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The speaker discusses the importance of not just being a Christian but also being a Muslim person. They share a story about a Prophet the first one given to the Prophet Mohammed, and how he gave up on a lavish wedding planner. The speaker also talks about the importance of intentions and choice in one's life.

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I sadly

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please welcome

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I greet you with the greetings of peace that have been excellent for millennia. The peace of God the upon overview. It's an honor and a privilege that I have a few minutes to share a little bit about the floating of.

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I'm sorry, I'm a little bit late. I have my own store actually, at home, I have 45 people to cancel off. And we were booked the week before. And, you know, when our brother Dr. Bill Khamenei said, we got to shift into Sunday, make the nine.

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I said I'll

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working with some dates and stuff and say sorry, I got to go

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up for them.

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I said, I'm leaving you. Everything is ready, enjoying it.

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But I could not not be here. And the reason for that is because I wanted to express my gratitude in pain to be able to be associated not just with the University of Western Australia, but in particular Muslim Student Association of Western Australia. Some of the people who are even introducing attitudes at all.

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One of the greatest sources of pride that I have, is that in almost every event that I speak,

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there's somebody who can one point in their mind.

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Like, in one way I thought could turn us through or do the head No, no. I just to do something better for others. And I think in the month of August, we closed this one, I want you as a message debate. Last one is not enough hunger and thirst. It's not about sacrifice. It's not even about feeling the pain of others. It's about an overwhelming

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Right? If it's done right for you, it brings you closer

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to the eyes.

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It brings you closer the way you think. The way you restrict the way you behave, the way you're charitable, the way you hold back in almost every aspect. It's intentional within you to be more mindful.

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And that's something I think that comes to heart in the little mini crisis that we have.

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Everything kind of flows down.

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We have time here we have everything. everything's lined up dignitary signed up, everybody's ready to go.

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And it was a pleasure.

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This week,

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and your life is not really a joke.

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You're not as strong up, you're not as powerful as you up here. You're not as healthy well put together well intellectual as you assume yourself. and lack of humility that all of us, every single one of us, is what Ramadan seeks to zero. Because we're all fasting all the time for different things.

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So I fast from fasting from

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eating, you know, swine and fast.

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You know, Lady Gaga

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or something Muslim or not, you're looking inward. But the issue is, what does it produce? As I

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said, before, and perhaps after you do, if you do it, right, you gain mindfulness, you gain a consciousness of your place in the world.

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I want to conclude with a verse from school with Eunice Jonah, to the chapter of young men, by the way to talk to Jonah was one of the earliest revelations given to the Prophet

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Yunus is actually the very first prophets and name given to the Prophet Mohammed.

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Because the story of Jonah is that he was this incredible Prophet, even with incredible people.

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And he came up, and he said, you know, the wrath of God is going to come, God has told me that it's punishment that's going to arrive, I'm leaving. And as he departed, he became the test for himself, he gave up too soon. And the trial, and that's why, you know, the drop of units, the repentant that, you know, having that I acknowledge, there's no power No, no one that I want you to have. Most. Most stories are completion, no one is perfect, but you in equal to monopoly, I am guilty as a sinner.

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That's the greatest drive, to ask for forgiveness, that drives us to first come to the profit, center, that story, and let God save us. And he goes back to his city and make believe in God before the precursor.

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And that's a loss as to our profit.

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I don't mean,

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you're just a tool, all of us are just things that we want people to use for good. You don't want to use for bad, we don't want to miss you. And you don't want to use other.

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So here's the verse until the q&a is revealed in the second or third year of a puppet message. That's how early it is. It's the first story of the Prophet

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and in it a law status

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and takes on it

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and splendor because as well.

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As the people who reside in it, appear to think they dominate. It's mom, we do what we want on this earth. Both

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have the power over

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a test that

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I did, but one command whether by night four days.

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And it turns as if it had no no beauty from

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before. Like nothing has grown upon

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the power of law. That burgers is one of the verses that comes to mind. Every time I hear Mr. McDonald wants to talk to us.

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It's like pause. It's not you. You You have plans, right? You have so many you want to fly over and get married and wherever.

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You know, it's kinda like even my brother. My brother had this lavish wedding planner.

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My dad my mom, my hope is as a rookie arrived in March, last year, but last year, and we scrambled my parents to get out of like my father and mother were on the 11:52pm flight before midnight.

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That's how close it was.

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None of us are in control of anything. Except one.

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One thing that a lot of God

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debut and on,

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which is intent and choice.

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You can choose to intend in particular,

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you might not get the outcome you want, but intention for us is more important than the action.

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That Maxim of by any means necessary is fraudulent. For us as Muslims, it's counter, what we believe in. We believe in the means as much as we believe in the outcome.

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We believe in intend to borrow even if I don't achieve what what I desired to achieve, because what good is like if it's only about going from success to success, well, what about the journey?

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Ramadan is part of your journey. And if you traveled Well, you've gotten into that mindset, and then state of mind, and it's not too late. It was still a few days left, because I pulled off. I thank you for your time. And forgive me for leaving, because I have to leave probably.

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Because I don't want to

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give me just that common law fan. Thank you.

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But didn't you so much