Taking steps to stop sinning

Mufti Menk


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My brothers and sisters, every one of us wants to achieve the forgiveness of Allah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has said that he will forgive every one who seeks forgiveness. So just to put things into perspective, no matter what you've done, if you seek the forgiveness of Allah, you change your ways, you promise Allah, you're not going to do it again, Allah will forgive you completely. And always remember that. And shaytans plan is that he makes you repeat the sin, out of human nature, you may fall again. But Allah's plan is that when you fall again, you come back again. And if you fall on again, you come back again and so on.

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They will come a time when they will definitely come a time when the gap between the sins is less sorry, is more. Which means, say you committed a sin today, when you become conscious of Allah, instead of committing it every seven days, it now becomes 14 to 21 days. Is that an achievement? As bad as the sin is the fact that you're not committing it so often is from a certain angle and achievement. thank Allah for that. Make that gap bigger. A young boy told me I'm hooked on to pornography. What should I do? So we started helping him and he realized that the gap between the little bouts that he had of watching pornography, were much larger, bigger. So instead of everyday

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it became once in a while random, and after that, he stopped it completely Subhan Allah, that's the plan of Allah when you start loving, leaving bad for the sake of Allah. Allah will love you and help you to leave the bed.