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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into immense detail on the topics of permissibility of fleeing his community due to inability to practice his religion and also about how the youth slept 300 years in the cave (Kahf) and were protected by Allah SWT which are discussed in verses 14 to 18 of Surah Al Kahf.

In these verses, we see how the truly believing youths reasserted the fact that Allah was their Lord and he was the Lord of the heavens and the earth. They opposed the vast majority of people around them who were believers of polytheism and tried their best to annihilate polytheism and idolatry but to no avail. Hence, left with no choice, they decided to alienate themselves from this terrible environment which did not encourage Islam and sought refuge in the Cave.

The Qur’an explicitly elaborates on the wonderful life led by the youth of the Cave and it truly deserves a fair listen.

We realize that Allah protects His worshippers not only in the form of a miracle, but also through natural means as is depicted in the story.


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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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Quran verse number 13 in light of Cyril suited calf and Allah subhana wa tada after summarizing the story in two or three verses, he will now spend almost a page and a half will be discussed the story in detail. And today we'll begin with the details story and Allah says sadhika never a humble Huck, we will be the ones who will tell you their story in truth in the home feature to an AMA nobility him was it in our home Buddha, there were a group of young men, they believed in their Lord and we increase their guidance and we said, last time we did that, we said that one of the most important points that we benefit from this verse is that when we show our sincerity to Allah, when we show our

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email to Allah, Allah will increase and manifold and multiply that sincerity. They wanted to believe in Allah, Allah increase their guidance and to affirm that what about Ana could obey Him, we tied down their heart water bottle nyla could obey him, his alma when they stood up for cada una buscema wa t went out, they said, Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and earth, then the Roman dooney ila we will never call any god besides Him.

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Even shadow if we did this, we will say something that is Chateaux is an extremely onerous extremely incorrect statement. So Allah mentions a number of things. Firstly, that their hearts were fluttering so they needed to be tied down. So this shows that their hearts were terrified. Their hearts were scared, what were they scared of? The Quran does not say explicitly, but it is understood by context. Their community had threatened to kill them. Their community had threatened to exterminate them. And so they needed to be calmed down. So what did Allah do? What are batana Allah obey Him, we made their hearts firm. We made their hearts calm. And this shows us going off on

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our last motif. When you turn to Allah, Allah will turn to you, when you make your decision to stand up for the sake of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will shower his blessings, it This also shows us blessings began from within them they manifested from without, you see Allah protected them. But before the physical protection, there is an emotional protection before the protection of the cave, there is a protection of the heart before they're protected from their enemies. They need to be protected from their selves and their wavering doubts. What are

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we made their hearts firm? When did we do this is when they stood up. Once again, we have a cause and effect. When they did one thing we did another when they showed us their determination. We showered them with blessings when they stood up. So Allah is mentioning they did a physical action. When did they stand up? Their stories mentioned that the tyrant King are the the the leader if this is a Roman story, then the leader of the Romans said that we're going to kill you, we're going to persecute you. And they stood up to flee. And they said no, we will never believe in your false gods in Jupiter and Zeus, we will never believe in them. The Lord is the Lord of the heavens and earth

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Robbo naraku sumati. Without, we will not worship your false gods lunda de mundo de la Han, if we were to do this locker, the owner isn't shut off, we would have said something that is extremely wrong in disbelief. And we learn here that even though the youth are not saying the statement, it is the pagans that are saying it. The youth said, if we were to say it, we will be an error. And notice they didn't say you are in error and you are making fools of yourself. Rather, the way they gave Dawa was to take on the fault of their community, and then criticize themselves hypothetically, if they had that fault. What do I mean by all of this? I mean, our these youth demonstrated wisdom in

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preaching to Islam. They didn't point fingers and say you're being fools. They said, if we were to believe in these gods, we would be fools. And this gives the people food for thought. It makes them think maybe they have a point here. Whereas if the youth were accusative, and they said, You people are wrong, then who's gonna listen when you have been accused of being wrong? So the US took on the hypothetical beliefs of their people. And they said if we were to believe we would be wrong in saying this, even though

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They're not saying it, their people are saying it. And this shows us wisdom in Dawa.

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Now they're speaking to themselves. These are our people. They have taken besides Allah Min dooney. He earlier tonight in Hindi Soltani in Beijing. So they're convincing themselves and they're convincing those in their entourage. Why didn't they prove evidence for this? And what is evidence? evidence is something Allah has said, evidence is something the books have revealed. And this shows us our religion is based upon evidence. A few lessons ago I mentioned, one of the biggest sins is to speak about a law with ignorance. One of the biggest sins is to speak about religion with ignorance. One of the biggest sins is to say, I think Islam says, and I think Allah says, we don't have the

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right to just postulate from our heads. So these youth challenge their people. Why didn't they prove their idolatry? Who told them to do this? Where do they get this from? Which prophet revealed it? Which books revealed it, Lola, tonight, a Hindi soap on Ambien idolatry does not make sense from the intellect from the books from the prophets, famine of Nemo min minister, Allah He Khadija so who does more wrong than the one who fabricates lies about Allah and he says that Allah has children, and Allah has other beings that should be worshipped instead of him. And once again, for us as Muslims, the key point over and over again, be careful what you say about a law and about the

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religion of a law. Any buddy who opens his mouth about Islam should be 110% sure that you know what you are saying, because when you speak on behalf of Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will monitor what you are saying. So these are what the youth are saying, why didn't they prove their statements with a true authority, way they attempted to move on with a Buddha in law, and remember when you broke away from them, and you broke off from all that they worshiped other than a law firm?

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Then go and seek refuge in the cave. Young show Lacan, Rob buco Mira Mati he, Allah subhana wa Taala will shower His mercy upon you while you hate. Min Ambani Camille Falco, and Allah will make your affairs easy and provide a way out for you. Notice here, Allah azzawajal mentions they broke away from their community. And this leads us to an interesting question, when should people break away from their communities? After all, did our Prophet system not remain in Mecca for 13 years, despite all the persecution he remained and remained and remain? So is it better to remain in a community of misguidance? Or is it better to break away and those scholars say that the general role you must

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remain in your communities as long as you're being of benefit to them and preaching them, but when the situation changes, and your religion is threatened, and you're not allowed to worship a law properly, in this case, it is preferable to leave your community and flee with your religion. So our Prophet says Adam remained in Makkah for 13 years, even though he was persecuted, even though he was tortured. But he remained there as long as he could preach his message. Then when they started to prosecute him to the level of death, and remember what happened on the night of aegilops assassination attempt, when it gets to that level, then it is better to flee for your religion and

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flee to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. So the bottom line, every person needs to see his or her situation and scenario, if a person is free to worship a lot, and a person can call to Islam, then that person should remain in his or her society to benefit the people. However, if the people stopped him from worshiping Allah, if the people tried to kill him, because he's worshiping Allah, in this case, three is better. And this is what these youth did. They made his job they immigrated were there to sell to move home, you will love them. And you left all the worshipping of the false gods besides Allah subhana wa tada in a cafe. Now, this is a speech somebody is speaking who is

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speaking. One opinion says, one of the elders of these youth is telling the others let's go to the cave.

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Let's find refuge in the cave. If we do so, our Lord will have mercy on us and our Lord will prepare something ease for us. Another opinion is that Allah subhanho wa Taala himself is directing them that Allah is telling them meaning, not commanding them so that they can hear but telling them in a manner that they will implement the way that the mother of Musa was told to put Moosa in the, into the, into the sea or into the river and there was no angel that came and told her she felt it in her heart to do it. And this shows us that Allah subhanho wa Taala does allow us this is called an Arabic Abraham. This is not what a what happens to the prophets.

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Allah subhana wa tada does tell us certain things to do in a manner that is not why it doesn't make us prophets. And if this is the case that Allah is speaking, then this fits in perfectly with the previous verses. Why? Because in the previous verses, the young men say, we will turn to the cave, perhaps we'll seek protection or our Lord give us mercy. In this verse, we are told Allah said to them the exact same thing, go to the cave, your Lord will have mercy, your affairs will become easy. In other words, as a law had world they did, and they didn't know what Allah had willed. But Allah had willed this, and they turned out doing it. And this is the reality that when we turn to Allah,

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sometimes we don't know what to do, we praise the harder we make dua to Allah. And Allah has told us indirectly go up this path and we find ourselves on this path and we don't know why we're on that path. We don't know where it came from. But Allah subhana wa tada had instructed these people go to the cave, and there you will find Allah's mercy and Allah will make your affairs easy for you. And this also shows us another simple Islamic principle for in, use run in use Rob, never does Allah reveal a hardship except that he reveals ease, never does a lot of tests you except that he will also Bless you. With every testing, there's a blessing with every fitna. There's also a frog with

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every either there's also Rama, Allah Subhana, which Allah never reveals pure, either, unless for the believers there's also a way out. These young men were tortured by their people, they had to flee, they ran away. According to one interpretation, every one of them was one of the sons of the nobleman, so they're of the elite of society so they've broken away from the luxuries of life. Now they don't know what to do, they turn to a cave after living in mansions, they turn to a cave from their palaces, they run to the mountains when they gave up for the sake of Allah Allah bless them with much more and this shows us but in the Madras reuse run in the Madras re you saw what Tara Sham

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said. So they enter this cave and once again we go back to that point, the Quran does not mention details that are understood it's understood they said let's go to the cave so they enter the cave when they enter the cave, what happens whatever shumsa Desert whatever and cafe him that in a mean way there all of a sudden Tokido data Chemin de wahome FIFA Jyoti min So Allah is saying they entered deep into the cave he federated means deep inside, and the sun would come out from the right and set on the left. This means the cave was facing due north because it's rising in the east and setting in the West. So the mouth of the cave is facing north and the loss of hatherleigh saying

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they didn't think this through but I had prepared the cave for them. How did I prepare it for them that the ambience in the cave, the temperature of the cave, the sunlight of the cave would be perfect because if the sun fell directly on them, and Allah knows they're gonna stay for 300 years. If the sun falls directly on them, they will they will die because of that overexposure. If the sun is absent from them, the body needs sun the body needs a little bit of light to to live so Allah subhana wa tada will that the cave is perfectly condition perfectly set such that the sun indirectly gives them light without directly shining on them. So Allah says shoot why don't why don't you If

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only you could see the sun what Terra shumsa either tada at Desert one cafe him when it rose it turned away from their cave, they didn't shine directly in the cave, it turned away from their cave that tell you mean from the right hand side. What is that when it sat down takuto home data shimelle it bypassed them Don't miss them again from the left hand side will home FIFA 20 min. They were not in the tip of the cave. They were inside. They were in one of the chambers that they come in I Atilla This was of the blessings of Allah subhana wa tada indeed whomever Allah guides that is the one who is truly guided and whomever alarmists guides, then no one is there to protect him and to

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give him any right guidance. And this shows us Allah subhanho wa Taala spiritually and physically guided these young men spiritually to Islam and physically to the cave. And the final verse will do for today what several home a call home road, you would have thought them wide awake, even though they are asleep and on their sides. What's that several of you would have thought these young men are wide awake, and this shows that they were actually in the manner they were lying down with their eyes open or what caused them to go to sleep while their eyes are open.

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That's a meanie without Ashima and we kept on turning them around on the right and on the left hand side. Why? Because we all know if you lie in one place your body will become incapable

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stated, the blood will go down your muscles will atrophy. So a lot turned them as we naturally turned in sleep. Allah said we were the ones who kept on turning them when we label him that a meanie without the chemin what can boomba sit on there I even was seen and their dog, their dog was at the doorstep was at the entrance of the cave, and we'll see is like the entrance of the cave. And he was on his two palms on his paws, just like dogs lay down protecting just like dogs are their lowest volatility him If only you would have seen them that will later mean home Ferrara, you would have turned your back and ran away out of fear one time into muhabba. And you would have been

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astonished and you would have been full of fear at them. And this shows us that their mannerisms are very, very fearsome household. Some scholars have said the very fact that there are seven men in a cave. And there was a dog outside. Generally speaking, who lives in caves. These are the people who are planning bad things with a mafia or one of these types of gangs. They're the ones who live in caves. They're the ones where in this matter, others said a lot allowed their hair to grow and their nails to grow. Yet others said let's take the verse at face value. There are seven people their eyes wide open, and they're tossing and turning inside. It's a very frightening sight. And this also

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seems to indicate that in the course of those 300 years, perhaps somebody did see them and fled away and they were too scared to mention this to anybody else. And this is not too far to imagine. And the point being Allah subhana wa tada demonstrates for us, when we turn to Allah, Allah will protect you in manners you never expected. Can you imagine these young men? Would they ever have imagined they're going to go to sleep for 300 years? Who would have ever imagined this, but they put their trust in Allah and their situation was dire. Nobody was going to come help them. There was no army to come protect them. Their community was searching for them. They fled and they entered the cave,

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who's going to protect How will the protection come? They didn't know. But they knew alone will do it. So when they put their trust in Allah, one of the most amazing things in the history of humanity happen, and that is they fell asleep for centuries and centuries. 300 years. That's not a joke. This country has not been founded for 300 years. That's how old 300 years is. Imagine how old is 300 years they left they slept until their generations and their evil king and their entire societies perished. Everything changed and that's how Allah subhanho wa Taala protected them from a gruesome from an evil death and inshallah we'll resume and talk about how they discovered their own

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situation. We'll continue this tomorrow with Sam why they come to LA he bought a castle