Goodness to the parents after their death

Abu Bakr Zoud


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People whose parents have died, they assume that the door of goodness to their parents has closed it's come to an end wrong. Actually, the most sincere kind of goodness to the parents happens after their death. Because now it since he, maybe you should goodness towards your parents during their life. You wanted to hear good blood from them, some kind words, some appreciation, but after the death, no one has you got a law. And no one sees you about a law. And your parents after their death are in most need of your goodness towards them, that you remember them in a dryer, that you remember him in a photo, that you remember him in a prayer. Don't forget the mother, that so long as she

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carried you, and looked after you and prepared your meal and put it before you every day, that later on when you grow and she's dead. Every time meal and food is placed before you is supposed to motivate you to get up and go feed and often go feed the needy to feed someone Paul, and don't forget the father who looked after you and perhaps left your fortune in his life. And if not, he left your good reputation. Don't forget this stuff. So you remember him as he's in the darkness of the grief and the grief is tight. As he's in it. You remember him in you make and this dryer is counted towards them. Goodness towards them. How many do I a person did towards his parents? Allah

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subhanahu wa taala opened up the grave and illuminated for them just because of the of a righteous son.