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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam aleikum, which means peace be unto you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. Tonight we have a very special guest to cover a very important topic. We're going to help you for those of you that are confused. You're just at the border. Possibly, hopefully God Willing about to accept that there's only one God. You're ready to worship Him alone without any partners. You ready to do what God wants you to do? But you know what? You're confused about some things. You've seen some things blowing up out there. You've seen Islam being associated with terrorism. So you know what? My next guest that I'm going to bring out, he's going

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to help clear up some of these misconceptions. I'm very excited. He almost didn't make it today. But he's here tonight. Get ready for our special guests. Shit.

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Show you don't go nowhere. We right back.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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I did that maybe it's maybe it's just to break the ice. I set out all equal share when it comes to live. Share. I'm very excited. I made it.

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Just you know, we almost didn't have this meeting. But you committed and you made it even though you were teaching all day. Yeah, I've been teaching the last two days. From 10 to eight. Yeah, but and also traveling all the traveling and teaching a show helping to educate the people. And you made it I'm very excited. I'm glad to be here. And my family. By the way, watch your show all the time they talk about it my show, they are my daughter excited about this episode in particular. Let her know I'm happy excited to have you here. We just for the most of the Muslims know about you. But we tried to cater to a lot of the non Muslims, because we want them to know that Islam is for everybody.

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Islam is for the whole of mankind. And we want them to know a little bit about you. From what I know, tell us you fill in the blanks. You have a master's in Islamic theology. Yes, I did. I actually finished my bachelor degree in Islamic Studies in Saudi Arabia, then I finished my Masters also over there. And also very to one and a half years ago, I finished my PhD as well. And all of my studies are in theology, theology, also a PhD. You have to like got it. You got it. Yeah. Congratulations. Thank you. So Mashallah, yeah, so you're also an Imam. That's like a spiritual leader at the Houston or clearlake Slavic center. Yeah. Click clearly Islamic Center. Okay. And it's

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in Houston, Texas. That's where I live. Yeah. So we're not talking to some car mechanic about Islam. We're talking about somebody who knows Islam, you know, the Quran, ya know, the language, the original language that it was revealed in the Arabic. So you're someone who's qualified to help clear up some of these misconceptions. Yes. All right. But you know, before we start, you know, I was fortunate enough to have the law I went to visit Are you actually from from Riyadh, or from where were you born? I was born in Cairo, but I was raised in Saudi Arabia. Yeah. So when I went out there, I saw the, you know, some of the customs and I got to hang out with shake use of estus. And

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people were really excited about, you know, lineup, they wanted to meet him. And everywhere we went, you know, they have all these. What do you call them? They got the chairs lined up, and you can fit like 50 people in a room. What else? And they bring out these little cups like this. Yeah. And they have the child. So I want to do a little something like, all right, that sounds good. Everybody.

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I translate that please, for

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what's up.

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And they had the dates everywhere.

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We had the special they had the special coffee. So yeah, thank you. You're welcome. You just be careful. You know, one brother who was in Saudi Arabia. And he kept telling his wife, oh, I had a lot of dates in Saudi Arabia. She said what?

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All right. So let's get down to business now. Tell us

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terrorism, Islam. It's all over the media, CNN, NBC Fox News.

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They're portraying one picture. You also got some Muslims who might not be doing something that's correct. Talk to us. Tell us about this. Okay, similar from the last slide. So first of all, I just want to say thank you for having me in your shop and

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I'm so happy to see these shows dedicated to educate non Muslims about Islam. As you said this bludgeon is meant for everybody. There's every everybody should benefit from the teaching of our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, as a lump self said, Omar, Seneca enemy, or Mohammed, we have seen you as a mercy to mankind, not to certain race, not to certain group, not for certain time, it's for mankind all the time, people should benefit from his teaching. And one of the things that the Prophet Mohammed Salim emphasize on it so much. And he gives even a special segment of his last ceremony that he addressed the Muslims in general, when he performed had just right before his

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death, he talked to Muslim and he warned them from extremism. He said he Yakumo Hulu be aware of extremism. Because that concept of being extreme over axon, it was exists in all nations before Islam as a prophet as a messenger who have been told by God about previous nations what kind of problems that they had. He was also informed about this as one of the problems that might this oma face in future so he weren't his companions and his followers. from that. It is something that emphasize on it in that speech so much is Yakumo boo, boo.

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And also in several occasions, he talked about it torn off from being extreme and our views extreme in the way we understand or practice the religion or practice the religion.

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So unfortunately, today, there is a picture of and drawing in the media, about Islam and Muslims.

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I think that is an exaggeration. And somebody said it or put it he said, I believe not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims. Yeah, I think that's exaggerated. That's not true. There's a lot of extreme groups out there who are not Muslim. Yes, I agree. There is increasing the trend of groups and certain individuals who happen to be Muslims, they carrying views, which is considered extreme violence that they carry out to the society. But I think this needs to be studied, to be analyzed. I don't think that religion does that. necessarily, that religion itself is what led to Islam is one of the religion that the issue of spreading corruption and earth which it

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means destructions, killing innocent people, or destroying societies, at being unsettled. This is something totally against the teaching, I'm not allowed to send them. As a matter of fact, the profits or sell them came to a society, they used to fight over silly things over a camel 40 years they fighting each other over a camel, people will easily walk out and kill somebody because they don't like him or because revenge, because that person talks about to my tribe or about my tribe, the Protestant forbade such things and build a civil society. To the extent one time a man came to the prophet SAW Solomon said, jasola, if I see my woman for indicating what I meant, and I kill him,

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would you kill me? He said, yes, you will be killed, because he cannot take law by your own hand, that prophet who came to establish a society, which is in Arabia, and that time, they don't know what law means. And they basically fight of everything, as I just said, to build a civil society that respect a law and there's a law and order ruling them and to listen to a ruler. This is something new for them. The prophets of Salaam in Medina build a society where basically they have low, basically managed

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governor then and there is a governor that they listen and they obey

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the profits of him so many times people

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come with extreme ideas or views and then maybe some will warn against that the process of them said that I will always choose what is easy what is easy and people the process and respect the soul of people for any reason he can sell a law sell them or protect the life of any human he will do it some allow the values on them. It is the prophet who said that there is a woman into Hellfire because she killed a cat. So would you imagine the same person will encourage and basically from his teaching you will imagine that that does allow for you to go and kill innocent people innocent humans once the profits are Salim was sleeping. And one of that his enemies sneak inside the Muslims

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camp and managed to get a sword. And basically he woke up the profits are solid by putting the edge of the sword to the prophets of Salaam throat and he said Dr. Mohammed told me who can save you from me now. Then he said Allah when he said that his hands start shaking and the sword fall of his hand he picked the sword and the process Allen pointed the sword and said

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Who can protect you from me now?

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What's God that you believe in can protect you? Nobody did the process or kill him excute order his companion to put him in jail. Now he let him go. So there are so many incident like that or the process or through his teaching through his actions, he proved to his campaign he taught among the Muslims, that they should be far away from label as extreme as the people who thirsty for killing or for killing people or attacking other nations. that's never been the case in the history of Islam. Tell us Is there anything in Islam that allows or condones someone to hijack? A plane, someone to go out and bomb a building? Were there civilians in it? Is there anything that would give someone some

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kind of authority from the verbatim Word of God the crime, or some of the sayings authentic sayings from the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon that would allow such things?

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Absolutely not. There's actually a fatwa, which is ruling been issued by the seniors cars, and sort of maybe 30 years ago, before 911. Before all these suicides by Ambassador Haman loveday condemned these things, and he said specifically, that it is forbidden. That is illegal. There is nothing can justify those that specifically mentioned hijacking airplanes, attacking Urban's areas, at civilians and bombing them. Like what you hear the news, somebody go and blow up inside a pizza store, or a train or bus or airplanes, office, there's nothing can justify that I can't see anything. Religion can justify that when people use any evidence to justify themselves to decide for themselves doing

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this actually twisted the verses, you know what they will do that without any verses in the Quran. In my, in my opinion, by looking and seeing those peoples how they act, they don't care for a long time in wild things. I would like to say here that people not doing this today. They've been doing this for years and years and years, as a specialist as a personal study, theology and the history of Islam. And I can tell it for the longest time, we have example of people killed, not non Muslim, the most righteous Muslims, like Alabama, and they will kill them and they will believe or find the third caliphs, the one of the companions, companions of the Prophet, yeah, they will kill them. And

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they will believe that they did the most righteous things in the world. And they will justify this for themselves by versus here or howdy there. So I don't think we should, and this advice for my friends, the non Muslim friend, don't ever be fooled or basically believe anybody just come and said, oh, God said Kelvin, disbelievers. Or do this into that because the person, that person who already made the decision, he's not really waiting for a verse or a Hadith, most of them they motivated, really motivated by either revenge, social problem, political problem, any political agreement motivated against

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others, and some of them religiously burn misled, religiously been misled. And that's why we need a lot of education to those people, a lot of people to debate with them to talk to them, especially before the reach the level which can be turned to soldiers. One important thing and that's kind of advice to any Muslim who hear me today to tell there is a stage the person goes through it first stage, he's thinking about it, he hear all this debate, then after a while, the person transfer from being just a citizen to be a militant to be a person carrying weapon. So whenever you hear the bomb, you heard the pullet van shot, that's not the first stage that's the last stage we have to deal with

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it from the from the basically the roots and to prevent this from happening. And no doubt going back to the teaching of the prophets Allah. Going back to the verses of the Quran, you will see clearly there is nothing can justify what you see a group loci there are people like this doing today.

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In the name of Islam and the name of Islam, that's I can see a specialist, I can see anything can justify these actions tell us because I have a lot of points I want to cover. And if you can put some of these verses that I'm going to bring up in content because I'll get certain people that will try to communicate to me and they'll quote me certain verses and say, Look, this is what your book teaches. This is what your profit teachers, for instance, surah nine, verse five, how would you comment on this? Okay, you know, there is a we cannot end this short period.

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In this episode to go over every single verse or evidence that you might do, what I want us to know, give us a formula. Yeah, I want us to know especially the non Muslims, who are not familiar with the system was not Yeah, there is a common sense it's a between Islam and any other religion, any academic person or any person who want to research for the truth he should follow that method, which is you cannot ever take one single evidence and you base your whole argument on you have to bring all related evidence to the subject. So you cannot pick one verse from the Quran. And you forgot about the verse before it and after, first, that particular verse that you caught in sort of nine,

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verse five,

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and sort of tober I was specifically talking about

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the kuffaar of Christ, the pagans of Mecca, who were in war with the prophets of Salaam, the prophets of Salaam had a deal with them, then that day, that treaty came into an end. And now Allah ordered the prophets of Salaam to fight those mushrikeen and to basically not to accept from them any treaty. Okay, that exact same verse. Let's see how the prophets of Salaam applied in real life that first we'll talk about the Prophet Muhammad conquered Mecca. When he conquered Mecca, he didn't have a big fight, by the way, just maybe for a few hours, just the fight took place. And after that they surrender all those pagans that the verse eight kill them, kill the pagans, kill hosts

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infidels, as some people might say, those people they were lying up front of the process in the process of them, kill them. Now, the process of them said you are free to go. He took over his this town, which has the house of Allah which is meant to be a pure place to worship Allah alone. After he conquered, he let them go, he didn't kill them. So if somebody today say this versus kill them, why the person didn't kill them, the person didn't do that. Because that's not what it meant. It meant we have to understand the religion in the light of we have to understand that religion in the light of the how the prophets apply this a hottie also you take this verse, and compare it to the

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other verses what Allah Subhana Allah said, that you fight those who are fighting you, the people of Mecca, they tried to kill the process, and they killed his companions, they declare war against him. So that's normal for you to fight them back. The people in the north of Arabia, they declared war against the prophets of Allah, by the help of the Romans in the north of Arabia, the prophets of Salaam fought them back and send the armies to them. A Moroccan Allah said that the prophets are solid, never ever start a war against anybody, actually will always say, in general herself, or janella, if they want to have a treaty with you, open the door for them to live in peace. Islam

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always promote that people will live in peace. Islam is one of the first it's the first religion as far as I know, that taught his people to accommodate people from other faith. It's a very founded in our religion, that Christian and Jews and through the history can witness for us that through the history, Jewish, they couldn't find more safer place for them more than the Muslims country to live in it. When they've been basically attacked and killed in Europe, the migrated to that the turkey, Morocco, Morocco, Murtha to North Africa, to the Muslims, like Christians, they've they also admit and they know that when the Crusader themselves walk into Jerusalem, and they killed their own the

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people who are Christians like them, but they don't share with them maybe the same exact branch of Christianity. They never been treated like this by Islam's by the hand of Muslims, Christians lived in Egypt, and north of Africa and all over the Muslim world, and their rights protected. And this means that nobody can say that it has to be an ideal. We don't live in an ideal world. Muslims are not perfect. Muslims are like any other nations, you know, that is different between religion and the people over the ledge. I'm not saying every state in this history was now was a perfect states. There is bad examples. And every in every nation in every generation, you mentioned those examples.

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What I want to go into next briefly, because we're almost out of time is that so this would be the defect in the human being that individual, because we can give examples, for instance, from people who were supposed to Christians, Hitler was Christian. He went out killing a lot of people, because they thought he thought that, you know, they killed his God. Is this correct? Yeah. So we can give some example kkk. They were, you know, thought they were doing some good stuff by lynching people.

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Is there any other examples that you know, of that of other faiths that

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are people in a faith Timothy McVeigh when it blew up some building and so we want to separate the actions of individuals from

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The whole Christianity, Judaism, or something that's a common sense. I don't even I don't even these exact examples, so many, many people from it as a Muslim, I really care about my Muslims. My Muslim brothers and sisters, I make sure that they don't cross the lines. I really, that's my that's my nature. I don't give myself the authority to point fingers to other religions. And you have this I've been to you. For me, I think that's fine. That's can be sent an example. Yeah. But I think that's not the point. The point everybody agreed that there is no perfect human, you know, everybody has problems and mistakes. Yes, maybe some Muslim done something wrong. But look at the benefits

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that the Muslims have brought to the world as well. Look at the, the society that we're living in, there is a lot of things we enjoy today, modern science is started by a lot of Muslim scientists, Muslim civilizations have contributed to it. And the Muslims war today are part of this.

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Basically, globalization that we're living in, and we have to figure out a way for Muslims and non Muslims to coexist together and peace. And we all line up against those minorities, which is the extreme group, I think they are minority, but they are allowed. And I think one of the biggest mistake that the media tried to do is try to make them back try to basically make them bigger than what they really are. And try to label Muslim there is 1 billion Muslims the face of the earth, He cannot label Muslims, he cannot basically say all Muslims, or most of them are like that. And those people are minorities, and they are isolated, but they are allowed. And sometimes we give them the

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excuse. We give them the excuse to do what today doing by basically not practicing what we believe. If I may say something here, one of the biggest problem I see in the so called war against terrorism,

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that a lot of people who declare that they are not sincere in this. They do it for political reasons. Yeah. Or for economic reasons to make money out of it. They're not really sincere about. And that's one of the biggest problem for Muslims, especially the Muslim scholars, they are sincere about fighting terrorism and extremes, because one of Michael, those few who are extremes, I want to save them from the Hellfire as well. I want to reach my hand to them to save them. I'm not their enemy. In a sense, I also want person who want to give them down, I want to give I want to guide them, I want them to leave this path that they have taken and go back to the society and be part of

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the society. I think if we are sincere about it, I think we will succeed more than what we are doing right now. So tell us the main message of Islam. Now we have we've clearly stated the fact that Islam condemns killing innocent women children, it doesn't give authority to go hijack a plane bomb a building, I mean, you have a right to defend yourself is is clear somebody's gonna come in your house, come and force you out of, you know, your home, you have a right like anybody to defend yourself, but there's a line that you don't cross.

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That is very important point also, for a lot of Muslims to know. They asked me a lot about Jihad and things like that. There is one important thing that no Muslim need to understand the nature of religion. Islam is a way of life. In a sense, Islam came to teach people

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how to stablish a state. So it's not like a spiritual things. You do it in the church and Sunday or certain times or certain prayer before you eat and or it's not like occasional things. It's not like just very general moral system that you follow. Islam has a lot of details related to the way you live your life, the way you live your life. So part of the teaching of Islam, to live as a community as a state, the issue of declaring war, if you have a Muslim stomach state, which we call the defense ministry today, or you know, it we have the sixth the Secretary of Defense, that position in Islam, that is rulings and that is teaching from Mohammed Hassan and from Allah through the Quran,

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to teach that Secretary of Defense how to behave in time for how to that leader of the Muslim state, how to declare or how to deal with those who declare war against Muslim or our potential enemy for Islam. He gives him the guidelines, these guidelines, this constitution, that gov, the US Department of the Muslim state, that what do you call it the chapter for jihad in Islam? That's basically what it does. It has everything in that chapter. It's in the hands of the government, the hand of the rulers, the hand of the army.

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The generals who ruling the Muslims basically country, it's not something left for individual to declare is not left to people to say whatever they want. No, it's not like that. And many people they can see that they can understand that why these rules exist, this ruling exists, because that's how to govern or the states. That's how the Muslim should use this teaching in their states as a leader. This guidelines for them couple more points. We're almost out of time. There's a lot of access to new information on the web. I'm just curious, have you uh, you know, there's things like 911 because a lot of this stem from 911 which we said that you know, Islam is separate from this

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there's once again making this a strong point that Islam has nothing to do with these kind of atrocities. Muslims died in these things and this event also the name

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Have you heard of this program or things like 911 coincidences or any of these things? Have you watched No no. Okay, the you know, like a plane is missing.

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In this photograph on astonish onlooker sees exactly what we're seeing, the Pentagon had not yet collapsed. And again, there is no sign of any wreckage whatsoever. No tail, no fuselage, no wings, no wheels, no engines, no seats, no luggage, nothing on the outside of the Pentagon, how does a 757 fit into a 16 foot hole and leave no damage or wreckage on the outside of the Pentagon? There's no plan at the Pentagon, you haven't looked into any of these things? Oh, totally away from a different direction. It's a lot of facts, just questions that are raised. There's a lot of celebrities coming out if the only you know, I felt that the only real

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validation I needed was just being a taxpaying American that loves my country don't want to research and it's not just me, it's the people that have come before me, the the experts and the engineers and the physicists and the scientists and the scholars that raised a lot of these things. And I and I and I took a look at their research and said, yeah, it doesn't add up. A lot of it doesn't add up. Hence, these questions, you know, and there's, there's two areas, there's building seven, and there's the five frames from the Pentagon, don't listen to me, do your own research, you know, but I think that, you know, what, what, what happened to a time in this country when we were entitled when

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we had a constitutional and a god given right to be curious about things that that didn't make sense. Don't listen to me do your own research. And there was like detonations at least two blocks, and we started.

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I'm a person who doesn't like conspiracy theories,

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is one man, the caretaker William Rodriguez rescued hundreds of people from the north tower. And it's thought he was the last person to get out of live before it collapsed. Now, we're told that you rescued these people you got out, and then you went back and didn't do? Well, three times I went into the building because I wanted to help the people that were actually stuck on windows of the world, which was the restaurant that was located on the 100 and sixth floor of the North Tower. And while everybody was running out, I was running him back and forth, trying to get to them and to help the rescue effort. As he started. I had the only master key I worked in the building for 20 years as

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a janitor, and I have the only master key that was used on 911. Can I just ask you one question, because we've seen that the picture that harrowing picture, two planes crashed into the Twin Towers, and yet, you still maintain there was a conspiracy? I believe that? No, I don't doubt that. I mean, the planes were there, the plane hit the building. But before and one of the experiences that I said even when I was pulled from the rubble, on 911, is that there was an initial explosion. On the sub level number two, B two, there were six up levels in the building before prior to playing him in the building. And I believe that there was an explosion, when set up by explosive to actually weaken the

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foundation, nothing will ever change your mind that you think I was there. I save people. I actually have the people available for the 911 Commission. That was the commission that was created to investigate this. They were never called not even once. They're still available five years after, and the government came up with an official story that went against our experience on that day.

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I don't like to treat it like that. But I'll tell her 911 coincidences

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a survivor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, and as you know, I have gone around the world talking about what really happened on 911 and how they have used 911 for the politics of fear.

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Well, he has been worse because last year

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but I became a Muslim

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Oh, boy,

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minutes, at least two blocks, and we started

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I don't like to treat it like that. But I'll tell you how to 911 coincidences. I heard about this argument, but I don't believe it's correct. I believe it's happened. I believe it's happened. And I believe

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generally what we hear in the news, it's, that's what I think it happened. But for me, it's not far from the truth. And for some people, some Muslims said, Oh, no Muslim cannot do that, why it's possible. It's possible for them to do that. You know what I don't I don't I, I was not shocked or surprised when this happened, because those people who carried that attack against United States is the same people who carry attack in real attacks in Egypt, and Algeria. I mean, they don't be not hesitant to do like this and worst to their own people. So I wouldn't surprisingly, do that to America or to England or Spain or anywhere in the world. I'm not surprised. In so I do need even to

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go through that. To say, Oh, they didn't do it, or whatever. You know, I'm not going to go into the details of proving it happen or not. But I would like to live in peace. And I don't like to think much of the conspiracy theory, you can apiece now, Islam, somebody who's out there. And now they've gotten here that Islam condemns these kind of Acts, Islam is clear of these kind of events. Islam is about submission and surrender to one guy doing what he wants you to do, and live in peace with the Creator, with yourself in society. Absolutely. Give us some more detail describing what somebody now would have to do to accept Islam and to live Islam. Talk about this briefly before we come to an

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end. I just want to say very simple message to all my brothers and sisters out there watching us tonight. Or today, whatever time you have now.

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Islam is about worshipping Allah Subhana. Allah Allah is the one who created you the one who created all this universe for you. He deserved to be worshipped alone, not a set, in other words, him human or any other creation. You submit yourself to your Lord, He created you, as he said, Omaha, Dr. Gino Lilia Boone. I have created men and jinn for no reason. But to worship me alone. As much as you submit yourself to Him, you think him, you basically believe that he is your Lord and you obey what he ordered you to do? obeying Him. That's the real meaning of worship. That's the real message, the essential message of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, don't confuse yourself with all

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these details on talk. That's what's going to make you survive in the Day of Judgment. To know why he created you. Why you are there, why you are been created is to worship him to know him. And without realizing this fact. The persons live this live last May last hour to guide all of us. Thank you very much for having me tonight. Thank you shake for being with us. And I like thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. Come back every week, visit us and we hopefully clear some of this junk that's out there so you can see the truth. And hopefully you accept the truth that there's only one God, He created you took care of you when you're in your mother's womb. He's there

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ready to forgive you. All you got to do is accept Him as your Creator. The last and final message of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them. Islam is not a new religion is the same way of life that was brought by all the messengers.

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So when you're ready to do that, you can dial the number on the screen one 800 662 Islam, we're here to help you, your brothers in humanity. But take that next step.

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excepted is only one God you ready to do what he wants you to do on his terms, and then you'd be our brothers in faith. Hopefully we'll see you next time again. Every week on the deen show. Until next time, I saw legal peace be unto you.

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Allahu Allah.

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