Noticed Signs of Physical Abuse On Friend’s Child. What Should I Do? – Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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I noticed signs of physical abuse on my friend's child, what should they do?

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That's a very good question. And I'm glad that we are vigilant about children. Because it is sad to know that there are so many children abused in this world. And the numbers are scary.

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And we as a community, as a society, we have a role to play to protect our children.

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So if you see signs that indicate that this child is going through a physical abuse or emotional abuse, and you see that, clearly, in the case of child, my advice to you is to immediately report those to the authority. There is a child protective services and most of the developed country that you can call them, or law enforcement, and you explain to them the sign that you have seen. And that doesn't mean necessarily that you

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condemning the person or the person will be put in jail, and the kids will be immediately taken away from them, unless the DC the sign and these signs make sense, because there's professional people who will deal with this issue. This is the safest route to go. There is another route if you want to choose to do and you have a little bit of background, that you talk to the child, talk to the parents, and try to see if the if you can work something out, and to clarify if there is real case of abuse or not. But I can't emphasize enough, the importance of letting professional handle such case, I the merge of error in the sight of cautious here is more important, in my opinion, then the

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You know, in the other side, where there is a child abuse, there's a child abuse going on, and you just kept quiet. Because this is something can be very damaging to the future of these children, these pure creatures. And if you live in the United States of America, that is a wonderful service, I would like you to be aware of the child help National Child Abuse hotline. And this hotline is open 24 seven, and it can

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receive your call at any time there is a professional people will be able to help you direct you. They have a tremendous amount of resources, or 55,000 emergency social service support rescues centers around the country. And they will definitely direct you to the right course of actions. And their number will be shown on the screen. You can have it write it down one 804 to 24453. So you can call in and seek professional help for this poor child. But if there is no clear signs at all, it's an assumption or you know about yourself or your wife or your husband, that the Paranoid they make something out of nothing and that's their nature. My advice is to clarify to make sure before you

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cause also trouble for others.

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But as I said, again, I can't emphasize enough on the importance of protecting our children. Because that's our responsibility as a society on May Allah, Allah protect all our children and relieve the suffering of all the children who are going through abuse in the world.

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