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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses about what transpired in verses 13 to 20 and how Yusuf AS was deserted in a far away land. 

The brothers of Yusuf AS throw him into the depths of the well. He was completely taken by surprise but the brothers ridiculed him,tortured him. They showed no pity for the six year old Yusuf AS.

The brothers came back late at night after committing the heinous crime with fake tears in their eyes. They also brought forth a shirt of Yusuf soaked in blood. As soon as Yaqub AS saw the shirt, he knew it was a lie as the shirt was not torn at all. Yaqub AS swore to bear patience in the wake of this tragedy and to turn to Allah who will protect him in the wake of these trials.

Allah SWT comforted the child Yusuf AS about the outcome of this trial:

  • He will be reunited with his brethren.
  • The brothers will not recognize him.
  • He will be the one to tell them about him.
  • He will be in a position of power and they will be weak.

The next part of the lecture is about the rescue of Yusuf AS and is something not to be missed at any cost.


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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden County, Ebony Allah Bullock.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. Welcome to another episode of our series towards understanding total use of I'm your host. So Callie. In our last episode, we had discussed the plotting of the brothers and their tactic to try to get use of away from their father Yaqoob. In today's episode, we will discuss exactly what transpired and how Yousuf was rested away from his peaceful home and ended up in a far away and foreign land. Stay with us lapada canovee

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. In today's episode, we will explain is 13 to 20 and inshallah, as is our usual practice, we will begin by reciting these ayat and then try to explain them in light of the Quran. I would ask once again, if our viewers can try to have the code with them so that they can follow along and see the recitation of the verses

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So we begin today's episode from verse 13. And jacoba li Salam tells them that I will be greatly grieved if you take away use of. And I'm scared that a wolf will eat him while you are not paying attention to him. So your code confesses, I love you so, so much. I don't want him out of my sight. Can you imagine how much this Father loves his child, that he doesn't even want to be separated from him? Can you imagine he's never been away from use of even for a day. So he says, I will be grieved if you take him. And then he gives an excuse. And he says, I am scared that a wolf might eat him if you don't pay attention. Now, was Yaqoob really scared of a wolf? Or was he referring to the

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brothers as wolves? Both are possible? Was he indicating that you are like wolves trying to attack the sheep? Or was he actually scared of a real wolf? Both are possible indications. Also, it is possible that the primary fear was the brothers. And there is a very obscure fear of a wolf. But he doesn't want to tell the brothers I'm scared of you. So he makes up not a lie. It's not a lie. It is indeed possible that a wolf can eat use of, but it's a very remote possibility. So he brings this remote possibility to hide a greater possibility. And that is the possibility of the brothers harming him. And this shows us the wisdom of yaku, of not telling them his actual fears. But after

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saying this, the brother said the brothers respond, how can a wolf eat him? When we are so strong? We are 10 brothers, and you think that a wolf was caught will come and eat him? If this happens, and indeed, we are very sore losers? How is it possible that a wolf will come and destroy or eat up our younger brother when we are such a large group? So when they tell their father that is not possible, the father does not have any excuses. So he sends us of not realizing that the brothers will do what they will do. So Allah azza wa jal says for them, the hub will be. So when they took him, and Allah doesn't finish the story, he leaves out the details of what happened. And the details he leaves out

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because there are too harsh, the the picture is quite clear. They tried to kill him, or they tried to throw him into this well, and they succeeded with Gmail and Yahoo feel a better job. And they all gathered together. And they unanimously agreed, and they cooperated with one another, to throw him into the depths of this well, and historians tell us that use of was taken completely by surprise. They taunted him, they ridiculed him, they were crude and shoving him and pushing him. And they they tied his arms and legs and they first they took off his shirt. And then they tied him up. And they wanted to throw him down use of Allah he set up the innocent child that he is, he begs and he pleads

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and he tries to make sure that his brothers Don't do this. And he even tries one by one. And he mentions them by name, oh, my brother, so and so Oh, so and so. And yet their hearts have been deprived of mercy. They don't even care to pity a six year old who is their younger brother. They are so enraged by their jealousy, that they lose track of common human mercy. And they throw this young child into a well, they abandon him. And they leave. And they use the very excuse that their father gives them the very excuse that their father gives them unless there's what about home? They came back to their father's Russia and very late at night. So they came later than expected, they

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would have they should have come back before sunset, but they came back Russia and how did they come back in a state of crying, crocodile tears, false tears, invented tears, fabricated tears. So they come home late at night to give the impression that something is wrong. They didn't come at the apportion time, they didn't come at the time they're supposed to. They came very late at night, crying false tears, or lujah abana. They said, Oh, our dear father, or Father in heaven and hysterical. We went racing one another, like children do, like young men do. And we left you serve with our goods. We left you serve with our food with the picnic items with the animals that were

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with us. So you can imagine just like in any scenario, that when they go racing, somebody has to remain behind. So they said we left use of the youngest of us. And when we came back, lo and behold, we found that the wolf had eaten him. And this is the very excuse that their father gives. They couldn't think of any other excuse. So, Jacobi excuse is then used against him. And they bring forth a shirt to a wider community. They brought the shirt of use of be demin kill him with a blood that was lying. Now this is a powerful

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Arabic device, the blood cannot lie be demonstrated the blood does not have the capacity to lie. Rather, they were the liars, but Allah azza wa jal to show the emphasis of how evil that blood was. Allah says this was a lying blood, this was a false blood. So they brought forth a shirt that was stained with blood. But it wasn't useless blood, probably they had taken a sheep or a goat, and they had taken the blood of this animal and they soaked the shirt of use of, and they said, this is the shirt of use of this is our proof that use of was eaten by a wolf.

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As soon as you saw the shirt, he knew that this is a false story. He knew this was a lie. He knew this was not the case. Why? And how, because the shirt was intact, the shirt was not torn. How can a wolf eat up a boy and leave the shirt intact? So you see, the brothers of us have made a mistake. And this is something that to this day, there is a science called criminology, the science of studying criminal behavior, forensic science, you go and you research, the mistakes or the clues that a thief or a murderer leaves behind this is because there is no such thing as a perfect crime, or this hardly ever occurs. And this is something that, as we said, modern science has talked about

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it psychologists and analysts and, and scientists, they all talk about this. And they say the average human being cannot commit the perfect crime, you must leave some clues, you must leave some mistakes behind. And so this is exactly what the brothers those of us have did. They committed a major blunder, and that blunder was, they left the shirt as it was they didn't tear it up into pieces. And even if they had torn it up, there would have been other clues and of them is the hatred and jealousy that they feel. So jacoba his Salaam understands that they have done something wrong. And he says all as well. So what that lack of unfortunate come

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your own souls have devised something for you and made it pleasing. Your own souls have made something pleasing to you. I don't know what it is. I'm wrong. It's something I don't know what it is. But you have done something wrong. What can I do for Sadhguru Jimmy, and this could have a number of meanings of them. The only option I have is to be patient, have beautiful patience, and have them the best thing to do at times of distress is to be patient, a beautiful patient and have them I will respond to your tactics by being patient, but not just any patience, the best type of patience. And this shows us a number of things. It shows us the blessings of patience, and the

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blessings of patience are worthy of many episodes. Allah is with those who are patient, and Allah loves those who are patient. And the Prophet says I'm praise patience. And he said, patience is the head of a man. It's the basis of a man if you're a patient, it shows a man and Yahoo also says I will be patient a beautiful type of patience. So patience is of many types. And I will choose the best type of patient so balloon, Jamil and Indeed, Allah who Mr. Allah matassa foon. Allah is the one that I turn to. Allah is my source of protection over all that you have done, you can plot and plan I have a lot on my side, all of mankind can be against me. My own children can do a dastardly

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deed, but I will turn to Allah and Allah is the one who will protect me. Allah is my protector over all that you try to do. We need to take a short break. When we come back. We'll continue talking about the story of use of heading setup. Stay with us. Lo

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Welcome back.

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We had discussed that the brothers of use of threw him into a well. Now there was a phrase here that we didn't mention in the previous episode, and that is Allah says in the Quran, that what oh hyena era he led to not be unknown by somebody who had their homeland alone, We inspired use of We inspired him, that you will inform your brothers of what they have done while they are unaware. And this is a powerful, powerful message here. It shows us that this child was inspired by Allah. Allah comforted him, some of them are even said he became a prophet right then and there because Allah inspired him. Others said, this is a type of inspiration that is called a lamp. And it is given to

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nonprofits as well. But some of them I said he became

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came a profit at this young age. Also Allah tells him, you will remind them of what they have done to you, you will inform them of what they have done to you when they themselves are unaware. And this brings about a lot of comfort. Firstly, it tells us of that he's not going to die, because he will tell them someday, but what they did, so it gives him the comfort, you are not going to die. Secondly, it gives him the comfort that you will be reunited with your family, even though they are your brothers, and they have done this to you, you still love them, you still have comfort with them and with your parents, obviously. So Allah tells him, you will be reunited with your own brother.

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And thirdly,

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the fact that you will inform them shows that you will have a higher status than them, you will be in a position of power, and they will be in a position of weakness. And fourthly, they will not recognize you, such will be his status, that they won't even know who you are. So this tells us that Allah azza wa jal comforted this little child, this prophet, to be comforted him by telling him the outcome of the result, the outcome of this action, by knowing that the outcome is that he will live and will tell them in a position of power, while they don't recognize him, the child is comforted. Now for us in the states that we are obviously we don't know the future of this world, but we can

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try the future of the Hereafter, we can hope for the future of the hereafter. So as believers, whenever a trial afflicts us, whenever a will see but whenever a problem comes, we comfort ourselves by thinking of the Hereafter, by thinking of the net result of our actions, by thinking of how Allah will bless us in the world to come. We think of gender, we think of the blessings of Allah, and the trials of this world will become trivial upon us, just like they did for the Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam. Now, the brothers say to their father, you will never believe us, no matter what we do, even if we're truthful, you won't believe us. And the reason they say this is because they know full

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well, that they are guilty of a crime. They are guilty of by their nature, because they wanted to do some harm to us. So they tell their fathers, even if we weren't telling the truth, you would not believe us. Now their father knows that something is amiss, something is wrong. So he says, I put my trust in Allah, Allah is my helper, will law whom will stand Allah is the one whom I will turn to for my aid. Allah then tells us what happened to the child, what just say yada, yada. So now we move from the house of, of yaku. We move now back to the well, and the child was there alone for a period of time, we don't know how long but we can imagine it must have been a few days because it is not

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something that happens every day that a caravan goes by. So he was there in the bottom of the well hi about his job, in the depths of the wealth in the darkness of the wealth. This is not a shallow wealth. It is a deep, deep wealth that they have thrown him into. And the scholars of history say that he was standing on a rock so that he didn't drown, such as the cruelty of the brothers, they threw him into this deep wealth, darkness and dampness. And he stayed there a few days, he could not climb out, he could not get out of this wealth, until a caravan came, was Sayonara

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for our salary, the home. They sent their their water carrier, there was a person assigned for getting water for Adela Delaware, who he put his bucket in. Now we can imagine that this was a far away Well, away from any city had had been close to a city use would have been discovered. So it was a well that had water, it was not abandoned. But it was not on the path of a city. It wasn't a path of caravans and travelers. So there is no pump there or not a pump in those days. But the pulley if you like to put the water out, rather the travelers put their own bucket with their own rope and string to get some water there is not a system that is present on top of the wealth. And this shows

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us the world is a far away Well, that is not used every day. So this bucket carrier comes for Adela who he puts his own bucket in and when the bucket comes in, the child holds on to it and get into it. So you can imagine how small this child must have been. And that is why one of the opinions and seems to be a very strong one. He was only six or seven years old at the time. So he gets into this bucket and the strong man who is used to carrying heavy buckets of water. He pulls it out. And lo and behold, he finds a boy there and he becomes happy. Yeah. Boucher. He cries out. Oh, good news. Good luck. This is something great. Why? Because he realizes this can be sold as a slave. now

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realize we're living at a time when slavery is a common practice. And you come across a young child and you can steal this child. Have you been honest? Have you been good? He would have announced in the neighboring cities. Is there a lost child? We have found a child but no, these are these are caravan traders, typical businessmen

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All they want to do is make a profit, even if it means selling a human being that is not allowed to be sold. And the profits are some of the worst people on the day of judgment will be a person who takes a free man, and he pretends or he forces him into slavery and then sells him. This is of the worst crimes. And so this is what they did. They took this child and they said, yeah, we should all have that hula what great news. This is a young boy. What a subtle Whoo hoo. They hit him. They concealed him how below 10 as a merchandise, so they concealed him as if he was a merchandise as if he was an item to be sold. they pretended he was a slave. Well Allahu Allahu Allah azza wa jal is

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well aware of what they did, even though they hid from mankind. Even though mankind did not know what they what they what they had done. Allah subhana wa tada was well aware of what they had done. Now, Allah subhana wa tada tells us that these people were that were a group of people who try to basically trick mankind into selling use of even though he was not worthy of being sold. So they Allah says, watch out Oh, who beat him and in boxing, they sold him for a very, very measly price. But feminine, Bhasin there are him Mr. Duda just a few Durham's. What can ofii mean Azhar hidden. And they were of those who didn't have did not did not place much value on use of value his salon.

00:21:33--> 00:22:17

Now this verse has a number of benefits to it. First and foremost, Allah says wash out Oh, who they sold him who sold him. Here, there's two opinions. One opinion is that the brothers of use have returned to the well the next day. And they waited for a caravan to come. When the caravan came, the brother said this is our slave. And so the brothers did the selling to the merchants. So Allah says they sold use of the brothers sold user. So they have done a double crime. They first tried to kill him, or at least throw him away into the well. And the second crime is that they sold him as a slave even though he was not a slave. And Allah says what kind of human is that he didn't they didn't want

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him they wanted to get rid of him. This is the first interpretation. However, this does not seem to be the very strong one. Because they didn't come back. They stayed in their father's house. Rather, what appears to be the case is that the caravan people were the ones who took him and they were the ones who sold him. Who did they sell him to? We will find out in the next series of verses they sold him in a foreign land. Now remember, where was your home living? Jaco was living in the sacred land of Philistine. He was living in what we call today, Palestine. He was living in August Allah calls it the Holy Land, and it is holy. And to this day we as Muslims consider this land to be holy. So

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iacobelli Hassan was living in this land, and Allah azza wa jal will that Yaqoob and his children would leave this land temporarily, and then be given it again for a long period of time. How did they leave it through the story of use of Allah, his Salah, and this is the whole point of the story of use of it tells us the beginnings and the origins of Bani Israel. It tells us the genesis of how Bani Israel or the children of Israel began what was their beginning and the ending was with the Prophet of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the story of the children of Israel, for the Muslims is from the beginning of Yahoo and use of all the way up to sending recently so that when that was when

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Allah azza wa jal lifted the blessings from the children of Israel, and gave them to other people. So we said that the strongest opinion is that the selling was done by the merchants themselves. They concealed use of Allah, his setup, and they transported him all the way to Egypt. So this was a caravan that was going from Palestine from Philistine, and it traveled all the way to Egypt. And this is how the children of Israel ended up in Egypt, many, many centuries. And they stayed there underground, because the children of Israel were from fell asleep, and they returned to fall asleep. But in the interim, for a few 100 years, they were in Egypt. How did they get there, because Yusuf

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Alayhi Salam was transported there by these businessmen by these caravan traders and this is the plan of Allah. Remember Muslims, whatever happens happens by the plan and decree of Allah. Allah has a divine wisdom, even if we don't understand it, Allah azzawajal knows. So these people, they sold use of the theremin in boxing for a measly price. To emphasize it, Allah says, There are human that do that this is an emphasis here to explain. For a few silver coins. There are humps and dinars where the currency gold and silver dinar is gold, and there is silver. Now, a slave is worth a lot of money. Always have

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Been, slaves are very, very expensive because you are selling the human being, of course, in our religion in our show the we are not allowed to take any man and make him into a slave. Slavery only occurs. And this is of course in an Islamic State. Of course we don't have to have slaves in any Islamic state but according to the Sharia, when there was slavery allowed now it is not allowed by any country. But when it was allowed, even then, as Muslims, we were not allowed ever are *tier does not allow us to take men and make them into slaves, only the prisoners of war who cannot be ransomed off what do you do with them? Those are the only legitimate source of slaves how prisoners

00:25:38--> 00:26:18

of war are then not being able to sold off they're not they don't find their ransom money. The government does not want them. What do you do with them? That is the only option in Islam that it is these people who become slaves. So the the caravan here, as we said, hijack this point they're not allowed to take him as slaves, and they sold him for a paltry sum, because they did not appreciate the value of use of value his salon and such as the case with this world that when you get something for free, you don't value it. When you get something for for a cheap price. You don't consider it to be worthy of great money. Even though they got a price they got something very expensive. They sold

00:26:18--> 00:26:54

him for a paltry price. Another reason this is the case is because this is stolen merchandise. They don't want to cause any suspicion. They don't want to raise any alarms. So even though use of it his salon was worth a lot of money, because they just want you to get rid of him. They sold him for a very paltry sum. This brings us to the conclusion of today's episode inshallah to Allah. In our next episode, we will continue what happens to use of in Egypt. I hope to see you then, until next time, Assalamu alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh agha ganas de casa de my evil