Yasir Qadhi – Towards A Blissful Marriage #02

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding false and inaccurate assumptions in relationships and finding a balance between emotions and behavior. They provide practical advice on forgiveness, remorse, and finding a balance between emotions and behavior. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and the use of the "has been praying for your marriage" tactic is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the importance of planning ahead for marriage and following the Bible to avoid divorce.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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in Alhamdulillah Meadow who want to stay in a home on Estelle fiddle when our Oh Isabella Himanshu roti and fusina woman sejati Anna Lena mahila who fala mobila La MaMa yodeling, Hoefler hardy Allah, wa shadow Allah ilaha IL Allah.

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Allah wa shadow Ana Mohammed Abu hora sudo yeah you holla Xena amanu taco, la haka, Ducati, while otamatone illa Anta Muslim moon, ama bad. Dear Muslims in a previous quotable, I had begun the topic of the blessings of marriage. And there is no question that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have sanctified this union of marriage. In fact, Allah calls it in the Quran meetha upon Holly Eva, a very sacred and firm contract, a covenant. Allah calls the marriage a meet and metok means a very strict covenant and then to make it

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even stricter. Allah says Allah deal. It's something that is very intertwined and bound together. And there is no question dear Muslims that of the goals of the Shetty is the flourishing of our marriages. I want you to think about that of the goals of the Sharia. Allah once my marriage and your marriage to succeed. The goals of the Shetty are the laws of the Quran, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are all aimed in this regard when it comes to marriage. They are aimed at increasing the love between the spouses. It is a desired and explicit goal that Allah azza wa jal has intended for our marriages to flourish. In fact, we learn from the Hadees that

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shape on is actively breaking bonds. shavon sends his minions shaitan sends his ambassadors to try to break the bonds of marriage. And we learned in the Hadith in Abu Dhabi, that when a husband and wife divorce because of the whisperings of shavon shavon welcomes the evil jinn that caused that and said you have done something magnificent. So dear brothers, if shavon is happy when a divorce occurs, this means that by fulfilling the marriage contract and protecting the marriage contract, we are pleasing Allah and rejecting shavon. It is over the goals of the Sharia, that we make our marriage flourish. However, the Shetty outcomes with a generic guidelines in the end of the day, the

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work has to be done by me and by you, the work has to be done by each of the two partners. And so today's hold will then shallow to under summarize five practical tips, five practical pieces of advice and wisdom from the Quran and from the sun and from the syrup and also from human experience and wisdom. First and foremost, I begin by stating that it is explicitly mentioned in the Quran and in the sooner that when it comes to marriage, we do not concentrate on the false and the mistakes of our partner. This is one of the biggest issues that happens in a marriage that the good of our partner is overlooked and the negative or the bad characteristics are exaggerated. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala explicitly says in the Quran, that it is not allowed for a believing man to hate a believing woman meaning a husband and wife they should not have this and Allah says what I saw on Takahashi and wager Allah houfy here on kathira perhaps you might not like something meaning in the marriage, but Allah azza wa jal has brought about a lot of good through this marriage, you're concentrating on the negative, but Allah is saying you don't know perhaps there's a lot of hair in this. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in an authentic hadith, let not know believing husband hate, despise, unbelieving wife, meaning if you have a man, if you have Why did he say believing means if

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you have a man, then allow that a man to keep your hatred in check. Let no husband who has a man hate his believing wife, and vice versa also let no believing wife hate her husband, why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if you are not happy with one characteristic, for sure, you will be happy with another. This is a very, very simple point of psychology to your brothers and sisters. And that is before you jump to the negatives before you think about what irritates you before you concentrate on what you don't like, you have already jumped over and taken for granted what you do like you're ignoring that because human nature is you take the good for granted, we don't realize

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how blessed we are with our health until we don't have it with our wealth until we don't have it. So too. We don't appreciate the good in our spouse that good that perhaps at the beginning of our marriage, we appreciated we fell in love with but then we take that good for granted. So Allah and His Messenger explicitly have said to us, don't just concentrate on the negatives. Look at the broader picture. And for sure, do your brother and sister for sure. If you have one characteristic you don't like you're overlooking a characteristic that you should like perhaps one of you has a temper but that same one might also be very loving with the children. Perhaps one of you might want

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to spend more money than your budget allows, but they're also a very loving partner when it comes to words when it comes to emotions. Why overlook the good and concentrate on the bad also within this point as well. We need to point out a very fundamental problem especially of modern society. And that is this notion that everybody else's marriage is good, but my marriage is not good that you idealize and romanticize every other

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Marriage, and especially with the social media culture and the dramas that are what everybody is watching in Hollywood and Bollywood and all of this, you get this impression that everybody's marriage is a bed of roses. And then shaitaan comes and says, Oh, I am suffering. I'm the one in this situation. Dear brothers, dear sisters, every single marriage has its ups and downs. And don't be fooled by the outer glitter that you think you see, I will tell you on a personal anecdote when I first got married more than 20 years ago, and hamdulillah been married more than 20 years when I first got married. And I was still very innocent about marriage and what not, I remember there was a

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friend of mine who married before me. And we would think this couple is the most romantic and the most loving couple, every conversation we had, each spouse would bring up the other spouse praise the other spouse, we would think this is the epitome of a beautiful marriage. One day, I got a phone call from this brother. And he said, please come to my house is an emergency. And I worried I drove to his house, this is more than 20 years ago, drove to his house. turns out they're on the verge of divorce. And I was shocked. I could not understand this couple whom all of society thought is the ideal couple, the romantic couple, the loving couple. And as the conversations proceeded, I

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realized, and they confessed that that outer shell of love and romance, it was a complete facade, it was a complete act that they were doing. In reality, their marriage was in shambles for a long period of time. And actually, that particular couple ended up divorcing one another. Why do I say this, because shaytaan comes to you. And shaitan says to you, your marriage is bad, your marriage is pathetic. everybody else's marriage is good. And that is not the case. Every one of us is struggling in our own ways. And every marriage is a work in progress. concentrate on what you have. The grass looks greener on the other side. But it is not the case, every single couple as its own situations.

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So you deal with yours, and you look at the positive before you get to the negative. I'm not saying there's no negative. But what did the Prophet system say before you jump to the negative look at the positive as well. So in your mind, you're irritated at one characteristic one attribute before you dwell on that, think about at least two or three positives that your partner has, and then see if those positives can cause you to outweigh those negatives. My second point, which is explicit in the Quran, as well, the second point that we learned from the Quran, when it comes to these negatives, yes, we all have negatives, a lot explicitly says when it comes to marriage, Allah explicitly says,

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try to forgive and overlook and conceal the faults of your partner as much as possible. You cannot create your partner in your perfect image, just like your partner cannot create you in their perfect image. So learn to accept your partner with the mistakes and the faults that he or she has in a famous hadith of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is speaking to the men, so he's speaking in a language that they can understand. He talks about women being created from a rib and the rib is inherently crooked. Then he says to the men, you cannot straighten this rib according to your parameters. You cannot straighten this, if you try to straighten it, you will end up cracking

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it. And by cracking it, he said it means you will divorce the point here. every man, every woman, they have a different way of thinking psychologically, men and women are different. And sometimes it gets frustrating for men and women to be dealing with one another when they're so different. What did our Profit System mean by this crooked rib and ology he meant you cannot achieve perfection from your paradigm. You want a woman to act and think and interact with you like a man but she's not she's a woman. And the same with a woman. She wants the man to act and have emotions like a woman but that's not going to happen. So accept how each one has been created by Allah because each one

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has a role and each one is complimentary to the other in the Koran even more explicit Allah subhana wa tada says that oh you who believe some of your families and some of your spouses they are your enemies I do welcome here enemy does not mean religious enemy. Enemy means that sometimes they're doing things are gonna get on your nerves is going to be problematic. It might cause you to have an issue even with your faith, so they're your enemies. Then what does Allah say? What in Tao foo? What does why who what tofu for in Allah for Rahim, if you forgive and you overlook and you cover up their faults that Allah as well as afford and Rahim, this is an explicit verse when it comes to

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marriage that Allah is commanding the spouses to learn to forgive the other. You're not going to achieve perfection. Your spouse has mistakes like you have mistakes. If you want the marriage to flourish, you will have to perfect the art. What entire fool What What, what don't fiddle each of these adjectives. Each of these

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Verbs indicates forgiving forgetting turning over a new leaf to a full you erase it as if it never happens. forgive and forget what she said to you or what harsh word was said by him to you just forgive it and ignore it. Does Fido turn over a new leaf It's a new day does for her literally means software out to turn over and you leave the past was the past, let it be the past will tell you if you can either do awful or suffer. The third thing tofu, remember, but forgive it in your hearts. Because awful means you don't even think about it. The software means it's in the past, you're not going to dwell upon it. If you cannot get to that level, the least you can do just forgive. And then

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Allah incentivizes. And Allah says, just like you forgive her or she forgives you, so too, I can forgive the both of you don't you want Allah to forgive you as well. So in the Quran, we learn another important tactic of marriage, and that is the tactic of forgiving the partner of having a clean heart of learning to think of the past as the past and not keep on bringing it up over and over again, that is the second or onic advice. So number one, think of the good before you get to the bad. Number two, when it comes to the bad try to forgive and try to forget number three, what if you cannot, what if that issue really is bothering you? What if you cannot forgive and forget what

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if a mistake was made or something said or a characteristic or habit that simply cannot be ignored what is to be done? Then Allah azza wa jal mentions a third aspect in the Quran. And that is was solo higher form a solo, a solo, literally, the term is applied to a peace treaty. A solo means a conciliation. This is what the term the Quran uses that the husband and wife should form a solar and solar means that each party comes to the table and discusses the problem. You know, literally when two countries are at war, and assault takes place, what must happen, they must come to the table, and they must discuss the problems very frankly, and they have to reach a compromise. This in Arabic

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is called solar peace treaty. And Allah uses the same term between husband and wife who are fighting one another. And what this means just like the husband and wife is a partnership between two people. If you want the partnership to succeed, each of the two has to put in the effort to get that compromise. No marriage will succeed. If one of the partners refuses to do anything, no marriage will succeed until both of the partners puts in an effort. And if you want to receive something from your spouse, dear husband, dear wife, you must also give something to your spouse, if you want to receive you must be willing to to give as well. And therefore if you want the marriage to succeed,

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and if you want the marriage to flourish, then you as well put in the effort. In fact, may I even encourage you to be the first to put in the effort. Allah says in the Quran with regards to two people who are enemies and fighting this isn't about marriage, we can apply it to marriage that Allah says in the Quran, that it is possible that if you just you know, be be generous and be kind that Allah subhana wa tada will bring that kindness between them, you do not know your enemy can become your best friend. Allah says in the Quran, you do not know your enemy can become your best friend, if only you show that kindness. If this is about two warring people, what do you think about

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husband and wife so before you bring up the mistakes of your partner, come to the table metaphorically And literally, and express your own mistakes and desire to correct and then bring up the mistakes of your partner and see what can be done. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also gave us another piece of advice. Hadith in Sahih. Muslim he said, and Allah gives via kindness, what Allah does not give via force and pressure. Allah gives better rifki when you're kind, when you're gentle, Allah will give you what Allah will not give you when you're angry. And when you're pressuring, and when you're forcing. So when you're nice and sweet, when you're loving and kind to

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people, Allah will give you much more than when you're angry when you're mean when you're nasty when you're trying to force pressure. So, if this is a generic idea, in any transaction, how much more so between husband and wife, therefore, dear couple, dear husband, dear wife, if there is an issue that is extremely troubling, and it is a mistake, and you cannot ignore it, and you cannot forgive it, well, then it must be brought up, it needs to be brought up. And that bringing up needs to take place with kindness with gentleness and it should take place and the right time and the right ambience and the right language and no one can teach you how to influence your partner better than

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you yourself. You've been married 510 2030 years, no one knows your spouse and the psychology of your spouse better than you. So if you want to

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The marriage to succeed, then you come with the love and the compassion and the tenderness that only you know your partner will appreciate. And you come with a sincere heart, and you use soft language and you use the language of us and our marriage and not accusing you did this and you did that, because that's not going to be helpful. That is not psychologically helpful. In fact, if you read books of psychology and you and books of marital help and tips, one of the simple tips that we can use is to eliminate the accusative you and to start saying, We or I, anything you want to say you think about how to change it into AI. When you talk about yourself and your feelings, automatically

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you tone down when you accuse the other person becomes defensive. So one example you are irritated by somebody coming home late like your husband might be working late, for example, and you say you always come home late you never call you never spend time. That's accusative human nature, when you're accusing the other person will become defensive, the other person will become automatically irritated, flip it around and say, I feel lonely. When you don't come home, you flip it around and you talk about your own emotions. I feel as if nobody's here, and I feel all alone. When you're coming home late, you don't call etc. All of a sudden, instead of accusing you are now describing

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your pain, your suffering, and if your partner has any love, then automatically it will change the discourse. So ask yourself dear couple, husband and wife ask yourself, what is the goal of bringing up your partner's faults? Is the goal to vent your frustration? Is the goal to irritate your partner? Is the goal to make your partner angry? Or is the goal to bring about actual change because a good marriage is good for you and your partner and the children and society. If the goal is actual change, then swallow your ego control your pride and don't accuse rather speak of us together speak of your issues my I have an issue with this I am in discomfort, it hurts me to see you like this and

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it will automatically change the discourse. So the third piece of advice again straight from the Quran and Sunnah was so high that find some type of compromise. And by the way, compromise means each side must be willing to give nobody's perfect and if you want to receive you must also be willing to give this is the third advice from the Quran and the Sunnah, the fourth advice that I have for myself and all of you. The fourth advice is that one of the most important aspects of a healthy marriage is to have quality time between the spouses is to have quality time that is meant only for the spouses, private time for the family, and then also for the spouses alone. And we are

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all aware of that famous incident in the Sierra that occurred multiple times that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the companions when they're coming back from a journey, he said to them, You go, the Medina was close by you go, and I assure myself will stay here. He didn't tell them why what would what did they plan to do? They're going to do races in the sand. We all know that Hadith. We've all heard this Hadeeth that I shared the Profit System, when they were outside the city, the city is close by. And by the way, in those days, the world was very dangerous. You couldn't have couples going for a honeymoon or couples going for, you know, a vacation didn't work

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that way. But this is the closest that that timeframe would would allow what was the closest when they see the city in the distance relatively safe, the profits are some set to the Sahaba. You go and I wish me will remain here. They all went on just the two of them. And then what did they do? They literally played in the sand. They literally set a place. This is where we're going to begin the race. We're going to end the race. And then he did it again, as we're all aware, and I shadow the Allahu on her. She's remembering this 50 years later, she's remembering this as an old lady. She's reminiscing about her youth and look at those even though it would have been half an hour one

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hour. But that quality time, I should not be alone. It's embedded in her memory that once I raised the professor I sent him he won me and so we did it again. And then sorry. And then I want him and then he did it again. And then he won me. And then he said this makes up for my loss of last of last time. This small anecdote. It shows us the window that I should not be alone. And she she takes that moment as precious as something so beautiful. She remembers it decades later, and she then narrates it to her students. Now in our times Alhamdulillah we can spend more than just half an hour on a race. And it's a very beautiful Hadith as well, by the way, which is very fascinating. Our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Hadeeth is an unnecessary he said, anything that does not have the vicar of Allah the remembrance of Allah shall be considered a waste of time, except for for it as long as possible.

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The one phrase we're interested in, except for four things, even if you don't do the Quran, Quran and tilawat and do an A Bada, that is an investment, what one of them he said, What will our other two Rajamouli Allahu, and a man playing with his family with his wife playing in every sense of the term, there is the conjugal connotation, no question about that the intimate connotation is here. But it's also more than that our promises that I'm played with our issue in the sound running, racing, this is played this is spending time. Notice, everything that you do, that doesn't have the vicar of Allah is going to be a waste of time. He didn't say it's how long we're going to go to

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*. He says a waste of time, no benefits. But there are four things he mentioned. The other three are related to horse riding an archer and others four things he mentioned. He said, even if you don't do Vicar, even if you don't remember Allah subhana wa Taala, that is good, it's positive. It's nothing wrong with that. And one of them was a man and a woman, a husband and wife spending time together, playing together laughing together, enjoying together, the Shetty up wants you to invest time and money on your family, in your marriage on your spouse. And then our times that we live in the equivalent would be we go on a vacation, or we spend some alone time we cut off from our daily

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routine, like our Prophet sallallahu I sent him did and we do something just the two of us together to bring back the romance to spend that attention, whatever is possible according to your budget, and according to your time, whatever is possible for our profit system, it was simply a race outside of Medina, and that our mother, I should remember for many of us, it could be a weekend retreat somewhere or even a trip overseas or whatever it might be. But the quality time is so important. And this is on a weekly or on a yearly basis. On top of this, what is our mother our HSA. She says that our profits are some that at night when it was after slotland ratio, she would say that the profit

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system would speak to her until late in the night that he would yes Maria and he speak until late in the night. You know that privacy that intimacy nobody else is around and that connection has to be there between the couple and this quality time it brings the marriage and it helps saves the love and the romance. The surety I wants you to invest time and money in that relationship because in saving the marriage you save yourself and your children and you save all of society and the final piece of advice so that was advice number four, the final and fifth advice which is one of the most simplest and yet it is also Quranic you will not accomplish anything without Allah other and will

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and you will not get Allah scholar and will without making dua to Allah and following the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. And therefore one of the Quranic to us is the DA of having a good marriage and a good spouse. There are multiple to us. But the one that I want to put in everybody's mind is in the end of surah Furqan that Allah subhanho wa Taala says Rob bene habla Minh as wodgina with a reality now kurata Aryan that Oh our Lord, we want you to bless us, from our spouses,

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from our spouses and our children, that which will comfort our eyes. So Allah is asking you to make up to have a good husband, a good wife, Allah is asking you put it in your daily routine are up benna habla na min as wodgina with Korea, Tina kurata are you and you're constantly making do that you want a spouse that is going to be a comfort to your eyes, a coolness of your heart, when you make dua to Allah, you are prioritizing your family, you're asking a lot for a good family. And along with this of course, anytime you want something from Allah, you must follow the Sharia of Allah. So learn the sunon of being a husband and wife learn the job of all of the acts that are

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related to marriage and follow those sooner and to get the Baraka of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. These are five simple pieces of advice that if we follow them, insha Allah who to Allah, it will open up the doors of a better marriage, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless all of us in our marriage, you may Allah xojo bless me and you within through the Quran, and may make us of those who is versus they understand and applies head on and hold on throughout our lifespan ask us forgiveness, you as well asking for us the food and the ramen

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hamdulillah all praises due to Allah, the One and the unique. It is He alone that we worship, and it is His blessings that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed and he answers the drop of the week. Dear Muslims, if the marriage has issues that cannot be solved between husband and wife, I gave you five steps between husband and wife. But sometimes it goes beyond this. Sometimes the husband and wife cannot have their own accord.

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Solve the marriage. And it becomes something that other people are aware of. We have to realize that a marital issue that goes public is not something that we need to be ashamed about. Just because your marriage or my marriage has problems, it's not something we have to cover up. On the contrary, sometimes getting help from family and friends, sometimes expressing your frustration to those who love you and care about you will actually solve the marriage. And this is even in the life of the Prophet sallallahu, ala he was sitting, we're all aware of that incident where for one month, there was some tension for one month, there was some tension. And I've gone over to my Sierra lectures.

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And by the way, that's a very interesting story in and of itself. Husbands need to understand this is not, we don't have time for the full story. But our mothers, they're human beings. And when the wealth of our profits has increased, I should say, when the access to wealth increased, he himself lived a simple lifestyle from the day he was born till the day he died. He himself lived a very modest lifestyle. But in later Medina, he had access to large amounts of wealth. Our mothers are human beings. And they began asking a higher standard of living. There was nothing wrong with that request. Brothers listen to this, there was nothing wrong with that request, and had our profits

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hasn't been anybody else. He would have given it to them. But you see, our profit system cannot live like a king. He cannot live like a wealthy person. He is rasulillah. He is a role model in every aspect for him to live like that would not have been appropriate. And so when those requests and demands increased, our Profit System withdrew for a month because he could not give them that lifestyle because he did not want to live that life. Not that he didn't have the money. Had it been anybody else. That would not have been a problem. But he is Rasulullah sallallahu I sent him then Allah revealed in the Quran. Yeah, Nisa, and Abby are wives of the Prophet. If you want this dunya

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come, I shall give you as much as you want, and then let you go on your way. But if you want to Allah and His Messenger, then this shall be your life. So you can read the verses Susan has up. What is the beautiful point here? Our mothers were not sinful for making a legitimate request. Allah did not say it's evil. Allah did not say is how long and how dare you, they have a legitimate request. We want to live more comfortable lives. And the Prophet system himself could not fulfill it, because his lifestyle was not like mine and yours, we can live that that way. He cannot live that way. But still, Allah said to our mothers, if you want, get as much as you want, but then we cannot be

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husband, wife in this in this world. And every one of them chose the Profit System. And as simple lifestyle. They prefer the love of Allah and they prefer the love of the messenger over the love of the dunya. And that's why they are our mothers. The point being that incident went public, all of Medina was talking about it. Abu Bakar got involved with it. Sure Omar got involved would have settled the Allahu anhu. And if a marital dispute had been awkward and embarrassing, our profit system would not have it wouldn't have been public news, sometimes for it to go public. By public. I mean your family and friends you obviously need to put it on the social media with family and

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friends sometimes for other people to know it is healthy and helpful. And this is what the Quran itself alludes to. The Quran alludes to this how and when Allah says that if the situation gets tense and divorces on the horizon, Allah says before you get to divorce for up to a hacker moment early, he will come in earlier, you'll get two arbitrators, one from her family, one from his family, her friends, his friends, one who knows her better knows her before the marriage, her his interest is more with the woman and the other. His interest is more with the man that he has sympathies for with demand from before but the both of them want the marriage to succeed. Then Allah

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says get them together and have them arbitrate. Allah is saying bring in family and friends, bring in cousins and relatives, bring in people who care about you and get their advice. There is nothing embarrassing if your marriage is not in the way that it should be to get help from close family from friends from those who care about you forget embarrassing, this is the Quranic command. And if you want a marriage to be saved, you will follow this Quranic commandment. And Allah says in the Quran, if they want reconciliation, if they want the marriage to succeed, then you are 50 Allah who by you know whom Allah subhana wa Taala will bring about reconciliation between them. And then the final

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point and this is a whole different whole, the whole issue of divorce brothers and sisters, it deserves much more than just one quick illusion. But divorce is like the emergency exit on the airplane. You know, it's there, but you never want to use it. You know, the procedure, and everybody should learn the procedure and know it, everybody should know it. But it's not something you constantly think about when you step on the plane. Nobody's thinking about all the time the exit and the emergency

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The exits and the oxygen nobody you don't want to think like that. If you're thinking like this all the time, you're headed for disaster. That's not the way a marriage works. Yes, there is an exit. Yes, it is a halaal exit, but that has an exit is only used in case of absolute necessity. And if one needs to use it one follows the proper procedure as is found in the books of fiction and in the Diocese of the Quran, one of them being you do not jump to divorce until you have arbitration divorces never done instantaneously. Divorce is never done in the spur of the moment. It's never done in the state of anger. All of this is wrong divorces done with more planning than the marriage

00:35:39 --> 00:36:17

You should plan a divorce even more if it needs to happen, then you plan the marriage and one of the plannings is that after the two arbitrators have come together, and they both say you know what this marriage is beyond repair. Sometimes it happens it is the case. Then when both arbitrators say then in that case, you should think and contemplate divorce and it is there at the very end of the plane you keep it. It's not something constantly brought up. No marriage will succeed. If divorce is on the table. Every time an argument comes up, and especially husbands it is not befitting that you constantly bring up this card of divorce. How can a marriage succeed when you're threatening to end

00:36:17 --> 00:36:58

the marriage for the most trivial of reasons, follow the Quranic guidelines, follow the swinter guidelines and realize that with this we conclude a successful marriage is beneficial for you and your spouse. We have to swallow our egos. We have to swallow our egos for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala a successful marriage is better for you and your spouse and for children and for society. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed the Sharia in order that our marriages flourish so turn to Allah follow the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah and actively work on bettering your marriages. If both of you want the marriage to succeed, Allah has guaranteed that it will succeed May Allah

00:36:58 --> 00:37:39

subhana wa tada make us of those whose marriages flourish alone in either manual. Allah Allah Allah that if I had to meet them, Bonilla Zapata. Allah Hammond illa faraja Well, iodine and Illa later while I'm married on Indonesia feta when I see it on Ilia, sorta Allah Filipina one and the laziness of accountability man while I try a few proven Allah Lila Dena Manu robina in Nakuru for Rahim, Allah whom I said Islam I will muslimeen Allahumma eisele Islam I will muslimeen Allah whom is Islam one Muslim in Allahu Allah Jenna our rodden istambul Muslim in Ebisu and phase three who been upset which altered me Rafi to the bat here. Are these rebounds a law in the law to Allah America MLM

00:37:39 --> 00:38:15

better bbfc within it will likely produce a with a letter become a u haul mononym engineer he were in CIP for all the ASME code in Lima in the law homologue could you also do another newbie? Yeah, you have Latina amanu sallu la he was sending him with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Abdi karateka Mohammed was early he was so heavy as marine rebar is a law in the law. How to mobile ugly well the assignee waited quarterback while you're in Halifax shy woman carry wild belly, you're either coming from tether karoun kulula alima qoocam wish kurios what are the crew lighter Allah Akbar welti massada

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he can

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