Yasir Qadhi – The Different Stages Of Life

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the five stages of life and the importance of understanding them. It emphasizes the need to be aware of the many stages and not just focus on the one that is most important. The structure of the Quran is described, including the meaning of "the nineese" and the meaning of "the nineese," as well as the title "available."
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Shalom short Hatha today about one of the verses in the Quran that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada uses to describe this dunya and this verse is Surah Al Hadith verse 20. Allah subhana wa Tada says it are no more unnatural higher to dunya ly Boone wala Hoon was in tune with alpha hormone Boehner calm what's occur through Phil and why they will Allah, Allah says five things about this dunya it are no more be aware no realize have this certain knowledge and normal higher to dunya that this world is nothing but a NEMA here means Allah azza wa jal is saying this whole world is one of these five things. This whole world is one of these five categories. Now, our scholars say, this doesn't mean

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that every single aspect of this dunya is one of these five, because no doubt good deeds do not come under these five categories. Rather, what Allah is saying the majority of what mankind does is these five categories. The bulk, or the default is that mankind involves themselves in these five categories. What are these five categories, number one era normal and normal hair to dunya, Lerab. Life, what is life, we all know what life means to play. And playing is something you do to bring comfort to the body, to bring comfort to the body to spend some time to pass the hours away. But generally speaking, the benefit is not as much as the time invested. This is what life is. And that

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is the reality of playing, right? That's what we call playing on our games playing on our we or the Xbox, right playing playing outside. Generally speaking, the amount of time you invest, what is the main purpose of it to pass the time, you want to cut some hours away, right to find some merriment in the body? And what do you gain back from the play, you gain some benefit, there's a little bit of either, but generally speaking, the benefit is not worth the time invested especially when the playing becomes long, this is life. Number two is law, who law who means that which wastes your time, what is the difference between life and law who live generally speaking, it is permissible

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even though what you gain is not worth the time invested. And if you spend too much time in Larry, then it becomes a type of low

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low who is a waste of time there is no benefit. Larry, if you do it a little bit, there is some benefit is that clear? And law who is a complete waste of time and the purpose you do law who is to stall yourself from doing that which is of benefit and importance? Right? Scrolling down the Facebook and internet is not like this is low. Okay? Just tick tock videos that's not live that is law, who just wasting time with no value that is not live that is though. So Allah says know that this higher to dunya is live and love who and number three, Xena, Xena, glittering, beautiful, shiny, that's what Xena is, you know, like a child has given a toys, Xena, right? Something that is

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shiny and beautiful. It looks nice. But once again very little value to you. So Xena, it's something that the eyes find comfort in. But the value is not worth the pleasure given to your eyes. There's an outer layer of beauty and then not much benefit to this glitter, Xena. Number three, number four, to fall hold on Boehner come boasting, who has the more to follow her who has the more the better job, the better car, the better spouse the better house and number five to Catherine feel unworthy will Oh lot. So to follow her is boast to MacArthur you want to have the largest quantity of wealth and children. And there's elements of both and these ones. Now before we move on to the second half.

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This is half of the verse, one of the great amorphous stone of the last century of thought he had been assured a very great Chinese intellectual, a genius. He commented on this verse in a very powerful manner. He said these five descriptions are actually the stages of life of the average person.

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These five descriptions are actually the stages of life. How so? When you're a child, what do you mostly do?

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Play? What does the child do? Go outside and play games? Actually, as you say, when I was a child, we will go outside and play games as for our children, what do they do? Stay inside and

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Playing games right? When I was a kid we take our bikes the BMX, go and do this and that you go play hide and seek you actually go do physical activities. That's live, right? When you become a young man, a teenager, then you become engrossed in low, wasting time. It's not even live anymore. You have so much you need to do when you're 17 1819. Right, you have to establish so much, but what do most of the people at that stage do? complete waste of their time level? So law who becomes the teenage years, or the young boy and girl face right? Now who number three is what? Who remembers Xena, when you get to the Prime 2122 23. Now you dress you show off, you have to impress Dress to

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Impress right? You have the Xena ladies at their prime 1920 21 That Xena men at their prime right going to the gym working out they have to boast about who they are, they have to have that outer glitter that Xena is there right then when they move on to their late 20s early 30s The career becomes established the money comes starting in now what do you have to do? I have to have the best career the best job to Falkor I need to establish my you know area my domain I need to be number one everybody should be speaking about me then as you grow older and older 40s 50s Right. And now you have done all of this. Now it has to be who really has the greatest amount of wealth tocopherol who

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has the greatest the largest now when you come close to the older age of retirement. Now it is about MacArthur so Allah azza wa jal now by the way, all five occur at every stage of your life, right? But if and I should point out that these five they're actually the most predominant at each one of these stages when you're young, the most is here. Then as you grow older, this this this until it is all over. And of course, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions all five of these descriptions. Allah mentioned them in different places in the Quran multiple times Allah says in Nevada how to do their law when we're live and live on wall or multiple times, right? And Allah azza wa jal says Allah will

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Bududa z that will hire to dunya multiple times Allah talks about this world one at a time with the nine aka lemma Medina be as ye German home, Zahra tell HYAH to dunya, the flowering of this world so multiple times Allah describes this world as live this world as law who this world as Xena and this world as to follow her MacArthur and how can we take Arthur right? This competition has destroyed you. This one verse combines all five of them. That's why it's unique in the Quran. But other verses mentioned every one of these in separate areas of the Quran. Then Allah concludes this verse with an example that is once again found throughout the Quran, an example that is founded at least half a

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dozen different locations, right Gama 30 lathe in Jebel kuffaar on Abba, to who, so the example of this world so first, Allah uses five adjectives, then Allah gives a parable. Allah gives a metaphor, Allah gives us symbolism, something we see He wants us to compare it to this world come with any length in this world is like rain. Life is like rain come as heavy as Ethan, that this rain comes down that Nebat comes out that the trees and the flowers and the greenery comes out right, and the kuffar here, the kuffaar are amazed at it. Now here kuffaar does not necessarily imply the one who rejects Islam. A number of scholars said In fact, they've been most rude said, the kuffaar of this

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verse means the farmer, believe it or not, don't laugh here, a calf is called a farmer and a farmer is called a capitalist, right? Every farmer can be called a Kaffir, but not the kaffir opposite of iman. Because there's a linguistic meaning of kufra Kufa linguistically means to cover Cafaro linguistically means to cover from the linguistic meaning. We have the Cofer who rejects Iman, because he's covered his fitrah he's covered his soul. So the kafir is called Kaffir because the kaffir covers what should be coming out right? And the farmer is called Kaffir. Not because he rejects Allah. Linguistically. The farmer is called the cover here because he has covered what has

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he covered the seat. He plants the seed and he covers it. So come up here the lathe in as the example of the lathe that's your job was coming to the lathe in Jebel kuffaar, on about two who through Maya Haeju. So the kuffaar are amazed at it is sprouting forth. Now. Ibn Massoud said the kuffaar here is the farmer, but also Allah intends the kuffaar

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double entendre as it's called the pun is intended here, right? Because the kaffir is diluted more with this dunya than the Muslim. So Allah uses a term that implies both meanings here, right? So you're a liberal co Farah Novato thumb Maya Haeju then it becomes dry for Tirana homos for run that it becomes yellow from my a corner Hill tama, then it becomes dead and hey, the cycle of grass, the cycle of the crops, no crops last more than a few months. Every single crop, it sprouts fourth gives its fruits then the next cycle begins. And this is a reality that every human being knows. Allah azza wa jal says, this is like the world. When the crops are growing, when it's fertile. There's so

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much hope and optimism. You're looking forward to it. But it's only a matter of time. Firstly, our scholars say there's the metaphor of fragility, you know, the seed that comes forth, how fragile is it right? No seed, when it comes out is strong. It's so fragile so to life is fragile, so to anything can destroy it. Secondly, temporary, how long will that last few weeks few months. That's it and then a new batch comes for the next season. So Allah azza wa jal is saying the cycle of life, you come forth, you're young, you're strong, you sprout forth you give your seed then you wither away, then you become weak like elderly age, literally you become weak and elderly age just like the

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stock goes down. So to the elderly person goes down, just like the stock becomes weak. So to an old person becomes weak, just like the cycle of the plant. Allah is saying the cycle of the human being and then what happens then from my Hakuna Otama there is no life anymore, and it becomes lifeless, hey, the corpse goes into the ground literally fed back in to the sword soil, right? And that Allah says, What Irati either Bucha Do you don't wanna fit Ottoman Allah what you'd want and the hereafter there's only two and results, either punishment, or forgiveness from Allah and His pleasure. And Allah says woman higher to dunya in meta Orual know that this world is nothing other than metab and

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hood. This is a common phrase again, a common phrase in the Quran. Matar means a temporary pleasure Matok temporary pleasure hold or the temporary pleasure of deception is not even a temporary pleasure of permanency. It is a temporary pleasure of deception. This is a pleasure that deceives you if you become too involved, you will lose track of the higher purpose. So Allah subhanaw taala keeps on reminding us this world is temporary. This world is fragile. This world is not forever. This world is live and law who this world is Xena to fahara to catheter So how then and why to become so involved in this world that we forget the Hereafter. This is a common theme of the Quran

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over and over again. Brothers and sisters Allah keeps on telling us filata Haoran como HYAH to dunya wala Johanna Camila hellhole. Let not this world deceive you. Don't be fooled by this world. We have a world after this one. And don't be deceived by the deceiver We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to always allow us to look through the the temporary nature of this world to allow us to see the permanence of the hereafter we ask Allah azza wa jal to never allow the love of this dunya to become deep seated in our hearts. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to allow us to be travelers in this world looking forward to our permanent place in the hereafter. We ask Allah to allow us to utilize this world to

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attain our righteous place in the hereafter which is Aqua Mala who later on was set up

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in Ireland Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning Mina team will quantity now look on it that the more slowly been I was born in Poland the one saw the Rena was Fabiola rod Do you want to for sharing you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching. The one downside the lino one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one Hatfield law D was that good enough? Long I guess.

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Was the guilt or I don't know hula hoop feel on time.

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