Wisam Sharieff – Walk 40 More Steps Everyday + Breathe! – Vlog 3 – 40 Days To Umrah

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The host of a video video talks about breathing and taking a breath before starting a day. He talks about the importance of breathing and how to fill in silence. He also talks about the upcoming evening and mentions a new video about the impact of the full moon on the day.
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Good morning Peace be upon you around you and within you a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh out here at the airport headed home, and I will start off today's vlog with a quick story. So three guys, as I was walking through the airports, one of them said Assalamu alaykum to come in minute to say, you know, his tone doesn't sound mocking he sounds like he's trying to switch peace upon me. So very naturally, I said, why they come A salaam. And it turned out to be three guys who are traveling overseas and wanted to be more

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more comfortable with the people. And I had the kind bar a Clif Bar and quick protein bar. And I said, you said salam to me. So I have to offer you food now. And without usually, you know, usually people reject, right? They'll say, oh, no, I'm not hungry. But the three of them took the bar. And for me, it was spread this alarm, feed the people. And now all I got to do is pray for their productivity and their happiness this evening. And I think I'll hit I hit a home run. So that's the way the day started out. I'll catch up with you today's resistance. Let's see if we can talk about breathing. I'm waiting to talk about breathing because I want you to stay along with me. So I'm

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gonna jump on the plane.

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Hey, guys, get a little chance. Spend time with some our friends. How are you?

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Doing great. And Peggy Peggy's getting their groove on how you get your groove on.

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You say hi to the camera.

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All right, I'll see you in a bit. I got in my run. I don't want to give you numbers you want to do you want to walk 20 more steps or 40 more steps every day. That'd be wonderful. On your third, second and third day. But if you want to get into it one to two miles is the bare minimum. So and we're getting one to two miles in Right. Talk to you. Do you guys closer to the evening.

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Insufficient lighting. Well, we're heading out our day. Today. Saturday night. I hope you spent some time with the family. I got a chance to meet up with my family as well. Before the night ends. I am hoping you've taken 40 more steps or at least 40 steps today. You've done some cardio, maybe you held a a push up plank, you just held that for 10 La ilaha illAllah. But one of the big things that doesn't happen that people have trouble with on Omar is in the quiet times in between. How do you fill the silence? How do you fill the time when you're just looking at the Kaaba or sitting in the Prophet sallahu it was someone's mosque, Masjid. So as a result today for the first time I'd like to

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take five up, five hold five down. So we take a deep big deep breath in from as far away from the room look as far away as you can and bring that air into your nose.

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Without making yourself tense, hold that air inside of you. And then cycle that air out.

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And bring that air in.

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Hold that air for five.

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Now cycle that out for five seconds.

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Last one air from the farthest part

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all the way down filling yourself up. Hold that air for five enjoy the stillness. Embrace the silence

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and follow that air right out through your nose.

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I thought we conclude on something you'll only probably get this for like a glimpse. But the moon is absolutely beautiful tonight. And it has this halo around it because of all the clouds at something that I want us to start doing is starting to stop and reflect and taking that slice of joy. So it will probably be for a millisecond because the camera will never capture the beauty of the moon. But there's going to be a millisecond when the camera focuses. I hope that you can appreciate that and try to wake up or be aware as aware as this Full Moon is to be aware of the light within you. I'll catch up with you tomorrow then, and Allah he will be Hamdi he's Han Allah Allah Allah Subhana Allah

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he will be handy he's of Han Allah Hillel the probably to be law here of Erbil Islami, Dina Bobby Mohammed in Arabia. Robina Atomium Lana new Iran our Phil Anna indica Allah coalition Kadir Do you see it? Do you see the ring around it? May the light within you be complete?

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La ilaha illa Allah Who are the WHO la sharika the whole MOLKO

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Hola Hola hamdulillah Wallah conditioning on there

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alright folks have a great night try to make wudu before you go to bed I got some great things in store for us starting Monday tomorrow habia chill day let's stretch let's breed see if we can hit the pool tomorrow

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