Signs Of Laylatul Qadr

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Signs of Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Power) – Omar Suleiman

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Now what are some of the signs of labor to cut the profits licenses later to Qadri Layla tune some later to cutters a soft night it's a gentle night. Now how well what about either it's not hot it's not cold it's a very cool night a very comforting night. Just be her shamsul so we had to her Larissa Tim hamre. The sunrises that de la etha Hamra. It's it's weak, meaning it doesn't have rays, and it's a reddish complexion. It's a reddish color. So you find every year in normal blonde people taking pictures of the sun, and trying to post them. Now here's the question, was that assigned for that particular year? Like the year where the prophets lysozyme had mud on his face? It rained a lot

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that night, or was that? Or is that a general sign? I'll call the eye out. He said there's two possibilities. One of them is that that's a distinctive sign that Eliza gel has given for later.

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Alright, so and every year you kind of look through those pictures, and some of them seem a little bit more clear, and you don't see the rays on them. And the second one, which he said is very beautiful. He says that the amount of angels that come down on Laila to

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take away the rays of the sun.

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So some have a lot, even if a lot of people were praying, Fiamma LED on a night, the amount of Malacca that were descending on the earth, their wings, the light of their of their of their creation, dulls the light of the sun altogether. So allow them this seems to be a sign of later than other every year. So looking at the sun and seeing if it's rayless it's good. However, let's say that you catch it on the 22nd or 23rd night, someone posts a picture, and you slept through that entire night and the sun looked absolutely rayless should you just say,

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Oh, well, maybe next level blah, no, tell me sua fi activity later. Remember the Hadith of the Prophet slicin secret until the very last night? Because imagine how bad you'd feel if another picture came

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later on in the month and guess what it looked, it looked rayless as well, or it looked even more rayless if that's even possible, right? So the point is a lot left mysterious to keep you on your toes. And the best part of Layla to cover is the last part of the night as is the best part of every night. So the best part of Laila to father is the last third of the night, as well as the prophets I send them says Felisa that there is an hour of the night that now you are fukuhara abdon Muslim yes Ilaha min Hydra dunya will acara illa Allah who la who masa. But there is an hour of the night that Allah subhana wa tada if he gives you the trophy, if he gives you the success to be able to ask a

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loss of data in that part of the night. That he would certainly give you the whatever you asked him of this duty on the alpha. There's nothing you could ask a lot at that point of the night from this world or the Hereafter, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala would give it to you