the heavens, that there is no space at all. So it is the night of restriction, because the angels then as Zalmunna Iike to were raffia The angels are packed to capacity, there is not a single space, except that there are angels there. So it is the night of restrictive space because the angels are packed all of the angels that Allah wills and how many angels are there one? Yeah, Allah mode, you know, the Rebecca Illa, who no one

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can even count the number of angels. No one knows the number other than Allah. That's just the number of angels we cannot even imagine it and on later to other 10 as Zulu Mala Iike. All of the angels that Allah has willed comes down. So it is Laila to other because there is no space in the heavens. There is no space except for angels, the third meaning of other

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and so all of these are valid by the way there's no contradiction. That's the whole point. The third meaning of other is

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The common one that all of you are aware of other means other Abba and cuddle which is predestination. So later to other is the night of Destiny the night of other so later to other is the night that Kadar is announced. Kadar is made public to whom Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, the angels, and a very quick tangent here, other is of many levels, maybe one day insha Allah insha Allah will give a more detailed lecture about Kedah, there are five levels of other there is the pre eternal other there is the other that Allah wrote 50,000 years before the creation and it is in my phone. There is the other that Allah writes when we are in the womb of our mothers. There is the

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codon that is the annual coder that's the fourth category and then there is the daily other cool young woman who officia and there is a daily coder as well. So this is the fourth category, this is the yearly other it is the annual cutter and this is on Leila to other and what happens on data to other on Laylatul Qadr. The angels are assigned their duties and their tasks for the upcoming year. So it is called Leila Takada because the angels are given that in the next year, so even the angels they work in companies, and they have their arrangements and they have their management meetings and they have their tasks assigned to them. But they don't have bosses and executives because they

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always do their jobs. Okay, there's no executives amongst the angels because they all do their jobs. Nobody needs to monitor them they mashallah do it. So the angels are assigned the task, every single task assigned to the angels, it will be handed to them their sheet of duties, it will be handed to them on what day on Layla to cuddle, that is on data to uncover. And that is why we spend that night making dua for the best other because a little bit advanced topic one day in sha Allah one day I'll talk about that, these four layer levels of other they interact with one another, there is change that takes place internally it is possible that one level of other changes to another level. So it

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is possible that Allah had predestined something, but Allah knew that because of your DUA, he would change it and so on Laylatul Qadr you can impact another level of other if you make dua, if you ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala, so it is possible that Allah had destined in his predestination. And of course, Allah does not or will change his mind. There's no such thing like that. But a lot can change other knowing that Takada would be changed, as Allah says in the Quran, yum Allahumma Yasha where youth bid, Allah has the right to erase whatever he wants, and Allah can affirm whatever he wants and Allah knows you would do that. Allah knows the angels don't know. The angels don't know

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the Quran and Khatibi and don't know the ones who are assigned the scrolls don't know. So it is possible. It is possible that when the rule was blown into your mother, and you were in the womb of your mother, that angel wrote down, this man shall live for 47 years, you will get cancer you will die in the 47th year so that angel thinks 47 years, okay, but in the 47 year, when he is suffering from cancer, and he's making dua to Allah yah, Shafi yah, coffee yah, yah, zzr Kawi. So, the angel things Okay, his years up, he's gonna die this year on Leila, to cuddle. Allah subhanaw taala says, yum hula erased that let him another year. Allah knows when it's gonna happen. But this year, he's

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scot free. That's a little cuddle. That's why on the little other, we stand in dua to Allah subhanho wa taala. We want to have the best because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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nothing changes other other than Doha.

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Nothing changes other other than Doha. The only thing that can change other is dua. So dua is what we do on days with other that's why laser cutter is called Little other. So we said how many three now number four, which actually really goes back to number one, it's similar. Number one was what who can remind me Are you guys paying attention or just

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Imagist majesty of later Takada. It's a grand night Okay, number four is related to number one. Number one, the night is grant number four, the one who worships Allah becomes grant.

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So the one who does a bada who was like cable cutter, he becomes the one of Qatar and the first opinion the night is other and again all of them are right, all of these opinions, right? So these are four interpretations of why later

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other is called later the other one second which one is right? All of them. This is why they did the other is called Laylat we'll call the inner and the Navi later one or the other aka ma Laila to other and what will make you understand what later it will cover is so the word a derocker any time it is used in the Quran go look it up any time it is used in the Quran. It is Allah's mechanism of showing us how important something is. It is Allah's way of demonstrating it is a technique of Arabic eloquence, right when you want to emphasize something and you want to get the attention of something. Then Allah subhana wa Tada says WOMMA a de raka right. So Sofia under 30 said, whenever

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Allah says Adil Raka, he will explain it in the next verse, to emphasize what it was. So anytime the word Urraca comes, it is an indication for you to pay attention. Allah wants to emphasize and the point here, you will never fully understand the significance how blessed it is, but I'll try to explain it to you. Your data is to understand how will you understand what is needed to occur, you won't you will never fully comprehend what is Leila to the other, it is beyond your data, it is beyond your comprehension. But I will explain in a way that you will understand. So this is what the rocker means that really the significance of layer two other is beyond human comprehension. But I

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will tell you something that you will understand Laylatul Kadri highy Romeyn l Fisher meaning we all understand this, worshiping Allah on Laila to the other is the equivalent of 1000 month of worship, or even more notice, we always translate Oh, this is at 3.777 years no, no claim it is better than 1000 months, it's not equal to lay literal Kadri high room mean l Fisher. In reality, there is no equation that can be put on Leila to cuddle. It is beyond it. This is an expression in Arabic it is better than 1000 months means it is beyond what you can comprehend, as well, we have to say this as well, very clearly look. 1000 months is 83 and a half plus point 777 years. That is of pure worship.

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If somebody were to live at three years, the amount of pure worship is less than two or three years you do the math. We spend one half of our lives eating and sleeping, you know, another third are what not going to work and what not actually Ibadah go do a calculation. Even a religious man who prays five times a day who reads 2030 You know, pages of Quran a day you go do the math in 24 hours, even a super religious man does not actually worship Allah more than two solid hours a day. Think about it and do the math. That person you do, how much is he actually going to be doing? It's 1/12 of his lifetime. That is what four years three years, worshiping on one night will get you the

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equivalent of 80 solid years of Ibadah not have a lifetime of actual a bad and not even at better high you don't mean I'll fish out. So this night therefore is better than an entire lifetime. And that is why whenever the Prophet saw some talked about Ramadan as a whole, almost every Hadith that talks about Ramadan, he made a special line for Laila to cuddle. And I've you know, these are Hadith we've heard them all the time, Whoever fasts Ramadan, Eman, Enactus up whoever prays the nights of Ramadan, and then whoever prays on Leila to Kandra special line. Also, the doors of Johanna Mara are shut the doors of gender open the shell team are and there is one night better than 1000 Nights,

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almost every Hadith about Ramadan, it has at least one line about Laila to al Qaeda. And that is why one of the three things that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam mentioned that a person will never be forgiven is whoever at the rock a little harder, whoever was alive and later to recover, and he did not manage to get his sins forgiven, there is no hope for him. That's one of the three things whoever manages to get Laila to other and he didn't take advantage of it. Which basically means if you don't worship Allah on the other, there's just no hope. Like there's no this is the opportunity. It's being handed to you not on a silver platter on a platinum platter. It's yours. If you are too

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lazy to even do something related to other than what other opportunities is going to happen. That's what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying, now of course we get to the very famous question, when is Layla to other and the

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responses even the Hedgehog in his fathead body he mentioned I kid you not almost 20 opinions on the little cutter and this is beyond the scope maybe again another day shallow give a more detailed academic talk right now we're talking about the spirituality, but this the simple fact of the matter the Sahaba themselves they differed about when Laylatul Qadr is the Sahaba themselves different about one later two other is Abu Seidel Audrey Radi Allahu Tada and he was of the opinion that it is on the 21st night and is based on a hadith where he saw the process and prostrating and he assumed it was that night, Abu Hurayrah and it been Omar Abdullah Good evening. Oh, nice. They felt it was

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the 23rd night, Abu Bakr swore by Allah not Ababa Bukhara, another companion, he swore by Allah. It was the night of the 25th inside a Muslim. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, whoever is searching for related to other, let him search for it on the night of the 27th. And because of this hadith, it is the common culture of the Muslims that 27 is the best candidate and there's nothing wrong with this opinion. It is true, the best candidate but underlying candidate the best candidate is the 27th and this was the position of a leader the Allahu OBE had been kept Ibn Abbas Isha also Medina Hamburg, the famous scholar he held the position that the 27th is later two other and you

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will find for all of the Knights positions I only mentioned for the five the four odd nights and mentioned Mr. 20 night, I will clobber another famous companion he held a position that Laila to other changes every single year. And this was the position of Imam Malik as well. So Imam Malik felt that NATO to other varies some year it is 25 some years 27 Some year it is 21. And so whatever year it is, you do not have any standard date for the year. And in the end of the day, Allah azza wa jal knows best the famous Hadith and SIBO hottie roba the eminence sambad narrates that one day, the Prophet salallahu Salam came out in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And we were gathered there and

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two men were arguing over some monetary issue and their voices were raised and they were going back and forth. When the Prophet saw some came out and they were still arguing, he said, I came out to inform you, which night was later to look harder, but because of the argument of so and so, this knowledge was rufiyaa taken up, Allah azza wa jal took it from him. I don't know what it is now.

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Well, I love who hide this in the Hadith. And perhaps in you not knowing Laila to further it is better for you.

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This is a very profound Hadith, the prophet system was told later to other he rushes out to tell his ummah because he loves his Alma he cares for his Alma he wants to tell us what night is the literal other, but Allah's Qadr will operate even on our suits of Allah who I think would sell them. Allah, Allah is effective, even on his own prophet, he wants to tell the Ummah, but Allah did not want to tell the OMA he only wanted to tell him, so he rushes out. And there are two people arguing. And this shows us the dangers of arguing and the dangers of Muslim fragmentation, and of disunity, and of raising your voice in the masjid, and of arguing over money matters. They're arguing in the

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nights of Ramadan in the masjid, they're raising their voice. And the prophets have said, they're arguing. it disturbed me to the point that that knowledge was raised up. So he didn't say I forgot. He knows why it's not there. It was taken. He knows why. It's not something No, it was raised up by Allah. And then he says, well, Allah who hailed perhaps it is better. And me and you, we both know, it's just better. Because if we knew what night is later to cover, this masjid, and the whole almost messages would be empty the whole night, other than one night, and half is I will be praying by himself the entire night, except on that one night that he told us where it would be packed. And

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that's not the spirit of Islam. That's not the spirit. And as it is, we have been handed a cheat sheet from 365 days, it has been narrowed down to the last 10. From those it's been narrowed down to the odd nights of the last 10 SubhanAllah. If we're too lazy to just five nights be a little bit extra. And overall, the 10 Nights be a little bit extra than what Claire is there. So we know there is good Subhanallah how beautiful Allah gave us a number that we can reach. If Allah had willed, you could have said any day of the year, imagine if Allah had willed you any day of Ramadan. 30 Nights imagine. But no, he said, Look, it's in the last 10 and in the odd especially more, how reasonable

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is that right? Five nights for those that are super lazy for those that are a little bit more 10 Nights right

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That's reasonable. And this is the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wa Jalla Allah confit Dinniman, how much he has not put this difficulty in this religion. So then to finish up the Surah 10 as the rule Mala equal to one rule who fie her, be ignorant be him and coolly amor means that the angels increased their descent on this night.

00:35:21--> 00:36:06

Why do we care if the angels come because the presence of the angels is baraka? Where there is angels Allah's Rama is there, where there is angels do as are accepted, where there is angels, there is Salam, and Sakeena. So imagine on that night 10 Azul, Mala acre, all of them Allah Iike have come down, and the angels love to congregate over the gatherings where Allah is worship where the could is done, where the Quran is recited, where knowledge is revealed. Also, the word tennis is Allah. It indicates in large batches, tennis Zella means they're coming and coming and down and down in large batches. So the amount of angels is staggering. And Allah is saying they can't all come down at

00:36:06--> 00:36:57

once. They're coming down in batches until the night is packed with angels. That's why is called Lena to other there is no space for them. So they are all packed over there. And Abu Huraira said on Lena to other The angels are more numerous than the specks of sand in the desert. The angels are more numerous than the sand in the desert, they are everywhere. So all of the angels come down. Then Allah mentions the one angel 10 as the rule mela Iike. Two were rule houfy The rule himself comes down and the rule has of course, none other than Gibreel Nasrallah Bayhill Ruhul Amin, you know, Allah, Allah will be political phenomenon with it in the trustworthy row. Jibreel is called Amin,

00:36:57--> 00:37:39

because there are so it is Al Amin, so the Amin goes to the Amin the Amin is sent down to the Amin, the Amin of the angels visits the Amin of the humans, nas ellaby rural Amin, Allah Qubic upon all of the people, where did the Quran come upon your calvia Rasul Allah, the Amin Spirit comes and he puts it in your heart knows LLB Hill, rural Amin, Allah kobika, this akuna minal, move it in and of course this angel is mentioned in the Quran multiple times or soon, Kareem the Oh, what an Ender, the Laotian McKean. He is a Noble Messenger. But the Rasul here is not the Prophet system and this is Ross hold on can him here is the Gibreel necessarily be heard awful. I mean, this is the Noble

00:37:39--> 00:38:23

Messenger, the Goolwa, a messenger of power in that allowed Oshima keen he has a high status with the Owner of the Throne. The one who owns the throne, considers Djibouti to be one of high status. This is what Allah says about Djibouti and imagined Djibouti is the very same entity who visited every single prophet Gibreel saw the creation of Adam Djibouti and spoke to Noah and taught him how to build the ship and Ark Jamila was the one who saved Abraham from the fire Gob who was the one who's who was the one who protected Musa from around and then cause the data for our job. He was the one who took care of loot and the people of loot. Gob was the one who blessed mme it has set up to

00:38:23--> 00:39:10

give birth to ESA Jamila was the one who came to our prophets Allah Allah who is the same prophet that visited every single sorry, the same messenger of the angels who visited every messenger of the humans, that messenger of the angels comes down to this earth. And that is the only time he comes, otherwise God does doesn't come down. The one time Allah subhanaw taala sends the holiest messenger of the angels down to this earth is on Laylatul Qadr and that is why it is said that some of the tabbar own, they will dress their finest on data to other they would put on the best perfume when they would said why. He said I am welcoming the coming of God. I'm welcoming the Jibreel is coming.

00:39:10--> 00:39:53

I want to look my best you know what a dignitary comes when the VIP comes? I want to look my best smile. My best Djiboutian is coming. Shouldn't I welcome the coming of God. So Julian is coming down on that night and so we should be excited the one night of the year otherwise God does not come down. There is no more messenger that he's going to communicate with. But Leila two other is so significant that on that night, Allah subhanaw taala allows the neural Amin to come down to this earth so why should we not be excited to worship Allah on that night tenors Zulu Mala equal to a row to fie her meaning on data to be in their abdomen cool. They come down with the command of their

00:39:53--> 00:40:00

Lord for all matters. This is what other is B is nearby him men coolly

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

Number who shall live? Who shall die? Who shall have a child who shall get more risk? Who shall who shall? Who shall who shall all of this be ignorant be him, they are coming down because they're gonna do their deeds for the rest of the year. Men coolly armor every matter that will be decided for the upcoming year they are being told of this date. So that's why we are making dua on that night. We want the best other we want the best quarter of that year because that is the night of other men cool. And then a new verse begins Salah

00:40:32--> 00:41:20

salaam salaam here means peace. Here had the motto mottled. Fajr meaning this night is a night of peace. When there are angels everywhere Allah Salam will be there. When there are angels everywhere there will be nothing but salaam Salaam. So Allah azza wa jal describes the night with one word set on the night itself is the night of peace, and how long will it last? It's only a few hours he had monthlies for June. So only a few hours, that's all you have. It will only last until Fajr comes out. That's all that you have. So how can you not take advantage of it? How can you not make your best to practice and worship Allah on later to other so we'll summarize and say this surah indicates

00:41:20--> 00:42:01

the blessings of St. Ladies of other in a number of manners. First and foremost, Allah revealed an entire Surah to tell you how blessed little other is. Secondly, Allah azza wa jal chose to reveal the Quran on the LELO to other thirdly, Allah is asking a rhetorical question you will never understand wema Urraca your mind cannot comprehend what is later covered. Fourthly, to make us understand a minimal level, Allah gives just a number 1000 months and then says it is better than that you will not understand it. Fifthly Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses his angel Jibreel to come down on the only night of the year and that is there to other and then 60 Allah subhanaw taala

00:42:01--> 00:42:42

describes the whole night as being Salam, it is from peace from Allah subhanho wa taala. And to conclude, what are some of the signs of a little other that our Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned in authentic hadith, he said that later the other is a a night that is not too hot and not too cold. So relative to the other nights of the season, because sometimes they're the other is in summer, sometimes it's in winter, on that night of later the other compared to the other 10 It will be a better temperature. So if the other 10 are freezing, suppose somebody is in the Arctic pole, all of the nights are going to be freezing cold, but that night will be a little bit better. That's the

00:42:42--> 00:43:25

point of somebody's in the summer, you know, in Arizona, and Ramadan is in July every night is going to be hot, but on that later two other it will be a little bit better relative to the other. So this is the first sign moderate temperature second sign mentioned Sahih Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the sun rises without rays. So it's a bit more dull in its appearance when it rises up. And so this means that the sun is somewhat brighter in its own way without the rays coming out. So the sun is brighter without the rays coming. And the final sign and this is a bit subjective, a bit subjective, but it is said that people have Taqwa. People have righteousness, they feel the

00:43:25--> 00:44:06

peace. And there's nothing wrong with this. But the problem comes who is the person of Taqwa right? Who is going to be the litmus test is correct. But who is the litmus paper that's the thing. Generally speaking, people of Taqwa will feel some indication inside that this was later to other but who is a person of Taqwa who's going to raise their hand right now is that Allah wa annum? So this is something that is subjective. What should we do on the little cutter, every single action of worship, there's nothing extra specific pour on the vicar, da Yanni Sajida, extra 200. And of course, the DA Isha Allahumma indica fo into herbal alpha for Anna. So this is all that is to be

00:44:06--> 00:44:44

done. And that's why my advice to myself and all of you, if you have some money to give for charity, keep some and distributed at least two five nights, right? So if you have let's say $1,000 or $100 you want to get this $100 So you say you know I'm going to distribute 2020 2020. So every night to just do a little bit on data to other so that you can maximize, make sure that you get laid out even better than this. Increase the amount and do it all 10 days all 10 nights but the point is whatever you can do insha Allah to Allah and look let's be also realistic. Some of us have worked the next day some of us cannot take jobs off and Allah knows locally for long enough son in law wasa if you

00:44:45--> 00:45:00

cannot take off that day, locally for long enough so don't feel guilty, but do as much as is reasonable. If you have a job the next day, don't spend the whole night to wake you will cause yourself and your job calamity and disaster

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

But that's not what Allah wants from you. Allah knows our situation we're not in the Muslim land where you know some people might be lacks that okay the next day come at you know, noon rather than come at 9am Some of us we cannot do that some of us by the way, they can take a day off and honestly if you can take a day off, what better day to take then the day after little other or whatnot that you will worship extra or if you can negotiate with your boss that look for these few days can I come you know at a slightly later time you know whatever is reasonable if you can hamdulillah if you cannot lie you can leave hula hoops and Illa was or do whatever little extra that you can you know

00:45:39--> 00:45:51

what is the minimum amount of sleep that will get you by for the rest one day then come home and sleep if it's four hours let's say then pray extra four hours also. I'm keep on saying final point but these are just coming to my head now.

00:45:53--> 00:46:42

The best a bada is that a bad that is done in private that is nothing. So if you were to pray Aisha here and then go back home and do your personal tahajjud and personal Eva and personal Quran and pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala on yourself. This is also good you don't have to be in the masjid and I say this because sometimes the masjid itself becomes an hour long drive or 30 minutes to get out and you feel you know what I can stay at home and I can do something better than that. But in Risha Salah in the masjid is rewarding, right? As for the tahajjud itself and the tarawih itself. Technically speaking, technically speaking, private rabada for nothing is always better. But that's

00:46:42--> 00:47:24

technically realistically our Eman is so low that the eemaan high we get standing in the masjid praying behind Hafiz sub that's the not you know mighty Allah was not Abdelbaset tilava You know? So when half a sub recites our Imam mashallah goes high, our iman is weak, so that's why we're in the masjid community and hamdulillah good, that's good. But if you're able to pray on your own, and make long Sajida and make long DUA and open up because there's no problem now crying in front of Allah making dua sure that privacy gives you an EClass that we don't really have over here. So technically private nephila A Bada is better, and if you want to do that, this will also solve the problem of

00:47:24--> 00:48:00

sleep because then you can manage your sleep you know what I'll, I'll go to sleep right after Isha wake up and maybe 3am Because of course, the best time is when it is the end of the night, right? The last third of the night or 2:30am, I'll wake up and I'll pray to three hours on my own, this is actually the best thing to do. And that will also save you the hassle of the crowds and whatnot. In any case, this is a short lecture about Lady Gaga and I pray that Allah subhana wa, Allah blesses us to stand on a little other and to have our doors accepted. Allah more fictionality me Ramadan, what is Lian? Mia Ramadan Allah more fictionality yummy later to cover when you're under fee him in alpha

00:48:00--> 00:48:35

is in beta Hermetica here are hamara Haman and insha Allah with that I think we don't have time for questions. Am I correct? We have to we don't have time for questions because there's, believe it or not, I have three lectures I have to give in the next two and a half hours. So I'm going to be going from place to place in sha Allah. So Inshallah, good news is I'm coming to your committee sha Allah so this is now my community every time I go somewhere so you can log on to YouTube. Listen, Hamdulillah this is now my community. So inshallah I'll be moving next month in sha Allah, this is the last time I'm coming temporarily. Inshallah next month and around end of June or so, I'll be now

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joining in sha Allah Allah so I will see you tomorrow for Fajr and then inshallah in end of June insha Allah desert como la que sera ya come rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Where are we going now? Do I take this with me or not? No okay

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slowly gum Alaikum sisters program will be upstairs and he didn't start sharp right away you know within like five minutes

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