Yasir Qadhi – The Stories of The Prophets #09 – To What Level Are Prophets Protected ‘Iṣmah’ From Committing Sin?

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the controversial claims of the Prophet Muhammad's actions and the importance of protecting people from minor sins. They also touch on the idea of protection after the Islam's profits and the potential for minor sins. The importance of the prophets in positively affecting people and bringing them to Christ is also discussed. The conversation also touches on the actions of the prophets and their actions, including forgiveness and remorse. The importance of understanding their actions is also emphasized.
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said I want to come back to La Habra Castle hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah and Avi Avada. We are continuing in our series about the prophets. And we are still in our introductory lectures at hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. One of the things I love about the series that Allah has blessed me to do is that we have no end time, there's no burden on finishing. And if we meander our way through and Hamdulillah, and we learn and benefit from each other than inshallah, to Allah time is on our side here. So we have plenty of introductory lectures before we move on to the stories of the actual prophets, one by one, and today I'm going to continue from where we left off. In our last

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lecture, I was talking about some of what made the profits human. And we talked about emotions, and we talked about anger, we talked about forgetfulness, and eating and drinking and marrying and siring children. All of this is comes within the natural realm and territory of being human beings, and indeed, all of the prophets were humans. Now, the issue that really brings up the most controversy is the issue of the possibility of the prophets of Allah, committing sins after their prophet who begins. As for before their profit begins, there's a little bit more leeway. That's okay. They might have done some things here and there, you know, before the profit would begin. But

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after the beginning of Revelation, after God begins commencement of the wahi, and they get the upgraded status to become nebby or to become rosu. There is no question that they are now the holiest of the holy and they are the best of the best. That's something there is no difference of opinion amongst all the people who say the Kadima the difference of opinion comes, how holy and how blessed they are the best of the best, does that mean that they become absolutely sin less like the angels? Or can they do something that goes against the commandments of a law and that would constitute basically a sin. Now, again, we said so many times, there is no controversy or doubt that

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they are protected from certain things of them is lying of them is tampering with the revelation of them is describing something to Allah that is not true of them is they themselves claiming to be or will be like gods of them is committing Sheikh of them is even major since all of this is something there is no controversy over. The real controversy comes over what we call minor sins, what we call Salah in the Quran mentions Kava and survive. Now before I get to the Islamic controversy, it is important we're not going to go into a lot of detail. But nonetheless, it is important to realize that this is one of the unique aspects of our religion of Islam, in contradistinction to Judaism and

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Christianity. The way that the prophets are described in the biblical sources is something that Muslims are absolutely shocked at, they are appalled by it, to be honest, the first time Muslims hear this, they cannot believe that these sources describe these holy men with the crimes that they ascribe them to. And we thank Allah we don't have to deal with that type of controversies of because if you're a believer of the Bible, if you're a Jewish or Christian person, you have to reconcile the prophetic image with what you know the the Bible describes to them. From our perspective, there is no question that what is mentioned in the biblical sources is not true. It is a false hood. It is

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something that has been invented by later humans and ascribed to the earlier profits. And the profits are not at all guilty of what has been ascribed to them. So for example, our mother who is cursed in the in the Bible, allegedly because she is the one who tempted and because of her all women are a cursed and because of her and her sin, the monthly cycle happens and because of her and her sin, there's going to be pangs every time the child delivers every time a woman gives birth, excuse me, those pangs should remind the lady apparently of what their mother had did and of course this is simply unfair because Adam and what both ate from the tree and therefore in the on the blame

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is on the both of them know how what is not cursed and definitely not true.

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daughters after her, in fact, if anyone is Adam, who is who is

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represented in the Koran, while also Adam raba, who Adam disobeyed because he was the one who ate from the tree. So the point being this notion of cursing what the divine curse on women, it is not found in the Koran, as well. One of the most heinous crimes is that which is mentioned a number of profits, a number of things are mentioned. I mean, some of them, for example, Noah or noi, in Genesis nine, verses 20, to 23, that they hit one of his children made fun of Noah, because allegedly, allegedly, we don't believe this at all, and the profits are free of this, he became so drunk that he exposed his nakedness to his, to the people or to his children, and one of his sons,

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you know, mocked and whatnot. And because of this, he was cursed. Now, this curse also has a racial overtone, because according to the biblical legend, the sun that was cursed became the father of one race. And that race that was used this, these types of verses were used to justify slavery and what not. So again, we don't have anything to do with that tradition and this narrative, but this notion of one of the sons, you know, making fun of the nakedness of the father of the out of the Father, is something not befitting the prophets that they're lying drunk on the floor in this in this regard. In the book of Numbers, there is this story about allegedly, we don't believe this, that Moses

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commanded his army to kill the Midianites every single man women, children, and even babies. And when some children and women were spared, he became angry. And he said, Why did you let them you know, live and he commanded that you know, many of them be killed, and the rest of them be taken as slaves. This is a Numbers chapter 31, verses 15 to 17. Perhaps the most disgusting To be honest, and we don't believe this at all, then we're lucky we don't even like to mention these things, but because it is something that Muslims should know and be aware of that our controversies in this regard are utterly trivial, very trivial. Is it a minor mistake? Is it a slip up, we don't have to

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deal with the baggage of the other traditions. Perhaps the most vulgar and hair raising and gut wrenching and disgusting accusation that is falsely ascribed to the prophets is in Genesis chapter 19, verses 31 onwards in which are always available to be learned, I shudder to even say this and ask Allah's forgiveness to even say this, but this is for educational purposes. And we're allowed to mention shape on and to mention shed the tactics of shape on and the evil of shape and to warn people against him not to support and so when we say these types of things, it is to educate so that we can thank Allah for having guided us to what we believe but in this chapter, Genesis chapter 19,

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verses 30 onwards, that when Rupali his Salam allegedly was saved from his people, the only people apparently the in that region where him and his two daughters and his two daughters decided that I would be left with a villa, they wanted to have *, but there is no man in sight. And so they made their father drunk, and each one of them took turns, I would Villa with a villa in this consensual relationship, and they gave birth as a result of this, and the the children from this insentient in sensuous relationship, became the fathers of other tribes and nations. This is what the book of Genesis says chapter 19. And again, there is no question that these are fabrications

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that these are lies against these noble prophets. How can How can Allah if anybody did this in in a neighborhood, we would kick him out of the neighborhood? How can you expect a pious person much less a prophet, much less the Prophet Ruth it his Salam who preached morality his entire life, and who stood as a figure against hedonism and against the, the the the tyrannies of moral injustice that were taking place? Now, you're going to accuse him with a build up of getting drunk, and then his own daughters, I would have been doing this evil deed, and then children being born and these children then becoming the fathers of other nations. This is simply not true at all in Second Samuel

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11 onwards, and second, Samuels has a number of you know these types of accusations but David diodati, his setup is falsely accused of multiple acts of debauchery of gazing upon a naked woman with lust and then of wanting to be with her and then of seducing and then she was a married lady, and that didn't stop him apparently, and then he when he wanted to have more of her than he sends her husband into battle so that the husband is killed so that he can then acquire this lady. Again, this is simply impossible. This is stuff that you make dramas out of it is not the lives of the prophets of Allah that they go kill people because they want to their wives. It doesn't work that

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way. Also surname on in one Kings chapter 11 three verses three to 10

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That according to this narrative, which is completely false, and the Koran freeze so a man a woman refers to a man who like in a shelter in a cafo This is the verses brutal Baccarat, which is applicable to and we'll come to it in shallow to either it is negating what the Bible ascribes to suit a man. The Bible ascribed blatant shidduch and coffer to slay man. The Bible says that Solomon worshiped false gods because he wanted to please his wives, so his wives were pagans, and a number of them had false gods. And so to basically be romantic with his wives, he worshiped their false gods, and should is the worst sin no righteous person commit shit. How do you expect a prophet to do

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this, but this is what is mentioned in the Bible that Solomon worship Tamil calm the God of the Ammonites, and he built a temple for chemosh, the idol of the moabites. And he built a tempo for molek or MONUC, the idol of the AMA nice people. And he did this for all of his otherwise from all of the other civilizations that he built temples, with their idols, and he allowed his wives to worship and he himself worship there, as well. And

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according to this, the verse, the Lord commanded Solomon not to follow other gods, but Solomon did not follow the god the commands of God, ie in this section, we don't believe this at all. Allah says to say, Man don't worship other gods. And so the man disobeyed this commandment and he worships the false gods again, we simply cannot believe this at all. And in Second Samuel as well. The brothers have sued a man, the sons of David, one of them commits * with his sister, another one another one rapes hundreds of women or dozens of women one night and everybody's around the tent, knowing that this is happening and encouraging. I mean, this is again, this is what can you write to

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Hollywood or dramas or something out of this is not the lives of the prophets or the sons of the prophets doing or the brothers of the prophets with the families of the prophets, impossible that this type of narrative is something that we can believe in. And in our tradition at hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, no group of Islam, no group of Islam, not Sunni is not she has not evolved is not marked as it is not Zaidi is not is married is no group at all that claims to be Muslim, no group affirms that the prophets can do such heinous and evil and bizarre and immoral deeds, it is impossible for the prophets of Allah to act in such a manner because acting in such a manner, not

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just taints, it destroys their claims of being prophets of Allah, and of being the righteous people. So we can dismiss this type of narrative. However, we have to do with another set of issues which seems utterly trivial in light of the biblical narrative and hamdulillah. For that, we thank Allah. But now we have to get into the internal What do our scholars differ over that? What are the prophets protected from after Prophethood? begins? Now? I was wondering how much detail Should I go into. And I know I'll disappoint somebody when I say I'm not going to go into that much detail, because that would really make this a very, very technical and advanced lecture, we'd have to go

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into the various strands, even within Sunni Islam, because for those advanced students who are well aware that even Sunni Islam has multiple strands and controversies within it. And this is not the time or place to get into all of them. So I have decided to basically cut it down. As I've said multiple times, this is a intermediate lecture overall overall, and at some times we get advanced, but overall it didn't and Charlotte never goes beneath intermediate to intermediate to advanced. And this is also I went down to the intermediate to go into this controversy, because this is a controversy that one could easily no exaggeration, spend easily a few hours discussing the various

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positions and the evidence is and what not. So we're simply going to summarize there actually over seven positions within the oma over what type of protection is given to the profits after the profits begin their profit, right? What is the Esma? What is the infallibility that is bestowed upon them? to How To what extent are they infallible, and we will basically mentioned two opinions with attacked on third one, which is not within Sunni Islam, and it is not something we're going to discuss too much. So there are two opinions. And of course, there are many more than these.

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I mean, you do have the bizarre theologians of other groups that maybe one or two of the holidays or whatnot, they said that profits are completely normal just like anybody else, and they can even commit a major sins but that's no mainstream position, no accepted denomination that became widespread. You had pockets here and there are small individuals. When I say choose a small niche I mean, in solitary is what I'm in solitary individuals who might have had bizarre interpretations, but in reality, no mainstream movement in the past or in the present, says that it is possible

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For the profits to commit major sins much less should can go for much less lying about a lots of high net worth to Island rather, the two main issues or positions that we are interested in is can they commit minor sins or not? Can they commit minor sins or not, and the position that I will advocate, and we have to understand before I even navigate the position, see this topic, a lot of people have Listen to me carefully. A lot of people

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find it difficult to discuss this topic in an academic manner, and one's emotions, clouds, the evidences, and one's suppositions of how it should be clashes with the realities of how it really is. Because it is human nature to aggrandized those whom we love, it is human nature to put people whom we respect on a pedestal that is higher than what they actually deserve. And this is one of the, you know, tendencies of human beings that they, they make somebody who is beloved to them holy to them, you know, someone that they admire, they put him on a much, much higher level, and then they find out he's not to that level, and that really destroys their their myth. Now, this becomes

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easier when the person you admire is no longer living, and you can put them higher and higher and higher. And that is why, and I've said this in my pseudo classes in various locations, and I've said this in other places as well, that some of the understandings that later Muslim theologians and Optiva and mystics had about the prophesy centum, we do not even find them amongst the Sahaba that they understood his humanity, the claim that he's not human, they claim that it doesn't eat the claim that, you know, he does not emit a shadow, for example, it is found in some medieval books that some of these theologians said the Prophet system does not have a shadow, okay, that is found.

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But the Sahaba never said this. In fact, I will walk us through this and others would hold something to protect the sun from him and other things. So you know, when you're living with somebody, you can see his humanity, the Sahaba, by virtue of the fact that they're living with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, these notions of him being superhuman did not come to them, they realized he is fully human, and he's the best human being. So the Sahaba had a different soul water than some of the later strands of Islam, who could easily then construct an image that is not in conformance with reality. And this is demonstrated in this topic as well. And so this topic of the charisma of the

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prophets is one that I have to tread very, very carefully, because it is so easy for somebody to misunderstand or misinterpret, and then claim that this is a disrespect for the prophets. But it is not a disrespect when the person has raised the prophets to the level of superhuman. And then we mentioned that the prophets are actually humans. In that person's mind it is disrespect but Allah says put in them and have a shower I'm a human being flesh and blood, they ate, they drank, they walked in the soup, a Cologne and yeah, and I'm sure enough in a swamp they're walking in the in the socks and bazaars. And Allah xojo negates the extremism of the Christians by saying that both Miriam

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and Risa would eat food Ghana yagura Tom, and when you eat then the notion or the concept of well, if you eat something, then it has to go somewhere. And Allah is indicating how could an entity that relies on food and then must relieve itself be worthy of worship, but there are people who actually believe that the profits do not eat and drink or the profits do not relieve themselves. And this is something that goes against the high Buhari mentions that the professor's have, you know with the adverb of will do the job of relieving when somebody is mentioned, human human beings are there. Now, if somebody has said that the professor some does not eat or drink and does not relieve

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oneself, then you quote him, Well, all the profits do that. Then he says this is this is denigrating This is insulting the macom of the Profit System, we say you're the one that has constructed the false image of what the profit should be, what the profits should be like, when we show you what they really are theirs, they are the best of the best, there is no controversy over this, but in the best of the best, they still have their humanity. So with all of this disclaimer,

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and a lot as always help us because again, this is such an emotional topic. But nonetheless, this is not my opinion to your brothers and sisters. These are the opinions of giants on both sides. We respect them. And I'll mention names here. Great aroma on both sides. And these Rhoda ma they disagreed with one another without accusations from Han Allah. This shows you they understood great aroma on both sides of the opinion. And they understood that the other side has an opinion that they don't have and there was no accusations of disrespect no accusations of denigrating the status of the profits of a low set of no accusation that will stop a lawsuit over all of this was absent

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because they add filk of the

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Dean and maturity and knowledge and even if each group differed, they gave respect to the other. Now, with this, all of this long disclaimer, we state that the position that I'm advocating, which is the position of many have said the majority. But then the other school also said to have the majority is that it is impossible for the prophets to commit major sins, much less Cofer ensure impossible. It is also impossible for the prophets to commit unbecoming sins, sins that are demeaning sins that are despicable in the eyes of the of the masses. However, it is possible for them to slip into a mistake that is other than this, with the condition that it is a one off

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mistake. They do it once, and they repent. And the mistake affects them positively so that they become better people as a result. And so they become role models for us in their repentance. And they become role models for us in that this mistake causes them to be better than they were before. And so the mistakes or the sins of the prophets are minor one off, and they repent, and their repentance is our role model and they become better after their repentance. This is the position that not I am advocating but many scholars of Sunni Islam, they advocated and many of them said this is the majority position and I will quote you names inshallah soon as well. Now, what are the

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evidences for this? Frankly, the evidence is for this are simply too numerous and too obvious. And that is why it is a default position. And that is why if you do not teach a Muslim constructed theology, and you ask him to read the Koran, and then you ask him some simple questions, they will understand what I'm about to say, because they have not been taught to rethink through the evidences in a different manner. And the most obvious example that every Muslim knows, and if they don't study a later field, a theological interpretation or school, and they simply read the Koran, they know it because the Quran says so is our father. The mother has said, Our father or the mother has said,

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this is the most obvious evidence. And as I said, you don't need to reinterpret anything. It is very clear that Allah azza wa jal said to Adam, do not eat of this tree, this is the commandment to you. And the commandment of prohibition implies that it is how long when Allah says don't then it implies the headin it is how long and something that is how long is a sin to do and that is why shavon seduce them beguiled them for West sweat set up on my show upon if it was halal to eat from the tree if it was not a sin to eat from the tree. shaitaan does not have to do with Swiss and shaytaan entice them and shaitan said this is going to cause you to live forever. And so what did Allah say

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for a chi minh forbade that lahoma so to whom when they ate from the tree, the clothes that they wore went off there because they're living in Jenna, and those clothes are not worthy now. So the fact that the clothes went off is an indication they did something they should not have done for the llama. So a tumor biopsy finally it went up to gender. And then Allah says in the Quran as well. Wow saw a demo robber who fell Hawa This is as explicit as you can possibly do. Wow. For Adam. Adam disobeyed his Lord and so he went astray. You cannot be more explicit than this. LCR is a sin. This is a sin. You disobeyed You shouldn't have done it. Our father Adam did it and he becomes a role

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model for us in what he did after not in the sin, but in the repentance of the sin. Wow saw the Moraga who felt our filming budget about who are abou then his Lord chose him for taba la he accepted his repentance. If he didn't do a sin, there was no repentance to accept. If he didn't do a sin, He wouldn't have gone How are misguided if he didn't do a sin? Allah wouldn't say I chose him back festiva who because he was unchosen for a while and then it became chosen what had up and he was guided again. So the fact that Allah guided him again indicates for a while he was not upon that guidance, he did something he should not have done. And this is something again explicit in the

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Hadith as well. That musala history meet Adam in the afterlife, and more so says that, are you the one who caused all of mankind to be expelled from Jenna, be them because because of your sin, because of your sin. Your sin caused us to be expelled from Jenna this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim is the most authentic level and more so responds, Adam responds that it's not my fault that this was decreed that we're going to be on earth even before I was created. And so the

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profits of the law Why did he was said them said them won the argument, then won the argument for hedge. Adam was the other one over Mussa, the one over Moosa. So this is very explicit. Also, what did Adam do after he was expelled from Jenna on Robin, via alumna and for Santa, we're in Lum Tel fildena What are Hamner, then a colon amino acid in every single phrase in this of Adam indicates what Adam did was a sin. Again, why am I being so explicit because it is obvious to 99% of you, I guarantee you that every one of you who has not studied a later theological school, that when you read the Quran, this is what you will understand because it is self evident. So why am I keep on

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stressing the point, because as I will mention another very great school, we respect their lemma, and they're great people and whatnot, but today said that no profits can ever come into any type of sin, they are sinless. And then, of course, what do you do with all of these evidences, now you have to go and redo and reinterpret, and change or not knowing, not changing stuff, what I mean here,

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give a couching of what actually happened so that you can free yourself of the obvious, which is what also add the more of both of our all our have been over lambda and fusina we have wronged ourselves, we're in them. delfield and if you don't forgive us, because they're committed us and what's out Hannah and have mercy on us, because the mercy has been lifted us Let akula no matter how serene, we are going to be those who are lost and destroyed, because they have done something they have not they should not have done. So again, it is self evident that what Adam did was something that we call a sin. Allah said don't do it, and he did it now the type of sin that he did we

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understand it as human beings. It wasn't a sin. That is disgusting. Like the The Bible says of * and murder and whatnot. It's everybody wants to live longer. And we understand that it's a natural desire. I mean, this type of sin, we can relate to it. That's the point the sins of the prophets are actually minor infractions one off, he didn't do it again, the repentance comes immediately he becomes a role model for our repentance, and we can relate to that sin. It's a sin that it's human nature to have that we want to live better lives and comfortable lives and live longer. We don't want to die early. So it's a you know, it's something that we can sympathize with.

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And then we realize our father Adam did something he shouldn't have done and he becomes a role model in his, in his repentance to Allah subhanahu wa tada also know highly his setup in the Quran, it is very explicit Allah mentions the story

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hamdulillah Allah mentions the story to show to tell us the reality of what happened that Allah says to know very explicitly that while our to halted knee failure inoperable in the home ohakune do not speak to me about those who have done wrong and have worshipped the false gods they haven't accepted your faith, our faith, do not even speak to me about them, they are going to be drowned they're going to not survive the flood. And then North sun did not accept the faith nor Sun was still worshipping the idols of the ancestors. And we all know the story that when the water became higher and higher new for winner the new unibit now who what kind of feedback didn't know I was away from

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the boat he was not there and no one called out to sorry nor son, nor called out to his son. Yeah, boy, a My dear son era cub miner Come on the boat with us, right? And don't be amongst the people who have done wrong and then Sunset on us or are we illegible in your Simoni minima? He said I'm going to climb up to a mountain and the mountain will save me from this flood or the owl similar to my umbrella he learned about Russian and nor said no one can protect you from Allah's command except Allah Himself. If he wants to have mercy on you. You're not going to be saved, then once nor sees his son die. His son is drowning, and his son is taken What does not say? nor it says oh my lord.

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You said to me, you would save my family. Were in the Bunnymen alley, and this son of mine is from my family. And your promise is always true. And Allah says ya know in the whole lace I mean I like in horror I'm a Luna heroes all you have done a deed that is not good. I told you don't speak to me about those people who have rejected and you knew these were the rules I said to you. And now you come to me just because he's your son. And you argue with me in who I'm alone, Ohio Rosada ferratas Anima they said I could hear him in our elbow can take on a major hit in order to be narrowed obika silica Melissa Lee be here in what lm tell Philly with romney accumulo hustling know under

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Stan's his love for his son got the better of him. Let's see, again, the sins of the prophets we can relate to. It's a, it's a tragedy that strikes a chord in every human being, that here you have your son here you have the commandments of Allah. And there's this tension. And Allah has said, Do not do it. And no, it does it because there's a love for the sun and the North realize that I should not have done this. And so even notice, as Oh my Lord, I have committed a sin. So this is very clear as well, that no is said is told in the Quran that he did something he should not have done. Likewise, the Buddha has said, I will come to his story when we come to it, that they would have did something

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that he should not have done for Stella ferrata who for her wahaca. And so he asked Allah to forgive him, and he fell down in prostration. And in repentance for for another who that we forgave him what he had done, the notion of what he had done, we're going to talk about this a little more, there's a lot of interpretation, now's not the time to get into all of that. The point is that it is very clear that wood is still four, which means he had done something he shouldn't have done. And Allah says fellow foreigner before gave, so they would committed a sin. Likewise, the the, the son of those who remain at his salon, there's also the story, we're going to come to it as well of him

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doing something you shouldn't he should not have done and falling into a state of afula. And so he as well asked a lot to forgive him, and we're going to get to it when we get to it. And of course, you will notice it his salon. You recently he said I'm very explicit that he did something he should not have done. The prophets. They are commissioned by a law, there is no resigning from being a prophet, you can't just give up and quit. You don't do that, you know, once your job is, is there is commissioned by Allah, you have to be non stop. You don't just say, Okay, I resigned and I turned my back to my chores. But you notice it his setup, before he was given permission to leave his people.

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He got so angry at the arrogance of his people that he simply turned his back and walked away from his people, and he should not have done that the prophets cannot, cannot just do that. And so Allah zildjian mentions in the Quran for one alumna or Dr. Ali, he thought we would not punish him. He thought we would not hold him accountable. He thought we would not hold him accountable. But Allah did hold him accountable. And so a lot of sewage and caused him to go into into the the whale the belly of the whale. And why not filled lumati Allah ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in the Quran to mean avadi mean, Yunus acknowledges I am from the wrong doors I did wrong. He called himself of the

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law, the mean and he asks Allah to forgive him. And so Allah forgave him. And once again, we can sympathize with Yunus because the arrogance of his people, just the hardheadedness of his people. So Yunus just gave up and he just got frustrated out of just not being able to deal with the arrogance. So again, we can sympathize you know with that. So by the way, the story of Musa I mentioned it was last week or the class that we did in the previous class, we cannot use the story of Musa and him punching the Israelite because this happened before he became a prophet and we're talking about what happens after become a prophet Musa Ali Salaam, nothing is really punching the the Egyptian, the

00:33:22 --> 00:34:08

cop, that Moosa became angry, and he overreacted, and he caused the death. And this is a huge problem. It is involuntary manslaughter is not a trivial thing. But this occurred before he was a prophet. So it doesn't come into our list over here. As for our Prophet sallallahu it he was setting them there are generic verses and a hadith that mentioned Allah's forgiveness on him. So in the Quran, Leo fear Allah Allahu Mata padam among them become a matter of so that Allah can forgive your sins, what you have done, and what you are going to do. So Allah zoid wants to forgive the sins, Allah causes them a sin. And he himself said, in the self, who I ask Allah for forgiveness more than

00:34:08 --> 00:34:49

100 times a date. And in the long Hadith, of the intercession of Shiva, that I've done in multiple lectures and classes, where every single prophet will say, I've seen FC, I'm worried about myself, I'm worried about myself, each one of them will mention something that is troubling him. So this shows us that the prophets can commit infractions and sins. What is the wisdom behind the prophets committing sins? Why would Allah azzawajal allow them to do so? Well, a number of things that have been mentioned about wisdoms, first and foremost, so that they recognize that they're not perfect, and in that recognition, they renew their efforts to try to become even more perfect or even better.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

And the story of Moosa is classic over here, even though it happened before he became a prophet, but the philosophy or the paradigm that when he killed the Coptic when he killed the Egyptian

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

What did most I say? order a bit in Europe Europe See that? That?

00:35:05 --> 00:35:46

He said I will live I have wronged myself. And then he says because of this land a corner over here a little moody mean I'm never going to support a wrong tour, I have realized that is something I shouldn't have done. So from now on, I am never going to be on the side of injustice. I'm always going to be on the side of justice love a corner over here or little moogerah mean so more Sally has Salaam his mistake caused him to be a better person. And that's one of the wisdoms of the prophets committing these types of mistakes or slip ups, also of the wisdoms is that Allah azza wa jal loves those who repent. And so if Allah wants to love the prophets, even more, their repentance should be

00:35:46 --> 00:36:28

the best repentance. And it is said in our literature, that the repentance of Adam alayhis salaam was legendary that hardly anybody repented, you know, as sincerely in the history of mankind, as our father Adam, that when he came down to earth, you know, the grief overwhelmed him and they're crying and the repentance lasted for many years or decades. And of course, throughout his life, you continue to make amends for that. And so Allah loves those who repent. And therefore, if the prophets are the most beloved to Allah, then they must also be beloved because they repent, because it is those who repent and turn back to Allah to who achieved the highest level of Allah muhabba.

00:36:28 --> 00:37:13

And Allah wants to show he is the man and Rahim and they'll afford and the food and the Karim and he wants to show these names to the prophets that he loves. So how can Allah show he is the hammer Rahimi and the rock man and the hydro Rahimi and the food and the fall and the half year and Allah azza wa jal is the one who is our fool to his chosen profits, except by the allowing them to commit these minor sins, and then having them repent, and then showering them with His Divine majesty and mercy and forgiveness. And so Allah allows this type of sins to occur so that he can then shower the profits with his mercy and forgiveness, also, of the wisdoms that are mentioned in this regard, is

00:37:13 --> 00:37:54

that because the prophets must be role models, and if the prophets became angels, there is no connection between us and them, if the prophets were not human, and this is mentioned in the Quran, that if we sent down an angel with whom Allah can, if we sent down an angel, he would have to look like a human. And we'd have to make him dress like a human, and then you'd end up rejecting him anyway. And if there was an angel, you would basically not have a connection, you would say, How can we be expected to be like the angels. However, when you have a prophet, whom you can see his flesh and blood, and you see from this prophet, the same struggles that we all have the mighty his Salaam,

00:37:54 --> 00:38:31

and know how to his Salaam, and more Sally has the same struggles of you know, wanting to live a better life or loving your children or what not. And sometimes these struggles, causes slip up a minor issue or one of infraction, and they turn back to Allah. And so we have a connection with the prophets. And you know, if you listen to my you know, I have a long series of this year over 100 lectures, as most of you are aware of, and this was the paradigm that I had in that series. And anytime one of these types of incidents occurred, I kept on saying that for me, this is actually something that allows me to love and respect and admire and take the Prophet Muhammad's awesome as a

00:38:31 --> 00:39:13

role model, because we see the perfection, whatever it might have been listened to this year, I have multiple incidents in there that when these types of things happen, you know, far from rubella, you know, denigrating rubella, on the contrary, our respect and our love and our admiration grows. And we find a role model that we can actually relate to, because he is flesh and blood because he is a human being. And so they become perfect role models, not because they are perfect, but because they strive for perfection, it is in those minor imperfections, and then they're overcoming those minor imperfections, that they become perfect role models. Otherwise, if they were 100%, flawless, how can

00:39:13 --> 00:39:53

we take them as a connection and a role model? And so this is another reason why the prophets have these minor, you know, infractions or sins. And again, these are all minor sins in the sense that, you know, the major sins are, you know, like Riba or like, you know, murder or like, Xena, these are the matrices none of the profits are can ever be guilty of those major sins after the coming of the revelation. But you know, minor sins are other than this one off. Yes, that has been narrated in the Koran and the sooner from the prophets. Now, this is the position as I said, of many, many scholars, now, each of these two groups says we have the majority on our site. And if you want my brutally

00:39:53 --> 00:40:00

honest opinion, we cannot decide the majority and the majority actually doesn't really matter in this regard because of circumstance.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

As you can listen to a one of the library chats, I give you a fight at online about a smile in his house, and he was sat down and listen to that. And you'll understand why the mere existence of which side is the majority doesn't mean the opinion is right or wrong. What is more significant to us is that we have ever you date respectable, respectable names on both sides of this controversy, the side that I've just advocated, which is that the profits can commit one off minor sins, if those sins are not denigrating in nature, to the status or to the respect of the prophets, and they repent, and they become role models and the repented. This is this is the position of many, many

00:40:37 --> 00:40:52

great dilemma and I mentioned some of them very quickly, because again, the problem comes that each strand or each group wishes to claim these days, because there is sectarianism that is unhealthy, that they are the only correct group even within Sunni Islam. And this is simply not the case.

00:40:55 --> 00:41:36

It is possible that there are multiple positives in all of the groups out there and we respect all of these groups. So, one of the great scholars have been bob bob died for 49. That he mentions that the scholars have differed that is it possible for the prophets to commit sins, and he says there is unanimous consensus that they cannot commit any mistakes in conveying the message and that they cannot commit any major sins. However, there is difference of opinion can minor sins occur from them? And so, he says, the more and the hawala adage they said that it is not permissible for them to commit minor sins, and it is impossible for them to do anything of this nature. And then he says

00:41:36 --> 00:42:19

that other scholars of Sunni Islam they said that they can commit my your sins. Even Abdullah borrowed the famous Maliki scholar from and the lucea died 463 even Abdul Jabbar said that the profits that the prophets cannot commit any type of major sin, however, the Sahaba the Sahaba it are possible and they are also more middle cabal, and they are protected from committing major sins. So even the bar says that it is jar is for sale likely to occur. The famous and all the reorder another great Maliki scholar from Andalusia, died 554 he wrote one of the most famous books about the blessings of the Prophet sallallahu Why do you send them a chifa it has been transiting which is

00:42:19 --> 00:42:55

well, I'll call the Riyadh says what almost sohar vijaywada hijama to Minnesota, if you will at him either MBA will metabolize poverty. Well how you Lumina, folk Ohio and what had the Athena one will take a limit as for committing minor sins, then a group of the scholars of the set have said that this is something that the profits are can happen to the profits. And it is the position that remember tabari and many of or some of the folk aha and the scholars of Hadith and the scholars of theology. And so he affirms This is the position of any people and then he himself basically says but I don't think this is the correct opinion. So he says it is there but he respectfully then

00:42:55 --> 00:43:34

posits his own, the famous Chinese scholar amedee also has something similar I know will be the scholar of how do you tie 676 also says the exact same things that if that if you will query radium in a saw minister Hall 84 there have been more of one more alcohol one more had 81 more tech aluminum wrestler who will follow up Elijah was he will carry him in home. So I know what we says and I want those people who think that you know, this opinion is belted and it is something that is by only one they call it a fanatical astronomer or literalist. And this is a ma'am and no we and you know who knows who he is? and know what we said that the more of them are the majority of folk aha

00:43:34 --> 00:44:14

scholars, and what had they seen scholars of Hadith and what they mean scholars of Colombian theology from the self and the Caliph, they said that it is possible for the prophets to commit minor sins. And this is also the position of remember their hobby, and even Tamia and even OPI em. And generally speaking the scholars of the high Nabila and the etheric strand of soon ism, this is the position that they hold, and you will find many, many quotes in this regard. Now on the other side, you have famous scholars within the Sharia and some of the maternity schools but especially with their shoddy school, and of course, many of the scholars of the soul as well, that they felt

00:44:14 --> 00:44:59

that it is not befitting to say that the profits committed any sense whatsoever. And amongst this group of people are people like Dr. Dina Razi people like a super key, even even Hydra For example, He says that, yes, some, you know, it is it has been narrated that you know, the position exists that minor sins occur. However, the correct opinion is that even minor sins they cannot do. And so, the this group, basically, they negate the fact that prophets can commit minor sins. Now, what do they do with this mountain of evidences that we have presented the story of Adam being open shut case and Jonas, early cinema and others, I mean, these are explicit evidences, what do they do?

00:44:59 --> 00:45:00

Well, if you read

00:45:00 --> 00:45:37

Their explanations or commentaries, their works of theatre and what not, you know, they have to basically work around and rephrase. And in Arabic and even ruder we say this, but in Arabic, you call this to kind of look at the color of means, you know, making the, you know, that which is self evident, you kind of make it more complicated in order to try to find, you know, the position that you want. You make this simple, complicated, maybe that's the best way to call it Take a look. And this is what they need, they are forced to do with our utmost love and respect to them. And of the things that they attempt to do is change the wordings they say, Oh, this isn't them, this isn't a

00:45:37 --> 00:46:18

sin. Rather, it is a slip up a Hata a mistake. And because the McCollum of the Prophet is so high a mistake from them, you might as well call it a sin. And so they say it's not literal, when Allah says he committed a sin, it's basically being extra harsh, because the McCombe of the prophets indicates that even a slip up from them should be extra harsh. And so you know, they call it a circle or a hotdog, you know, it's something that is a mistake, let's not call it a a sin. And so again, that's their, you know, interpretation. And of course, they bring a mountain of evidence about another topic, which is the status of the prophets. And they say how this is an emotional

00:46:18 --> 00:46:57

argument. How could the prophets commit these minor sins when Allah has described them as being the best of the best and Allah has his Bluff, and allies religion has said you are the rock maternidad amin and Allah has said that you are opposed to an Allah has said that Nakata viewers fear or Sula, who swore to the hazard. So they bring all of these verses which nobody disagrees about. And these verses talk about the status of the prophets. And then they extrapolate an argument that is not academic, it's more emotional. And they will say, based on this status, how can you then say that they committed a sin and their responses, their statuses there, and these slip ups are there, and we

00:46:57 --> 00:47:36

combine the two together, and there's no contradiction whatsoever, they are the best of the best, and they are the good one. And they are the worst one. And they are the raw material, either mean. And there are these one off incidences that sometimes occurs with the profits. And these are minor sins and the end of the day, and Eliza forgives them, and Allah loves them. And in these, you know, infractions, we find a role model in them in how we should commit to tober. And turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada. So this is the other opinion out there. And it is the position of I would say in our times, the majority of the shy school for the advanced students. The tertiary school clearly has

00:47:36 --> 00:48:11

some tensions within it over this issue. And you find some of them, especially their earlier ones having an opinion. And then there later ones having another opinion, even though you find both opinions of the past and the present, but it is quite clear. And you can look up as I said, I've been booked board and I know we and others have that school, who clearly had positions. However, for Halina Razi, who is one of their great How could they he has a treaty is called the responsible MBR. And it is the theory is very clear. He does not want to call anything the prophets have done a sin. And he negates the concept of sins coming from the prophets. And he has his methodology for doing

00:48:11 --> 00:48:52

so. And this position has also been adopted by most of the people of the soul, wolf strand of Islam and I have spoken about to solve that. Sufism is not a theological school, it is difficult to generalize and say all in fact, it is impossible. You really cannot say the people of Sufism because it's too broad. And there's too many strands. Nonetheless, majority of those who ascribe to the soul, Wolf, not that not that there's anything wrong with that I've spoken about this in other lectures, but just factually speaking, obviously, there are notions of, you know, the prophethood preclude them from ever saying that the prophets can commit sins. Now, again, a bit of an advanced

00:48:52 --> 00:49:07

footnote here. One's position about the assessment of the profits, also affects other issues of theology, and especially how you view the role of the prophets, the spiritual status of the prophets.

00:49:08 --> 00:49:44

Your own relationship with the prophets in this stage now going to the prophets asking have their needs going through them that were seated? So all of this is, you know, there is some linkage of how you view this versus how you view that, nonetheless, there's there you know, the it's not a strong linkage, but nonetheless, it is there. And this is a subject that is covered in the advanced treatises on Islamic theology, and quite a lot of dissertations and articles have been written, and one can go back and forth. Now, this is the position within Sunni Islam these are the two main positions just for the record,

00:49:45 --> 00:49:59

non Sunni, the largest non Sunni group and I mean by this the 12 mommies, you know, the ayatollahs in the lands of Iran and whatnot, that their strand of Islam they also

00:50:00 --> 00:50:29

say that the profits are absolutely sin less. And they also then go a little bit further. And they say that anybody who claims otherwise has disrespected the profits and some of you and said that is the type of golfer to to recruit to go to that level. And of course, their reasons for doing so are very different. And they also believe that their moms are also Mausam protected. So it's not just the prophets who are protected, but they say that their moms are also protected. And of course, from our perspective,

00:50:30 --> 00:51:16

that is simply not the case. But that is their interpretation. So to conclude, there is a market difference first and foremost between the biblical narrative and the Quranic narrative, and that's where we can humble it, I breathe a sigh of relief. The Quran is absolutely free of ascribing any sin that is detestable or disgusting, or bizarre or major to the prophets. The Quran is very clear, the profits are not guilty of such major sins. Rather, what one finds are one off slip ups, non repetitive disobedience is things they should not have done, that are all linked to human emotions that we can sympathize with. All of them are linked to human emotions that run in all of humanity.

00:51:16 --> 00:51:57

We can empathize with them. Adam, it has said I wanted to live, you understand is that become became frustrated with a group of people that were arrogant, no, Holly has said I'm loved his son, and requested Allah xojo to save him, and so on and so forth. And in all of these incidents, they repented immediately, they did not persist in their sin, and their repentance becomes a role model. For us. This is the position that I have advocated, nonetheless, because in all of these cases, there is such human emotions involved. You have another strand of Islam, saying that we don't call these sins rather, we call them honest mistakes, we call them hottap or sahoo, or slipups. And we

00:51:57 --> 00:52:42

don't call it a sin because of the status of the prophets. And so when we find the word sin, or what not, it is somewhat metaphorical language that allows xojo does using because their status indicates that they shouldn't even have done this. Nonetheless, this this controversy, at some point really becomes technical or linguistic, because in the end of the day, all of Sunni Islam acknowledges that the prophets are as perfect as possible, and that the prophets are role models and that the profits are worthy of emulation. And that the goal of all of these stories is to raise the status of the profits and not like the biblical narrative, which is I would do without denigrating the status of

00:52:42 --> 00:52:55

the prophets and without inshallah Allah, we come to the conclusion of this week's lecture on the prophets and inshallah Allah will continue with Allah next week until then, just below Okay, it was said I'm waiting for him to lie he wabarakatuh

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