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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah you want to go to a How are you guys doing? The truth is hamdulillah we've been able to raise for the Syrian refugees, we've been able to raise 190,000 pounds, just using our platforms, my platform on social media, and it was platform. And we're seeing everybody's platform now that shows you the power of social media, but it also shows you how much we can do in Ramadan, and how much we have been able to help inshallah, you can just imagine that money being used now to defeat the most vulnerable individuals, how much how many lives you probably have saved, actually Yanis power a lot of France's women are here have forgotten them here and message him. So

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whoever he saves a life as if he said all of you, all of humanity, right, a very famous verse in the Quran, chapter five, verse number 32. So Subhanallah, we've been able to do that. And we've approached near the end of Ramadan, within the last 10 nights of Ramadan, this is just a quick message, to just kind of push because we need to get to at least 200 so we can say we've done 200 guys, let's push inshallah, this is a great cause. And we're always regularly going down, we know these guys are underground, these guys even go to Iraq, on the ground, these guys go everywhere on the ground. And I've been with them too many different places I've been to, you know, I've been to

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Cox's Bazar with them on the, on the Burma border, I've been to Ghana with them, and inshallah, we're going to be going to more more places with them, because we were seeing with our very own eyes, you know, the transformative material effects of this, of this contribution that you're putting forward. And in Sharla normally doesn't have an effect. By the way, I just want to make this point clear, not only does it have an effect on the immediate situation, in terms of food and hunger, and allowing for, obviously, them to satiate themselves in the short term, but also, it has a multiplier effect from an economic perspective, because this, your contribution or our

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contribution acts like a proper lifeline for them, which allows not only them to be able to feed and clothe themselves, but allows individuals to be able to, you know, go get jobs, actually, frankly, you know, go make a living be able to properly make a living for themselves build themselves up as human beings. And that's what this area of the world needs. And this one, these people in particular needs have been displaced, and have had the worst kind of time. So let's push as much as we can because the Prophet Mohammed Hassan told us that the best of people are those who are most and found the most useful to other people. You know, and it's better listen to this a lot of people might be

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doing it capping the message now, but it's better for you to be at your brother's side in a time of need than to this is a hadith has been authenticated by many of them have they seen then to do it carefully and measured for a whole month? You know, somehow Allah so

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let's let's keep pushing as be as useful to people as possible. And let's get the rewards

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of giving charity, which of course in our religion is one of the biggest things you can do in America when I was lucky but again,