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In this video, details are disclosed on the early steps towards migration to Madinah and how the Ansar were a force to reckon with. The Ansar were developing their Iman and strength in Allah. They were the ones who said, “For how long will we let the Prophet ﷺ beg tribes for protection, why don’t we adopt him and take him on?” And then they were the ones who volunteer “why don’t we launch an offensive attack?” such was their keenness to protect the Prophet ﷺ.

The Prophet ﷺ had said after the conquest of Mecca “were it not for the Hijrah, I would of been a man of the Ansar, and if the Ansar went in one direction, and all of mankind went in another, I will follow the Ansar”.

After the treaty of Aqabah, the Prophet ﷺ made an announcement to the Muslims, and he said “Allah has shown me the land you shall immigrate to. It’s a land of date palms between two volcanic planes”. And indeed Madinah is in the middle of two volcanos on either side. The reason for this is that the Quraysh would not willingly let this happen.

It’s said the first person to immigrate was Abu Salama, the husband of Umme Salama. Suhayb ar Rumi, Umar RA’s two companions- Hisham ibn Al As, the brother of Amr ibn Al As and Ayyash ibn Abi Rabiah were also among the people who moved to Yathrib.

When the Prophet ﷺ migrated, he made dua for them and said, “Oh Allah save Ayaash, save Hisham, send your punishment on the Quraysh”. And he kept on asking the Muslims “who will volunteer to save Ayaash etc”. Saving them meant walking into Mecca itself which was full of Quraysh. However, finally Al Waleed ibn Waleed, Khalid’s older brother volunteered and said “I will do it”. And so he travelled to Mecca and Allah blessed him to find out where the dungeon was, and he was able to break into it, rescue both of them and bring Ayaash and Hisham back.

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