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AI: Summary © The speaker recommends a translation of the book "Yusuf Ali" among all English translations, as it is more comprehensive and closer to Arabic. They also recommend a translation of the Noble Quran by someone named collecting god--like people, but caution that it may be difficult to understand. The speaker gives footnotes for non-Beringist and mentions other translations that are good for non- Muslim people.
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In the English translation, the one that I recommend best, Abdullah Yusuf Ali

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amongst all the translations that I've read,

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I feel this is the most comprehensive

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he took approximately 40 years to write the translation

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and with English with a bit archaic with a biblical ie the Dow, but more closer to Arabic.

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In normal English when you say you it's the same in Arabic

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you know for you for female different for male different singular different doulas different plural different six types and the and the you know all in English one you whether the male, single or female, single, male dual or female, dual male multiple of female male all sexes same you shortcut. So, this archaic English is more closer, but it may be difficult for the modern people to understand, but there are other people who are made it easy, but there is a value overall I feel

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the community that you have given and the footnotes and the index topic wise,

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I recommend for non Muslim Allah for Muslim, this is one of the good English translations available. The other one is si International, which has been translated a few years back by three American sisters

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and the English is more simple

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and it is more modern.

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The other translation is the Noble Quran

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but occasionally and para Tomas and con, but this I would not recommend it to be given to non Muslims. Muslim is fine because of too many brackets. In the footnotes there are many Hadith you know OHare Muslim, which is good for the Muslims. But there's so many brackets that you fail to realize who is saying that Allah or the person who started it. So we'll give footnotes no problem but if you have too many brackets you fail to realize is this message from the translator or from Allah subhanaw taala so that the reason it is good for references? Bukhari Muslim say Hadith, but for non Muslim, I personally don't advise you to give that.

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The other for translation, which is good is by Maulana Abdul Digitaria body is good for comparative religion. He references around the Bible, your references from the Hindu scriptures

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that would have been four volumes

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the other one is mimetic tall

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mama number two pick tall you're the Britisher

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even that translation is good but it doesn't have any commentary. The other one good is my Muhammad Asad mama doesn't this translation is good. He caught very often as I'm actually

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and he gives root words of Arabic whatever be careful with I'm actually the logical concede, but sometimes it deviates from the say Hadith you have to be careful.

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I normally prefer translations which are directly done from Arabic into that language.

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So English translation translated directly from Arabic to English or the best. There are other translations which translate from Arabic to old do and then English, like Maulana Maududi

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daughter Quran by some speedy Dada, they are good, but the chances of error is more

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because someone trans I'm happy to do then from Urdu to English.

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And that's what happened with Morocco do the translation and the second edition. The second translated number the first second Saudi is far better.

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So this was just

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a few translations which I named the other by TB Edwin TB doing the translation more of American English and there are several other translations