The Spiritual & Psychological Blessings of Umrah

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SMIL Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was Sahibi woman while Mohammed, Mohammed as you're aware many of you are just returned from Omar. So I wanted to just share some reflections of my own thoughts about having gone at home that after two and a half years of not being able to go because of COVID. And of course, by the way, we should be worried that our promises and be performed for homeruns in his life, we should wear this a factor of zero. He performed for cameras in his life. The first camera actually was the number of labia in which he did not actually go for camera but he got the rewards of their own bra when he was stopped outside of

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Makkah, and they made to Hollywood and they shave their hair. He didn't actually enter but Allah gave him the reward of their own row. So this is the first Omoto the second or what was the year after that, which was the makeup of the ABS seventh year. The third O'Meara was on the way back from thought if when he conquered Makkah he went to five on the way back he so when he entered Makkah in the conquest of Mecca he did not wear haram which shows you can enter mecca for reason without a haram if you have to do for your doctor you have a surgery there you may enter without at home. So he entered as a conqueror without a haram. He went to life on the way back he did ombre. So this is

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Not amatory. There are needed hedges and also there was a number of so these are the four armloads. Now of course, going for Omona is of course a very blessed act. And I wanted to do beyond just the spiritual blessings is very important to spiritual blessings. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Tabea O'Bannon had jewel Umrah. keep on repeating hajj and umrah keep on repeating that once you do one aim for another. It's not just a one off bucket list you do it tab you're obeying and had you remember keep on following up Hajin Amara because they get rid of your two things he said sins and your poverty. They get rid of your sins and your poverty like a furnace gets rid of

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its impurities so to going for Hajj and Umrah Your sins are forgiven and your poverty because you're spending for the way of Allah so Allah subhana wa Tada will give you back and of course there are many blessings for overall our Prophet system said that her jewel more TAMIU Wafula heater Allah the one who does hedge and the one who does Amara, they are the delegates and the guests of Allah, Allah call them and so they responded to that call. That's what we have this notion of the Hajaj are the guests of Allah, this from the Hadith, the Hajaj and the more tambien are the guests of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And we know that, you know, I'm hedging on what our Prophet system said that

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whatever from one room to the next to umbra, our president said, all of your sins will be forgiven, as long as the major sins are avoided, right. I'm about to enter O'Meara Kapha to Lima, Bina, Huma, so from one camera to the next camera, it's your sin, she'll be forgiven. So these are all spiritual blessings, the blessings of tawaf, the blessings of kissing the Blackstone, the blessings of prayer, 100,000, prayers, extra dua sadhaka, all of this, we all know, but there are also blessings that are of a psychological nature, blessings that we should appreciate and understand. When we go for Hajj and Umrah and it should be on our radar, we should be wanting to go for Hajj and Umrah for all of

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these blessings of the things that I personally again, this is my own reflections and thoughts and whatnot, that Subhanallah we all feel that boost that energy recharge when we go to Makkah and Medina and we thank Allah that we have such opportunities, you know, how do we recharge our spiritual batteries? We thank Allah that He has given us bless it times and bless it places to charge our batteries. Imagine if we didn't have anything special. How would we feel that boost? But Alhamdulillah Allah gave us Ramadan by the way three months for Ramadan. Allah gave us a time during that time that time is blessed it and our energy is recharged and Allah gave us places like Makkah

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and Medina and Jerusalem. When we go there our Eman is recharged. So we thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to come closer to him via special times and special places of the things as well that are always appreciate going for Hajj and Umrah is that when you're just sitting there. You see the diversity of the OMA in a way that you never really appreciate until you're there during Hydra doing on raw

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People come in Khalifa genomic, Allah says in the Quran from every nook and corner in the world, they're gonna come to you. It just so happened this time when I was there. I saw large groups from the Central Asian republics that I hadn't seen before. Get Elisa Stein and Kazakhstan and Tajikistan large groups coming from there for some reason they're allowed to come and as you know, because of COVID There's restrictions. It was just so interesting to see Muslims from such places you don't really know about interact with them. So this is of the things you appreciate the diversity of the OMA of the spiritual blessings as well. You go for Hajj and Umrah of the psychological blessings.

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When you're sitting there. When you're praying when you're doing go off. You see people of all different backgrounds begging and pleading Allah making dua for their causes. And Subhan Allah Allah azza wa jal is answering all of their causes. Couldn't a young woman who officia in every single instance, Allah is in shuttin, in a magnificent cause. Allah is answering the dua of the one and you and you are marveling at how Great and Majestic as the creator, that all of the creations are asking everyone somebody has a cancer to be cured, somebodies child is sick, somebody is in debt, somebody is a sinner, and they're all begging and pleading Allah around the Kaaba making dua, and you are

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amongst them as well. And this is indeed one of the signs of Allah's Magnificence, and that Allah is a summit what is a summit mean? A summit means the one whom everyone asks of their needs. We see this one too we're in Makkah that everybody is begging and pleading in their own manner. And you feel a sense of the the album or the greatness of Allah subhana wa Tada of the spiritual and of the psychological blessings of going when you go for Oman, or when you go for Hajj SubhanAllah. Everybody's enthusiasm goes up. Even the worst sinner when he gets to the muck or when he gets to the Kaaba, even the one who never prays, when you get to their own rock house, you're going to be

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praying 200 3am You're going to get older, you're praying. And this is an amazing reality that Allah is demonstrating to the worst sinner, you have it in you to be a better person. He gets that opportunity when he's in that blessed place. The worst of the worst, how many people are committing sins, they're drunkards, they're far from the Dean. When they come for Hajj, when they come for Ember, it is as if they turn 180 degrees. So Allah is showing if you can do it here, you can do it back there as well. This is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala of the amazing things as well. And this is something that I was speaking with our dear friends Jocasta bridges, the Imam of Valley

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Ranch mercy, we were talking about the same thing. And he mentioned an interesting point, which is very true. He said, when people go for Umrah all of a sudden, they're very, very eager to follow every aspect of the Sunnah. They ask you how did you do with allah sallallahu Sallam they asked you should I do the right hander? Should I go this way? Where do I say the Torah? When do I drink some some? Even though the two raka after toe of the drinking zamzam Nobody said is followed. Nobody says through can it's a sunnah you do it you do it? You don't you don't. But when you get there, the bar is raised. You want to know step by step. Where did he say Allah said and pray? What did he do? What

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was the DUA that he may not suffer at Marois. Everybody knows it sooner. It's not broken. If you don't do it, your tawaf is valid, your psyche is valid, but when you get there the spirit of obedience, and by the way, nobody asks, Why is the right shoulder uncovered? Why do we walk fast the first three times what nobody asks, they want to just submit. Now what a partner, the spirit of Amman of Taqwa This is the essence of worshipping Allah Robu. The Samaritan now while we here we obey, nobody begins to find a loophole and questioning this and that, that spirit of utter submission. This is what Islam is about. When Allah says we do when the person says we do, and when

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it comes to the rituals of Hajj and Umrah they are rituals that we call it an urban labrum accredited manner. There are not rational that you understand why is it seven? Why not five? Why not? Eight? Why not? Nine? Why do we go counter clockwise? There is no rational reason. It is a reason that Allah says to do and we do. And this demonstrates the real spirit of worshiping Allah and Allah is showing us just like we don't question him there. Why should we question him over here, just like we submit one way there. We want to do the best that we can. So too, we should do over here. So the spirit of worshiping Allah we tasted, and most importantly, and this is the reality

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that all of us feel the tiredness of the body and the pleasures of the soul. They are demonstrated to be two distinct factors. Every one of us is tired after hajj and umrah physically, it's actually much longer than we thought it will be the walk between self and Motorola and jetlag and the the plane and whatnot. Haram it's such an irritation, a nuisance on the body. We all know it those that have been, but the way that the soul feels and the peace and the accomplishment. It demonstrates for us that the body

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The tiredness of the body means nothing when the soul is feeling satisfied. And this is one of the greatest blessings of worshiping Allah, especially when you put in that tiredness when you put in the effort and then you get the sweetness of that effort in there. Ibadah so all of these are some of the psychological and the spiritual blessings of worshiping Allah in particular hydron O'Meara so I encourage all of you and myself Insha Allah, Allah to aim to go for hygiene Omura as much as possible spend for the sake of Allah, Allah azza wa jal give you back frequently go between hajj and umrah so that your sins are forgiven and your risk is raised up May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us

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