The Importance of a Pure Heart

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Talal hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah who either early he will be here woman, Villa Hammerberg. Today inshallah wanted to talk a little bit about the topic I have spoken about and others have spoken about. And that is what Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran. Yo Mala young Pharaoh Mauldin, wala balloon Ilam and at Allah have been Salim on the Day of Judgment, neither wealth nor children will benefit you. Only the one who comes to Allah with a good heart that is what will benefit. So the concept of having a pure heart called Salim. It is a concept that we have spoken about before and we will continue to speak about because the most important aspect is to have

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a pure heart as our Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that, indeed in the body there is a piece of flesh. If that piece of flesh is pure and good, the rest of the body is good. And if that piece of flesh is corrupted, the rest of the body is corrupted. Indeed, it is the heart so that heart must be pure club Saleem, as the Quran mentions, what is the club Salim? Ignore him and others they talk about Solomon surname I'll summarize it by mentioning three points to have a club Salim. Number one, your heart can only be attached to Allah azza wa jal as an aspect of worship when it comes to a bada number one, your child has to be pure of anything other than Allah. So not Ilaha

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illa Allah must be embodied and ingrained and absorbed and completely within your world. You cannot be bowing your head physically or spiritually, of course physically to a false God spiritually means you cannot be following your desires that takes you away from the path of Allah. When you truly have called Saleem then you will control yourself and your desires and you will make sure that all that you are doing is in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala that is number one, help Salim your heart is attached to Allah La ilaha illAllah. Number two, when it comes to club Salim, there must be only one person whom you take as a role model and that is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your

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heart cannot be attached to any personality that you are jealous of envious of you want to be like you hate you everybody has to be except the prophets have some has to be your sooner the sooner that you want to follow the example that you have. So the Gulf Stream he wants to follow the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah that is a pure heart number three bulb Salim your heart cannot harbor any ill will any animosity, any jealousy, any type of hatred, any type of arrogance towards any of the creation of Allah. If you have then you don't have pub sadeem If you have a club that is full of anger, or jealousy, or despising other people, then you don't have club Salim. So the three things

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that may calm Salim number one in terms of worship, it is Allah subhanho wa taala. Number two in terms of role model, it is the NABI SallAllahu Sallam number three in terms of the creation of Allah, your heart must be pure. Absolutely. Now, how does one go about achieving club Salim again, much can be said was summarized in a few points of the ways you achieve club surname is to monitor your hearts, to introspect to examine spiritually. And this is an act of worship that unfortunately many of us do not do. We do the outer rituals, which is very important, no doubt about it. But one of the inner rituals that we must do is self examination Maha Sabha to knifes examine your heart.

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What else is it that there's an attachment to besides Allah? What else is it that is harboring in your art that is preventing it from the pope send him so this is one of the ways Maha Sabha to knifes. Another way is we make dua to Allah to achieve upset him. There are so many prophetic two hours about the heart one of them is in fact Oh Allah give me a bulb Salim in authentic hadith the process of will make dua to Allah another in the Quran rockburn Allah to ZIL Kuru BANA right another Yamaha liberal group with a bit called be an automatic all of these are from the adults. So many traditions are found about making dua for the our promises will make dua for his old once they're

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gonna ask you When is the last time you made dua for your call. Once the last time you actually asked Allah, Oh Allah give me a good heart. Oh Allah grant me a Sakina in the heart Oh ALLAH Cleanse my heart right as Allah mentions in the Quran about the people of Jana, we remove the evil in their heart, you cannot enter Jannah when you have evil in your heart, you must have ULb Salim and the more Salim the heart is the higher you will be in Ghana. The more that Allah has to remove then the lesser you will be in Ghana and if the heart is full of corruption such that are with the biller. Another is worship besides Allah or someone is taken as well.

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Role Model other than the Prophet says, and then perhaps even there will be punishment. If your colleague deviates you away from the path of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now, what are the things I'm going to recommend? And I know this might get a little bit controversial, but bear with me. One of the things that we realize brothers and sisters is that unfortunately, we don't spend enough time thinking about our culture. And I will recommend to you a genre of literature and books that has perhaps some negatives, but a lot of positives. As we are probably aware, one group that has specialized in the sciences that have the cult is the group of Anatole wolf right now I know the

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name itself brings up lots of people, they say, Oh, the villa does not

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calm down a little bit, and that also for many categories, and there's no doubt that some amongst them have gone beyond what they should do. But many of them have emphasized issues of the culture that we can benefit from. And that is why many of aroma that were not a people of the soul, they took the books of the soul Wolf, and they made from them pure books, or better books for our culture. All too often, we concentrate on aspects of Fick and aspects of Akita, which is important, but then we don't concentrate on other colors. And many of us we kind of sort of think we shouldn't do that. No, this gear total color is one of the main points of our iman is additive Djibouti. Our

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Islam consists of three things, theology, legal laws, and spirituality, Islam, Eman here, son, where do we find about your son, who has written about your son, or about the Stations of the call? We find it in the greater Allama who were not radical Matsuzawa but they were mainstream. And if those of you who read or do Shaohua Lula de la vie is of the greatest of those people. If you read his, you know, writings that he has, you find in him an antonym Sunni and a Sufi that is embodying the correct values of the soul of sha Allah. Allah is a great example of this. For those who read Arabic of course, Imam Al Ghazali. In his here, it's a great book, but it has a hadith that sometimes are

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not authentic, but the content of the book nobody can deny that you held on with Dean. The problem or their criticism is that he quoted too many fabricated a hadith. And the scholars say He himself said, I'm not a scholar of Hadith, he would just quote anything he didn't know which ones to to quote, and that's why many famous Allama like Imam Al Irati, one of the great scholars of Hadith, he actually wrote a commentary about the hadith of a hell Ramadan, and he said, Don't take this don't take that from Ramadan. Another great Sunni alum humbly scholar wrote multivitamin hydro pasta, then he took it here, and he summarized it. And many Rhoda ma did this as well. So if you're able to find

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these models or or whatnot, excellent. If you don't find them, you may read here but just understand when he says a hadith don't take it and maybe as a hadith take it as maybe someone of the past said this or whatnot. Otherwise, when it comes to the actual the categories of the heart, for example, Morocco, Baba, for example, real dogs, for example, they are clean, for example, Tawakkol, for example. So he has all of these points listed right? Not too many people, you won't find this in books. You won't find this in books of theology, you will find it in these types of books. So I recommend to you sha Allah, Allah Adela, he has written many good books about issues of the heart

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and in Arabic, Imam Al Ghazali. And others have written stuff. And just if you find something you don't know what not leave that but content wise, and especially the chapter headings wise, he goes over issues of the heart, the diseases of the heart, what makes the heart strong, and these are things that we can generically benefit from. And every one of these aspects, you can listen to hot button gurus that are basically based and more mainstream, but it is important brothers and sisters that we do spend time understanding what is the culture and understanding the Stations of the heart and understanding what are the ways we can make the heart closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala if you

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don't like a particular author, okay, leave that author but find somebody. All too often. There's a vacuum in our lives about inner spirituality. All too often because we're worried that some groups have gone to one extreme, we might fall into the other extreme, which is not even caring about the heart. So today's hot arrow as a reminder, we have to have our Ibadat we have to have our iman and our Taqwa we have to have our theology and fit but we also have to have a healthy dose of spirituality and that will be found looking inside and introspecting and coming closer to Allah via this idea to enough's and asking Allah for colbyn Salim May Allah subhana wa Allah grant us all

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Alban Selim and inshallah we'll continue later on as I said, I'm working with Allahu barakato God the F la Hala Meenu a Lavina who be sala de force your own? What levena umani love we weren't born when Levina homeless Zeca de fer

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