The Stories of The Prophets #21 – The Story of Adam – Pt 09 – The Prostration of the Angels to Adam

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a busy woman, while Hammerberg and Hamdulillah we have done quite a lot in the story of Adam yet And yet we have so much more to do. We talked about the announcement that Allah azza wa jal is placing a Khalifa on Earth. We talked about the teaching of the names. We talked about the creation of halwa. And as I said, you know, I'm kind of putting all this together because the actual chronology to be brutally honest, we are not 100% certain about, but every one of these many, you know, episodes or whatnot definitely took place. It's just a matter of exact chronology. If we were to follow, you know, the assumption because it is

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it is an assumption that, for example, Surah Baqarah, is putting it everything in its exact place, then, one of the next things that we need to discuss is the issue of the prostration of the angels. Well, I did jump over while I'm Adam Smith, but we can talk about the frustration of the angel. So today in sha Allah, we will pause on this phrase, and it will be the issue of facetted Elmira Aika, the frustration of the angels and what that entails. And the frustration of the angels to Adam, is actually one of the most common motifs of the entire story. It is mentioned seven times explicitly in the Koran seven times. So tell Baqarah verse 34, that way the owner didn't matter at the studio,

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the Adema for Sergio in their beliefs about our SEC about our academy or caffeine, we said to the angels Prostrate down to Adam, so they all did except for a bliss who refused and acted arrogantly thus becoming of the caffeine this is sort of baccardo 34 certain hour off verse 11. When are they gonna come Thermacell weren't so we're gonna come through my own little manner equity studio, the Adama for Sergio Illa I believe Colombia communists arginine, we created you and we fashioned you. Then we said to the angels Prostrate to Adam, all of them prostrated except Elyse he was not those who prostrated so little hedger verse 30, and sort of saw the verse 73, the exact same phrase occurs

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and this raise, pay attention to it. We're going to come back to it in a few minutes. For sagia della mela ICA to Kulu whom Ijeoma own. All of the angels facilitated America, the angels could go home all of them add my own and this is what is called Tokyo or a emphasis again all of them so Kulu home edge, my own all of them, all of them and what we're going to come back to why this is so important in a little while. So this is once again for Sergio del Malacca to all of the angels bowed down all of them. So it's an SLR verse 61, with pulling in Malacca, this due to the Adama for surgery to India, Elisa called a studio and Dr. Tina, that we said to the angels bow down to Adam,

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all of them frustrated except a bliss and he said should I bow down to what you created from clean from clay and silica verse 15, same phrase while owner in Malacca this jewelry, Adama says in a release about and surah Taha, verse 116. So these are all of the verses that mentioned the setup of Adam. So the search of the angels to Adam, this concept is also mentioned in the prophetic Hadith. So this is frankly, the most significant motif of the entire story, because it is mentioned so many times explicitly. And it is also mentioned in the most authentic hadith as well. And again, just so that we refresh our memories, if you have been paying attention to my entire series that I have been

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doing, we talked about Bozak we talked about Tiama we talked about heaven and hell, the Hadith of the famous Hadith of the Shiva or intercession has occurred in all of those series. It is one of the seminal Hadith about our theology, the very long a hadith, the very long Hadith, about the incidence of the Day of Judgment and all of mankind going to Adam it his Salam, and then continuing until they reach our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in the famous Hadith of the Shiva, the people mankind will go to Adam, and they will say unto Urbanus Hello Akaka Allahu Beardy he will s Jeddah laka mela Ecotec who while Emeka USMA Akula Shay fresh Fatima

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and Arabic, they will go to either Maliki Salaam and they will say you are the father of mankind. Allah created you with his hands. And he commanded the angels to bow down to you. This is the famous Hadith of the Shiva. The other Hadith as well that I have gone over a number of times the hadith of Musa alayhis salam, that when he met Adam in the Barossa area, or in the animals, he met Adam, and he said that our you our father Adam, whom Allah created with his hands, and whom Allah blew the roof into and whom Allah caused the angels to bow down to and whom Allah cause to enter Jenna, then you ate of the tree and caused us to come down to this earth, the famous Hadith and we're gonna come

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back to this as well, inshallah Tada because again, it's part of our series that we'll be discussing. But once again, the phrase occurs and cause the angels will s Jeddah, not Sagitta WestJet means Allah commanded the angels to bow down to you. So it is very clear, therefore, that Allah azza wa jal commanded the angels to bow down to Adam, and this is something that is, again, every single Muslim who is the Quran is aware of this. Now, before we get on to some other issues. Very few people in our history have sought to reinterpret this and there are a few names that are not well known that say they're not mainstream. And they say that rather, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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caused the angels to bow down to him to Allah. And Adam was in the direction was in the Qibla. And they say this well, why they say this is, again, two, three different pages for today's we'll just concentrate on one group amongst them, they say this, one group says that it is not appropriate that the creation bows down to another creation. And so they say the angels did not bow down physically, rather, well, actually. So let me pause here. One group actually says that when Allah says sagia, he, they he, it doesn't mean to bow down, it means that they honored him verbally because they don't want the angels to bow down. And another group said that, well, they did bow down, but it was to

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Allah, and Adam was basically put there in the qibla, if you like, and not that it was meant for him, and even Tamia and others challenge this interpretation. And they say that this interpretation, even though some people might have said it, it simply does not add up to the Quranic narrative. It simply contradicts the explicit testimony of the Quran for a number of reasons. Firstly, Allah says that OSU Lee Adam, Sergio duly Adam Lee here means to and for Lee here means you are prostrating to Adam it is lead and the lamb over here. It is directly a causation it is linking the sash though for the sake of Adam. And this is demonstrated clearly by the prohibition in the Quran to prostrate to

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the sun and moon, Allah says lattest you do leash MC while our little comedy The lamb here, and it is understood that those who bowed down to the sun in the moon, they're bowing down to the sun and moon to worship them, those previous pagan religions, so the same lamb is used. So the same lamb that Allah says do not prostrate to the sun and moon, Allah used it prostrate to Adam lamb over here, we're going to explain what what is the difference in the prostrations. But the point here is that the prostration was for the sun and Allah said don't prostrate, and here the frustration was for Adam and Allah said prostrate. So it is for Adam. Secondly, prostrating those that said that it

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was in the tibula and Adam happened to be there, that when you bow down and you intend to honor ALLAH SubhanA, WA Tada, whatever comes in the way is not something that you're showing respect to. So when we pray between us and Makkah are 1000 10,000 objects, it means nothing, there is no respect given, if something is put, you know, like we can pray to a sutra. You know, our intention is to pray to ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. When we put something in front of us that sutra is not becoming an object of honor. So to claim that Adam was put there and he says there was for Allah, it also does not make any sense. And of course, a key point that even Timmy and others bring up when a bliss

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became irritated. A bliss became irritated because Adam was shown honor, Allah says that a bliss says our Ateca had the levy, Khurram Talia, you see this entity that you have honored over me. And Allah subhana wa Tada says about a bliss that lemmya Communist Sajid in here refuse to prostrate. Why? Because he understood that the prostration was for the honor of Adam Alehissalaam. It was for the honor of Adam it is Salam. Now, over here, if somebody says how

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Can we be commanded to prostrate to other than a law? Or how can the angels be commanded to prostrate to other than Allah? The response is that prostration is an act of worship only when it is done with the intention to worship and this is the reality of all actions of worship. Though the action of worship, in order for it to constitute worship must have the NIA of very bad. If there is no need of Riba, then it might be permissible, it might be impermissible, depending on what the Shetty says it might be permissible if the Shetty allows it. It might be impermissible. If the Shetty ad does not allow it. It might even become obligatory if the Shetty commands us to do it. So

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we do fall off around the Kaaba and no Muslim on earth. No Muslim on Earth wants to either Billa worship the stones of the Kaaba the rocks of the cabin, no Muslim does this. We do it because Allah commanded us to honor so when we do a walk around the Kaaba, it becomes an obligatory action of Hajj and Umrah and it becomes an action of worship. If somebody were to do throw off around an idol, that same action of tawaf becomes an action of shirk, because they have directed there, because they intend to worship the idol because there is an intention of doing something that is

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to another god and showing an act of veneration. And if somebody does this to something that they think they're venerating for the sake of Allah, this will be an evil heresy, and it will be a stepping stone to shirk. But if they believe in their minds that Allah has commanded them to do this, and that they're coming closer to Allah, this will be a bit of the highest magnitude, but in and of itself, as long as they're intending to worship Allah, it will not in and of itself constitute should the same goes to prostration. That when Allah commands you to prostrate, then you prostrate and that frustration becomes an action of worship. And when the *ty in previous *ty

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as allowed a human to bow down in front of another human being, it was Mubarak it was allowed. It was not an action of worship, neither was it bit or Cofer. And so when the brothers have of use of and the father and mother of user for the father and aunt of user to be more precise, when they prostrated in front of use of whether the prostration here was bowing down, or whether it was fully on their faces either way, that is something that is MOBA it's permissible in their *ty for them to bow down. But for us to bow down our Prophet salallahu it he was seldom said it is not allowed for a mock Luke to bow down to another mahalo This is a fifth key ruling, it is a fifth key ruling

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and it is not allowed to do this he did not say that every bowing down issue because it is not shared. It is not shared in and of itself. It will only be shared when you have the action to do rabada. So you have the intention to do a bother so if in some Eastern cultures actually had a q&a was two weeks ago about bowing down I said it is not allowed. It is haram to do this out of respect. It is haram to do it out of respect. It is not shirk, you don't become a pagan. If in some cultures you bow down to touch your parents or what not I say our *ty ad does not allow it but it is not Cofer, it is not shared. So when Allah commands you, it becomes very bad. When Allah azza wa jal

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allows you and you do it to any entity that is allowed, then it is neither a bad nor it is haram or should when ALLAH forbids you. And you do it, it becomes haram. And when you do it for the sake of other than Allah, it becomes *. So sedge the is an action that Allah has prohibited haram for anything other than Him in our Shediac but in the previous Shetty, as in the Shetty of Musa Shetty IV Brahim in the city of Adam Alayhis Salam, it was allowed the changes Shediac changes from profit to profit, what might have been allowed for some profits is not going to be allowed for other profits. And so the fact that Adam it is Salam, Allah commanded the angels to bow down, it is a

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bowing that Allah commanded and it was done out of obedience to Allah and it was done to honor Adam, there is no shirk involved. There is no Joe Hayden showed that though, he said is the obedience of Allah, not the action of bowing to Adam, that oh, hey, are there Ibadah you obey Allah, Allah said to the angels bow, so they bowed down that is their very bad, they are not worshipping them in any sense, or fashion or form. Another point that we need to mention is that and again, just FYI, that you have some interpretations of some early scholars including some top your own, who said that the angels of the heavens bowed down and some said the angels of the earth bowed down. In other words,

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they restricting which of the angels bowed down, and this has been interpreted by

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This position has been championed by a number of famous authorities of the past. However, by and large, those opinions kind of sorta went on the sideline and the position that is now the default. And the majority is that every single Angel without exception, bowed down to Adam. Now, this is a monumental point that I cannot emphasize enough, because the very fact that all of the angels gathered at one particular place and one particular time, and the very fact that amongst them was the most significant of angels. This means Gibreel alayhis, Salam Myka, Ilan, he set up his raffia at his salaam, every single Angel whom Allah had ever created, and the quantity of angels is

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something that we cannot even imagine when I Allah modulo drop because Allah Who none can count the armies of Allah other than Allah subhanho wa Taala to have every single angel in existence, gather at one location, and to have them all simultaneously bow down. Our minds cannot even comprehend that image and picture and yet it happened. So every single Angel bow down how do we know this again, because of the context and the words used, firstly, Allah says, why the owner li l. mela ICA we said to the angels, l mela ICA. And generally speaking, when you have L over here, it means all of them. Okay, so we said to all of them, then Allah says for sagia l mela ICA. So all of the angels then

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Allah says couldn't know whom and Kula whom it is, comes under a group of words that is called Tokido or emphases. And when you have an emphasis, you are negating the possibility of exaggeration, you're making it literal, okay. So you say I called you a dozen times, no, I mean, a dozen. So if I said, I called you a dozen times I left it at that, then you may think I called you five, seven times, whatever, when I say I called you a dozen times, No, literally, I mean, a dozen times I called you if I were to say that right. So the understanding here when I say no, that I really mean a dozen, then you mean that you are you are making an emphasis here, Arabic has its version of

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emphases and one of those is Kulu. Whom, so the angels, all of them. And then to add to this is a double emphasis. And to have a double emphasis is rare in the Quran. It is rare, and it is rare in the Arabic language because again, you don't really even when you speak, you don't have you can have an emphasis Yeah, to have a double emphasis is very rare. And generally speaking, it's only done to make a point. And here we have a double emphasis for Sajida. al-mulla ICA to Kulu home IgM our own IgM our own once again means all of them, so good loam, and as my own, they are serving the same purpose, but they are different words to serve that purpose. And the purpose here is to underscore

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the reality that every single Angel know I mean, every one of them, every last one of them. That is what the Quran is telling us. And then the fact that Allah says in a bliss, that except for a bliss, except for a bliss, the fact that it leaves is made to be the single exception. And inshallah in the later lecture we'll talk about the reality of bliss and whether he was from the angels and the jinn and whatnot. We'll talk about that Inshallah, in the next lecture, but today, we'll say, in a bliss, the fact that one entity is removed, automatically indicates that every single other entity is included. So if I were to save the entire class, all of them were present, except for the fact that

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I mentioned a commode by name, as the exception is actually another emphases that No, I mean, all of them were there, because I'm mentioning one person that wasn't so when I take that one person out, the implication is everybody else was there. And the fact by the way, so in shall all of you know this said that a bliss is not from the angels. But there is a huge controversy in early Islam, that controversy has gone now completely. I'm not aware of any modern alum or chef that holds this opinion anymore. In the shows you sometimes you have interesting interpretations in early Islam, and there's simply discarded and left in the books of history. There were quite a number of famous

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scholars who held the view that bliss is from the angels and when we hear this, we are shocked what anybody could say this, how could anybody say this? Well, they did, but it is the wrong opinion. He believes this from the jinn obviously, he is not from the angels. But the point though, that he believes is not from the angels. And yet still, Allah says that the angels, all of them, I mean, all of them probably

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straighted except for a bliss, the fact that a bliss is not from the angels, and yet still he is being mentioned that he did not prostrate is actually an indication that I mean every single Angel because a bliss was not from the angels. Still Allah says that one entity did not prostrate to further indicate that I mean every single Angel, therefore, even an entity that is not from the angels when he didn't participate, I'll mention him by name so that you understand that every single Angel actually frustrated and the phrasing as well for Sajida Elmaleh iica to Kulu, whom a Juma own, it actually indicates two very interesting points number one we already mentioned, and that is that

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all of the angels prostrated and number two, that they prostrated at the same time in unison. So both quantity and time time in place are both being demarcated or mentioned in this verse that it's not as if multiple batches kept on coming and one batch did the other the the the says that and then they left another batch came No, this verse is phrasing and the words used indicates that every single angel in existence was brought in front of Adam, and that every last one of them simultaneously fell down in such the in front of Adam. And this is a shown by the words used and one of the famous early Grammatik grammarians of the Arabic language by the name of a mobile read, who

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died 286 Hijra that he was asked that can we assume that the angels came in batches and then you know, they all this says that in batches, and he replied, If Allah had only said for sagia, delamater ICA, then yes, we could have interpreted because the angels prostrated so they could have come in batches. Then when Allah says Kulu, whom this means every single one of them without exception, and then when he says a Juma rune, this means they did it at the same time, all together in unison, right. So I would I want you to understand this point Kulu, home from this famous grammarian. And also, by the way, the, one of the most famous professors of the Quran, the Morteza

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as a machete, he has a a similar point that he mentioned over here as well, that when Allah says Kulu, whom this means every last Angel, when Allah says mr. own, this means they did it together in Gemma, they did it in congregation, every single angel is coming and doing it gathering together at the same time. So for sagia Elma ICA to cool loom edge my own. Now, the other thing that that again, we find, again, some variations that what does sagia Here mean, and I already mentioned, you know, one opinion, which has been held by some very end some people but you know, not a big deal that we can just discard them, they're not well known, a very small group of people in the past, they said

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that Sajida here does not mean that they physically bow down, it means that they praised Adam. So Sagitta here means respect, but this is clearly not the primary meaning of such data. And when you say sagia, when you say Sajida in Arabic, the primary meaning that comes to mind is to bow the head until it touches the earth, and that is what we call it English or prostration. Now, it is true, it is true, that linguistically, to lower the head could also be called Sagitta. Metaphorically, without necessarily touching your head on the ground. So you can say when somebody does ROCOR Raka is to bow down without touching the ground Sagitta is to bow down while touching the ground that you

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can say that when you say raka you could imply that his head touch their crown. And when you say Sajida you could imply that he just bowed his head down. So Raka and Sajida even though each one has a specific meaning, at times, they can act as homonyms for one another they can substitute for one another. So how do we know that the angels actually bowed down flat on their faces? And maybe they didn't just bow down you know, out of respect a little bit rather than the full the full Yanni says that to the ground? How do we know this? Well, a number of ways. Firstly, the fact that the Word says that is used without any indication that we should change it from its actual meaning to the

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secondary meaning of bowing the head when Allah says you know, and half a dozen verses center, the center, the center, and there's no evidence to suggest otherwise. Then the primary meaning of such data, which is well acknowledged in the Arabic language is to bow until the head touches the ground. And secondly, there is actually an explicit adjective

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that is used here as an explicit verb that is used that even indicates that it is a full session and that is inserted hedger verse 28 onwards that Allah says in the heart their own Bashara maintain I'm about to create a man from clay fader so way to who when I have formed him when I * to feed him Rohit and I blow my room into him for our Oh La huzzah gene for our through our means from Walker Walker means to fall down completely right Walker and that's why either walk it Walker, this is the walker. And so for Carl Lahu Sajid in, when Allah is saying that Walker sugestion right, so here when you have the extra emphases of Walker, so for Carl because again, if you know your Arabic You

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will drop the wall when you're commanding. When you're commanding and it begins in a while, then you eliminate the well and you start with the cough here but that's you know, everybody knows morphology knows this. The point is Allah is using the verb waka and when you say waka saggi, then there is no other interpretation then to fall flat on the face. And therefore the angels, all of them every last one of them simultaneously gathered in front of Adam it has set up and they fell flat on their faces, respecting him and honoring Him and obeying Allah subhana wa Tada and worshiping Allah not worshiping Adam honoring Adam, respecting Adam, but worshiping Allah subhanahu wa Tada. We also

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actually have another indication that the says that was a full semester, that says there was a full sedge there, and that is, in a hadith in Sahih, Muslim that the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah who was send them said that when the son of Adam recites a verse of prostration, and then recites and then prostrates shaytaan, abandons him, flees and cries, Woe to me. The son of Adam was commanded to prostrate and he prostrated so he shall enter agenda. And I was commanded to prostrate, but I refused. And so for me is jahannam. So when IBLEES sees the son of Adam, prostrate a full prostration, he is reminded of what he was commanded to do. And he is reminded he did not do that.

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And therefore, once again, we surmise that the angels literally bowed down completely to Adam, by touching their faces onto their, onto the ground in front of Adam, it his Salam. So this is some of the points that we can derive from this famous story or the incident of said that Mullah Aika. Now, another point that we need to point out here is that when I forgot to mention, by the way, of course, that there is unanimous consensus, I forgot to mention this point and go back a few minutes, there is unanimous consensus amongst all the scholars of Islam, that the such the of the angels was such that of the Sharif and to Kareem, and not such that a very Bada and this is there is no true

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difference of opinion, obviously, because obviously, no Muslim is going to say that the angels worshiped Adam, and we have plenty of quotes here the famous aboubaker even allowed to be the famous Maliki scholar and the the faculty and the professor. He said it tefa Cthulhu motto, either unnecessary God Adam Alayhis Salam lamea Khun sujood. Reba, the OMA has unanimously agreed that the prostration that was done to Adam was not a prostration of worship. And Rosie says Jamal Muslim Moon either another article sujood, laser bisutti. Reba, the tin and the whole to be says that the OMA has agreed that it was not essential to everybody. So again, this is well known, there was no there

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was no such diversity by that that was done to Adam Alayhis Salam. So it was essential to have that Sharif as such the have to cream so you give honor and you give a carom Are you dignify them, and it is not essential to have a bother. Now interesting footnote here. And I don't mean to confuse you. But again, just interesting things to know that there have been some bizarre interpretations of the story. We can just put this in the footnote FYI, so that you can be aware, there were some, you know, mystical, extreme mystical figures who actually flipped the story around and actually tried to argue a semi defense of a bliss unbelievable, right. So they tried to argue a semi defense of a

00:29:47--> 00:29:59

bliss. And they said that a bliss refused to bow down to Adam because he is in fact perfecting monotheism and Tawheed. He did not want to go

00:30:00--> 00:30:44

by any being other than Allah, so he refused to bow down out of respecting Allah and honoring Allah and this is a complete distortion. Because Allah says ABA was stuck. Bara a bliss was arrogant and he refused what kind of mineral caffeine, the Quran does not hint at all that a bliss did not bow down because he did not want to honor other than Allah. Rather the Koran is very clear that the release was arrogant, and the bliss had kibble and the bliss felt that he was better on a hydro Minho, I am better than him. And this interpretation was, you can read this up the book has actually been translated, there was a mystical person by the name of Alhaji is well known. And he wrote a

00:30:44--> 00:31:22

book, Tabatha was seen which is actually translated into English, you will find this if you're interested in that type of stuff and whatnot. So it completely you know, as they say, flip the script as they say. And of course, I mean, he had his he was not viewed to be mainstream in his lifetime. And he was actually eventually executed for heresy. But still you have people who want to interpret him this way in that way. And you know, when we leave, is it fair to Allah, but what he said was wrong, that there is no way you can take this story and flip it around in any way. He believes refuse to bow down because he was arrogant and he refused to worship the commandments of

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Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Now, another point about the story of the angels bowing down to Adam, it is very interesting that this story is by and large, generally speaking, it is unique to the Quran. It is not mentioned in the standard versions of the Bible, it is not something that the average Christian or Jew is even aware of. So this is a motif our Quranic motif, that is absent from the folklore and from the common narrative of the Jewish and Christian faith traditions. And it shows us again, that our religion does indeed obviously have facts and has things that the other religions do not have. However, just FYI, you should be aware that of recent there have been some, you know,

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murmurings now in academic literature, that there is a very rudimentary version of this story in some very obscure apocryphal Jewish sources that predate Islam. And these are not well known at all, the average person of the Jewish or Christian background, would have never heard of these passages, you have to understand the Bible as it exists today, the Old Testament, the New Testament, you know, these are their standard variations or whatnot. Now, beyond these, there are what is called Apocrypha, that they are not considered to be orthodox or mainstream. And you, you know, nobody is aware of them, except if you're really studying deep and whatnot. So there is a, you know, one such

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tract that is called the life of Adam and Eve believe it, and that's the name of the tree, the life of Adam and Eve, it was written, maybe third century CE, you know, or maybe fourth century, we're not sure. And there is a very, very rudimentary version, that when the angels heard this word, they all bent their knees and worshipped him, he worshipped Adam. So in this version, they worshiped Adam, but the point is, they bent the knee. And from this, you have some, you know, academics jumping up saying, Oh, this is where the Quran gets and whatnot. But again, you know, we have to go over this over and over again, that when non Muslim researchers who have their own views about the

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Quran or whatnot, when they find such parables, and this is I want you to know this, because we're going to come across this or maybe you will read about it in a journal or in whatnot, that they find the Quranic story. And then they find a parable that predates it. And they say, Aha, look, they find a similarity that predates it, they say, Aha, look, this is the origin of where the Quran got it from. This is the source of the Quran. But of course, this goes back to a very secular notion, they do not believe that there is a divine being, they don't even entertain the possibility that there is revelation from Allah. So obviously, obviously, if that is taken out of the equation, then you will

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have no alternative but to say, Oh, if there is an obscure Jewish tradition that says the angels bow down and bend to the knee, then clearly the Islamic scripture must have taken it from this, you know, scripture from the Jewish faith tradition. But see, firstly, obviously, there are so many variations between every Quranic story and every even mainstream biblical account. There is no story that is in the Quran that is copied and pasted from the current Bible as we know it or from apocryphal sources of the Bible of the Old and New Testament clearly showing you that there is never a copying and pasting there is never will be called plagiarize ation. Every story is slightly

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

different. And secondly, of course, we as Muslims if this if this apocryphal

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

You know, tract has been proven to be predating Islam, which is an if that is not 100% Certain, if there is, then we say the Prophet Musa alayhis salam would have told his followers something of this nature and it was preserved in some, you know, way or fashion or form until it ended up in a very obscure reference. And our Prophet Muhammad system was also told by Allah in the Quran. So the origin of the story is one, why is that surprising? It's not a big deal to us if you find something common in the Judeo Christian sources and in Islam, on the contrary, here's the irony, it increases our Eman because the source is one. So how could you know so the the researchers are saying, Aha,

00:35:41--> 00:35:48

look, we found it in this obscure reference Subhanallah our Prophet system is in Mecca, right? There is no obscure, you know,

00:35:50--> 00:36:29

apocryphal work floating around in the marketplace of MCCA. Right? It's impossible that somebody in Makkah would even have known of something like this, which is discovered in one manuscript copy in some faraway place in Iraq or in some Babylonian, you know, Jewish Diaspora impossible that the people of Makkah would be familiar with this. And our Prophet system was not even reading and writing, he didn't have a massive library. So the fact that you discover something in some obscure source in the middle of nowhere for us, it actually is a further affirmation, that 1 million decline in Hawaii in Hawaii in Hawaii and you have that both of these, the Prophet Musa and the Prophet

00:36:29--> 00:36:48

Muhammad SAW some their sources the same, and that is Allah subhanahu wa Tada. So for us, we don't care if there are similarities. On the contrary, these similarities, only increase our Eman. Now, the next point that we'll move on to so we understand that the angels bowed down to Adam and his Salah

00:36:51--> 00:37:01

and that they all did it simultaneously. Now, what what is the result? Like? What is the purpose? What what does it demonstrate really?

00:37:02--> 00:37:38

So when you think about this reality, you realize that this commandment, which has been mentioned, this incident, which has been mentioned more than any other incident in the story of Adam, there's nothing mentioned in the Adamic story that is more common than this motif. Why is Allah constantly bring because I said in our last in the last lecture, the word Hadith only occurs once that in Niger, for the 30 for only ones that's it, never in the whole Quran does Allah mention that Adam is a Khalifa except in one verse, however, such a delimiter ICA seven times half a dozen times why?

00:37:39--> 00:38:32

One of the most profound realizations from this command from this incident from this verse is the fact that Allah wants to remind us of the high status, that he has conferred upon our father Adam, and through Adam, upon all of us as Banu Adam as mankind, because Adam, who is he? He is the first model of mankind, the prototype, he is the progenitor, he is the very first butcher, the very first insaan. You know, I mean, in our world, I mean, again, I'm not comparing but so that we understand, when a company won, you know, a factory one, you know, I mean, Apple, whatever, it produces the first of anything, there is a big show and a big convention and the media is there and pictures and

00:38:32--> 00:38:50

VIP is invited, you know, the same thing goes and again, I'm just giving an example. So we understand Don't you know, read in and whatnot, but a movie is done or anything that that's the premiere, that's going to happen, you invite the creme de la creme, and you show when you do and what not right? So it is an indication of how fancy the product is.

00:38:51--> 00:39:38

You indicate how fancy the product is by the show that occurs when you unveil the product by who is in the audience by what is happening. And of course, this is something we understand from our world. What method of Allah to Allah belongs the more perfect example, when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala created the prototype, when he created version, the the primary version, ie that version is going to be our father, I should say. So I should say he created our father, when he created the first human. What was the honor that was given what was done to indicate to the rest of the creation, the status of this new creation, it was to call the most noble of all of the creation that existed up until that

00:39:38--> 00:39:59

point in time, and that is the angel and to call every single one of them and to bring forth those whom Allah calls Makara boon. Those who Allah calls KERALAM those whom Allah says they never disobeyed me, those whom Allah azza wa jal created from a light those whom Allah blessed to fly and to never disobeyed.

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

And in that group is none other than Gibreel and Mika, he and his Seraphin Do you know, who do you believe is God and as Allah says in the Quran is of the magnificent miracles of Allah Allah Katara I mean it Robin Cobra Gibreel it himself is a miracle of Allah and do believes existence and to see him is one of the Ayat of Allah subhana wa Tada. Can you imagine Gibreel is told to bow down to them it his salaam, Mika he is told about his Seraphin. These three angels are so powerful. The Prophet says it would make dua to Allah that Oh Allah, the rub of Jabra eel and Rob of Mecca in and Robert Seraphin. Allah is the rub of Gibreel and Mika eel, and Allah mentions him by name in the Quran,

00:40:46--> 00:41:38

whoever is an enemy to Juba deal, he is my enemy. This is Djibouti. So to have Djibouti will come along with billions and billions and billions and billions of angels, and to have all of them lined up row upon row and to have them bow down in front of our father Adam, what greater honor can there be? What higher privilege can even be imagined to this creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is why he bliss was burning with envy, burning with jealousy on our Ateca Ha, the lady Khurram, Talia, this hada, the even the pronoun is meant to prod, this being he couldn't even mention by name, he couldn't even say, Adam, you see this creature that you have honored above me a bliss

00:41:38--> 00:42:24

understood, what has happened is the highest honor a bliss that one incident caused a bliss to flip to become the worst of the worst and to be our mortal enemy until the Day of Judgment. That was the level of honor that was given to our father, Adam Alayhis Salam. And in this is the clearest indication, there is no shadow of a doubt. And there are opinions, believe it or not, and I went over them. When I did some other lectures of mine, you can listen to those. But there are opinions who is better, the angels or the righteous of mankind. And there is no question that this incident indicates that the righteous of men are more blessed than the angels. The good of men are more

00:42:24--> 00:43:09

blessed in the eyes of Allah, then the angels themselves because the angels are told Gibreel is told to prostrate to Adam enough, QED proven, that's it. It is demonstrated when an entity like God, and all of the angels are going to demonstrate who is the one whom Allah has chosen, then that has proven everything. In fact, we can go even further than this. Because at this point in time, frankly, Adam hasn't really done much in terms of actions. He's literally just been created. He's literally come out as we say in English on the factory line is literally just comes out. Right He hasn't even entered gender yet. He is just been newly minted, freshly created. And Allah subhanho wa

00:43:09--> 00:44:03

Taala says to the angels bow down to this entity, and this shows us we can go even further. And we can say listen to this carefully, that the genus of men genus human species, the genus of men, is in and of itself, more blessed and preferred and noble in the eyes of Allah, then the genus of angels, even though the wicked of men have lost that privilege and they have gone down, but overall, comparing species to species comparing creation to creation, the very fact that the angels are told to bow down to a newly minted freshly created human who does not yet have much Hessonite he hasn't done much any he has literally just been created. In it, there is an indication that Allah azza wa

00:44:03--> 00:44:50

jal has preferred the bunny Adam overall over the other creation. So in this story, dear Muslim, and with this will come to the ending of our lectures today, in this story, and in this command, I want you to go home, when you listen to this lecture later on or whatever, if you're home it means like it later on after this lecture, I want you to literally imagine what this implies to me and you. When Allah took our Father, that is our father, there is literally a direct line between us and Him. That is our prototype that is our first model that Allah created when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, to the most noble of His creation, up until that point in time, the angels that I want you to bow down

00:44:50--> 00:44:59

to this new creation. How should that make me a new feel? Should we not feel a sense of humility that ALLAH SubhanA

00:45:00--> 00:45:46

Data has given us so much honor, he has bestowed upon us so much Khurram, that the angels themselves have bowed down to us, and should we therefore then not try to live up to the potential that Allah wants from us? Because this also shows us by the way, that the default of men the default soon as they're created, the default of man is that they are better than all the creation better than the other creation or now, If man does not reach that default, if man fails, then no doubt he will go as far as Saffy did, right. What are the Halacha in Santa Fe as Senator Kwame thermadata Now who has filosofi if a person has the potential and then turns his back, well then completely gone. But if

00:45:46--> 00:46:31

they take advantage of that potential, they will go to the highest of the high. That's why Allah says what are the Karamja bunny Adam, we have indeed honored the Children of Adam, Allah is reminding us we have honored you what football now whom and we have preferred them either Kathy the mimin holla, cannot have Lila over many whom we have created, we have preferred the Children of Adam many degrees of Lila here means by many degrees. And so Allah has created us and the default of our status. We are the highest of the creation in our particular world that we know of. And we have the potential to maintain that high degree but if we don't maintain it, we turn our backs to it, then we

00:46:31--> 00:46:39

seek Allah's refuge, we will go down to the fella suffering. Now one very quick final point and this is a very deep point and

00:46:40--> 00:47:22

Allah Mustang and it's actually a bit of a controversial one as well. And it raises a lot of questions and a lot of issues. I have said we are the best of the creation in our world, and that the angels bow down to us indicates we are better as the default of the angels. Does this mean that mankind is the most honored of all of Allah's creations in all of the you know, creations of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is a question that, believe it or not, it has been discussed by some are Roma. And actually many of them believe that that is indeed the case. And they use a number of evidences of there is a very sensitive evidence, and that is the claim that that the say the whether

00:47:22--> 00:48:05

the Adam the Habib the most of Adorama Alameen sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the Ashraful mahalo court is the most honored of all of the creation. And this is a very sensitive topic because in our world that we live in, if anybody is deemed to not be respectful to the level that people understand that immediately, people become very emotional and you know, charges of blasphemy and to feel are done. And it's difficult to have an academic discussion, when people's emotions are clouded to this level, how nonetheless, a number of them I have discussed this, and actually quite a lot of them have pointed out that the term Ashraful makuu art does not actually occur in the Quran and the

00:48:05--> 00:48:52

Sunnah, it is not something that is found in our texts, what we find is, say you do whether the Adam, the leader of the children of Adam, so he SallAllahu, it, he was seldom is without a shadow of a doubt, the single most blessed and the most preferred, and the most honored of the species of mankind of the children of Adam. And there is no doubt that he occupies a higher place than that of the angels, and there is no human being that competes with that status. But to claim from this, that mankind, human beings, Homo sapiens, are the most honored of all of the creations of Allah, we do not know how many other creations have existed or exist in dimensions other than our own, or might

00:48:52--> 00:49:37

exist after us, we do not know other worlds, we do not know what is out there. And so to make this claim, seems to be one that there is no basis for and my humble opinion in this regard is that this is from the minimal hype, we do not know there is no indication explicitly in the Quran or in the Sunda about other creations that Allah might have created or not. So we should remain quiet about this. And we should stick with what we know without a doubt. And that is that and that's why I said in the world that we know in our dimension in our creation, there is no question that Allah azza wa jal has placed us at the very height of this world as we know it this dunya and this creation as we

00:49:37--> 00:49:59

know it, and this is a great, great honor. And we should be humbled at this honor, and we should live up to that potentiality but to then extrapolate and talk about Animal Aid and talk about other creations of Allah that we have no knowledge of in other worlds or other whatnot, we should remain silent because Allah has not told us anything of this and that knowledge is of no benefit to us.

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

So, we should therefore, and by the way, this also kind of fits in with the verse as well. And so little extra, whatever the column you have any item that we have ordered the children, Adam will fall, but now whom either Cathy Freeman Hakuna, and we have preferred them over many Kathy, and Allah did not say over each and every creation I've ever created in the history of time and whatnot, because we have to realize our creation in our world could potentially be one out of many, many, many more. That's something we don't know. And I have spoken about this in other lectures in my car as well than in other I have q&a, though, as well that I've talked about this issue, and a bit me

00:50:40--> 00:51:22

and others talk about this as well. And when he talks about, you know, are there other creations and whatnot, then in the end of the day, all of this is speaking without firm knowledge. So we leave this to Allah subhanho wa taala. And we best stick with the wordings of the Quran and the Sunnah. And so we state, mankind is the most honored of the creation of Allah in our given world that much is clear, and we leave and there's no need to go beyond this. And in the end, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best in sha Allah will continue soon and come back to the story of the creation of Adam and talk about the reaction of a bliss and what we can benefit from that the arrogance that bliss

00:51:22--> 00:51:33

demonstrated and why Allah Subhana Allah mentions this over and over again, until then Jiseok Mullah Hill Santa Monica Muhammad sallahu wa barakato Yeah, man