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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi talks about how Yusuf AS asks his brothers to bring Bin Yameen to him and how Yusuf AS manages to keep his youngest brother with him in Egypt. Verses 62 to 67 are recited of Surah Yusuf.

Yusuf AS tells his slave to place the merchandise that he brought back in the very bags of grains in which he sold them. Why did he do this? He wanted to show them his hospitality,generosity and good nature.

Bin Yameen was the favourite son of Yaqub AS. Why did Yusuf AS want Bin Yameen to be brought to him? Listen intently to discover important details.

They request their father to send with them their brother, so that they could get some grains and food from the minister of finance of Egypt - Yusuf AS. Their father blatantly refused them thinking of past memories of Yusuf AS. Dejected at this, the brothers landed back in the palace and lo and behold! Their grains were seen in the bags. Elated, they take this proof back to their father to convince him once again to let them take Bin Yameen along with them so that they could get some extra benefits like a camel. 

The Shaykh also sheds ample light on the topic of evil jealousy - Al Ayn. What is the context of Al Ayn in Yaqub AS telling his sons to enter from different gates when entering Egypt? Listen intently to find out.


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