The Story of Salim Mawla Abi Huzayfah and Its Legal Implications

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AI: Summary © The Salem and Salem series of TV shows feature a brief advertisement for the Salem series, as well as a news update on the adoption of Islam by theying's mother and the return of Salem to Afghanistan. The discussion also touches on a controversial incident involving a fostering father and a one-off incident involving a photo shoot.
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shallow today we'll do a short story from this era that actually has a very interesting and contested filthy position that is relevant to our times. It is the story of Salem, the molar per day for who is this Salem, who's a boy for the for what's his story in a nutshell, because we have to get to the filthy issue as well. Abu Hanifa is the son of Aruba, and rootball was a distant uncle of the Prophet salallahu idea he was sent remember the story of thought if, and he went to the garden, and the two brothers Aruba and Shaybah. These are the two brothers, Aruba and Shaybah. They were the two brothers who own the garden. And Aruba was the one who in the battle of budhan When the Prophet

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system saw the battle of brothers, the Quraysh on the other side, and there was a red camel running back and forth. And the Prophet system said, if they listen to the man on the red camel, they shall be successful. That mountain on the red camel was rutabaga, and root bow was saying to the Quraysh Oh Quraysh Why are you going to war so what if they have a different religion? You're going to kill your own blood relatives because they have a different faith. Why are you going to war with them? And Abuja had made fun of in Abuja has said you're a coward. That's why you're saying this so rich, but was vetoed and the process and praised Urdhva even though he was a non Muslim, if they listened

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to it, but they will be successful. So he praised the man on the red camel he said Rouge but he died in the battle of Baton Rouge but Sun is above her day for her they've embraced Islam. Early. Maca made hijra to Abyssinia and you know was one of the well known Sahaba. Abu Hanifa in the days of Jaya Helia had a slave. That slave was from Iran, Persia. And that slave was called Salim. We don't know anything about his ancestry because he was a slave a child brought from Iran. He was an Iranian or Persian from the land or from the from the city of Estacada, one of the one of the capitals of the ancients acid empire. So Saddam was from this land that is to her and he was raised up as an

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Arab even to he was Persian, but he was taken his child and he was raised up as an Arab. He spoke fluent Arabic, and he learned the customs and the habits of the Arabs. And he was a very precocious, intelligent, very well ingratiated people loved him so much so that as a young child, he was freed from slavery. And Salem was freed from slavery and abort her they decided to adopt him according to the jaw Haley adoption technique, which is called 70. You remember the concept of terminate we talked about this a lot of times that Allah has abrogated Allah says it's not allowed that adoption Salim was called the son of abort or defer so Salim Ibn of yesterday for even though he wasn't the

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son Salim was a slave. But Abu Hanifa loved him so much. He was such a bright young child raised up in the household that Saddam adopted him, and then gave him his own niece in marriage, like really treated him like a chorus, you know, you're going to be a Karachi and he was raised as a Karachi and he was treated as a Quraishi. Then they embraced Islam. The whole family embraced Islam, obviously not Aruba. He died a pagan, but about her day for the sun and Salim they embraced Islam, they migrated to Abu Senia they came back then they migrated to Medina, and Salim as a young child already had memorized the whole Quran that had been revealed up until that time, and Salim was the

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one who would lead Salah and Masjid Koba. Before the process I migrated to Medina and Rama Rama Hatha was the Ibn Omar was there others were there and Salim was the one who was the Imam. That's how good his Dilawar was. That's how good of an Arabic pronunciation he was chosen as the Imam amongst the Sahaba even though his origin was something else, but he was more knowledgeable in the Quran than many of the Sahaba This is Salim Mola a beautiful day for so Saddam is raised up as in the household embraces Islam, then Allah reveals in the Quran, don't call them except by their fathers. Don't call them these false lineages or do homely Abba to him. So Allah abrogated this

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concept of Chobani and so Salim was no longer called Sodom even today for he was called Salem molar per day for Salem molar of your per day for and lots of praise is given upside and by the way, our process and said hadith is in Behati learn the Quran from for people and he mentioned OB and Ibn Masood and he said Sally molar a beautiful day for and once I show the Allahu anha was delayed coming back to the House and the President said what delayed you she said I was passing by the masjid I heard somebody recite

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and his voice mesmerized me. So the process of war his cloak went outside. It turned out it was solemn. So he said at Hamdulillah that Allah has blessed me with the likes of Saddam to be in my ummah with great praise that he said Alhamdulillah I have somebody like Saddam in my OMA and Saddam passed away a Shaheed in the Battle of Yamama. And

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removable cover Rhodiola one after sudden passed away. He was sitting amongst the elite of the sahaba. He said to them, if you guys had a wish, what would you wish for? Each one wished? I wish I had a million dinars. I would spend it in the way of Allah. I wish I had this. I wish I had that. You know what I'm gonna have Tom said. He said, As for me, I wish I had this whole house instead of full of you. It was full of Salem, and people like Salem. He's reminiscing. I wish I had people like Salem, and I would appoint him to be the governor or the leader of every expedition, like he's missing, you know, Saddam, and when he was stabbed and he was about to die. He said if Saddam had

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been alive, I wouldn't have appointed the six people I would have asked solemn who to choose, he would have immediately asylum. This is the status of Saddam molar of your Hodeidah. You can see how beloved he was to the Sahaba to the prophets of salaam to honorable hilltop and and the rest of the sahaba. Now, this Salim This is the story we wanted to mention.

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When the Allah revealed in the Quran that they are no longer your children, they are you called them by their fathers. So the Tibet knee is abolished. So Saddam then became a stranger in the household, a non Muharram to the household. And so, Abu they first wife Her name was salah, Binti Sohail Ibn amor the Sohaib an ambit of the Treaty of are they be if you remember the treaty with her they be that so hated been hammered. Her daughter is Salah, so

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Salah was the one who raised Salim so the mother, but not the actual biological mother, but the one who raised silent. So Salah went to the process and said the other suit Allah Salim is now a young man, and he enters in upon us. And he's not Muharram to me, and I mean, Saddam has no other house. He doesn't have any family. He was raised in the household of you know, a Buddha, and he doesn't have any family in Medina. So what is to be done? I mean, should we only have one house he's gonna come in? Or would I wear the hijab? What do I do? So the Prophet says that, um, said, You may feed him some of your milk, she was pregnant and feeding another child, you may feed him some of your

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milk, meaning express it in a cup and give it to him. This is the controversy of the veal controversy. She said, Yeah. Rasulullah he's an adult's. He's a young man, the process and I'm laughing because I know he's a young man, feed him and he will be your Muharram Okay, now you understand this hadith isn't Behati well known incident. Now you understand where this is heading

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to question arises is this incidence, a one off exception that was given specifically for Salam and Abu Hanifa. Because Bernie had been abrogated, adoption has been abrogated. And so certain one off instances have to be done to make sure society can flourish. So is the solemn incident one off? Or is it a principle that in case of need, you may lactate express the milk in a cup, obviously, and give it to somebody above the age of two, because the vast majority of scholars actually the four schools of Sunni Islam Hanafi Shafi, Maliki, humbly, they all say salams case is exception.

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And they say, in order for that Allah or the foster ship to be established, you must give milk to a child less than the age of two.

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Because the point is according to them, that the milk will nourish the child. And so there is literally they call it the growth of meat in the child they call it like the bones being fed by the child like there is going to be a type of biological relationship between the foster mother and the child such that now this child is a Muharram and all the other children born to this lady, that's the foster brothers and sisters. So the former that have said, this is a one off. We don't make any class any analogy. And Allah says in the Quran, while while he that to your trainer with the Hoonah how Laney can be Laney Luminara. The new timber Radha foster mothers should breastfeed their

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children up until two years if they want to fulfill the whole time of frustration of Raba. So they say mama Shafi said Allah mentioned

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is two years means the child has to be less than two years old. So any feeding that takes place after two years is irrelevant. This is what the majority say. But there's always been a minority opinion. And in fact, the first person who held this minority opinion was none other than our mother, I should have the Allahu Ana, I shall herself not the Allahu anha when there was in the because, you know, I sure had plenty of nephews and nieces from a small Abdullah bin who's a bit all of them she had plenty of blood relatives, when there was an instance of a young man raised up and not wanting to have any Muharram relationships and she wanted to establish modern relationships. She

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would tell her nieces she would tell her blood relatives that okay, you may express and give some milk now this person can enter in into your section and be a blood brother unto you. This was our issue of the hola Vanessa tour. And this fatwa remained in the OMA as a minority, Ibn hasm and the vahidi and then Ibn Taymiyyah and dibuka em, they also champion this view Imitate me as said that this instance of Salim, it shows that in dire situations, when there's no option, and the child has passed the age of two. And there must be some logical or some rational reason why then we may make an exception. But it's an exception, not a general rule that you know when there's a need. And of

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course, this fatwa, some modern agencies and folklore have taken it in the case of adoption, that if you take a child above the age of two, maybe five years old, seven years old, and now they're going to be raised up in the household, then this summer, I must say you can follow Ibn Taymiyyah Aisha is busy what not because of the asylum issue, I'm not here to discuss, you know, the correct opinion at the end of the day, you asked the chef you trust in the judgment, you follow? Just wanted to mention here, the instance of the Sierra and how something that again, you know, the Sierra teachers are so much and the instance takes place, but then we remain or later scholars remain now wondering, is

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this an exception because of the status of asylum? And because the Quran came down at that particular time it has to accommodate this the families upon which the Quran came down, because that's the unique or is this legislation for the entire Ummah, the Sahaba themselves differed on one side you have eyeshadow the Allah one on the other side you have Omar and others they said no so one of even in this orbit they different even amongst the Sahaba and this is the laugh has remained in the Ummah but truth be told the majority opinion is that the sound of instances no pay us no analogy is a one off and in the end of the day, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada knows best just wanted to tell you

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that interesting anecdote and how we benefit from it even in our times, and inshallah will give other stories later on. Zack will look here Santa Monica Rahmatullah he bought a couch

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