Yasir Qadhi – Towards Understanding Surah Yusuf – 14

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of Jesus as the Minister of Finance in Egypt, emphasizing his actions and his wife's actions. They also discuss Jesus's use of words and the importance of protecting family members' health and food, as well as the return of merchandise and people to their homes. The speakers emphasize the need for legal protections and verbal transactions in business, and express their desire to see the audience again in the future.
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hamdulillah Isla is niram

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden County, Ebony Allah Bullock

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Obinna Masada to

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be in most global Kareem Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. I welcome you to another episode of our fascinating series towards understanding so the use of I'm your host Yasser calling. In our last episode, we had discussed the moment in which the king allows you to become the Minister of Egypt. And after a while his brothers come and visit him and use of alayhis salaam asks his brothers to go bring back the youngest brother Binyamin and today inshallah Tada. We will resume the story from where we left off last and talk about how Binyamin comes to use of and how use of adhesive that manages to keep in Yemen in Egypt with him stay with us lapada canopy

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to another episode of our series towards understanding so to use. In our last episode, we had discussed the fact that the king allows us to become the Minister of Finance and the years go by and use a father His name is a very successful minister, he manages to make sure that the people are provided for his stores the grains very provisionally he takes care of all of the requirements such that when the famines strikes, not only is he able to take care of the people of Egypt, but they have such a surplus that people are coming in from abroad, people are coming in from other countries in order to obtain the grain and of the

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people who came with a very brothers of use of it his system, they too were suffering from the drought and poverty. So they came with merchandise, they came with things that they had and they wanted to purchase grain as well. So use if it hits the lamb, require them to bring their brother the next time they came back. So today inshallah Tada. We will take off the story from where we left it off and as our customer will recite some verses before we explain them and today inshallah Tada. We will recite from verse 62 all the way up till 67

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rubella humanos Shantanu lodgy Bismillah hiwot man walking work on le ficha de Jong

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Hoon z rihani him Allah Allah homea de una

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Romeo Giroux, Phantom Raja boo Isla Abby him or Lou.

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k lufa

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c min audit some law Whoa, whoa

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whoa, hey, Amy.

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death in a him. Oh, yeah.

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Belly has he Bilbo. Jonah, det Elena. Why not me. Lana. Wanna say

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see on Alan Oh Rosita who had to Tony mo

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Mina law Hinata nanny

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Phelim selam

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call Allahu Allah Uchi one caller yeah Danny Yella Jeju Hulu

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Nina law

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Sherry in in Heroku in

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he fell.

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So in this series of verses use of Allah His solemn tells his servant his slave to place the merchandise that they brought, we can imagine it would have been first it would have been other produce from from Philistine to place the merchandise back in the very bags of grain that he sold them. So he sold them bags of grain. And within inside these bags outside of course, it's closed, it's locked up, it's sewn up deep inside these bags, he returned the very merchandise that they brought with them. Why did he do this? He wanted to show them his nature and hospitality. He wanted to show them he meant them no harm. And perhaps also he felt awkward accepting payment from his

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father. Obviously, this merchandise comes from his father primarily and then the works of his brothers. So he probably feels awkward, accepting money from his own father and his own brothers and remember, he is the minister. So this is in his right to do somebody will say How could he have done this? The response is because he is the one in charge and the one who is in charge if he has been delegated this authority The king has given him the authority to do as he pleases. So it is in his full capacity and right to do as he pleases because the king has given him this position and power. Now, somebody here might ask, why did he ask them to bring Binyamin? What was the reason for asking

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his brothers to bring Binyamin back with them? Because remember, we said the 10 brothers came and now Binyamin becomes the Beloved of Yahuwah. He said I'm just like before you serve was the beloved that the father could never be without when use of goes away when use of is taken away. Binyamin takes that status. The father never wants to leave Binyamin out of his sight. So he sends the 10 sons and the 10 sons come and they enter and upon use of it. He said I'm so used to be against questioning them. Who are you? Where are you from? And so they tell him the whole story that we are travelers from Palestine, we have a father, his name is Yahoo and we have a brother remaining at

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home. So he accused them No, you must be lying. You are spies. You are this you are that if you are truthful, then bring me this brother. Let me see if you're telling me the truth. Are you lying or not? If you are truthful, bring me this brother. Don't you see how generous I am. He says Don't you see how hospitable of a host I've been, not only has he given them their full measure, but also he has taken care of them. So in other words, he has housed them. He has clothed them. He has given them food. He became their host and that is not something that a businessman does. He is taking their business. He doesn't have to host them. But he was so generous to them that he gave them

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banquets after banquets, and he gave them gifts and he showered them with hospitality. On top of that, he gave them the full measure of weight back that they bargained for. And to add the final aspect of his generosity, he secretly returns the merchandise they came with. And he says if you want to do this again, if you want more food, you must bring your brother back otherwise you will never get any more food from me. So they return home excited thinking that what a great and noble minister. He has treated us so nicely he has given us so many gifts and things and also He's given us extra measure and grain

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So they go to their father, and they enter it upon him and they say, Oh our Father, we have been prevented from getting any grain. Now they had not been prevented, but they're being melodramatic. They're being melodramatic to make the point home. Unless you allow vineya mean to come, we're not going to get any more money. So they say money I mean, can we have been prevented, but they hadn't. They had come back with a full grain of camels. Although they're Gump camels were full of food, but they're saying we will be prevented and they're using the present tense, to emphasize the point to make sure that the Father understands the severity of the situation. So they said

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for our semana, Hana Doctor, what have you, send with us our brother so that we can get some more money so that we can get some more bargain we can get some more grain, and we will protect him. Notice the use the exact same way in law hula, have you learned the exact same phrase that they use for use of the exact same word for word letter for letter, it is no surprise that when they say this phrase, all of the memories of use of Allah has seldom come back all those memories because they are asking for now his brother, just like they asked for the older one. Now they're asking for the younger one with the same words. So what does he say except on the medical model he in a mental

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model of human capital? Do you expect me now to trust him with you? Just like I trusted his brother before? Do you think I'm going to do this now you already have done something to his brother. And now you want me to give a baby I mean over to you know, follow her. You don't have your law. A law is my best protector. Allah will take care of me. I don't need your help with your food and you're negotiating with the minister, Allah subhana wa tada will protect us, well, who will hammer Rohini and he is the most generous and the Most Merciful of all those who have mercy. He will not see us starve to death, he will take care of us. I'm not going to give Binyamin over to you. So they begged

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and they pleaded and they tried and they're persuaded, but Jaco Valley has said and had learned his lesson and he refused to hand Binyamin over dejected, rejected, they went back to their belongings you can imagine when they had come home, they would have rushed in to tell the father of all the news and to try to negotiate Binyamin to come again. When they were rejected, they went back outside they unpacked their belongings, they opened up all of the grain to store it in the special storage house. And lo and behold, what am fatta home At home? What do you do below the home?

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They opened up their bags and they found their very goods had been placed inside and return to them. So they rush back to their father again. How do we abandon monopoly? They said our Father What do you think we want? We don't want anything else. Look, this is the grain that we have come with along with the merchandise has he belonged to notice that Elena, our merchandise has come back to us. This is exactly what we went with. Were coming back with all of our goods and you can imagine it must have been a lot of goods wiped because grain is scarce. Food is what everybody wants and they have come now to Egypt all the way to Egypt to buy and purchase this food. When a me too and I want to

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follow ohana and we will bring food for our family led me to Atlanta we want to get food for them. When I follow ohana and we will protect our brother one is dedicated about it. We will increase one extra camel if we take Binyamin we will have an extra camel one is dedicated by eating that eco Caden. You see this is a very easy way to gain extra food. We need to take a short break now. As soon as we come back, we will continue from where we left off. Stay with us lampada Ghana

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Salam Alaikum Welcome back. So the brothers have use of the older brothers of use of Allah he said I'm now now they are arguing with their fathers and they're saying, dear father, look at this. Our merchandise has been returned to us. What do you think we want to earn doubly? What do you think we could possibly want now? This minister has been so hospitable, so generous, he has given us so much great and food and he has given us our merchandise back. What do you think we will want send Binyamin with us because we want to get food for our families. Imagine remember it's a drought, it's a famine, they don't have food for their families. Each of these brothers would have 23456 wives

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many wives You don't know how many probably are at this time. They say Allah knows best. They say there were 7080 people

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within the family of jacoba histogram, we will they get their food from their grain from their sustenance from. So they're begging and pleading with their father, the grandfather of their children, the great grandfather of their children, and they say, give us Binyamin and we will come back with an extra load of food. This means that use of Allah His setup was very wise in that whoever would come, he would give him a certain amount of food. So he would give food to the quantity of people who came. So for every man for every candle and man, he would get a certain ration. So if Binyamin came, then Binyamin could have gotten another candle load another amount of

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Russian instead of 10, they would come back with 11. So seeing the verdict seeing this this, this merchandise returned, the heart of yaku softened and this was exactly the plan of use of Allah He said our use of Allah He said I knew his father very well, because it is his father and use of knows very well that they are not going to he is not going to allow them to take Binyamin unless he is fully confident that everything is as it appears to be. So he plays the generous host. And he plays the the very hospitable minister, to show that he cares for them, he loves them, he wants good for them, and he returns the merchandise. So when the father sees this, and he knows that there is no

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way now that they want any evil. So then he says called Lenin or Silla who Malcolm. He says, I will not send him with you had to the moon with your camino VA until you give me a solemn oath. You swear by Allah subhana wa Tada. Let that tune anybody, you are going to bring him back without any doubt in your health of equal, except if you are surrounded, and you are overpowered, in other words, an enemy comes and you cannot help him he is physically taken away from you. So they all agreed to this fella to whom have to go home, every one of them individually, one after the other, all 10 of them, they agreed to come home all the law who either man a guru.

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He said, Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala is a sufficient guarantee, Allah will guarantee at work He is the one who witnesses and guarantees. So he put his trust in Allah, after taking the necessary precautions. And this shows us the essence of the work of putting your trust in Allah. Putting your trust in Allah is done. After you have taken all the means. It's not that you sit back and you say, I put my trust in Allah. If Allah has willed, I will get sustenance, I will become cured. And if not, then I won't. That's not the way you practice the work could the work could means you put your trust in Allah. But then you do everything you can. If you're sick, you take medicine, if you're

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sick, you go to the doctor, if you're poor, you find a job and you work and then you put your toe in a lot. So here is Yahoo, he has been fooled by his children once and he refused to be fooled twice. Now he sees that they are sincere, even then he makes them Promise, Promise by a lot the most solemn oath, that no matter what happens, you will bring him back to me, unless you are surrounded by an enemy, that you cannot do anything and he is physically taken away. So after they gave him his promise, then he said Indeed, Allah subhana wa tada is an overkill. Allah is the one who will guarantee everything not you. It's not in your hands. It is in the hands of Allah. So he took every

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precaution possible. And then he put his trust in Allah. And that is the way of the believer.

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Moving on. He said, we'll call the Yabba Nia he said, Oh, my dear children, that mean bad and wide. Don't enter the city from one door. What Oh, looming above in water Federica. Rather, and to the city from many different doors. Now, what is this concept of entering the city from a door and many different doors? What is all of this about? Well, you see the cities of old, up until very recently, the cities of old all of them were walled every city. In ancient times, the city had a gate around it, it had a fortress around it to protect the inhabitants of the city from an invading army. And the fortress around the city would have a number of gates to come into the city from the gates would

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open in the morning and close in the evening, and nobody would be allowed in. Except in the morning. And this is the case, even Makkah and Medina all of the cities of the Muslim world. And of course, this is way before the Muslim world. All of the ancient cities would have this to protect them from outside enemies. Therefore jacoba Hassan tells his children

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don't enter the city. All of you together 11 children from one gate. Rather, enter all of you from different gates, split yourselves up to from this gate three from that gate to from another gate. Split yourself.

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up what would happen with a Federica? Now why? What difference will that make? Well, this leads us to the topic of a nine or evil jealousy. Now, this is something that has a lot of misconceptions in our religion. It is true we affirm it the prophets Allah Allah said, Allah you know how or evil jealousy is a reality we do not deny it, but some people have gone to extremes in this regard some deny it outright, and others take it to an extreme level. What is an iron we have to explain very briefly even though this is a long topic in and of itself. And it basically means that Allah subhanho wa Taala has allowed a certain person who has a strong amount of evil, hatred and jealousy

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and animosity, Allah has allowed that jealousy and animosity to physically affect another person. This is the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Sometimes that jealousy will affect another person, and sometimes it will not. This is what Elian is, it is up to Allah subhana wa Tada. If a person feels that jealousy, and he doesn't control it, then it is possible that that jealousy shaped bond will cause some type of physical harm to the other person, perhaps that jealousy fuels something in shavon. And shavonne manages to inflict some type of pain or suffering on the person. But the one who has that jealousy is sinful in the sight of a lot unless and until he controls that jealousy. So

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use jacoba Hassan was telling his children to avoid people getting jealous at them. Why would people get jealous at them? Well, here you have 11 handsome, strong men of a different tribe, a different country coming in, and all of the children of Jacobo are very handsome. And of course, Yousuf was the most handsome, and they are walking in all together. And it is only natural that families people, other communities will become suspicious and worried will become jealous, who are these people, all of them dressed the same, although they're speaking a different language all of them resembling one another, and some type of jealousy or a hazard or it would affect them. So he wants

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to minimize suspicion and fear and that's a natural thing, and also minimize envy and jealousy. And that is a supernatural thing that that he wants to minimize. And he fully realizes what not only uncommit Allah human shape, this will not

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help you if Allah has willed otherwise. Because whatever Allah wills happens, but we take the means necessary. You see, this is the whole point. In the end of the day, we all know everything is decreed by Allah. But we have to take the necessary precautions and measures. This is what we were required to do. Whether we are healed of a sickness or not Allah knows about it. But we are required to take the medicine for that sickness. Whether we get some money or not Elon knows about a boo are required to work and find the job. Similarly, whether somebody affects us with hazard or not allow knows about it. But we are required to minimize the problems that we might face. Hence from this we

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extract the benefits of concealing the blessings of Allah without any reason to display them. There's no reason to boast to other people about the wealth Allah has given you. But the privilege of Allah has given you hide it from people unless there is a reason to show it don't you don't have to be extravagant. You don't have to go out of your way to show that you are extra special, extra holy, extra blessing. If you do so, this might be a problem in your heart of of arrogance. So he says, One My only uncommit Allah human shape, this will not affect anything in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala Indian hochma illa Allah verily the judgment only belongs to Allah notice

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The same phrase was used by use of Allah His Salaam and now it is being used by Yaqoob use have used it when he was giving Dawa to the prisoners. Jaco is using it when he is advising his sons. It is the same phrase in in Hokkaido Illa de la. And the point over here for this phrase is that judgment belongs to Allah, whatever Allah wills will happen. It's not what you will, it is whatever Allah wills will happen. I lay heater workers in Allah subhanho wa Taala. I put my trust, where are they affiliated working in whichever Kiran and in Him all of those who put their trust should put their trust. So the concept of tawakkol which we have talked about, a little bit, again, it's emphasized

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over here. It is an Allah I trust whatever Allah wills will happen, but I need to basically make sure that all of the decrees are done, that there is no cause for people to feel envious or jealous of you. So here is Jaco Valley. He said, I'm advising his children. You may take Binyamin but you must promise me

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That you will bring him back unless it is beyond your control and you are surrounded by an enemy. And he says when you enter the city, make sure you enter it individually from different gates, not in a large quantity, not that is going to help you from Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever Allah wills will happen, but I am just trying my best to make sure that that the people are not unduly jealous of you. Now, before we conclude there are a number of points of legal benefits that we can derive from this. And of these legal points. One of the things that we can derive is the fact that business transactions do not have to be verbal transactions. What is this referring to? Well, some of the

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scholars say in order to buy and sell, you need to tell the person I am purchasing this from you, and give him the money and the other person say I accept this from you and gives you the merchandise that you want. In other words, there has to be a verbal transaction. From this episode, we see use of alayhis salam returns the merchandise without saying anything.

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And he except that the people accept it back from use of it his setup. So basically, if you were to walk into a store, let's say a convenience store and you want to buy let's say a juice, you can take the juice you put you give the person money, and you walk away without saying anything, there is no words exchange, it is just the money and the merchandise, so there is not a necessary condition for words to be exchanged. And throughout the course of the next few episodes, we will derive some more legal benefits as well and this is one of the side benefits of the story of user. We also obtain some legal benefits in our fifth. This brings us to the conclusion of today's episode, inshallah

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Tada. In our next episode, we will continue from where we left off. I hope to see you then was said I want to lie about to catch up.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi talks about how Yusuf AS asks his brothers to bring Bin Yameen to him and how Yusuf AS manages to keep his youngest brother with him in Egypt. Verses 62 to 67 are recited of Surah Yusuf.

Yusuf AS tells his slave to place the merchandise that he brought back in the very bags of grains in which he sold them. Why did he do this? He wanted to show them his hospitality,generosity and good nature.

Bin Yameen was the favourite son of Yaqub AS. Why did Yusuf AS want Bin Yameen to be brought to him? Listen intently to discover important details.

They request their father to send with them their brother, so that they could get some grains and food from the minister of finance of Egypt – Yusuf AS. Their father blatantly refused them thinking of past memories of Yusuf AS. Dejected at this, the brothers landed back in the palace and lo and behold! Their grains were seen in the bags. Elated, they take this proof back to their father to convince him once again to let them take Bin Yameen along with them so that they could get some extra benefits like a camel. 

The Shaykh also sheds ample light on the topic of evil jealousy – Al Ayn. What is the context of Al Ayn in Yaqub AS telling his sons to enter from different gates when entering Egypt? Listen intently to find out.


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