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Jumu’ah Lecture

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The importance of showing the truth to avoid confusion and falsehood is emphasized in the context of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The speaker emphasizes the need for acceptance and clarification, highlighting the importance of showing the truth in order to convince others to adopt it. The use of shaytan to destroy a heart and lead to health issues is discussed, and the importance of remembering to keep a close eye on one's heart. The segment ends with a reminder to take action and not give up.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Hiva. Allah Allah He was happy here Jemaine

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my brothers, my sisters,

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we are favored by Allah Almighty in that Allah has granted us the acceptance to be from among those who worship Him alone. I worship my maker alone and I always say he is the greatest and I call him the worshipped one, Allah.

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That is a favor of Allah. However,

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we need to know that guidance comes from Allah no matter how much a human being tries to guide another. If it is not written for that person, they will not be guided. And no matter how much someone tries on their own, without Allah's acceptance, they will not be guided but Allah has promised

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that if you are sincere in your search for the truth, you will find it. If you are sincere in your search for the truth, He will guide you to it. Well levena Jha Rufina Lana,

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Subaru Lana, we're in novela helemaal moistening those who strive in the paths of Allah, those who try genuinely sincerely, to get closer to Allah to go to Allah to fulfill the commands of Allah, Allah says, We will guide them, we will guide them indeed, to our paths, those who strive to come towards us, we will guide them to our ways our path that's the translation. May Allah Almighty guide us all. Every day we are to the most important DUA and supplication that there is in existence. We repeat it so many times, what is it? Then I'll swear out almost stepping, guide us to the straight path. Now, if you look at the life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Yes, he was and he is

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the best of creation, the most noble of all prophets of Allah subhanho wa taala. To him, Allah Almighty tells him You are a messenger, you convey the message we will guide Allah says, We will guide we will take account, it was his duty to come to us to convey the message.

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But it's our duty to adopt the message. It's our duty to carry it forward. It's Allah who will guide us towards it. What should we do? Number one, go back to the prophets Allah Allah Allah synonyms, ways and teachings and see what he has said. He says he used to say himself, praying to Allah calling out to him, Allah Houma, Habib, Elaine and Iman. Oh Allah endear the faith to us. Why would he say that? He already was well within the faith, the most high in terms of belief and conviction in Allah was the messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the other prophets of Allah subhanho wa taala. So why would he say Hola, Houma, Habibi, Lena Neiman Oh ALLAH and dear to us, make Beloved to

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us. Iman, what is Iman? faith, belief in Allah.

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Together with that conviction in Allah, I'm convinced I have a maker. I'm going to go back to the makeup. This is Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Houma, Habibi, Lena Eman.

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You know, it's amazing how the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon he made some supplications that were needed by his followers not by him. They needed by us. I need that dua more than anyone else. Listen to another draft of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and he is a surgical must do. He spoke the truth he will never utter the lie. He always gave us exactly as it was. You know what the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in his dua he used to say hola Houma, Arenal hub to hub PA.

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O Allah, show us the truth as true.

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Why? Because you live in an age where the truth looks like a false it looks like lie sometimes, depending on how people have propped it up or down. Subhanallah you can see things that look like they are true, but that's a lie. So the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to say, Allahu meridional, Hakka, Hakka, oh Allah show us the truth to be true. Help us so that we are not confused. We need that dua today more than they did at that time because today we're living in an age of Photoshop and video shot

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And social media where they can con you left right and center Allahumma adenylyl. Hakka, Hakka and that dua did not stop there. Oh Allah show us the truth to be true.

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What are you gonna do BA, N O Allah except us to be from those who follow the truth. So step number one, show me the truth to be true. Step number two help me to follow that path of the truth. Some people know what the truth is they don't want it. They don't want to follow it. Some people know exactly what the truth is they want to come up with a lie for whatever agenda they have. So this is the biggest blessing of Allah when he shows you the truth to be true. And he gives you the acceptance to follow the truth and the true path then you have been favored by Allah my brothers, my sisters. Imagine who made this dua, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. What did he say? Allah

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Houma, oriental Hakka Hapa was akana de ba, O Allah show us the truth to be true. And grant us the ability to follow it.

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He continued, while Arenal Bartonella Bartylla was open a gene Gina bajo. Oh Allah show us the falsehood to be false. What is a lie show it to us that it is a lie. expose it to us that this is a lie. This is falsehood and help us to stay away from it grant us acceptance to stay away from falsehood. Wow, what a powerful tool. Now my brothers and sisters How many times do we make this dua we don't in all honesty we don't and if we do we might have a little make it a habit Allah Houma Arenal haka. Hapa was Recanati bah Wah Arenal bow thriller thriller was OpenLedger Tina BA, Oh Allah, show us the truth as true and help us or grant us the acceptance to follow and adopt it and

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show us the falsehood to be false. And grant us the acceptance that we stay away from it or keep us away from it. What a powerful to make the DUA Do you know why? It is in the hands of Allah to show you it is in the hands of Allah for you to come across something that Oh, I used to think this was the truth. But here it is exposed it is a lie. And I used to think that was a lie, but in actual fact it is the truth. Who made you stumble according to you across it? According to Allah it was never a stumbling he wanted it for you. That's why we continue saying it then a cell autonomous team guide us to the straight path guide us to the straight path. Sara Medina Nantahala him.

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On Me, we've heard that right. We all say Amin thereafter. What is the rest of that dua? Oh Allah guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you have favored? Who are those, those are the ones whom you showed the truth to be true and gave them the acceptance to adopt it. Those are the ones whom you showed the falsehood to be false and gave them the acceptance to stay away from it. That's why we say hey, Wilma Dubey Elaine Wallach, Berlin, not the past of those who have earned Your Anger who were those who will Lavina, Ara Falchuk, Kotaku.

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They are the ones who knew the truth. It was clear to them but they left it because they were going to lose so much. You have people who knew that the messenger Muhammad peace be upon him, he's a messenger, but they thought to themselves, if we acknowledge this man as a messenger, we're going to have to give up our chairmanship, we're going to have to give up our rule, our position, our power, our authority, and we're going to have to prop up another man for that worldly lust and desire. They rejected the truth. Ara Falchuk, our Turaco they knew the truth, they rejected it too much to lose here.

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You see when you correct someone, sometimes the person thinks to himself if he's arrogant and haughty, he thinks to himself, you know,

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if this man is correcting me, rather than me, correcting myself and suffering a loss, let me attack the man. It's easier and cheaper for me. So they start calling him names, they start saying things why why are they name calling? Why do they call people bad names and accusations and whatever else fabricated and so much more because they are too engrossed in this worldly life to acknowledge that what came to you is the truth they attack the messenger. That's what they did. Or they attack the share who gave them the advice? Listen, my brother You know what?

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What you are consuming is haram don't do that my brother and that was said in private. No one knows. A fix you. Do you know who you're talking to? Who do you think you are? My brother? It's not me.

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So this is a message from Allah. This is in the Quran and the Sunnah. What do you think you're the only one who knows the Quran? You think that hang on, hang on, that's not how you talk. Let's go back. Allah Who Medina, aka what is the quantity BA or in Al batinah Bartylla we're not gonna do that but what Allah He my brothers, my sisters, if Allah has blessed you to know the truth, it's one blessing, but the true blessing is when he blesses you to tread the path.

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That's why when you look at the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam,

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you see, Allah has described him in the Quran with the most beautiful descriptions because he was chosen by Allah. Allah says, we're in Nicoletta de la salle.

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Mustafi name, and indeed you are the guide who guides to the straight path. So on one hand, Allah is telling the B Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you are the guide who guides to the straight path. And on the other hand, Allah is saying in Allah, demon Babita wala King Allah de me assure.

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You do not guide whomsoever you wish. But Allah guides whosoever he wishes. So when you look at those two verses, to a person who doesn't have much knowledge, there appears to be a small contradiction, but there's no contradiction. On one hand Allah is saying, You guide all Muhammad you guide to the straight path. And on the other hand, he is saying you do not guide whomsoever you wish, but Allah guides whomsoever He wishes. While I can tell you the difference between the two is this dua, Allah Who Marina Hakka Hakan, was una de ba, there are two parts to the DUA one is oh Allah show us the truth to be true, who will do that for you? The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

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will show you the truth to be true. But, so, that is guidance, He will guide you he will tell you if you want to go to Jannah you use this path, you know the path right? Whether you are going to be guided to walk on that path or not is also called guidance. That type of guidance is only in the hands of Allah. So to show you the path the guide is Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to be able to make you walk on the path that is Allah. So this is called the hedaya. At DeLallo earshot. It's called the guidance to show someone the path and the other one is hada He died to Tofik that he died the guidance of acceptance to walk on the path I tell you, brother, you want to get to the masjid you

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will have to go left and right and keep on going for one kilometer you will get to the masjid. What do you do? You go right and left and then you go for a kilometer what happened? You knew the path you knew the road you ended up at the club. What happened? You knew everything but you intentionally did not follow it.

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Did the guide not guide you? He guided you? Did he not show you the guidance. He showed you the guidance you it's your fault. You didn't walk on it. That's where the DUA comes in. My brothers my sisters call out to Allah in the same way we say dinner Serato musta been so many times a day your Salah is not valid unless you utter that prayer in your DUA.

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So I was saying they didn't do b I like him

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who are the Marbella him. They are the ones who knew the truth, but they rejected it they left it well of golly, no those who are astray. Those who are astray, they will not even interested. They not even bothered. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness. So getting back to the importance of supplication. Don't just think me I know, I saw. I'm intelligent. I'm sharp. ask Allah to help you to use that intelligence in the right direction. Today, you can see a video. It looks so real, so real, but it's false and fake.

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ask Allah to show you the truth and to help you to walk on the true path. However, I always used to tell myself as I grew up, that if a Hollywood movie look so real, that people cry when they watch the movie, yet it's false. No one died. Right? And people cry, you follow a soap Subhanallah and what is that soap doing?

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It makes you connected to it such that you really think these people just happen to them. Nothing of that nature happened to even one of them in their real lives. What did they do? They created a movie that looked so real, that you were

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changed in emotion Subhanallah

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you tell your friends do you see what happened? The next episode I'm waiting because you know, this guy might end up dying and so on. That's how it used to be. Can I tell you we are now 2030 years later, people can do the same thing on their phones.

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And you watching the movie starts with Allah. But nothing happened. They created this it was false.

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We are living in an age the Prophet sallallahu sallam said there will come a time close to Kiama when the truth will appear to be false and falsehood will appear to be true. That's where the DUA comes in Allah Who Marina laka haka was Zuccotti ba we're in Al batinah Bartylla. We're gonna do it now. But Oh Allah, Oh Allah show the truth to us to be true and help us to follow it and show the false to ask to be false and help us to stay away from it. That's a powerful tool.

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What else did the Prophet sallahu wa sallam used to say?

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All of us, meaning, may Allah accept it from us. We are all believers. If I asked you, Are you a believer? You say yes, that's why I'm in the house of Allah. We're all believers. May Allah accept it from us. But I want to tell you something.

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The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to make a DUA, one of the two as I started this talk with Allah Houma, Habibi, Lena and Iman.

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Allah Houma Habib, ala in an eemaan Oh ALLAH beautify for me Eman make it loved for me and dear to me. What is it Iman what is the man my faith, my belief my conviction in you Oh Allah, my faith in you make it beautified Habib Elena Eman to us was the Yin houfy Colombina and beautify it in our hearts. Let the Eman be beautiful in our hearts. My brothers and sisters the diseases of today are all connected to the heart. Dirty unclean heart. Your entire life is struggling as a result but you don't know.

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You got your motor vehicle, you ask the mechanic my car is jerking what will it tell you say you know the fuel probably your fuel filter and so on. So if that filter is not correct, and you have not filtered out the dirt and whatever else it may be, no matter what vehicle you have, your car is not going to operate. Because the filter is the problem. You must filter out your heart is your filter, filter out what needs to be filtered out the dirt, the dust, the desires, the lusts that will displease Allah need to come out of that. That is a life long challenge. It's not just one day I have a clean heart mashallah, and you walk out? How old are you? 3040 SubhanAllah. You say you

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have a clean heart you happy and you're working out. That heart is going to be attacked with dirt and dust every day by shaitan. Cleaning your heart is a lifelong process even close to your deathbed, you are going to have to continue cleaning your heart shaitan attacks you every single day. If you don't know how shaytan attacked you today, you are going to need help to find out how he came to you don't think you know I'm pious. I do my salah and I'm a good person and that's it. And there's no need for me to worry shaytan now he's tired of me he's not gonna come No way. You're not a prophet of Allah. If

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the Allahu Anhu used to be concerned whether he was a hypocrite or not. He used to be bothered about hypocrisy to say I pray that I'm not from amongst them. Who's you and I

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we are nobodies there's no even chance our names can even be mentioned close to those names. And we are satisfied my brothers my sisters, Allah in Nashville Jessa de la medulla. Either Salah had Salah ha Jessa Dooku Lu, what is the facade that facade they'll just do Kulu Allah wa he'll call boo. I'm sure we've heard this hadith many times Behold, in the body there is a piece of flesh if it is pure and good, the whole body will be pure and good to filter.

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If it is dirty and filthy, the whole body will be dirty and filthy. Everything is gone. Your mind is gone. Your Practice is gone. Your deeds are gone, everything is gone because that filter is messed completely what is it? Allah he'll call boo behold, it is the heart, cleanse the heart. Ask Allah for guidance. And then walk walk towards it as best as you can. You know when you want something in life, you want the job. You want to get married to someone in particular, you want some goodness, you want good health, what do you do you desperately ask Allah for what worldly things?

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You know, this is men. When when there is a worldly item we ask with greater desperation than we do when there is something to do with the hereafter. But that's not right. That's why we say Oh ALLAH beautify Iman in our hearts. The UniFi Albena what curry Elena COFRA well for suka well ser un O Allah make detested to us.

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disbelief in you.

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Make it detested to us, make us dislike it so that we don't work towards it and we don't practice it and we stay away from it. Kirby Elaine al COFRA well, for sure and sin makes sin difficult and hated to us. The minute you see it you say no, not for me. The minute there's a bottle you out of there. You can't imagine doing that because you know what? It's not for me. I'm a movement I've said

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My shahada I believe in Allah, I'm going to lead a clean life so that I please Allah. That's what it is. I'm going to live a very clean life.

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Well it's urine Oh Allah that which is sin, that which is transgression of Allah keep us away from it which Anam in the Rashi Deen, oh Allah make us from those who are righteous, or Allah make us from those who are righteous. Look at the beautiful dua of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So my brothers, my sisters, together with our trials, we need to also know every day look into your heart every day, cleanse it, clean it, remove from it hatred, enmity, envy, jealousy, ill feeling racism, whatever else it may be the isms that are part of shamans trap, take them out, work hard on yourself, improve yourself, watch the way you speak more than anything else. What's your connection

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with Allah, your Salah, make an effort. Get up in the morning your life will change. Do your Salah to the Shah your life will change. People are struggling. Why? People want to lead a life of goodness but they forget the hereafter you're looking for a job you ask Allah with conviction and you're happy Why don't you ask Allah was similar or more conviction. Oh Allah show me the truth to be true helped me to walk on the path. It will be hard, it's not a joke.

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It will be hard. It's not going to be easy. But my brothers, my sisters, go for it. Try keep trying. Don't give up. Don't give up. The day you give up is the day you lose. The day you die is the day automatically your books will be saved. And the only things that will continue are the good things you've left behind. You taught someone goodness you built a masjid perhaps you there was a well or some sadaqa jariya that you did mashallah a charity that will continue the reward of which will continue way beyond your death. May Allah grant that to us. So my brothers, my sisters, these are a few words I thought I would share with you primarily this advice is for me.

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May Allah helped me to cleanse my own heart. And may Allah help us to add to this dua on a daily basis.

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And then, for everyone else, I want to end off by repeating these two hours that I spoke about today. For those who would like to memorize them perhaps and take note Allahumma original Hakka, Hakka what is the BA what Arenal Betula Bartylla was reopened Argentina Allahumma Habib la in Iman was a young goofy Kulu Bina what curry la in El COFRA well for Zupa Well, Sen. What Jalna Mina Rashidi May Allah accept all of us may Allah be pleased with all of us Apollo family ha ha sallahu wa salam ala ala Nabina Muhammad