The Difference Between Nuh’s Ark and The Titanic

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Look at no Holly, he said he built an ark. This Ark was very weak in its building an IDI structure to the point where Allah azza wa jal says, well hang on now who Allah that Allah will do so. an ark Allah azza wa jal, he said we carried him on a few pieces of wooden plank and some nails. That's that's all that was made off.

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Meanwhile, in 1912, April 15, I don't know who are they went and built a ship. They call that the Titanic. And they declared God himself could not sink the ship.

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He's what they declared.

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So they took the waves they took the ocean, with their own power and their own will.

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It wasn't long before it sunk.

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1500 people on it slowly drowned and died. And this entire sophisticated ship with its technology and advancements sunk into hours and 40 minutes

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no, how do you sell an ark? wooden plank, somebody else? He built it by himself. And it was facing massive waves Allah who would say Well He attempts at being fee motion kanji

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waves the size of mountains and nothing happened to it. Why? Because when he got on it, he said walk on or Kabul fie hair Bismillah. He measured

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it Nabila forward Rahim. He said hop on. Let's go. Let's go with the name of Allah mudgear hair. It is going to move with the name of Allah wa Musa and it will settle with the name of Allah. With the power of Allah assertion. Look at the difference from our social save that Allah protected even perhaps if you did something like that today and put it in the ocean, maybe it'll be destroyed into 1000 pieces. Like in Allah subhanho wa Taala protected his ship because Bismillah he measured a helmet

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so that's the ID Bismillah levy layerable rule must mean she wouldn't fill out the well if it's summer. This is ARP that this is a belief. When the name of Allah is mentioned Nothing can harm in the heavens nor in the earth.