Yasir Qadhi – The Proof of Existence of God from Beauty – Surah Fatir

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses Allah's use of words to describe his teachings, including his teachings about nature and the Sharia. The importance of understanding the diversity of creation and the "weirds of the creation" in achieving success is emphasized. The segment also touches on the "fit" category, where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is where the "fit" category is
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spell Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah he will be here woman who Allah Hammerberg. So today I recited certain verses of Surah Felter and inshallah we'll just comment on some of the beautiful meanings that are found in these verses, I recited, of course, first, beginning with you and NASA unto modificado, Allah, all mankind, all of you are faqeer in front of Allah and Allah is Allah Vani and Hamid and in the second verse, I began from the second section of this, which is Allah azza wa jal and mentioning various signs around us and linking those signs to his existence. And then there's a very interesting phrase that comes, we're going to talk about that

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today. So Allah says, I'm Tara and Allah and Ximena Semih, Ema and Haven't you seen that Allah has sent down from the heavens rain for a garage nabby Heath Emirati ma telefone guanhua from that one rain, the same rain. Allah has caused many plants to come forth. These plants are all metallic in their Alwan their colors are different. So the soil is the same color. The rain is the same color, but the plants that come are varied in everything in their species in the fruits and in their color. Most elephant albino hmm so Allah mentions that all of this is different in color. And then Allah subhanaw taala says that the same applies woman energy body Judo don't build on what homegrown more

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telefone elewana Doha wakatobi boo suit and from the mountains as well, from the mountains look around you. The doodad here means the peaks and the crevices. So every mountain it has you know, the unique shape every mountain has rocks sticking out it has those crevices in it. So Allah says look at these various mountains when we go to Bali Judah don't build on some of them are shining white, so the rock is like almost white and homerun reddish in color. And then also hot all the booze sued dark complete dark woman a Nazi what Doha be one an army, more telephone Alwan, Oka, garlic, and from mankind, you have all of these colors, and from the animals that you rear cows and sheep, you

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have different color, and from all types of animals in the earth, you have different color. Now, what is Allah mentioning in all of this diversity, there is actually a very deep philosophical point that that we can find in this, it is mentioned by some of the Western scholars when it comes to the proofs for the existence of God. And it is called the proof of the existence of God from beauty, the proof of the existence of God from beauty. What does this mean? The proof goes as follows. That the fact that we have within us the mechanism to appreciate the beauty of the creation.

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because beauty is something that doesn't have to be within us. There's no reason for us to appreciate a majestic sunset. And yet every human being appreciates a majestic sunset. There is no reason to feel all when we look at the stars around us. Yet every single human when he standing or she standing looking up to the heavens in the darkness, and they look at those millions of stars. They feel a sense of awe and appreciation. Why? Why do we feel a sense of awe and appreciation? When we look at those nature documentaries and we find animals and how they hunt and how they you know communicate with one another and how the ants build there Antibes no matter what, your level of

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Eman, you cannot help but be in all even the non Muslim he isn't all that's why these nature documentaries are so popular and watched by all the question why do you feel all and where do you get this beauty from? The response. This is a Western notion which is found in the Quran. The Creator wanted his creation to be enjoyed. The Creator wanted his creation to be appreciated. And so he implanted within us the mechanism to appreciate the creation. Are you guys following this? Right? There is no reason for us to find something beautiful in the creation. Think about it. There's an absolute

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The no reason, but every one of us finds it. And the Quran has not one not five, two dozen versus woman, a yachtie. He looked at the Hulk, look at the stars. Look at the all of the signs around you. Haven't you seen the full katachi? Philippi? Haven't you seen the skies rain coming down? Haven't you seen that which is in the heavens average, you're seeing the sun in the moon. And in those creation are signs Allah says, this notion of finding miracles in the creation, of appreciating the creation of looking at the diversity of the creation and appreciating the Creator. All of this goes back to the argument for the existence of God, by virtue of the existence of beauty, recognizing

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beauty, so this passage can go in that vein. Then there's a phrase which at first cent at first glance does not make sense. Allah says in this section, in Yoshua, Allah Mary Barra de la rue Lama, after mentioning the diversity of animals, beasts of prey, mankind, the mountains, the vegetation, Allah then says it is only the Lama who truly fear Allah subhanho wa taala. What has this phrase got to do with all that is before it, the response our scholars say Allah is alluding to the fact that there is diversity not just in how you look, but also in how you are inside of you. So when how you look it is your skin colors, then there's also a diversity on the inside. And then within that

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diversity, that is one group that is the best of the best. And that group are those who have knowledge of Allah subhanho wa taala. So by talking about the diversity of the creation, Allah hints to the diversity of Eman and Taqwa as well. Not all of mankind is the same in their skin colors. Not all of mankind is the same in their Eman and out of all of those who have Eman. It is one group that is the highest in nama Yahshua La Mina Eva barra de Luna MA in the la hora z is one of our food. So this indicates that that which is beyond your control, your skin color does not give you benefit. This is a verse against racism because Allah says of his signs if therefore I wanna come you have

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different colored skin colors, then Allah says the one who has the most Eman and the most fear is the one who is the alum, not the one whose skin color is brown or white or black. So the one who is the most beloved to Allah has nothing to do with your skin colors. Your skin colors are irrelevant. It's a miracle. Appreciate it. Look at the diversity of the creation, but realize that has nothing to do with the Hashem of Allah with the nobility of Allah. What has that got to do with there isn't and there is that which is linked to the Sharia. Whenever Allah praises in the Quran, he is talking about the knowledge of himself and the knowledge of the Shetty. As for him that is generic knowledge

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in and of itself. It is only praiseworthy when it brings you closer to Allah, in and of itself knowledge of physics of astronomy or whatnot. If you don't have Yvonne and Taqwa it's not going to bring you any nobility. And if you have Eman and Taqwa and you use this knowledge to come closer to Allah, then it will be blessing. As for knowledge of the Quran, and knowledge of Allah and knowledge of the Prophet system. It is intrinsically blessing. And if a person knows this and acts upon it, in Yahshua, Allah Muhammad Eva de Andrew lemma, this verse also shows that the highest level can only be achieved via knowledge. The worshiper is good, but the alum is far better than the worshiper. And

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this is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the superiority of the alum over the worshipper is like that of the moon over the stars. It's a very powerful metaphor. It says it then Timothy, one moon eclipses all the stars when there's a full moon. You don't see a single star except maybe the North Star and Sirius and whatnot. That's it. Everything else is blocked out. When the moon is not there. You see billions of stars. But all of those stars don't give you enough light to help you on earth. Whereas one moon gives you all the light that you need. At night. In the middle of the night, a full moon you can actually see with it, and it casts a shadow. One scholar

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can revive an entire OMA one scholar can be a mover and shaker 1000 worshippers they benefit themselves. They don't benefit other people. They're stars, but they're not movers and shakers. So in nama Yahshua la manera de la ma it is the Roma who truly fear Allah subhanho wa Taala who are the Roma, Allah azza wa jal says in the next verse, a lady named Luna Kitab Allah wa como Sala wa to cerca though

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They are the ones who recite the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. And they pray, and they give charity and they're constantly giving Simran Wallonia, they're giving in secret and in hiding in public and in secret, those are the ones who are going to be passing the test. And then Allah mentions one of the most amazing verses. And when this verse will conclude, Allah mentions the categories of the believers, the categories of those who have been there are not all the same film our rough, Nikita, Ladino Stephane and Reba dena. Then we allow the group of people whom we have chosen to take the book, the believers of the book, we allow the group of people to inherit the

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book. So these are the Muslims. Allah mentions three categories femin home volley, Molina FC, woman whom mocha tested women home Salah Bill Campbell karate be even Illa valleca, who will follow KB. This is the most explicit verse in the Quran about the different categories of believers. And this verse summarizes in three main categories, the first category, these are all believers, how do we know this? Because Allah says from our rational Kitab Aladino, stuffing them in a body now, we chose some of our servants, and we allow them to take the book, who takes the book, the believers, the believers believe in the book. These believers from in home volume will lean FC one group even

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though they took the book, they wrong themselves. they wronged themselves. They didn't do justice. Women home Mahkota acid, and some of them were average. Mokhtar said here means average women home sir Bill Campbell hieratic, even Illa czar Lika who will Fabul Kabir and some of them beat the race and they were at the forefront. And that is the father of Allah subhanho wa taala. What are these three categories? Our scholars mentioned, the Muslim who inherits the book, but does not act upon it does not do the YG baths and falls into the haram. This is londonwill Enough. See, he's still a Muslim. He's inherited the book, but he is doing wrong to himself. It doesn't harm Allah. The

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Mahkota acid is somebody who does the minimum not falling into the major sins. But He also falls short. He might do minor sins constantly. He will not take advantage of getting a higher pass up just doing the bare minimum and getting by that's matassa. On the middle is okay. See, does the job woman whom Saba can build hierarchies, and some of them have won the race because of their good deeds hierarchy? How do you win the race extra? What is the extra what is the bonus hierarchy? You have to have good deeds. And Allah says that Erica who will for that is the father of Allah, that is the clear father. Now these are the three categories. Volume, Moca acid, and sobre la right? What

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will happen to all of these categories? In the end, Jenna to either Nino, the whole Luna Subhanallah, all three of them, we'll get to Jana. But the Hadith tells us that it's not all the same. The hadith informs us the volume will enough See he might go through Jahannam for a period of time when a shadow Billa we see colors refuge. We don't want to be amongst that category. But there's going to be a large group of Muslims this we learn from the Hadith. The Quran, alludes to it but not explicit isn't Hadith, there's going to be a large group of Muslims who fell short of Allah Moline of sin. And our Prophet sallallahu sallam said they shall be punished for as long as Allah

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wills them to be punished but their Eman will save them. And that's what Allah is saying Jana to adenine, they shall enter yet whoa Luna the Hulu is not going to be for Jahannam even the volume if he enters Jahannam it will not be Hollywood. Hollywood means what?

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Eternity that's why when it comes to Hollywood, Allah says even the volume Janna to either in India the whole Luna the Hollywood will be there because Eman and the Kalima even an atom's wait will eventually save you. This is the volume. As for the Mocha hotel said, They shall be us how will you mean? They're good, they've done their job, and they shall enter Jannah and they shall be saved from the worst punishment. Allah mentions this explicitly in the Quran. It is a promise from Allah subhanho wa Taala it is a promise from Allah that Allah says in the Quran in Destiny Bukoba Rama toon Hona and Nuka pharaon come say your article want to the hero komoot Holla and Karima This is

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Allah's promise if you avoid the major sins, which means you're not murdering, you're not stealing, you're not *, plundering.

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You're praying and doing the regular good deeds. If you avoid the major sins, we shall forgive your minor ones on the day of judgment, and you shall enter Jannah you might be punished but not in Jahannam the punishment will be in this world in the grave on the day of judgment, but not in jahannam. This is a promise of Allah. So, this is more tacit, you shall enter and you will be in the broad peripheries of Jannah. But then there is the highest level there is the higher MACOM there is the horror of there is the fear dose, right?

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Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran Well, it could Linda Raja tune, mimma Emmylou and all of them shall have their da Raja based upon their Amal very clear, very simple. This is Allah's fairness, right? The one who studied shall not get the same grade as the one who was lazy. The one who put in the effort will not be in the same level as the one who was average. So Allah says, women whom said the Khumbu harati be the Nilla some of them are at the very beginning and winning the race by the good deeds, and that is from the father of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. And all three of them shall eventually enter Jannah but each one in accordance with what they have done, the volume might

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not enter immediately whether you are the biller, the mycotoxin will be in the lower levels and in the peripheral regions, and the Saba Kumble hierarchy will be in the highest levels of the horror of that is called the VIP suites. The agenda to for those and all of them will be there because they believed in the book and they did what they could. So the question now to you is very simple. These are the three groups which one do you consider yourself in now? And which one do you want to be in when you die? Simple as that? So we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to save us from the law limiting upset and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to bless us to be over the Saba Campbell hierarchy. And we ask

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Allah azza wa jal to raise our ranks and Jen and to make us of the people of Eman and of Iman and of the people of knowledge in nama Yahshua Allah Meribah da da da da da da Zack Milaca and I'm writing Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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