Yasir Qadhi – Transitioning from Madinah to Yale

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses his time studying Jeunate theological positions and how he found the article on the internet. He later reads another article on the " neopitery agenda" and talks about his desire to write a class on Jeunate theological positions. He also mentions his past experiences with acidity and a "hamon squirrel".
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My Ma dissertation at the University of Medina, was entitled makalah to Javelin software and what I thought who have fulfilled awkward Islamia, the theological positions of somebody by the name of Jehovah. So one who died 127 hedgerows are very early on, and his effects on Islamic sects and prisms how he has impacted Islamic theology. As you're aware, dissertations in our part of the world are very deep, very dense. I spent four years studying an obscure figure, I wrote 850 pages in Arabic, it is published in two volumes, you can find it available still to this day in the marketplace. And I thought I know more about jam admin. So one than anybody in the world who would

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possibly know more than me, I spent four years studying this guy and, you know, wrote, you know, an entire dissertation and it got top honors, awarded everything my advisor, loved it published and whatnot. So I get accepted to you. And I walk in 2005 was the year I walk into their Sterling library, by the way, their Arabic collection was manifold many times more larger than our collection in Medina, but that's the surface are all together. And I said, What can these guys possibly know about Jehovah and stuff? One. So I did my search. This is my first week at Yale. I did my search here. And I found an article written before I was born in the 1960s. By Richard M. Frank, a very

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well known academic orientalist, they called them back in the day, entitled The Neo Platonism of Jehovah had been so fun, written in 1968. Before even I was born, and intrigued, I requested it within milliseconds, you know, they have a system you get it. And I remember reading through that article, three times,

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not understanding anything of what he was trying to convey.

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And I remember thinking, this is a totally different world. I have an MA dissertation on this person. And this guy has written an article before I was born. He hasn't referenced many of my references, he has very little biographical information, I discovered a lot more stuff. But what he's writing about Neo Platonism I hadn't studied it in Medina at the time, I had no idea what Neo Platonism was much less how Jehovah's self one is embodying it much less how he's conveying it to, you know, through his thought and whatnot. And I realized that there is a lot I still have to learn

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about things that I have no idea even what they are. And that was the beginning of a very, very long journey. So when I finished up at Yale, and I was going to start my career Elser, I decided on a whim

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to go back to the library and read Richard and Frank's article on the up tourism of Jehovah so far, six years have gone by since then, right? So I decided to read it again, after all those years. And that hamdulillah I'm very happy to say that not only did I understand the entire article,

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I agreed with the basic premise, I found a number of small mistakes that I think should have done I had a lot more references that he totally missed out. And I had the notion and the idea that one day I should write the exact same article, the Neoplatonism agenda, so one, part two by acid quality, I still haven't done that. But I really want to do that one day to show that this can be done and somebody who can go through both systems and become better insha Allah to Allah for it. In the end we ask Allah subhanaw taala for a class and tofield We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to guide us to be those role models of the past that we look up to to be modern versions of them for our times while

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