The Importance of Civic Duty from the Seerah

Yasir Qadhi


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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses an event that took place in the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ even before he was made a Nabi. 

The story is about a merchant who came from the tribe of Zabeed from Yemen. He had merchandise with him to sell in the time of Hajj and wanted to sell this.He tries to sell it but fails due to the double standards and the hypocrisy of the Quraysh for stalling him. 

This message spread across the town of Makkah until it reached Abdullah ibn Judan who convened the seniors of Quraysh and implored them to stop trampling the rights of innocents. In this gathering, there was a young man who had maturity and sensibility of leadership and he was none other than Muhammad ﷺ.

It was declared that a treaty which had a foundation of equality and fairness would be signed upon.this treaty is called as Hilf Al Mutayyibeen or Hilf Ul Fudool. Why were these names given to this treaty? Do listen intently.



AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the hedge seasons and the hedge's real example of a leader's role in achieving equality. They also touch on the history of the Advisory Church, including its success in promoting Islam among people, the loss of the prophets, and the use of negative language. The importance of belief in the Prophet system and the moralities of actions is emphasized, along with the need to show the light through the shadow and prioritize one's actions over others. The success of the fundraiser and the importance of giving things reasonable for others to receive is also emphasized.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah why daddy he was so happy he woman was.

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One of my favorite stories in the Sierra is a story that took place even before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was appointed as a prophet.

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It is the story that indicates the status of the Navy before he was a Navy. When the prophet SAW the license was around 2025 years old. A man came from Yemen to Mecca.

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He was from the tribe of Zambia. And the tribe of Zambia was considered to be of the lower class tribes, the tribes a bead was not of the elite tribes. And he was a merchant, and he had with him merchandise from Yemen. So he entered before the days of Hajj and he wanted to sell his merchandise. One of the nobleman of Christ made him an offer one price for the whole merchandise. And he would have gotten more if he sold every item. But you know, as businessmen, it's also advantages to just sell and get one big bulk sum. So one of the elders of Porush, a distant uncle of the Profit System, he made an offer. And the man said, You know what, I'll accepted Halas take my merchandise, give me

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the money. The man said, you know, it's hedge season. Let me buy and sell with the Hajaj before you leave for Yemen. I'll give you your money. You have my word. So the man agreed.

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After hedge finishes, he comes and he knocks on the door. And he goes, look, I gotta go back to him. And you promised me the money said, Oh, you know, still I'm doing some transactions. wait another day. So call us Oh, wait another day. The next day comes the same excuse wait another two days next two days. A week goes by and keeps on stalling until the merchant from Yemen realizes he's been scammed. Now, it is mcca.

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The law is the law of the jungle. It is the survival of the fittest. He can't call 911. He can't sue in the court of law, because his plaintiff is a nobleman from kurush. And he is a nobody from Yemen. The guy that is promising The money is one of the leaders that of Parliament. He's in the MP. He's in the auto network. He's in the the the leadership of Porsche and he is a nobody merchant at the bottom of the pecking order. So he goes and he knocks on the door of sohaib and amor, another leader. He goes look so Hey, your distant cousin did such and such try to help me out. So he says, You know, I don't want to get involved just May Allah help you. He goes on, he knocks on the door of

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I was soufiane, another excuse, a third door, a fourth door, whoever he goes to for help give some excuse, and the man is left with no recourse to law. So what does he do? He does what people at that time could only do and that is he wrote a poem that he announced to all of the judge as they were doing pull off he stood up in front of the camera, and he versified a poem, in which he criticized the double standards of the aurash in which he called out the hypocrisy of the Quraysh pretending to be the guardians of the GABA, and yet their manners and their love and their treatment was not worthy of the Kava, and the poem is preserved by him in his house in his car. Obviously, it doesn't

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make sense for me to recite it in Arabic because it's an Arabic poem in his classical Arabic as well. But in it he has a beautiful line. And it is that nobility is not gained by living next to the Kaaba nobility is gained in how you treat other people. nobility is not gained by where you live. nobility is gained by how you treat other people. Now the poem was a resounding success. It spread across the land that this man had been wronged. Nobody helped him and the courage silently, you know, basically let somebody be wronged in the territory of Iran in the sacred city of Mecca in the timeframe of Hajj, and he was a hedge a pilgrim. And so people began speaking how bad how evil this

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and that, and this is basically propaganda PR, and this because of this, one of the elders of aurash and his name is Abdullah bin juliann. And he was a great uncle of Arusha. He was an uncle loveable Booker, one of the elders of college, Abdullah bin Jain. He had the largest house and in his house, the parliament would sit the network would sit in his house, he had a large area in the house. That's where the network was.

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Whether the courts will discuss their matters, our beloved in Japan convened a gathering of the seniors of kurush, the elders of Quraysh. Because he said, we cannot continue in this fashion. We cannot continue in this fashion where the rights of an innocent merchant are trampled over. So all of the senior members of the kurush were invited to enact a treaty. And above soufiane was there. And I thought it was there, and many of the elders whose names we know of in this era. But there was one young man who also attended the youngest person in the whole gathering. And that was none other than our nebby. Our school, the prophets of Allah while he was setting them, despite his age,

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everybody else was in their 50s and 60s, despite he was in his early 20s. But they knew that this is a leader in our midst. They could sense this is a mover and shaker, despite the fact that he was not yet at that age, he was still a young man. And he was the youngest in the whole gathering, yet he was invited, because they sensed in him that maturity and that leadership that is needed, and they enacted a treaty that agreed amongst themselves, that we will enforce equality when it comes to buying and selling. It's not fair, that if the buyer is a rich man of origin, and the seller is a Yemeni that the sellers rights will be trampled over, we will treat everybody with justice when it

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comes to buying and selling. And they gathered in front of the cab up and they announced the treaty. And in those days, in those days, when you wanted to sign on the dotted line, all of these people are illiterate, they cannot read and write, what would you do, you would get a bowl of perfume or a container, a container of perfume, and you would all publicly dip your hands simultaneously in the perfume, and then simultaneously rub it in front of the cat above the door of the cab. And this is why this treaty is called helful Mota, yeah been helpful. mateja been the Treaty of those whose hands were perfumed by you leave his perfume, it's called a thermal oven. They all rub their doors,

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their hands on the door of the cab, but then they collectively marched to the kurashiki, who had promised the goods and they demanded collectively hand over the money. They demanded it and because this is his own people, this is his own his own government, what not? Now, he was very angry, he was grumbling, but he handed it over. And he made a comment. And he said, Why did you have to interfere? This is none of your business. This is none of your business that you should have gotten involved. And in Arabic, he said have a moron fubu Lee, this is none of your business to get involved. So the treaty is also called hailed fell foo. Because of that the Treaty of none of your business because

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it is our business right healthful food, even an order your fuzu libata the facility here is from this football here. So he'll fall football, the Treaty of none of your business, because it is our business to make sure that society operates on the level of justice. Now, why am I beginning a talk on a fundraiser talking about NFL football. And by the way, our profit system was very proud to have been a part of NFL football many years later, 40 years later, in the end of his life in Medina, when he is now the undisputed head of Arabia, and probably the only one who's remaining alive from the people who was in that room had it isn't so hard. You can look it up the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam said, I was there in that room with Abdullah bin Judah. And when we all agreed to the treaty, I was there. And I would not ever give up my position to have been there for a flock load a herd of red camels in English, we'd say for a million dollars, I wouldn't substitute my position. And even now the Paddington Bahati goes, even now, if I were called to uphold the treaty, I would be the first to implement that treaty,

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despite the fact that the treaty was agreed to in pre Islam. But the process of said that treaty is an Islamic treaty. And if I would be called to do it, I will be the first to do that. Now. Why am I beginning my fundraising talk or whatever, with hateful food, because brothers and sisters for many reasons, there's so much benefit in the syrup, so much benefit and it's so relevant well, like we studied the syrup for every generation and every time and we extract different benefits different moralities it is relevant eternally from its timeframe, up until kiama in every society, and the the the benefits are more than can be mentioned here. If you're listening to my setup, you will get more

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of them from this incident, but I want to just point out

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For many of us, the life of the prophets that I sent him before he became a prophet is by and large, ignored, we just overlook it. We just zoom over it. We began with a clock, we began with God a Hara. But our Prophet system was how old when your clock came down, tell me how old was he? 40 years old? And how old was he when he passed away? 63. So how many years was he a prophet 23 he was preaching. So for 40 years, he has not been appointed a prophet at that point. Obviously, when I say this, please don't read in, in a law's eyes he has been appointed, but in this world, that announcement has not come. Obviously. colorable law is eternal. He is a prophet even before he came to this

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world, but he does not know that. And the people do not know that until he reaches the age of 40. So for the bulk of his life, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is not preaching a message yet for us. We ignore that timeframe. And we think, oh, that's just a technicality. You see brothers and sisters, listen to this carefully listen to me carefully. Those 40 years, were a necessary precursor to the next 23. Those 40 years were unnecessary precursor, you would not have had the success of those 23 if you hadn't had those 40 before. And the hill fell full goal is but one of many, many, many incidents that demonstrate what our profit system was doing in those 40 years before the 23.

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The handful football represents for me what it really means to have your work effective when you begin preaching. You see, our profit system is already a community leader. He's a mover and shaker. He is involved in the civic affairs of his society. Remember in the in the incident of head off when it comes down and he comes back to her deism ballooned into tyranny and Khadija covers him up What does Khadija say it's a beautiful paragraph. Beautiful paragraph it says I Bahati as well as even this beautiful paragraph Khadija says La la la de la Zika la vida, I swear Allah will never misguide you, Allah will never humiliate you, his wife is testified is of love, pause here footnote, when

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your wife or for the wife, when your husband testifies to your o'clock, then indeed you have a clock because you cannot hide your clock from your wife. When your spouse genuinely respects you. When your spouse genuinely respects you, then you are worthy of respect. Here is a deja, and she is saying law will law he now yosik Allahu Allah, by Allah, Allah will never humiliate you, whatever you saw, it's not something that's delusion. It's not something that's causing you to go mad. It is true from a lot. Why? Beautiful paragraph, you are good to your family. You're kind to the neighbors, you are feeding the hungry, you are taking care of the orphan, you are helping the poor,

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you are sheltering the wayfair. And then at the end, a generic line. What two or a new Allah Jimmy, you know what it will help and you're at the forefront doing any good that needs to be done so generic, I can't even list your CV. I can't even list your accomplishments. You're at the forefront doing anything that needs to be done. You see my brothers and sisters, our prophets of Allah, why did he was sending them for those 40 years? What was he doing? He was we would say in modern English, establishing his credibility. He was establishing his credentials such that when it comes down, when he opens his mouth and says believe in a law, believe it or not in a in the law, they

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could accuse him of being a madman, they could accuse him of being a poet, they could accuse me being a magician, you know what they could not accuse him of, you know what they could not accuse him of, of not caring, of not loving of not being merciful. He was known as a sodic. Before he was known as a nebby. He was known as an amine before anybody ever called him a Rasool, I want you to understand the implications of this. He was known as a sodic. before anybody called him nebby he was known as an amine before anybody called him with a soul. We on the other hand, when we think of Dawa, when we think of preaching, what do we think of, we think of handing out pamphlets giving free

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Korans knocking on doors, having a dour table in public, and all of that is the last 23 years. Where is our first 40 before we begin those 23 I'm not criticizing having our tables. Don't get me wrong. I'm not criticizing giving free pamphlets. But I'm asking you a question. I'm asking myself a question Have we laid the foundations that will allow us to have that credibility?

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That respectability that the Prophet system had before he began to preaching the fact of the matter of brothers and sisters, the brutal fact and again, we don't have time to be politically correct and hide or, or whatnot or I'm a guest in your in your city. And I don't mean to be too blunt. But the criticism is to me before it is to you, it is to the entire American Muslim community, the brutal Fact of the matter, we have not followed the footsteps of the Prophet system the way that we are obliged to do. So we have not followed his Sunnah, the way that we should, and we have not undertaken the proper steps in methodology of that work. And for us, data is more about talking than

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it is about actions. And that is a big mistake. That is a big mistake. That what is primarily through actions and a little bit of talking Tao is primarily to what you have done, and then a little bit of icing on the cake with the Dow with the preaching and teaching. And that is why brothers and sisters again, look at some of the earliest commandments of the Quran. And it is something that I want you to think about when we think of religion and religiosity we think of sada we think of the tertiary matters like the size of the beard and the headscarf of the women. And please don't misquote me, yes, these are important. But how many amongst us have ever thought of

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this simple Quranic fact. before Allah revealed the command to pray, before Allah revealed the command to give Zakat before Allah revealed the command to go for Hajj Subhana Allah prayer, when did it become obligatory? Who can tell me? When did that become obligatory guys?

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What year?

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The 10th year of the DA which is two years before they hit Europe. When did zakka become obligatory? Who can tell me which year?

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The second year of hijra, when did a song become obligatory second year of hijra, when did Hajj become obligatory trick question. ninth year is a very good ninth year of a job, right? So so that becomes obligatory in the 10th year of the that was two years before Hydra. Zakah becomes obligatory the second year of the job.

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13 years before Allah commanded to give the cow 13 years before Allah commanded Psalm 15 years before the verses of hijab came down a lot as though God revealed in the Quran verses commanding the Muslims to do something. Some of the earliest Quranic verses are what? Well, you're a Muna tarama Allah be miskeen and we are team and we're a Sierra in evil company with Sheila learn who the domain coaches and what are the believers are those who they give of their own food to those who need it. They share their food to those who need it. The miskeen they are team the prisoner and they give it even though they need it and they love it. And they say don't even thank us don't even thank us in

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mo camera which Hilah we are doing this for the sake of Allah. We don't want your thanks, la nudelman come Jessa and one

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of the earliest revelations, perhaps the seventh maximum the 10th revelation was our eighth letter you can be will be Dean for radical lady, you're really a team. What's the next verse guys? Well,

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hello, Tommy miski. Many years before salaat many years more than a decade before it's more than a decade before Ramadan, almost two decades before Hajj. Allah says if you believe in the deen if you believe in the judgment and the religion Dean here means both religion and judgment. Have you seen the one who rejects the dean? Or? You can even be Dean Dean here means Day of Judgment. It also means religion. Have you seen that guy who doesn't believe in religion? What are the characteristics of the Kaffir according to the Quran, that is the one who pushes the orphan away. Which means if you believe in the dean, what will you do to the orphan guys? Hug him. Hug him had it isn't Timothy,

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listen to this sisters you're listening. Beautiful Hadith. A man came and said Yasuda law. My heart is hard. What do you advise I do?

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My heart is hard. What do you advise I do. You know what our Prophet system said?

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Find an orphan and rub his head.

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In Sahara Sand Yeti. Your heart will become soft when you go to the orphan physically being in the proximity of the poor, helping an orphan out fanatical that the earlier team the one who doesn't believe in Allah He pushes the orphan

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right away and then while I

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am Bill miskeen, he does not encourage the feeding of the poor. Brothers and sisters, let me ask you a simple question. Why is Allah subhanho wa Taala? linking feeding the poor? Why is the law linking sponsoring the orphan with some of the earliest revelations? It's very simple, because our religion is not just the rituals. Unfortunately for many of us, the rituals become the end all and be all and please don't misquote me I am not saying the rituals are not important stuff for the law. You have to pray you have to fast you have to go for Hajj. But that is one half of Islam. The other half is to help society Hieronymus and follow Home Minister Heidi, the best of people are those that are

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most beneficial to people. We love to unhook buzz and gurus always talk about the rituals, how many of us talk about the other half, which is giving back to society, helping society feeding the hungry, sheltering the orphan, taking care of those who need to be taken care of. And here's the point brothers and sisters, feeding the hungry is not meant for PR. It's not meant for PR for that work. feeding the hungry is not a Kodak moment that we want our news to be published and say, oh, Muslims are at the forefront of soup kitchens, we don't do it for the sake of PR for Islam. feeding the hungry is a part and parcel of Islam. Our attitudes are messed up. We're not supposed to have a

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Kodak moment to feed the poor person and put it in the newspaper. Now pause here footnote, if they take a picture, put it in the newspaper good for us can either hit New add a note, but that's not our intention. Learn od domain comm Jessa. And voila, Shakira. That's not our goal. Our goal is not the Kodak moment, our goal is not the publicity. Our goal is this is our religion. This is what Allah wants us to do. And you know what? One of the perks, that is a necessary perk, but it is not an intended one. Do you guys hear me it's necessary it's going to happen, but it's not intended. One of the perks of being generous, is that people begin to love you.

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That is not the goal. It's not the NEA, but it is a free benefit that comes you guys following me right? You cannot put that as your nia. Because if you do, you've ruined the action of worship, learn or D domain which is animala Shakira, but you have to be pragmatic and you have to realize, you know what, we are doing this for the sake of a law. But there is a benefit, a worldly benefit, and that worldly benefit society will see what we are doing. And they will understand that we are compassionate and loving people, they will understand we are a part and parcel of their society, their land, their culture, their culture is our culture such that when we then open our mouths for

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preaching and teaching for what we call Dawa, then people will listen. What makes you tick. Why are you so 20 years you've been at the forefront this and that. You see, here's the problem. Brothers and sisters, we haven't done that. We have not done that. The fact of the matter is and allow me to be blunt here. When we raise funds and I go across this country, I've traveled to over 100 cities, fundraise for so many causes, when we raise funds for foreign issues, Mashallah, it's about a quarter of the money flows in

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Syria, Fatah Steen, Kashmir, Mashallah about a cola money is there for the community.

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And I'm not saying we shouldn't do that. But when we come to a local or domestic problem, all of a sudden those self same checkbooks are shot, those same pockets don't find any cash in them. And I want you to think why that is the case. Why is it brothers and sisters that you think sending $1,000 to Kashmir is more beloved to Allah than helping the poor people that live next to you? Do you know in the books of fic all four muda have agreed to this that priority to the Baccarat is local, all former died so much. So two of them say you are not allowed to send far away when there are more tagging people who needed nearby. So much so that many Rhoda ma said you cannot donate following now

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that's an opinion. I don't agree with it. Actually, we should give far away and we should give local but my point is not to discourage you from giving to Syria in Kashmir next two weeks from now. I will be fundraising for Syria. And yes, we need to give to the refugees give But my question is not why are we getting to Syria? My question is why are we not giving

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domestically. And of course, the response to this is obvious. Let me be blunt here, let me be totally blunt here. I am the children of immigrants. I was born in Texas, but my parents came from India, Pakistan, like all of us, most of us here. And the problem is very clear. And I'm not blaming them or anybody, but it is true. The mentality was back home is our priority. The mentality was there is where we need to help out. And by and large, the generation that came here, did not really feel that this land is their land. They always felt like somewhat strangers immigrants. But you see, and that's excusable, that's understandable. But you see, times are changing. And we now have the

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majority of Muslims that are born and raised here. I'm one of them. And this is our land.

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The land that I consider mine is not the land where my grandfather was born. It is where I'm raising my children. It is where I think my grandchildren will be born. That is my land. And we need to have a paradigm shift a psychological shift. This is our land despite all the negatives going on. You think you have it bad Subhanallah Have you forgotten maca? Have you forgotten the Prophet solace? Lm? You think is fashion evil over here? Have you forgotten how people did the Waffen mk? I'm not gonna say explicitly but read the Quran. How did they do tawaf in Mecca at the time of the Prophet says that, you know, what I'm talking about factory show was there as well? Have you forgotten there

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was gambling and prostitution and shut off in Mecca in front of all the Muslims to see, don't come and complain America, America, America was 100 times worse in terms of persecution, in terms of in terms of nudity, everything was worse there in terms of idolatry in terms of everything, yet still, our Profit System remained there, preach. They're taught there suffered the persecution there, until finally when he left he turned around, tears are crying. And he says he speaks to Makkah, and he says, You are the most beloved of all lands to me. And we're at not for the fact that my people forced me to leave a hollow junie I would never have left means he would have stayed despite the

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evil despite the filth, despite the via why. Because our job and gold brothers and sisters in the land of darkness, we need to show the people the light. That's our goal. We don't look at the darkness and just say what are we going to, we have to become the light through the shadow through the Koran through the center to other people. So our goal here, brothers and sisters is very simple. And that is we are representatives of the Prophet sallallahu I think he was setting them we have to walk in his footsteps. And that is why it is so important that projects such as the ones we are going to do today are at the forefront of what we do in when it comes to charity. Subhana Allah we

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many times many times underestimate what we can do. Do you know brothers and sisters, the Muslims of America? They say we're 789 million, some say 10 million. Do you know the majority of mainstream old school Protestant churches are smaller than us? Do you know that most churches and denominations are smaller than us? The Lutheran are less than us. The Methodists are less than us. The Episcopalians are less than us. And yet, when I say the word Methodist, what's the first thing that comes to the mind that most of you tell me?

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Methodist What comes to your mind?

00:28:42--> 00:28:42


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wrong thing comes to your mind.

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The hospital exactly somebody said at the hospital system, the hospital system. Because the method is despite being only 5 million, they have made their name synonymous with one of the most prestigious hospital networks across the country. The Catholics are at the forefront of charities. Other smaller groups have done more despite the fact quantity wise and money wise, we are more than them.

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Simple question brothers and sisters, if the Muslims of this city, Atlanta and how many Muslims are there 150 200,000 Atlanta, one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in the in the North American hemisphere is in this city where I am right now. You guys have an advantage over 99% of other cities in that your concentration is of the highest I think it is second or third in the entire country. If the Muslims of this city, were at the forefront of feeding the hungry, just feeding the hungry. And if people would see that, remember we're not doing it for the people to see we're doing it for a lot but

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We realize that you know what, there's also a dunya, we benefit, it is allowed to have this dual combination, but the Nia must be for a lot. But imagine if the people knew, oh, the Muslims, they're the ones with the food camps. They're the ones with the trailers going around. They're the ones with the buses, they're going everywhere and feeding the hungry. They're the ones that go to the neighborhoods where there's underprivileged. And they're doing this and that without any pamphlets, without any conditions. Because you see, when the Quran came down, and Allah said, they give up their food to the poor, to the miskeen, to the team to the prisoner of war. Allah didn't say to the

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Muslim team, Allah said to the team, the prisoners of war, there were no Muslim prisoners of war, because there was no war going on in Makkah. By definition, Allah azzawajal is telling the Muslims to feed the calf, the pagan, hungry captive, why? Because hunger is not an Islamic problem. It is a human problem. Being an orphan is not a religious issue. It is a human issue. And our religion never discriminates when it comes to giving your food, giving your charity, helping the orphan. No doubt, no doubt if we have two options that we choose somebody who's our relative, or our neighbor, oh, no doubt. But still, when it comes to helping others, we give it to everyone that we can. And imagine

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brothers and sisters, imagine if this country and this city associated our religion with feeding the hungry with having shelters for abused women and battered women with being at the forefront of free medical clinics, we're going around the city and just giving simple free health care nominally, all it has to do is just have the name Islam. And that's it. That's it, so that people associate our religion with charity, our religion with mercy, our religion with compassion, then they see Fox News trying to stereotype us. Who are they going to believe what they see with their own eyes, or what they see on some satellite channel? Fox News would go bankrupt if we were at the forefront of giving

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charity, simple as that. But because we have erected bubbles, we have our mini fortresses. Look, this is where we are. I guarantee you most of our neighbors don't even know that anything about us. Most of our neighbors have very little interaction with us, because we love being isolated from them. We don't give that we haven't left our impact. Where is our equivalent of hateful food? Where is our equivalent of standing up and preaching virtue, speaking out against injustice? And again, I can go on and on some handler, can you imagine? Can you imagine if there was a local issue, whether it's crime, whether it's the poor health care whether it's an educational crisis, and brother

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Abdullah is at the forefront helping the community sister Isha is at the forefront. She comes on the news with her job. She doesn't mention Islam. She doesn't mention Islam and Muslim, but she is at issue, there is a hijab, and she is criticizing what happened at this particular place, or the healthcare system, or the education and the people see, oh, this is one of us. They care about us. You see, they could never accuse the process of some of not caring, they couldn't do that. They couldn't accuse them and say, Who do you think you are? They couldn't say that. But when we come and we knock on their doors, we are exotic, other. We sound different, speak different look different.

00:33:35--> 00:34:20

They've never seen us before, except on Fox News, blowing things up. That's the only thing they've seen us doing. So do you blame them? When they say Who are you guys, we don't even know. We just associate you with violence and terrorism. The fault is also ours because we have not left the impact on society. And that's why brothers and sisters, these types of charities should be at the forefront. I am not saying 100% of our money should go to them. But there's no question. A good healthy percentage should go to domestic causes. And at hamdulillah Aigner relief USA as we know as we know, it is really the premier domestic charity of any Muslim organization. And I say this as

00:34:20--> 00:34:59

somebody who is not an official member of Econet, I'm an outsider to all organizations, but I speak as an outsider that Mashallah it's about a cola, economic relief. The USA division of it really is at the forefront of giving that well, and of doing what the prophets have wanted us to do when it comes to feeding the hungry servicing the poor sheltering those that have no shelter. I don't know of any other charity that is as effective at the national level as this charity is and that's why it's my honor and pleasure to be here and to help raise funds in this regard. final point brothers and sisters and I'll hand it over inshallah to add to our dear fundraiser and that is look, you

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

know, all of us

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

We suffer from, you know, donor fatigue and fundraiser fatigue. Let's be honest here. Every few weeks we have another fundraiser every few weeks we have to give to another cause. And yes, it is true, it is true for how long will we continue to give. And the response to this is very simple brothers and sisters, For how long will we continue to give. For as long as we want to receive from Allah Simple as that. For as long as we want to receive from Allah we will continue to give Why? Because the money that Allah has blessed us with, it is not our money. It is the money that Allah has given us to see what we are going to do. What to whom, min ma de la Hilda de,

00:35:44--> 00:36:30

what a beautiful verse, give them the poor people have the money of a law the man belongs to a law doesn't belong to you doesn't belong to me. Give them from the man that belongs to Allah that He has given over to you for the time being what to whom in man in law, he led the attack. And Allah azza wa jal mentioned that the Quran was unfaithful mimma Giada como esta la vida Fie and give from what Allah azza wa jal has given you authority over it is a lost authority he has given it to you to see what you are going to do. And that's why I'm not going to go over the Hadith and Quranic verses, but this is exactly why the psychology of try to explain to you the Quran and Sunnah is very clear, when

00:36:30--> 00:37:13

we give a low will give more we all know the verses and Hadith, but the psychology is very simple. Why? Because Allah is gifting us temporary custody to see what we're going to do. Our bank accounts, our wealth, it is a temporary gift, a temporary custodianship, Allah says, We have made you mustafina fee, we are the ones in charge of it. It's not our money, we're just put in charge of it for a temporary time. It is a lot of money, and he is giving it to us. And that's why when we give more than the owner of the money is happy, and he gives us more. And that's why I'm a visit in your community. But I guarantee you, you know this yourselves, the 510 15 big donors, they're always the

00:37:13--> 00:37:54

same 510 15 big donors. Isn't that the case? The ones who are always at the forefront of raising funds and giving charity, the ones who always give the big checks. They're always giving the big checks. Don't you wonder what happens to their money? Don't you wonder that guy who gives 50,000 every year to the machine, how can you give every year because when he gives a lot gives him more when he gives a lot gives him more. So it's as simple as that brothers and sisters let us do what we can and I want everybody in this room to give something that is reasonable for them everybody in this room to give something to feed the hungry and to take care of the poor and to shelter those

00:37:54--> 00:38:36

that have no shelter. Is there anything more important than this? Well, you're a model either to be miskeen and while your team in Sierra May Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst those who follow the Quran and Sunnah to the best of our ability. May Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst those who embody the virtues of the Sunnah who walk in the footsteps of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah azza wa jal make us keys that unlock doors of good May Allah subhanho wa Taala show our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues, the beauty of Islam and the beauty of the Sunnah through our characteristics, and we seek Allah's refuge from being the source and the cause of others seeing

00:38:36--> 00:38:43

evil and associating it with our religion, which is a common law hate on what's said Mr. de como Rahmatullahi wa barakato