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Only This Person Will Speak on Judgement Day

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam O Allah say the MBE will mousseline whether he was actually homeless in the vicinity within allah how much I live in home Amina Latina I'm an environmental Saudi health whatever Seville headquarters of southern Armenia but it means my bag will be some it will be one Marina homearama Nilayam lacuna Minho, Kitab and yo maya como Rahu will Mala Inca to soften ly attack Allah Munna Ilam and Adina la hora man will call us a weapon of rubbish Luckily somebody with a silly Emily will rock that Emily Sani Kohli, Amin arable Alameen we are now Alhamdulillah at the tail end of certain number is for the last few ayat of surah Nava Allah

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azza wa jal described how he is a merciful and exceedingly loving master. But within the same ayah there's a quick and dirty fact there's a quick switch back to the scene of Judgment Day. But this so this is the second time judgment day is being described. The difference is in the first case, when Allah says in the Yeoman first economy kata, you know, the first time he mentioned it, he mentioned the larger events that are going to be happening on Judgement Day, the sailing of the mountains, do you know the larger cataclysmic events. Now it's actually focused particularly on the humility of all creation before Allah, it's going to highlight the discipline and the order of the angels. And

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it's also going to highlight the regret and the humility of the disbelievers who acted arrogantly. So the first statement is lie on Laguna men who hit Baba, they will have no authority to address whatsoever they will have no power to speak whatsoever. We're going to take note of that and come back to that. Judgment Day is a day of absolute silence. There are parts of judgement day in the beginning, where you know, we're called in San Omala. The human being will say what's wrong with the Earth, the human beings will be crying out, the books will be brought out and there will be Malli heaven Kitab Now you heard the rustling rotten weather can be about any laksa. What's wrong with

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this book. It didn't leave anything small out anything big out there in recorded everything. What kind of book is this? There will be people speaking. But then a point comes in judgment day when there's what absolute silence. The evidences have been laid out, the crying and the wailing has been done. Nobody is allowed to speak now. There's absolute silence. That's the same that's being described. So he says lie on liquid. I mean, who? Baba Yaga como Roja? Well, melodica, the day on which the angel will stand. You know, like, there's a judge. And there are soldiers and military stands firm. It's like a tension salute kind of stand. That's the imagery describe the armies of

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angels with their general in front of them a row meaning Gibreel and Sudan. The day on which Gabriel Jubilee Salaam and the legions of Angel angels are going to be standing in straight rows, the armies of angels, because why are the army standing there, the judge gives his judgment. And then the inmates, the prisoners, the accused have to be taken away for sentencing, who's going to take them away the guards, the angels that are going to execute that punishment, and then others are going to be escorted to to heaven,

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or welcomed into heaven. So all of the angels, the ones that are supposed to be serving the or rather than under torturing the inmates of hell, and the ones that are supposed to be serving the the residents of Jannah are all now aligned. Everybody's aligned. nyata Qalamoun. Nobody gets to see by the way, this includes the angels that used to be on either side. Right, even they don't speak right now. Everything's been presented. Nobody gets to talk. in Edina, la hora Mano will call us awaba accepted to accept the one that Allah gives permission to and whoever that is, will speak up. Right? They will say exactly what needs to be said they won't add or detract. You know, when I was

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younger, honestly, only when I was younger, I used to watch a lot of courtroom shows. Right Lauren order was like my favorite show, but I just watched a lot of like, and I was Judge Judy fan.

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But you know, the thing with a lot of these courtroom shows is that the lawyer comes and he just starts babbling, taking time. Like I was actually keenly following the Enron scandal back in the day, when the executives were interrogated, they were even brought into Congress and stuff. You should have heard some of their testimony. If they were asked a question, straightforward. Did you or did you not not sign off on this financial analysis? The response will be my favorite lollipop.

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Is and when I was seven, is when I rode my first bike. And I must say it was an exhilarating experience. And then court is adjourned. We'll come back tomorrow, I will call it you know, there were dilly dally and tell stories and go around the point and the judge will say get to the point I'm getting there, your honor. I'm just building my argument.

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Quran says we're Karla Sahaba. He will speak accurately actually comes from the word in Sabah which means to him

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Target swab means to hit a target. Exactly. You know, there's there's nothing else. There's no side commentary, there's no build up to the point. You know, there's no Nobody gets to be verbose on Judgement Day. No, no, no, let me explain. Let me explain. Let me by the way, it's really, I'm really honored to be here. And thanks for inviting. No, no small talk. Now that is this, this raises the question, Who is this that's being given permission. One interpretation of this and it applies is that on that day, nobody will get to speak except the one sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who has been given MACOM and Mahamudra, the praise station, and there is in fact, a dialog if you'd like to

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details on that I like to keep them in one place. So I can refer people when I did my Jurusan Ireton could see which are part of the Ramadan series, I went through that hadith in detail. That hadith is the hadith of Shiva, the hadith of intercession, because there mandala, the Yeshua or endo alabi evening need, who is going to make intercessions please don't be in front of Allah on anybody else's behalf except if he gives permission, and he does give His Prophet permission. Salallahu Alaihe Salam. So one interpretation of that is in fact that this is also to Allah salAllahu Salam who will speak precisely, yet another interpretation possible equally valid, is that at one time, only one

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angel will speak and say 10 Say what you have to say. And that's it. And the other will speak and say exactly what they have to say, and that's it. And they will say the right thing or be cut off, like SWAT off describes Allah Kadena, who have Amala the Yachty ltfu Johanna McCullough kuffaar in her name, Munna, l hieromartyr, demery. Those ayat where they're each Making Your Case and by eventually, not after similar the year, don't make an arguable argument in front of me, don't talk anymore. Anybody who speaks will give the right testimony. And that's it.

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And when they're not, and Sullivan suggests they'll say exactly what they should be saying. Even that I would argue includes false testimony, they will, if they were liars, in dunya, they will try to make lies here too. They will actually make lies here too. And that's actually a testimony to who they are. Because in sort of Zomer there will be those who say lawan Allah haha Danny, Had Allah been had Allah guided me I wouldn't have been here says nope, you're a liar.

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You're a liar. And you call the revelations Allah he'll call them out on their lives. So this is the trial setting of Judgment Day. And so Allah says, Danika, yo, I'll have

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that day is the ultimate reality. That there is no greater reality than that day, if you want to understand the reality. And by the way, I'll help. So beautiful it means reality, middle Haqiqa. Right. Have also means right as in, I have a right over you, you have a right over me. That is the day when what is rightfully due to Allah will be taken. What you deserve will be given the day of giving rights and taking rights as part of the meaning of I'll have that day is the ultimate day of rights, then I'll have also means purpose, that day is the ultimate purpose, meaning that day is the ultimate purpose for which you were in this world. You're everything you did amounts to something on

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that day.

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I'm reminded of the unfair education system in the in my country of origin Pakistan, where students study the entire year for their metric exam. And that one exam determines whether or not they're a failure or their entire years labor is one piece of paper. One test. That's it. Right? And that's an unfair system because it doesn't take into account all the homework, all the study all the effort, nothing. It's just that one test. That's it.

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Quran and judgment is not like that. It takes into account everything but everything will be graded on that one day. That day is not a day you're being tested. That's the day you're being graded. Right that's the day you're everything you and I did is being evaluated. Now on the valuation of our deeds and Huck, I should mention part of a hug the reality of things the true measure of things. So everybody here prayed. We just prayed all together. But our our prayers going to count the same in front of Allah.

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No. Some people who prayed here today maybe this is the prayer that earned them their forgiveness and their ticket into den. Some people who prayed here today it may be May Allah make it none of us may be worth dust. Nothing. Their mind wasn't in their prayer. Their intention wasn't in the prayer. I'm just here because my mom made me come. Because she gives me Give me listen to the mind behind videos. I'm stuck here right now. And I'm snapping about it because I'm stuck. But their prayers worth nothing to Allah. Mom's happy they prayed. Allah isn't because they didn't pray for Allah. You know,

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the reality of what we do the good that we do and the bad that we do anything that we do, there's a there's an obvious you can you can see it and there's a

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truth behind it, the true value of it will come out on that day. Hajj, Umrah, memorization of Quran, being a scholar being a speaker, being an Imam, being a leader, being a student, being someone who recites Quran beautifully, being somebody who specialized in Hadith, being somebody who traveled to learn being somebody who gave charity, you can be all of those things. But that can all of those things can also be on the outside. And there's something else going on on the inside that day, the truth about who you who you really are, and who I really am comes out. On the flip side of it, there are people who have no knowledge.

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They don't know any Arabic, they don't know how to recite Quran, they don't even have a beard of stuff that Allah had them. You know, she doesn't even wear hijab, but they're seeking about Allah and whatever little they knew they were they were working on. They were even praying in English now. Hola, wala Quwata illa biLlah even worse Spanish, you know.

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And they died like that. And they're possibly worth more to Allah and judgment day than a great audio of the Quran.

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10 somebody who knew way more than then somebody used to give lectures and talks and had YouTube videos, and they're worth way more to Allah cuz their sincerity in the sense the genuineness of their heart.

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Allah values, we don't see it. We don't see anything. Allah says, Allah sees their struggle. You know, there's a sister I met one time, I was flying. And one of the airlines, I don't want to mention, she'll get embarrassed. She was a flight attendant. And she recognized me.

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And flight attendants dress a certain way, their code or whatever, and she came to me and she said, seem weak, and make us the Father every night. I look for I look for a job for three years. My parents are sick. My dad needs medical attention. The only reason I'm doing this job is to pay for his medical bills. And I don't know what else to do. But I cry every single night. As soon as the job is done. I dress the way I'm supposed to dress. I actually put the hijab on and they told me they'll fire me if I keep it on. Obviously not an American Airlines.

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Right? It was an inner light from the Muslim world. We should be proud. Right? They wouldn't get fired here. But they get fired over there for dressing like a Muslim.

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So that just makes me super happy. I don't give them business anymore.

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and she says, You know, I know in the center, I was like,

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there are people.

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There are people who are in so much comfort. And they go into haram and they celebrated. This woman's in a corner like she's cornered and she's trying to take care of her parents. And she's violating some rules of the dean. Yes, I know. I'm not saying she's doing something right. But she's making stuff up making Toba crying before Allah every night.

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Allah will value those people.

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Sometimes people are in tough situations. You can't just be no no you need to quit your job and let your dad Allah will take care of him. And the surgery will be performed by angels and hold on second. Keep looking for another job Allah will make a way

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you know Allah will make away

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just give people hope. give people hope. On that note on the site no just just I'm giving people hope even though I'm supposed to be finished with this real quick I will be

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the there are certain regulations in our deen

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that came 1516