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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali was happy

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to meet him about

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today's is Saturday, the 28th of the year 1434 corresponding to the second of November 2013 we commence with the sixth lesson of the book, essential lessons for every Muslim Mashallah Lama hablas even Abdullah bin bash Allahu Allahu taala.

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So, disbelievers I do not worship what you worship, nor are you worshippers of what I worship. Will I be a worshipper of what you worship? Will you be worshipers of what I worship for you is your religion for you as your religion and for me as my religion

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Alhamdulillah obile alameen wa Chateau La Ilaha Illa la Julio Sala hin shawanna Mohammed and Aldo Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Assisi because he only Naomi Deen

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and this Sora, which is known as El Capitan, is also called Surah Al Bara Surat Al Bara because al Bara means

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in general to disassociate from something to be free of something to be innocent. So if someone for example is accused of committing a crime, and then he says I am birdie means I'm innocent, I have not done that crime. So one is disassociating himself from the act that has been done. So it's called Sora Tiburon because the main theme of the surah is this association or from shirk,

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from worshiping other than Allah subhana wa tada or giving anything from the rights of a loss of Hannah with Anna to any of his creation. And that is the main theme of the sutra. According to the statement of the prophet SAW line, it was son of himself because from the virtues of this sutra, is that one should read it every night before going to sleep.

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This sort of sorta till caffeine is one of the

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one of the things that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would say before going to sleep and he commanded one of his companions as it comes in the Muslim Imam.

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I am allowed to add, and followers have been in over the last day and Avi that the province of the law it was some of them said to him, decline them Anamika Korea, Iran

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and the province of Allied it was an himself I never I'm going to shoot he told him read before going to sleep.

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And the purpose of the lie there was some stuff in the hair but it should because indeed it is. This association from shooter kit is one freeing himself from any aspect of shooting. And again, this was collected by Lehman and graded. So here via lavanila.

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What was the reason why the sword was revealed in the first place?

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The scholars have to see it. And this sorta is a Mexican sword it was revealed in Mecca. Some years after the prophets of the light it was some of them have been giving down.

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So the scholars of Tafseer mentioned that some of the machinery of Quraysh went to the province of lighter Salaam and they mentioned they have different chains of narrators, all of them are questionable, but and inshallah the story behind it is authentic.

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They say that

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some of the machine went to the province of the law, it was some of them.

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And they said to him,

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why don't you worship?

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In our Deen? Why don't you practice our Deen for one year.

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And we'll practice your deen for one year. And we can switch one year we do your bean. And then the next day, the next year, you do our D and that way we come to a

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nice as they say hell was at the middle ground.

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And anytime a people recognize that what they're on is false and weak. And they see that the other person is determined. Then they start entering the process of negotiation. So they want to make a proposition with the with the profits of the law. It was a long day. You practice our dean for one year. We practice your deen and we alternate like that that way. If your deen is correct, then we will get a portion of that correctness and it will it will sharing the reward and of our Deen is correct. Then you're sharing the reward as well and then everybody lives happily ever after.

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So the prophets of the lion was seldom was told by law to say to them cool, yeah.

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Oh, you disbelievers. Oh you confer I do not worship what you worship.

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So here there is some repetition, as you heard, and the scholars of Tafseer differ as to what the reason of that repetition is. But what it is and concluded I need to summarize it is that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is negating

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for all times, past, present and future, that he is a worshipper of what they worship. And he is negating likewise, that they are worshippers of what he worships past, present, and future.

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And this announcement that the prophets of Allah, Allah made to the Kufa and we need to look at how the prophet Isaiah salatu salam, and he followed the moola Ebrahim the way and he blamed step by step.

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And he this hedge that many of you just completed, started with who started with what profit started with.

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No doubt I told him why the finance even had to carry data and call and proclaim to the people call out to make the hedge

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another place in the Quran

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tiberi Hema hanifa and then we reveal to you to follow the way of Ebrahim the middle of Hema honey Vanya, inclined towards the truth, to toe heat to the right path, follow that path, even though he

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how does

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it relate to that? Because Allah Subhana Allah said no cry when he told the story of Ibrahim with Karna, Ebrahim.

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He will, he will call me in any

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tablet Illallah de Falco Ronnie, lane ocid.

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Whenever I said to his people,

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he said to his father and to his people, indeed I am ba

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from you and everything that you worship, I'm

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free from what you worship.

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What does that mean?

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This association, innocence free, no part whatsoever to do with what you worship except for the one who originated me and created me meaning Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is because they used to worship their gods, their deities, their statues, and their idols. And they also worship the laws of hell out of it, they made sure so they weren't. How do we understand that then, and that was the the weight of the Arabs even at the time of the Prophet, some lighter, they worship their idols and they worshiped a lot. How do we understand then that the prophets of the light it was settled

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negates that they worship what he worships.

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How do I understand that? Do you get the point here? Because the prophets I send them and say that you don't worship, what I worship, you don't worship Allah. But we know that the Arabs at the time of the Prophet satellites and they worshipped Allah.

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But they didn't worship Him alone.

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that the majority of them will not believe in a lot except that they are emotionally cool at the same time. So they believe in Allah

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and they believe that he is one of those that should be worshipped, but not the only one that should be worship. So the province of lamb Selim is negating their pure worship for Allah subhanho wa Taala and not the fact that they worship Allah to begin with this point is important to understand it when we say

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because it's not that they didn't worship Allah but it is that if worship is not purely for data, then it is not considered to be worship data it is as if it doesn't count at all. So imagine a person now who stands up in his salon and the first rock is showing off and then half of the second record showed off and in the last quarter of last year data is that considered to be worship? It's rejected it's as if he didn't worship it last year data last heard that it says

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some anomaly I'm in an extra coffee my lady

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I am the one who is least in need of a partner of self sufficient I don't need a partner

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whoever does an action for me and other than me, not only for the other end for me and for other than me.

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I will leave him and we should and in some narrations for whoever the lady

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is for the one room he has taken as a partner besides me

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so that is why any worship that is not done solely for light so it doesn't it doesn't count and it's like they haven't worship so that's why the probably some said man woman and tune

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into my

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as a

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good candidate candidate look I'm also tune hesitant to Viva La Nina man.

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He called me him in

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California. vino vino como la de la we

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took me no

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to me No. So

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Eliza gel is telling us in the Quran that we have a good example and even our team and those few who are with him, when they said to their people that we are free of you are we disassociate ourselves from you, and from what you worship besides Allah

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confirm that we have rejected you.

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And there's enmity as appeared between us and you until you worship Allah alone.

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So this here is where the prophets of the law it was Salaam is announcing his dis Association lakum Dino Khun Walia de for me is my Dean, and for you, for you, as your dean and for me is mine.

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Now some people misuse the statement and just to

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correct something that is widespread amongst many of the Muslims. Anytime there's a disagreement.

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You find a Muslim sad to another Muslim Lachlan Vito Corleone.

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Sometimes the disagreement doesn't even there's room for disagreement.

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They're debating about whether one should go down when he goes to sujood. Should he start with his hands first of all is nice. And then they get into a big heated discussion about it. And then the other one is like he's announcing the other one is a cabinet because he doesn't go down on his knees or his hands were lucky.

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You will find youth

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arguing over which flavor of something is better let them do it.

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This is we can't use the Quran.

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The Revelation of Allah Subhana data has been sent down for us to ponder over to understand its meanings. We can't use it for trivial things like that, especially amongst the Muslims. But there's room for disagreement in many of these issues of faith where we find each other disagreeing and then let him be the cornea dean at the end because you're upset with the other individual that that's not what this means. lakum Dino calm for you is your deal your way of life. And for me, is mine. So the purpose of the lie there was seldom as many

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In this high here, because this is what is known as I had to,

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I had to move out. So let that the province Alliance element is totally separating himself from them. And that he is not going to compromise the call of Islam.

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We're not going to do a one year one year, you know, switch.

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This is my call. And this is the only call that I have. And this is my beam, this is the way I'm going to live. And so they're going to be problems because the last bit and send this Dean to be subservient to any other religion, color, the salado pseudo Buddha Dini,

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Leo, the hero, who Allah de nikoli.

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He is the one who sent His messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, sent him with knowledge and righteous actions, so that it could overcome every other Dean. So that it would be above every other way of life, even if the machine did test it,

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even if they don't like it.

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So the promise a lot It was Solomon, same as Ibrahim and his people said to the ones who have rejected to heat at that time.

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The purpose of it was sentiment saying to them the same thing to you, for you, as your dean, and for me is my D. And this shows us as Muslims,

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that we can't compromise and

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you can compromise in other aspects of your life, but not in your deed. We don't give up this Diem for anything. It doesn't matter.

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And the promise of life celibacy, even in the smallest aspects, there's no compromise because if you give them an inch, they'll take a mile as they say, you open the door, you crack it, and they're going to bust down the hinges.

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That's why when

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the Mosley Kuhn, the noble men of Quraysh, came to the province of lighter salah and they told him, listen, just tell these other ones to go away, and then we'll listen to you. Who are they talking about? They were talking about the first Muslims because many of the first Muslims

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were not from the novel, of course, yes.

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He was from the noble of grace. He was from those who had status. But what about Bella? What about me? What about

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these ones, they didn't have a high status amongst the amongst the nobleman of Quraysh. So they were saying what do we look like? guys sitting with these people will listen to you but tell them to go away.

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And the promise of the lady was alone. It says if he began to turn towards that opinion, Jani, perhaps there's a Muslim, perhaps there's some type of benefit. You know, I can call them to Islam and Eliza, Joe said, was sweet, Nuff said.

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make yourself patient, be patient with those who call upon the Lord. And the day and the night. They want the face of Allah.

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They want to earn Eliza Adele's pleasure.

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Don't turn away from them. Don't turn your face away from them.

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So here we see there's no compromise, even when one believes that there's some type of benefit. That isn't the hazard guidance is in the hands of a loss of Hanna who would Tana? You it is your job. It is your job, to do your best according to the knowledge that you have

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to spread the religion of Allah subhanho wa Tada. And no one is held accountable for more than what they know. This is not a call for ignorant people to go out and try to debate with others about Islam and call them to Islam.

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According to the knowledge that you have La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah This is what enters one into the fold of Islam so call to Islam, and don't compromise at all in your call to

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those who believe believe in those who disbelieve this belief.

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Whoever once whoever desires to believe that let him believe it whoever does not desire to do something about him reject the message.

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Like medalla told the province of Laos Oh, you don't? Come You will? Well, I can delay the militia. But it is a low guy to me once and we see this a lot when people are giving dour

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and that is not to say that Tao needs hikma person has to be wise when giving Dawa then you don't start your dalla with other than to heat and encourage the people because this is the most attractive aspect of Islam is that we worship the one who created us

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mediary that doesn't mean you go around. If someone hasn't accepted his name, you say, Listen, you should be a Muslim because if someone steals their hands, it's cut off and if they commit adultery, then maybe they get stoned. And this is just hikma from that. What it is, is hikma. But does that mean that they're going to understand that hikma in the beginning? No.

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So you have to have hikma in your call to snap. But at the same time, there's no compromise. If someone comes in a woman says, Well, I have to accept this limb.

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Do I need to cover?

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Yes, the answer is yes, you need to cover. But that shouldn't be a hindrance from you accepting this man. And then you explain to them the virtues of Islam and the beauty, the beautiful aspects of Islam, talk to them about the Shahada team. And then at that point, Islam truly enters into the heart they won't have any problems submitting to whatever rules come to them from the Creator of the heavens and earth. tapana who was Allah