Yasir Qadhi – The ‘Khutbah’ of Shaytaan

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the actions of different leaders in Ghana, including those who blame police for their actions and try to get people to act like police. The segment also touches on the idea of sh AVon and its potential consequences, including the use of sh AVon in shapiness and bringing others to Yoana. The segment concludes with a discussion of protecting oneself from shade and heat, and the use of sh AVon as a means to protect against loss and heat. The concept of sh AVon is emphasized, including the use of sh AVo and the use of sh AVo to prevent future attacks.
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hamdulillah Isla is niram

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden County, Ebony Allah Bullock

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in that hamdulillah no matter who you know who want to still fiddle whenever with a Billa Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina, Mayor De La Jolla, Medina, da

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da da da da, y shadow Allah, Allah in La la la sharika wash. Mohammed Abu humara sudo yeah you holla Xena Amano, taco, la porta potty quality, whether it's a motion Illa one two Muslim moon, about my dear brothers and sisters in Islam and Surat Ibrahim, in the middle of the surah. Allah subhana wa tada tells us an amazing incident that is going to occur on Judgement Day. And this is an incident that our move has seen. And in fact, some of the early scholars, they gave a very interesting title to, and the title that is found in some of the classical books of Tafseer is holtsville to a sheath on the whole tuba of shavon.

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shavon is going to give a whole tuba a sermon. And the sermon of shavonne will take place on Judgement Day or some said right after the judgment finishes, and they have entered jahannam. So whether it takes place before or after jahannam, but it's going to take place in that timeframe. And it is a very profound hole

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that we need to benefit from. We need to ask ourselves, why is Allah subhanho wa Taala telling us of the sermon of the police? Why does the Quran have the sermon that he believes is going to give to his followers and the response is obvious that before it happens, Allah azza wa jal is warning us to take heed, pay attention, make sure that that holds but benefits you before you have to hear it on Judgement Day. benefit from it even before it takes place. A law in his mercy told us the future and he transcribed for us a sermon from the worst of the worst. So that we in sha Allah who tada will be protected from having to hear it directly from its source. This is an amazing wisdom in the Quran.

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And it therefore becomes necessary for all of us to pay attention to this short holdover. And Allah azza wa jal says What about Rasulullah he Jamia? All of them are going to be standing in front of Allah for auto door alpha lilina stack baru, the week the majority of mankind that are simply followers will say to the powerful the mighty in Kunal accom taba we only followed you You're the ones who told us to do all of these things to reject God to do this and we followed you in Kunal accountable for Helen to Mona and I mean either Billahi min Shay, can you now help us to be saved fully or partially from Allah's punishment? So the masses are going to look to their leaders. And

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the masses will say, look, you are our leaders we put you in charge. And you were the ones who told us to reject a lot to reject the prophets to do this and that so now though, you had there is in this world can you now enjoy there is of this world in the next and like we used to respect you and give you our wealth and our whatnot now can you take our share as well, or at least a portion of our share of Allah's punishment? And of course, we all know the answer. They will say a call it ohana, la hora de la comme it's not our fault, we were in guided, if Allah didn't guide us, then you know, it's not our fault. So they blame it on a lot. Even though in the end all of mankind is equal when

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it comes to the intellect when it comes to the fitrah. When it comes to recognizing truth from evil, it is not an excuse. If a person tells you to kill somebody, you go kill them. It's not an excuse of a person that says reject God, you reject God, Allah gave you a mind as well. But they tried to get off. So they try to lay the blame on the leaders. The leaders say it's not our fault. So then who else are they going to turn to? So when the leaders and the followers don't have anybody else to blame, they turn to shape on. This is now the multiple of the police. They turn to shape on and they

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Blame it believes himself. It's all your fault. You did this. If you didn't misguide us, if we didn't follow you, then all of us, the leaders and the followers wouldn't be where we are today. And our scholars mentioned that the people will surround a police, and they will then be blaming a police. And so if police will stand up, to give a holdover, that's where we get that hellhole to, but to a police here, right. And in fact, and these are all reports from the earliest callers, Allah knows how authentic it is. And we pray that we never have to see it ourselves. They say that a member of his followers bring him a member, and he will stand up on a member. So all of the people

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of Ghana will now be listening to the holds of of a police now, and he will tell them, and Allah says in the Koran, we'll call it a chiffon with a mouth number. Now when everything has been finished, and the decrees have been passed, and the people are seeing the people of genda go to agenda, and the people of jahannam being dragged to jahannam. So they're seeing the reality of all take place. And they're blaming a police for all of this, we'll call the shavon will pull the number. Now what lies can I say? What can I say now? In the law? What are the con weidel hockey? Well, what can you add to promises? You had two versions of events. You had two paradigms in front

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of you. You had the promise and the version of a law. And then you had my promise. Now you see which promises being enacted. You see that people have agenda going to Agenda you see the people of Johanna, I'm going to join them. You had these two promises, you could have chosen either one of them. I didn't hide a less promise from you, it was there. I gave you my promise I'm not going to deny what was to come. I promised you follow me You shall live a long life follow me you will be happy follow me you will enjoy and I promised you and Allah also promised you the promises of a law in the Quran. Follow me You shall enter agenda follow me and live a righteous life. Follow me the

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promises were there. So the two promises were in front of you. Now you and I both see in the law, why the commodity the promise of a law was true. And now he believes will say and as for me, I like he'll admit what we're up to confer love to come. I promised you I know I'm not gonna deny. He says I am guilty. My guilt is that I promised you and you see now that my promises were nothing but lies and the promises of a law were true. But he believes will then say you are surrounding me. You're pointing your fingers at me. fella tell you Mooney will do more. Circle. Don't blame me. Blame yourselves. Why? Why is it Billy's saying Don't blame me blame yourselves. When can Li are they

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convinced Hold on. I didn't have any power over you. I did not have any force to force you to disobey a lot. I did not overtake you and then you became like zombies and robots. No. What am I can earlier they come in so fun. I only had one art and the art of deception. The Art of lying. The Art of speaking, candidly are a common Soltani. Illa and TAO to come first Egypt only all that I did was I called you told me to follow me and Allah told you to follow him. The two promises were there. You chose to follow me I did not force you to follow me.

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And in the end he will say ma n ob Muslim a coma Antonio Salafi at this stage now both of us are ending up in janam I cannot help you. Nor can you help me. My energy must reach a coma domestically. I have nothing I can do for you. Neither can you do anything for me. What's the point of all this game blame? What's the point of blaming me? What's the point? We're all headed there? And neither can your complaining and bumbling helped me neither can my complaining a mumbling help you.

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And it believes will also say at the very end in the cafaro to Lima Ashok Timonium in Kabul. And now I cut off all ties with all of the shit that used to do with me. I want to make it clear that I have nothing to do with you now. And the here it's interesting in nikka photo to be musharaka moody macabre, I will do confer with your shidduch that is what he is saying, What is this mean here? I will do for me I will reject I will cut off ties with your shirak means with your worship of me now did people worship he believes the worship that they did was to obey Him. The worship that did what they did was to believe him. The worship that they did was to follow whatever it believes wanted

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them to do. And that is a type of Buddha that's a type of worship. In fact the essence of worship is to follow is to obey

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So I'm here now what Aparna, and so he believes calls their obedience to Him worship. And he says, And as for me, I have nothing to do in Nika photo, I am myself a captain of your ship means that I don't acknowledge it, I had nothing to do with it. And I will not help you or benefit you or harm you, and I become neutral. Now, I cut myself off from anything to do with you, I'm going to have to now mind my own business in general, and you're going to have to mind your own, I can't tell you, you cannot tell me verily the volume in verily the sinners are now all going to face a painful torment. This is the ultimate of a police. This is the sermon of a police. And there are so many

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profound points in this ultimate in this sermon, and of them is that a police is admitting he is pleading guilty. And he is saying that in the end of the day, I did not have any authority over people, you had both promises in front of you. They were there for you. It was the promise of a law and my promise, now you yourself, see which of the two promises is true. You can see with your own eyes, the word and half is from Allah. And my wife, Well, okay, I liked, he will admit. But then he will say, what's the point now admitting? What difference does it make? In the end, now you believed me. And now that I lie to you, and this is going to happen? All of this blame game is not going to

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help any of us. And so Pamela, my dear brothers and sisters is such a profound hope by here and so much can be said. But it reminds me of something of Napoleon wrote in one of his books, he finally he actually has many pages on this. And he says that sometimes people say, what is the wisdom of a law creating a police? Why would a law create a police? Why what is the hikma in the creation of beliefs and hypnotizing him then in his typical, you know, academic era, so he said, there are many wisdoms of them and of them and have them and pages and pages he pens in order to explain the wisdom of creating a police and of what he says in his book is that Allah subhana wa tada in his mercy, He

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manifested evil in a personality in an entity. If Allah had willed evil would not be in a particular entity. The fact that it is an entity, it actually makes you more conscious, it makes you more aware. You know what to fight, fight shaytaan, initiate zanella calm I do one, Allah says shavon is your enemy for Tokido I do take him as your enemy. And of them is the wisdom of the story of our father, Adam and a police. There is a wisdom that our father was seduced by a police that he believes caused the downfall of our father, anybody who harms our family, we're angry at him. Anybody who makes fun of our family, anybody who brings distress to my father to my mother, he

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becomes an enemy. So when the very entity beliefs caused our downfall, how can we not hate him? How can we not despise him? There is a wisdom our biological father was harmed by a police was kicked out of Jenna because of a police. How could we not have an animosity, it is Allah His wisdom that that very entity is alive right now, the same beliefs, not just his descendants, the same beliefs that did what he did. That is our enemy. And we have to be careful about taking him as a friend instead of an enemy and a lesser part of what two other mentions, of course, the story of Adam, in half a dozen verses to half a dozen times in our we need to think why is the story of Adam mentioned

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so many times the story of a police and the seduction of a police so many times, because Allah wants us to know the reality of he believes he lied to our father Adam, he lied to him straight to his face. And he said, Allah has told you to not eat of this tree because Allah did not want to give you everlasting life blatant lie. If you eat of this tree, you will live forever blatant lie. He lied straight in the face of Adam and our father and unlike us, we believed temporarily we believed, and he slipped like we slip when we believe our beliefs, and at least then say, well, tough luck. I promised a lot of promise. Do you believe my promise instead of me? And Allah azzawajal mentions the

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story as well. I've had them a bit and obliques and in the end in one of those verses, Allah says that one shape one was kicked out. shavon said to Allah, that Allah Bielema await any the upper road another home serrata can was stopped him. Yeah, Rob, he believes this thing as ironic even at least acknowledges Allah as a rub. Even though he seduces mankind in rejecting Allah as a rub, think about that. It believes himself acknowledges Allah as Arab. And he believes makes do our to Allah called or be it believes the same Rob Be and he because he's, he's not. He's not stupid. He's not foolish. He knows Allah created him. He's not denying that, but he wants to let others deny what he

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himself beliefs. So he said oh my Arab because of you now, of course he believes blames Allah because of you that occur odonata homes erotica, Mr. Team, I will sit on the Surat and Mr. Kim that is your Surat, and I will block them from entering the Surat somebody it under whom they may or may the ad him woman called for him one a man named Juan Shama him, and I'm going to attack from every angle from the front from the back from the right from the left. And you will find that most of your followers, most of your worshipers, they will not be thankful to you.

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And Allah azza wa jal told us of the story, we were not there. But a lot of preserved the anecdote of the beginning, like he narrated to us the anecdote of the future so that we know who he is, and it will pay him also mentioned that of the wisdoms of creating a police is that a police is a manifestation really have a lot of power, in that look at the creation of a law, all types of entities, the perfection of Allah's creation, he has the best of the best, he has the angels, he has God he has the melodica he has the jinn, he has the shell thing, and he even has a police and so he believes becomes a manifestation Believe it or not, of the diversity of laws creation and power. And

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we learn that all of us Maha Luke, are equally dependent on a law that the mahalo can attack other muckleneuk but when the Maha Luke has the Harlock when the Maha Luke turns to Allah subhana wa Taala, then no one has power over Allah subhana wa Tada. So the wisdom of the creation of a police also manifests itself in US turning to Allah for protection, because we realize that we will not be able to protect ourselves without Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, one other point here as well, that what is the difference between shavonne and the beliefs will actually the term shape on is broader, and shape on comes from Atlanta, and Atlanta means all those who cause you to go astray. And so

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shaytaan is any entity that causes you to go astray. any entity that becomes a leader of evil, any entity that becomes somebody who is invoking others to be away from the slaughter and was the theme. And in the Koran we learned that shaitan is not just a term for the followers of released from the jinn. They're also shaped in an inci was Jin Shelton of men and Shelton of jinn. So the term shavonne can apply to both man and two intz. Of course, the majority of Shelton are gin. Now by the way, I said this in the previous lectures I've given not every gin is a shade on gin is a creation like us and there are Muslims that are righteous gin, there are good gin worshipping gin, and

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they're also evil gin and the evil gin are called shouting, but they're also shouting of mankind as well. In this hadith in Sahih, Muslim our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that of the at towards the end of times people will come that do our turn either a Bobby jahannam they are dies calling but not to Allah of wabi janam they're calling to jahannam and he said that shout out lien fees sorted in San they are human shout out thing that I did literally calls them these are people that are humans shouting that these are people they are of our flesh and blood, but they are the equivalent of the shell thing in amongst men. Now these people they are those whose entire lives is

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dedicated to fitna and facade to build to bringing filth and misguiding others and we ask all those refuge now a person commits a sin This doesn't make him a shavon. But a person becomes the door of sin in society, a person becomes the leader of evil, inviting others to commit sins, then that is indeed a shameful thing. And there are many examples and we ask allows refuge and Aafia from that and even I am also mentioned when he talks about the wisdom of shavonne. He then mentions that it is important the wisdom of the creation of your lawn that is important to understand how shavon gets to us, what are some of the tactics of shade lawn, and this is a much longer quote above but just to

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briefly summarize some of the main things, obviously, of the simple tactics associated lawn is the tactic to cause us to forget to cause us to neglect and this is Alhamdulillah. We thank Allah that if shaytan succeeds, we are not held accountable if we forget something so of the tactics of shaitaan is he causes us to not think about our timing of Salah we don't realize it's time to pray that we don't realize For example, we can sometimes oversleep, even though we wanted to wake up shaytaan might help us in extending that sleep. We don't wake up at all, anytime this happens it is from shavon once in the lifetime of the process and he overslept. fidget. And we I mentioned in the

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theater classes, it is a wisdom of Allah if Allah had wanted to, he would never have overslept budget, and he overslept. fudger because it was the Battle of the day before and the army was tired, they went to sleep late at night, he station began to wake them up for fragile and Bill out himself fell asleep and the whole army

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overslept budget. They're excused by the word was Jihad the previous day they're excused was wasn't watching a film the previous day, it was doing jihad the previous day. So if there is any excuse, then that is that excuse the process and woke up and said, this is an area where shaytaan so and so is we will move somewhere else, and he blamed it on shape on. So shaytaan kinda sort of helped them persist in that sleep, or it caused them to forget, you know, in other ahaadeeth and other things to forget, in the sort of Telegraph, excuse me, one and Sandy Hook, upon one of Cora that shaytaan caused me to forget. So that tactic of shavon even though it is effective in the sense that we don't

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do the good deed, we will not be held accountable, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will overlook and forgive. Of course, the main tactic of shavon is West wasa, and that is to whisper West was a means to whisper and the West was out of shape on it is to implant in our hearts an idea that should not be there. And this is a very, very evil tactic. Think about it. Our hearts are pure. We don't want to disobey Allah. Our hearts have been created to worship Allah, what are called documents nfvi, sanita cwieme. We want to pray, we want to enjoy religiosity. But shaitaan comes and he throws something into our heart. And he causes us to think about something we never thought about doing.

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And he continues to persist in trying to push us to commit a sin. How evil is that? We won't even want to commit the sin. And this is generally the case my dear brothers and sisters, when an evil thought comes, and the thought even surprises us, like where did that come from? How is how am I thinking this I always will be loved. You yourself are disgusted by what you think you are thinking. But you think you are thinking it, it is not you who is thinking it is shaped on who threw it into you. And that is why the existence of shaitaan actually makes us realize that at hamdulillah our hearts in sha Allah generally they're pure. And so we blame shavon for the bulk of our evil. Isn't

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this a wisdom from Allah? When use of Allah His setup? What happened to happen and he was saved at the end? What did he say? mean by the anessa? shavon benei What a hottie it was shaped on who caused my brothers to do what they did. What a beautiful wisdom. And I mentioned this that we blame shavon for the evil. It's not my brother, who did this shape on caused him to do it. What a beautiful tactic that you blame Shere Khan because he's worthy of being blamed. He is the one who did it, then your anger is not at your Muslim brother. Your anger is not as somebody who did something, it's at shaytaan, who whispered them who did the West was. And so because of that your hearts can be pure

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towards your Muslim brothers and sisters, and you can blame shape on Oh shaytaan caused them to say that shaytaan caused them to slip shaytaan caused them to back by they wouldn't do it otherwise. And in fact, most of the time this is the case. And that is why it is of the greatest wisdoms of shape on that of the existence of shaitan that we blame him for the evil and not mankind and of course of the tactics of shavon which really is shown in our current situation world today. Look at the global situation, look at the domestic situation of the most deadly tactics of shavon is to break up the Muslim Ummah and to cause this unity, initiate on Enza albina home shaytaan causes them to break up

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shaytaan causes disunity. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that

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unity is from a law and forca or Atilla is from shaytaan Allah azza wa jal is more elephant poop he brings hearts together. Unity comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it is shavon who breaks people up and this is one of his most dangerous tactics because as our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that the wolf only attacks the lone sheep. And when there's a group of sheep, the wolf does not attack and the reference here is to us being broken up and we see the current situation without getting into the politics but you know what is going on across the world I'm not speaking of any one area I'm speaking of the entire oma Well, a double level on Western how much we have been divided

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Muslims here Muslims, they're an artificial imaginary boundary that because of this, they are at war because of this what is happening and in reality, shaytan is rebelling a lot as though it is the one who combines shaitaan is the one who breaks up and we should remember brothers and sisters in Qaeda shaytani kinda like, verily the plot of shavonne is very, very weak in our second holds, but I will ensure Allahu taala mentioned a little bit about how we can protect ourselves from the plots of shape on May Allah subhana wa tada blessed me and you with the Oran, and may He make us of those whose verses we understand and who act upon his head and held on throughout our lifespan. I asked

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Allah subhana wa tada to forgive my sin and yours and all Muslims, so you to ask for his indeed the whole food, the ramen.

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hamdu lillahi wa Taala head of Samad Allah in Emilia mula akula Hakuna had to do so what does the Quran and Sunnah tell us about how we can protect ourselves from shade on, a number of things are mentioned. And I've given a longer lecture at MIT. You know, many I think two, three years ago, we talked about the reality of juniors, Sheldon went over a lot more detail and today's hold but just very briefly, some of the main ways we can protect ourselves from shade one of the most important ways to protect ourselves from from shade lawn, is to develop a floss in our hearts to develop sincerity in our hearts. The single most effective tool to protect ourselves from shavon is to have

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sincerity, and we develop sincerity by continually doing acts of worship away from the eyes of men, or on Vicar, sila, charity, and nobody sees other than Allah sincerity is developed. And in the Quran, shaytaan himself says that further Ahuja know much more, and I'm gonna cause all of them to go astray ilari by the coming home and more listening, except for your servants who have a loss except for your servants who have a loss, I cannot cause them to go astray. So shaytaan himself admits that there's one group, I don't have any power over and they are those who have a loss. Also of the ways we can protect ourselves against shape on is kathrada to decode and castrato is the

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other always doing Vicar and always seeking refuge in a law from shavon. Allah says in the Quran, anytime you feel the whispering of shavon anytime you feel that inclination, fester, either Billa in a semi or guardian seek refuge in Allah. Indeed, Allah hears and Allah knows and sees so gusta to Vicar. Anytime we enter the restaurant we say I want to be loved. Every time we enter the house we say Bismillah every time something happens, we mentioned the name of Allah subhana wa tada mentioning the name of Allah, it diminishes the ego of shavon and it causes shaitaan to flee where Allah is mentioned, where the event is raised where the Quran is recited. shaytaan flees from that

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house as the process of said shaitaan runs away from the house was looted. Bukhara is recited so lots of Vicar and of course Iran is the best Vicar and of course in that Hadith as well, in the in the in the beautiful Hadith and Sunnah Timothy where a lady was on her camel, and the camel reared backwards, and the lady said, Nana to lie the shape on shape bonnes liner should be because he calls this camel. So the profitsystem said don't say this, because when you say it, show your pawns ego becomes so big he becomes bigger than the house. rather just say this smilla mentioned a last name. And when you mentioned a last name shaytaan shrinks till he becomes smaller than an atom. So here's

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an interesting point to blame shavonne for something of the natural world, without seeking Allah's refuge without any overcoming it so you so for example, mentioned the past incident, and then he's using it to mend with his brothers, that's fine shavon caused me and my brother to fight, we're not going to fight anymore. That's something of the past and you're throwing shade pawns effect away. But in this incident, she is attributing something to shake on and the the incident happened. So shaytaan feels Oh, I am the one that's being blamed and he likes it now in this world his ego becomes big, this is different than use of because use of a certain blame shape and then he got rid

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of shaytans effect because of shaitan we're fighting we're not gonna fight anymore. So understand the difference between the two. So in this case, the lady blame shape on and then stopped right there. And shaytaan the problem said when you blame him like that, and you don't overcome it, then you make his ego very big. Don't do that. Just say this smilla mentioned a last name and his ego become almost non existent, he will disappear. So the point being again, what is the second point is always doing Vicar, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that they could basically is a histone has seen it is a protected fortress that protects you from shavon. And the final point that

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we'll mention, so we mentioned number one is loss. And that means lots of personal good deeds. Number two, all types of victories. The other two are on all types of victory. And the final point that we will mention is to stick with other Muslims to have good companionship to always be in the company of the righteous because when you are cut off from righteous people when you are all alone, then shaitaan finds it easier to cause you to slip whereas when you're always around Muslims and that's why the masjid is so important. Joomla is so important coming for the saltwater as much as you can reach our budget is so impressive

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Because you're surrounding yourself with righteousness, and that is a type of fortress that protects you from shavon. When you're away from the Muslims and righteous Muslims, then shavon is able to attack more and more. And that is why again, our prophets of Allah always said I mentioned that shaytan attacks the lone wolf and he also literally physically he told the Muslims to be together when he entered the masjid and he saw everybody sitting in a corner and he said, Why are you split up this way? This is the way of Jahangir come together for Allah's mercy comes when the people are together means if you're not together then Allah's mercy is not going to come that easily and so

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shavon has better access to so even physically he wanted the Muslims and the Sahaba to sit together how much more so hearts wise how much more so being together Unit Two wise so all of these are some of the tactics that our Quran and Sunnah has told us to protect ourselves from shavon. And remember brothers and sisters the hope of shaitaan and be where and seek Allah's refuge that that horrible falls on deaf ears or else we seek Allah's refuge. There are some people that will hear it live, even though Allah has told it to us before it happens, and they will then regret they did not benefit at that stage. But the point is alone wants us to benefit in this stage. So May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala protect us from the shade lawn and there was hours of shade on I am making the choice to say I mean, Allah we ask that you're not allowed to remain any of our sins today, except that you have forgiven them and all of our worries, except that you have dispersed them and all of our sicknesses except that you have cured them and all of our debts except that you have repaid them and all of our difficulties except that you have eased them and no need of ours or law of this world or the next that you are pleased with and brings benefit to us except that you have given us them and fulfill them with your hammer or hammer Rahim Allah bring glory to Islam and its people and the

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oma make it blessed and peaceful and protected from those who desire for it evil with your power Jaco Will you yeah as his servants of Allah. Allah has commanded you with a matter that he has began with himself and he followed it up with the angels themselves. And He then told us to implement it in ourselves for he said in no la warmer Echo, you saw Luna nebby Yeah, you already know amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with a steamer Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik was an avocado sudoko Mohammed was the he was such a big marine Ribera de la in La la la Mora will it will So anyway, title Obi Wan and in fact Shea will moon caliber belly you're a local media commentator karoun Kuru la de mer Kuru

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come watch guru Jazeera comm What did they call it tada Akbar welcome

We’ve all heard of our beloved Prophet last sermon. But did you know that even the hated Iblis has a sermon? Allah the All Wise will permit Iblis to give his sermon on Judgment Day.

Certain you’re wondering what could Iblis have to say that’s that important that Al Khaliq would allow it to be said before Iblis is thrown into Hell?

Our venerated Sheikh in this  talk imprints upon us the truth that Iblis will divulge during Iblis’s sermon.

In order to secure our place in Jannah it is crucial for us to not only recognize our enemies but to be fully aware of their plan. Please give this talk an important listen today.

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