The Last Stand in al-Andalus

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Salam aleikum, everyone. So this is where the story ends. What story am I talking about? I'm talking about the story of London. It started in the year 711 CE, when Farik bins out and Musa landed at Gibraltar. And they started the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, having taken much of the land from majority majority of the peninsula was taken within four years. Okay. That's when the story begins, then follows,

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then follows a chaotic period. Then I'm drawing on the first Anoma youth prints makes his way to a London loose, he established his capital at quarterback builds the Grand Master of quarterback, the largest machine in the world, once upon a time, it is still standing, very strong, very imposing, very, very inspirational. That's where the story started. Okay. And then the Muslims went on to pioneer many different things, architecture, artwork, theology, literature, and many, many other fields. You name it, some of the greatest scholars in the history of Islam were born in these lands along those. Okay, and this was the golden age for the Jewish people. Right. So what you see behind

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me is the castle is called Lan Lan. Haoran. Okay, LAN Haoran Moorish Arabic castle, the locals hear the noise as the Moorish as the Arabic castle. Okay. And this place is very, very special. You know why? Because that's where the last stand against Catholics who were taken who had taken the last stronghold of the Muslims in Granada or at Granada, they were coming to take this territory from the Muslims and this is where the Muslims made the last stand. Okay. This humble small fortress, it's called land around fortress or land around Castle, locally known as the Moorish

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Castle Moorish or the Arabic Castle, if you look around me, these are the Alpujarras mountains are

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also read in the English language as well. projetos mountains were the Moriscos or the Muslims who had survived in Spain in southern Spain after the conquest of Ferdinand and Isabella, the two monarchs who had sent were sent who had sent who had sent

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word sent sorry everyone.

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I am with some very excited brothers, Mashallah. Okay, so.

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So these two Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella, they conquered or they retook the the territory of Granada. From the Muslims, as they claim they called it the Reconquista. But many scholars say it was a civil war because many of the Muslims in Grenada were native Spaniards. They were Hispanic. Originally, they were not Arabs, or Berbers. These were converts to Islam, who had converted to Islam centuries ago and their descendants became the rulers of these lands in some cases, right. Others were Arabs, originally, no doubt, but some, in fact, most majority of the Muslims in Spain by this time by 1492, when Ferdinand and Isabella take this territory, they are

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Spanish, they are Hispanic, ethnically Hispanic. So this propaganda against them, these are Moors, these are from North Africa. These people are Arabs or Berbers. These are all a pack of lies, because the majority of the Muslims hundreds of 1000s of them. In this territory, you see this village you can see behind me, the village of

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land Heron was a Muslim village originally, okay. And there are many, many villages or towns in this territory in the mountains of auto horas. Okay, they were originally Muslim

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domains. And then there was an ethnic cleansing that took place. These Muslims, they were wiped out from the face of the earth, okay systematically in the 16th century, in the mid 16th century, when the last stand was made, to be precise from 1568 to 1571. For the for these three years, a last stand was made by the Moriscos or the remaining Muslims who had converted to Christianity forcefully that they made a stand and then after that, they were wiped out completely from these territories, okay for all pajaros mountains because this was a stronghold for them. So if we go quickly up to the castle, and we will show you some of the some of the castle from the side. This was one of the last

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stronghold of the Muslims actually de last stronghold. This is where the story of London was ended in the mid 16th century in the

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mid 16th century if you look at the walls

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you can see it's not a very big lavish castle in comparison to other Muslim castles in Spain in London this is a very humble castle but historically very important because this is where the last stand was made