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The Islamic Institute of Toronto is mobilizing a massive campaign to raise money for warm clothing and to give ourselves a chance to come to the spot of Islam. The campaign includes a campaign for thousand people to show gratitude to Islamists for their help in saving lives, while also highlighting the importance of showing patience and showing gratitude to Muslims. The campaign is ongoing and will continue until the end.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim allah sallallahu Taala says more saline. When Allah He was happy to hear about Aqua Sana.

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I beloved brothers and sisters,

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the Muslim world has been again struck with a tremendous tragedy. We have been struck with a moose Seba with a calamity. Turkey in the southern part northern part of Syria have been hit with a major earthquake. One of the worst in decades. 1000s of people have died 1000s of people are injured. There are more coming to the surface. The Muslim community here in Toronto and GTA in Canada and the world we are mobilizing. Here in the Islamic Institute of Toronto this Juma we are mobilizing a massive campaign along with the other mustards of the GTA to raise 1000s of dollars to put together warm clothing and to give of ourselves we have to deal with our mothers our Shaheed and their

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families. The Prophet SAW Salem has shown us clearly that there are a number of Shaheed there is the Shaheed who dies drowning, there is the Shaheed who dies from stomach, there is the Shaheed who dies on the plague, but there is also sizeable hidden and that is the one who dies under a building collapsing debris. And there is the Shahid in the path of Allah.

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And so we need to honor those who have passed on to Allah subhanaw taala. And we need to stand to the test. Here in Canada, it is a test of a sub l Afia. We have to have patience in good times. And patience means that you show gratitude that we given the path of Allah, this is our opportunity to gain Agia and to come to the assistance. This is the year of survival. Never forget. And our test and challenges are just beginning. May Allah bless us this Friday and every day to give him the path of a lion to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslims all over the world regardless of race, regardless of nationality of ethnicity. May Allah unite us and help Muslims to be a mercy for all of

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humanity as I leave you in peace, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.