Can a Religion be Based on a Book which is 1400 Years Old?

Zakir Naik


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Tonight we continue the society's proud tradition of inviting and hosting some of the world's leading figures to address us. We exist as a society to promote debate and the discussion of ideas, and tonight is no exception. I urge all of you here this evening to make full use of the question and answer session. That will happen later on tonight.

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With that said, I now ask you to join with me in welcoming Dr. Zakir Naik to address the society.

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Humbly law what's the law salatu salam ala Rasulillah wa early wasabia Jemaine a MABA I was a bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim yah Johan Nasser inocula, Conoco min Zachary and Vaughn Sava Jana Shubho merkaba Illa de todos. in Natal moment de la haute Coco in the element cubby rubbish early Saturday. We're slowly Amory. Well, hello. Ugh, that Amelia Sani, you have curly,

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honorable Mr. President of the Oxford Union.

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Mr. James Lagman, the Honourable member of the Oxford Union, the respected elders and mandibles and sisters, I welcome all of you with the Islamic greetings As salam o aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala, of Almighty God be on all of you. It's an honor, and a great pleasure for me to address this historic Oxford Union.

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And I'd like to thank the Oxford Union, especially its president,

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Mr. James Blankman, for making this event possible.

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The topic of my talk today is Islam and the 21st century.

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Islam comes from the root what Salam, which means peace. It's also derived from the Arabic word film, which means to submit your will to Almighty God. Islam in short means peace acquired by submitting to Almighty God and any person who submits the will to Almighty God, he is called as a Muslim.

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Many people are misconception that Islam is a new religion, which came into existence 49 years ago, and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the founder of this religion.

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In fact, Islam is there since time immemorial, since man set foot on this earth. And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is not the founder of this religion, but he's the last and final messenger of Almighty God.

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The religion of Islam is based on the teachings of the Glorious Quran, which came into existence for India's back.

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Is it possible that today, the humanity at large in this 21st century can gain guidance? how life should be led from a book which is 14 years old?

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But natural? The answer obviously is no. If this book is written by human being, but the Glorious Quran is the last and final revelation of Almighty God, which was revealed to the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him