Are You Scared of Criticism Watch This #Shorts

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You start your Muslim business, you're doing great when you start getting ideas like hey, I want to do this I want to do that that's a safe spot. You probably won't get the hurtful comments because you haven't done anything. You haven't heard only the hurtful comments coming from Uncle your auntie beta or daughter when you got to do something with your life or when you get there, that's what I feel comfortable. But as soon as you start your business and you start a one man show you're kicking it off, you're doing Wow, you got this great idea. Then people start saying things like, Wow, you really changed. Oh my god, you're so modern now. Or somebody comments, Stop showing off, Stop

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showing off like you're in a danger and you like land on the ground and you look up and then there's always showing off.