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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah R. Rahman Rahim. What is the purpose of life? This is a huge question, an existential question. Many people have gone through the entire lives pursuing an answer to this question. And as Muslims, of course, we also want to know from an Islamic perspective, what is the purpose of life? Now, I'm sure many of us have heard talks, lectures and classes about this question, analyzing primarily reversal of the Quran in which Allah Allah tells us that he has not created Jim kind know mankind Illa. Leah, we do, except Leah Abu Dune. So this is the same departure point that I wish to start at. But looking at the word Leah we do, it's important

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that we understand the difference between the word Yeah, boon and the word worship, which is how it is usually translated. When we look at this verse, and we say, God is only created humankind and Gene can to worship Him. The image that we have in our minds is a person sitting and constantly praying, constantly in remembrance of God constantly in acts of worship signers, aka fasting had a ticket up, is this really the purpose of life? For if that is so when we shouldn't be working, we shouldn't be spending time with family, we shouldn't have any leisure time, it should all go towards acts of devotion. But the word is not exactly worship. It's Leah boon. And the origin or etymology

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of the word is I'm by that ABD, which means to be a servant, to be a slave. And there's a big difference between being a slave or being a servant, and doing acts of worship. The difference is that act of worship is something that you do when you're done, you're done. You're not doing it all the time. It's only 24 hours a day, seven days a week job, whereas being a slave or a servant of God Almighty, you know, when you're a servant or slave, whether you eating, sleeping, walking, talking in the bathroom at all times of day, you're still a slave, you are still a servant. So behind that concept, and the fact that the prophets or eliassen also taught us about striving and what we should

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strive for about Harry Salama and Phalke. Strive for that which is beneficial to you. The fact that Allah tells us to make a supplication locker and Robin attina, Jr. has an Warfield accurate he has an O Lord grant as the best in this world and in the world you're after, gives us a more holistic appreciation of the fact that life is not just about acts of worship, but about something greater that encompasses both this life as well as the next life. And in all of that, it should be Leah we do as servants of God Almighty. So the purpose of life is to find your best ability, your best potential, love your best potential, but to do that, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if

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you find a calling towards medicine, or calling towards law, or calling towards economics, or calling towards some trade like carpentry or plumbing or electricity, you know electrician work or electricity work for that matter. At the end of the day, find your calling, and fulfill your potential for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is essentially the difference between living life without purpose and living life with purpose in the eyes of a Muslim. as Muslims, we are not meant to simply live for the accuracy alone and leave the dunya completely Allah reminds us Do not forget your portion of the dunya. But rather, we should strive for excellence in this life and in

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the next life and do what we do for the sake of God Almighty. Always remember this example. Not all doctors are the same, you will find in our legacy. They were doctors who perhaps didn't earn and live as lavishly as doctors today perhaps would. But they made such an impact on the world, that for generations, the contributions were relied upon. Today, somebody can be a leading expert in a particular field of medicine. But the only ones who really benefit are either the patients or themselves and their families for the riches that they gain. But the footprint that they leave behind for the sake of Allah, inspiring other Muslims, or forwarding the cause of Islam is very,

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very minimal, because they don't see a relationship between the purpose or the cooling and the identity as a Muslim. Ideally, we need to marry the two and in this you will find our purpose in life.