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This lecture by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi commences with a detailed discussion about the establishment of the Islamic calendar. Which year would be the first year, which month would take precedence over other months in being the first month and many more such questions came to mind and were addressed .

How did the early immigrants perceive madina to be? Did it tally with their imagination of it? They did not like it because they missed their previous home a tad too much. What does the Prophet ﷺ do about this? He made a special dua for the muhajiroun that "O Allah, make Madinah beloved to us like we used to love Mecca, or even more. O Allah, bless us in our food measurements; oh Allah remove the bad weather and plagues (Madinah had more plagues than Mecca) and throw it out". Needless to say, this dua was answered and to this date, we feel the peace and tranquility in this region like nowhere else.

We also are acquainted with the generosity and good nature of the Ansar , especially towards the Muhajirun. So much so that the Prophet ﷺ said, "If I could I would give up my lineage and be with you. Were it not for the Hijrah I would have been one of you. If all of mankind went in one direction and the Ansar went in another direction I would go with the Ansar". The Prophet ﷺ was immensely pleased with them and showed his appreciation always.

The concept of Muakar is also explicitly elucidated and we get to know the nuances behind this aspect.

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