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Alhamdulillah we praise Allah subhana wa tada who raised the heavens and created the creation and who spread for the earth and beautified with vegetation. And he gave us the cycle of the night and day in perfect harmony and alternation. And he sent down to us the Quran as the divine book and Revelation, and he made us of the, of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who shall occupied the Praiseworthy station. We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for having guided us to Islam, for we would not have been guided had he not guided us and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to send this Salat and Salam upon the one who was chosen as an amine

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toward follows know that Allah subhana wa tada has reminded us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran Yeah, you heard it in a moto taco la haka Ducati wala Jamuna. illa Anta Muslim moon, brothers and sisters in a beautiful Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari narrated by Abu hurayrah radi Allahu tada on our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the deen you soon this religion is ease. He didn't say this religion is easy. He said this religion is ease in the Drina user meaning the defining characteristic of our religion is ease as Allah says in the Quran. warmage is a comfy demon Hara. Allah has not made the religion difficult. As Allah says in the Quran, you read Allahu be

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Kumon. You sir. Well, are you ready to be commanded Rasul? Allah wants to make things easy for you, he does not want to make things difficult. So this religion is the definition of ease that it goes on. Let me explain this phrase and then we'll move on with the Hadith. Look at how easy Allah has made our religion. Throughout the day, we have 24 hours, we can do whatever we want. For less than 20 minutes, we have to pray five times a day. Each of those sila has 2345 hours of a window. Anytime we can go to the corner. Wherever we are in the world, we can pray. If we don't have water, we can do time moon, in any circumstance, we can say our Salah if Allah had wanted, he could have ordained

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50 prayers a day as what is in our marriage, we would have been praying every 20 minutes. But Allah wanted to make things easy for us. Our zeca Uncle Sam asks us 20 30% of our income. And Allah asks us to point 5% of our savings up to law who become one user 2.5% of the surplus that we have after we pay our rent, after we pay our children's fees. After we pay our car. After we pay our food, what is remaining of that 2.5%, give to the Pokhara and the rest is all yours in the Dena you sir. When it comes to the fast of Ramadan. If Allah had wanted to, he would have told us fast every second day fast twice every week, fast three days every month. All of that is nothing. We just have to fast one

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month of the year and even that fast, the previous nations had to fast from the night of the previous night to the motive of the next day. We are told go ahead and eat and drink all night and even have a sore throat and then fast 12 1314 hours and even then if you're sick if you're traveling, if you have an excuse, no problem, leave the fast in the dino user. Look at the foods and the drinks. Everything is halal. Except for a small list in the Quran. The default everything in this world is held out for us to eat and drink the heroin is one list that is it. Look at the business transactions, our professions our trade. Go ahead become engineers, doctors become anything

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you want. Only a small list of things is how long the default is. It is halaal you read the law who become a loser look at our wealth and income earn as much as you want become as rich as you want. It is all hello we don't have a maximum we can be millionaires, multimillionaires, as long as we give our sadhaka to the poor, our Zika is a hack after that the rest is all handled for us in the dean user of this religion. The default is it is easy, the headache goes on. Well and you

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Dina had

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none of you shall make this religion more difficult than it is except that the religion will overpower him the religion will destroy him that religion will come and overtake him. If you try to make Islam more difficult. If you try to push the boundaries and you make highlight what Allah has made out on and you go beyond what Allah has made obligatory, you will end up burning yourself out you will end up harming yourself. You're not gonna harm the religion, you're gonna harm yourself. You cannot over compete. You cannot do more than what our prophets have a lot of why they he was seldom did and we see here the dangers of fanaticism the dangers of going extreme. Our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa

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seldom said, those who go to extremes have destroyed themselves halakhah limits on their own don't make Islam more difficult than it is dear brothers and sisters do not make the religion more complicated. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam gave us the default in the Dena user, this religion is the definition of ease. Nobody will make it more difficult except that their religion will overpower them. So then he gave us advice for said they do wakatipu what Giroux said they do means you aim for the goal. Set Do you know the bow and arrow that you have that default that red? That red dot that is set data that's to aim for the exact Bullseye that said data called a bow.

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Don't worry if you don't hit the bullseye try to come close. What a beautiful Hadith. Aim for perfection. But if you don't get there, at least come close. Try to be perfect said they do. If you don't and you come close enough. Party boo. Good enough what you do and be happy. Aim for perfection. Try to be the best, but be satisfied. If you come close and you're not able to get there because none is perfect. For Saturday. do work on a boo boo. Aim for perfection. be satisfied if you come close and be happy, be cheerful, be optimistic, give glad tidings to the people don't make Islam into something that you're frowning, angry, everything is difficult. So be sure to give glad

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tidings to the people make them feel good about themselves. Make them feel optimistic of Allah's mercy. Don't make them feel pessimistic. Don't make them feel they're bad. They're evil. They're going to janam No, I'm here to give them glad tidings be good allies afford and Rahim Jenna is there try your best to be pious, this is up to you to give positive messages do not give negative messages. This is what appstudio means. So the Heidi says Sadie do wakatipu and then the Hadeeth finishes on a very powerful metaphor. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that was that he knew and seek help. Bill heard what he had to say in minute julija seek help with now these are

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three words that are a little bit difficult to understand. In Arabic. The times of the day have different different meanings. And the traveling that you do at different times has a different verb. So if you're traveling on a journey to travel after selectel fudger is reduced to travel after salata acid is a row head and to travel before budget is dolger. So imagine you're traveling from one city to another. What time are you going to walk? What time are you going to be on your camel? Our Profit System is giving the metaphor of life as traveling. And he is saying, don't travel.

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Don't travel when the sun is hot. Don't travel in the middle of the night when you're going to sleep. Meaning what what's the metaphor, don't do something that's going to cause you exhaustion. Don't get involved in something that you are for one minute motivated, you're enthused and you dive into the deep end, then you realize that can't do this. No. Do reasonable things travel when the sun has not yet risen. It's not hot travel when the sun is setting and once in a while travel in the last third of the night. Our scholars say this is a reference to salata. tahajjud was Shay in Minot. duklja. Once in a while, push yourself a little bit more. Not everybody can pray to hydrate every

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night. Even if you don't pray every night. Once in a while. Go ahead and wake up for Salah tahajjud the meaning of this hadith is so beautiful. Our Prophet system is telling us this life is a journey. And he is saying you don't have to travel when it's difficult. When the sun is right above you go ahead and rest when it's sleep time go ahead and sleep. But make sure every day you do something at times that are convenient for you. ie do what is reasonable for you and me do what is possible. But every day do something for some people. They are meant to be givers of charity for others. They're meant to be students of knowledge. For others. They're meant to be community activists, for others,

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they volunteer in their Sunday school, somebody has to do everything of this society. You have to find your role. You have to find your niche and whatever you do, do it to a reasonable level without exhausting yourself out without burning your own candle because otherwise what's going to happen, the religion is going to overpower you do whatever you can in small amounts in what is convenient for you and do not burn yourself out because that's not going to get you to the end and the end of this hadith is so beautiful.

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cost, the cost of the blue, I'll cost a low cost who do bit by bit, little by little, and you will get to the end goal. What a beautiful Hadeeth I will cost as low cost, do whatever you can. Don't go to extremes. One day you're fanatical the next day you're gonna burn out one day you become all the way ultra fanatic. The next day nothing's going to happen, costs, the cost, do whatever you can bit by bit day by day Tableau who you're going to get to the end destination. This beautiful Hadith tells us about the reality of fanaticism and the importance of consistency in the worship of a law in adherence to the Shetty. So to go over this idea again, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said, this religion is the definition of ease and no one shall make this religion more difficult except that the religion shall overpower him. Therefore aim for perfection and try to come close to it and be good or happy or good news give glad tidings and help yourselves by traveling at times when it's not very hot. by traveling after fudger and after salata Lhasa by traveling when it is a good atmosphere do a little bit and if you're able to once in a while travel before selected fudger meaning at the last third of the night and bit by bit slowly but surely keep on doing what you can and you will get to the end destination May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you with and through

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the foreign and may He makers of those who is versus they understand and implement it's had and how long throughout our lifespan I asked a lot forgiveness you as well ask for his over for the rush man.

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Alhamdulillah Allah had a had a summit Aladdin Amelie mula wollemi coloca Juan Eduardo, this hadith is not an excuse to be lazy in the religion. No, it is meant to ask us to be reasonable. And that is defined by the Sharia. We try our best. But we don't go to extremes of either fanaticism or extreme laziness. as well. Our scholars mentioned with this point I conclude, in our personal lives, we should push ourselves as much as is reasonable. But for other people, we should lower the bar to as much as is reasonable in our lives, we aim for the highest bar. But when we preach and teach to others, when we expect our family members, our friends, our acquaintances, we cannot expect them to

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be at the same level. In our own selves, we aim for the highest and for others, we aim for the lowest bar because we do not want religiosity and our religiosity to turn other people away from Islam. No, so many people are turned away from Islam because of the fanaticism of the religious. That's not the religion of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was the perfection of humanity. But when he dealt with others, he was the embodiment of compassion and mercy in your own lives. Aim to be strict as much as you want. In your own lives, try to raise the bar, but when you interact with others, when you preach unto others, show them the lowest reasonable bar so that you

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invite them into religiosity, and then bit by bit along with that person. You can raise them up this is what this Hadeeth means up to give them glad tidings and the other Hadith our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yes sera wala to ask you whether she will attend a funeral. make things easy for other people don't make things difficult for people give people good tidings don't give people negative messages that will turn them away from Islam. But Shirou wallet when a few give them positive tidings do not say something that's going to turn them away from Islam. This is the message of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah make us amongst those who follow and perfected

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along in need and for a minimum along with that and if you had to meet them Manila Zapata wala Hammond Illa for Raja wala Dana de la vida, De La Ilaha. feta whether I see it on India Yes, sir. A llama filler. Now what if one intelligent a man what a touch I feel kuruvilla Hillel Athena Amano. robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah who is an Islam our Muslim in Allah Homa menorah Jana arada Islam all Muslim in a lumen FC, which is mirabito bt Yakubu Aziz Riba the law in the law has Allah America embedded bbfc within the Malacca the Kudo sea with an

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engine he will insert for color as a man called Anima in law

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Law home Allah, Allah Allah nebby yah yah Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with a sliema Allahumma salli wa salim have adequate and adequate Otsuka Mohammed while early he was rbh Marine rebels a law in the law hota Allah yeah mobility with the Oba warrior in Halifax Sharia one one kariobangi your local dialect matcha cologne or the coral law

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wash guru Yes. What are the crow la quwata masala