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The speaker discusses the upcoming event known as Islam's eye, where people will be given a gift of a beautiful and gorgeous sky, a plant, and a flower. The event is expected to be a huge success and will bring together people from all walks of life to share their experiences and experiences of being the biggest gift ever. The speaker also talks about the various levels of Easter, including the top of the creator's chest, and how people can achieve their goals in life.

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So, Allah says this The beauty that I was saying, we get excited when we see something gorgeous around.

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There is nothing Wallah. It is zero nothing no not imagine the One who created the skies and the earth and everything beautiful and gorgeous from the sceneries to the human beings to everything else. And the all the planets and everything that's flowing and whatever has come anything in the entire creation, who made it, you're going to see Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, who made me you your eyes, your teeth, the pixels, everything, we want to meet him and we will meet him, that will be the biggest ever gift that anyone could ever have. And it's going to be over and above what Allah has promised me and you and what you will be happy with.

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We will already be happy. I mean, you happy you know you give a child one sweet the chances are I'm happy, very, very happy. And you throw the bag at the child. What will the child do hope?

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You know, this is a human being description. It's something minor, small, something very, very finite, something that will come to an end with Allah it's incidence. There's no stopping. And you meet Allah may Allah subhanahu wa taala grant that to us. And may He you know the Hadith speaks of a beautiful word, let another let another IC O Allah grant us the sweetness of looking at you Yeah, Allah Allah, Allah. O Allah grant us the sweetness it means it's going to be so sweet to the eye to look at Allah. Imagine. If you think things are gorgeous tweak to the eye and you're looking at it. Look down my brother, there is Allah that you need to look at that will be the true sweetness of

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your eyes.

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And this is why make dua ask Allah use the Tao rasool Allah Azza wa sallam.

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Right rasool Allah Azza wa sallam used to make the DUA allah God does this goddess paradise and in paradise goddess, you know, the sweetness of looking at you and so on. That brings me to another point, there will be different levels of paradise. One raishin makes mention of 100 levels of Paradise, and the top will be for the top. Not to say that the bottom are bad people but the levels it depends how hard you work. Subhanallah what rank you've achieved, how much you really love the Gambia we heard moments ago you love him, you prove that love for him, you achieve the rank Subhanallah you achieved the rank. May Allah make us from amongst those who do not merely pay lip

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service to the love of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, but we really become those who understand